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  1. First we had atomizers. Those had to have juice dripped into them after every hit. So then we invented cartomizers. Which were basically atomizers with cotton stuffing around the heating coils. Then we made clearomizers, which were clear cartomizers. Then, we invented tank style clearomizers. These had coils wrapped around long wicks. The wicks extended into a tank of juice. This is the type of thing that you have, a clearomizer. Then we invented bottom coil clearos. These have the coils in a tube that is submerged in the juice. So the bottom coil clearos don't need to wick juice UP to the coil, because the juice just floods into the coil when you suck. If you have a kanger clearomizer, I'd take a guess that it is a bottom coil clearomizer. Kanger pioneered bottom coil clearos.

    Voltage is easy. The electricity from your little e-cig's battery heats the coils. The coils of wire heat the juice thats soaked into the wick. If there are more coils, then the wire resists the electricity more. So we call this resistance. The lower the resistance, the easier it is for the battery to heat the coil up. So we like lower resistance. If you have a variable volt battery, you can use any resistance coil you want. This is because with variable volt batteries, you can just crank the electricity up, like a radio dial. (if your coil's resistance is high, you can just crank up the voltage!)

    The best vape is when the voltage is 2 numbers higher than your coil's resistance number. So if your coil's resistance number is 1 ohm, then your battery's voltage would be good at 3 volts. If your coil's resistance is 1.5 ohms, the voltage is good at 3.5 volts. (resistance's unit of measurement is called an ohm)

    Since your little e-cig batteries aren't variable voltage, the battery just uses what it charges up to. Your batteries charge up to 4.2 volts, and as the battery drains, they stay around 3.5 volts, until they reach 3.2 volts, which means your battery should be recharged. Since your battery will be around 3.5 volts on average for most of it's charge, you'd be happy with a resistance (aka ohms) around 1.5 ohms.

    There. Just read that 3 times, memorize it, and you know everything the most experienced vaper should know. :)
  2. In the later months of the year of 2013, we now have a more complete picture of what contributes to Throat Hit, aka TH.

    When I first came to this forum, and asked my peers what contributed to throat hit, I usually got the same answer 100 times. "Nothing contributes to throat hit more than the MG level of your nicotine juice. The more nicotine, the harsher the throat hit"

    Over time, the answers evolved. We now know that nicotine is the main ingredient to a good throat hit... We also know that VG juice dampens throat hit considerably. VG vapor is thicker, but also cooler and PG throat hit can be very harsh on the throat. Especially if your using PURE 100% PG nicotine juice. While PG can increase throat hit and upper respiratory irritation, VG can contribute to a heavy chest feeling. But nicotine and PG/VG ratios are not the only things we've learned about TH over the years. We now know that some flavorings dampen throat hit. Some of the worst culprits are flavorings that contain a sour ingredient. The sour ingredient can completely kill throat hit for some reason. We also learned that acidic flavored juices can change the throat hit. Juices such as Orange, and Tangerine, and Lemonaid, can alter the throat hit in a way that makes it feel more spongey. The sour flavoring also does this.

    From the beginning, we've been told that we could add a drop or two (give or take a couple drops) of pure grain alcohol per 15ml bottle of e-juice to increase throat hit without disrupting the integrity of the PG/VG and nicotine molecules. We've learned that some people like the addition of capsaicin, the agent in hot peppers that creates the heat. (some find capsaicin to be a type of TH that they aren't searching for, reporting that they prefer a quick BITE, rather than a lasting burn) Some prefer to go the original routs, opting for menthols or cinnamons to increase TH. Cinnamons can also create that lasting burn, in addition to the quick bite. (vaping too much PG does this)

    But the most recent discovery in my opinion, came out of the recent introduction of top coil, bottom coil, and of course, rebuildable atomizing heads. We learned that vivi novas delivered a great throat hit, filling your mouth with warm vapor at almost most common wattages. We learned that Kanger Bottom Coil Clearomizers, AKA BCCs, delivered less throat hit, and a cooler vapor to the mouth. & it was a forum member by the name of SuperXDrifter that showed me the light when it came to rebuilding--- Commenting that I could alter the throat hit of my rebuildable dripping atomizer by both placing the coil portion of my wick either A. away from the air hole, or B. closer to the top of the RDA. So we learned that coil placement in relation to how much air it received and how fast the vapor travels from the atomizer to your throat also play a large role in TH.

    I'm hoping that we learn more about TH as we enter 2014. I'd really like for a vape juice company to find a good harmless chemical that increases throat hit by the drop. That would be great. I can't believe no one chemical has been introduced onto the market yet. It would mean that we could taper down our nicotine milligram amounts while keeping our beloved throat hit.
  3. Every VV/VW mod on the market today have a protection circuit that shuts the mod down should your atomizer or battery short. They use Pulse Width Modulation to boost the voltage to 6 volt pulses. IMR batteries are rated for high drain situations, and they are considered to have a safer chemistry than the other types of batteries. Most of us use IMR batteries. They rarely go into thermal runaway and a lot of the forum users here (experienced!) even use them in unprotected mechanical mods.

    IMR- (aka LiMn) IMR stands for Ion-Manganese-Round. Generally has less Mah. Can handle very high drains. (we need high drain batts) Considered a 'safe' chemistry battery. They shouldn't explode, rather, they melt/degas & can create high pressure in our mechanical mods if the mods do not have proper ventilation. Generally don't come with integrated protection. These are our fav batteries.

    ICR- (aka LiCoO2) ICR stands for Ion-Cobalt-Round. These are the 2nd most popular batteries for higher drain devices, like our mods. These batteries generally do come with a protection circuit, and they should, because they can & will readily explode in short situations. These are sold with china-made VV/VW mods without protection circuits, which can get noobs into trouble when they unknowingly use them in their mechanical mods without understanding that they are sold unprotected in VV/VW mod kits. ICR batteries are sold with protection circuits built into them. (which can make them longer) If you want to use unprotected ICR batteries in a mechanical mod, you can order a vapesafe fuse, which you place on top of your battery in the tube. It will trip if a short is detected. I like ICR batteries. The quality of an ICR battery depends on the company that made it obviously. Most IMR batteries will do well for a while, then they drop in vapor quality over a period of time. ICR batteries can be hit or miss.

    The other types of batteries aren't too popular with vapers. LifePO4, for example. Has a lower fully charged voltage. MNKE batteries have a little following here, but they don't outperform IMR cells for our purposes. NMC batteries can potentially compete with IMR/ICR batteries, but they are more expensive, and they still don't outperform IMR batteries in high drain situations as far as I know. A popular NMC battery (and the only nmc battery i've seen for sale) is the panasonic 18650 NMC hybrid batteries. They have a good wrap, and a lot of people use them, but they have a protection circuit which makes them too long for some mechanical mods.

    Check out the battery forum stickies for more safety information if you plan to use unregulated/unprotected mech mods in your future!​

  4. Just picked up two "packs" of NJoy Kings because I literally ran out of vapable juice almost 2 weeks ago now and had ZERO money to order any more. So, my mother bought me 2 packs of cigarettes -___- Ugh! So I went back to smoking, my only hope of getting back to vaping being waiting for an opportunity to make some money coming up. THANKFULLY I found 2 bottles of juice underneath my bed. 2 bottles of juice that I had deemed "unvapable" lol... Madvapes Candycane (BARF) and a 2 year old bottle of Altsmoke Vanilla that had "steeped" so much that it was literally black with a dark molasses hew when held up to a light bulb. I mixed them together. That got me through 2 days. Here I am today. I have about 1ml of that juice from hell left. I have 1 pack of cigarettes that I am trying my best not to smoke, and I have 2 NJOY KINGS!

    These things are BEAST for what they are. I like the 45mg juice a lot. 3-4 drags and you actually get a nice calm wash over your body... Unlike 24mg, which just throws me into panic mode usually. It seems 45mg is enough nicotine to relax me. It doesn't just spin me out and have my heart beating extra heavily. The taste? I like it. The menthol is a dirty tobacco menthol. It really does taste like a newport or a kool, and, the taste lingers in your mouth, like a cigarette would. Neat. The tobacco flavored one impressed me on the 1st two drags, but since, it has become almost flavorless, with a tart aftertaste. Meh. I mean, I'm guessing I will enjoy it more when I actually vape it. But I am vaping the menthol one for now, because I'm really enjoying the authentic taste. Both tasted very similar to a real cigarette the 1st couple drags, but the menthol one is holding that up really nicely.

    I'm about 20 puffs into the menthol one and its still going strong, thank god. I'm hoping it will last me all of tonight and hopefully into tomorrow a bit. I do not want to wind up smoking that 3rd pack of cigarettes. I'm HOPING my order from ECBlends actually SHIPS tomorrow (4 days after I placed it!) & hopefully the 7 dollar priority shipping will get it here monday, tuesday the latest. That is IF ECBlends actually SHIPS IT TOMORROW! lol... Sorry, must be feeling the nicotine. ;-) 45mg is such a beautiful throat hit, mmmmmMMm<3 These things are SATISFYING. Thats all I can say. I do have a bit of a crowning nic headache coming on now, but, that just means I need to lay off for a bit.

    1st impressions of these little guys? I like them a lot. They even feel "close" to the real thing in your teeth.

    Nice. Lets see how long these last.

    EDIT: Well the 1st one died. Njoy touts that these are supposed to last 2 packs of cigarettes. REALLY Njoy? REALLY? It lasted me 2 hours. Last I checked, 2 packs of cigarettes lasts me from 10am Monday.. to 10am Wednesday. Not 7:30pm Thursday to 10pm Thursday. Wow. The battery in these lasts 2 to 3 hours. And I was trying to make it last. I wasn't chain vaping in the LEAST. At $7+ for ONE of these... All I can say is they are a huge waste of money. The flavor is ok, and the throat hit is great. The vapor production is good at the start, not so great 1 hour in, and then it trails off to nothing before it dies. Nothing new here. Nothing revolutionary. The Njoy king's battery life is worse than any cig-alike I've tried prior. (510 and 808d minis) Bat life is piss poor. I feel completely "DUPED" and i don't know why i expected more. The thing weighs less than an ounce. Probably has a bat in it smaller than a 10440. I would need what? 3, 4 of these to last me all day? I'm smoking a cigarette right now because I'm out of options. Thanks for selling one battery for 7 bucks and calling it 2 packs Njoy. Rip off artists.
  5. Quick post on trying different vendors and beginning DIY:

    You will get many replies. I have found from being here so much that whenever someone asks for an e-liquid vendor, the main vendors that are recommended are the ones that are popular on the forum at the time the thread was posted. MtBaker is experiencing a huge rush in popularity at this time. Some of the best vendors are little known. The best E-liquid vendor is the one you like the best. And you will only find that with trial and error. No one knows what your favorite flavors will be. No one can tell you who makes the best snickerdoodle to your taste preferences. Take suggestions here and order from one vendor. Then order from another next time. Rinse and repeat. Don't count on 1 to carry everything you want right away. Our tongues are all different. DIY is also a great option, that is what I do. But it does have a learning curve obviously.. and I DIY with premixed complex flavors. For instance I do not take this and that to create the grahm cracker for my key lime pie. I buy grahm cracker and key lime and then if I feel like it, I add menthol to it, or I don't. I don't actually mix lime with sucrose and whatever else it takes to make a key lime flavoring. lol. So that is another easy DIY option. Good luck on your search.
  6. well there are some great cases for your mods, so people do anticipate the almost inevitable drop.

    Build quality issues I've found with the evic: Its NOT a badly built device and its not going to break EASILY.
    But, the threads are very small and the rocker wheel on the control head does (at 1st) feel a bit fragile.
    After having used my eVic for 2 days now, I am much more confident when dealing with the rocker wheel.
    I like it. It feels great. I find myself putting the wattage up and down just to play with the wheel honestly...
    Uhhh, as far as the screen? Its a vulnerable to drops design. The screen + wheel are vulnerabilities for sure.

    I definitely wouldn't want to drop it at all.
    It'd be the last of my mods I'd want to drop with the wheel+screen the way they are.
    But I really do like the look AND feel of it as it appeals to my senses. A really neat mod for the senses.
    As far as vape quality? NO complaints just yet. Although I've only used low resistances on it so far.
    Higher resisted coils are not going to work great with the eVic because it limits how much voltage you may use.
    Go with low to medium resistances/ohms if your eVic is going to be your only mod, and you'll be really happy with it.
    GrimmGreen just put out a video where he seems pretty angry that he can't go to his preferred voltage to ohms.

    Would I recommend this to a new vapor looking for first mod? Yes, I think so. I think its a great mod. A+
    Would I recommend this to a more seasoned vapor looking for a VW device? Yep. Like I said, very cool mod. B
    Would I recommend this to someone looking to push the limits of vaping all together? No. D
    Would I recommend this to a veteran that would be angry if it didn't hit above 11watts? Obviously not. F

    Looks great. A real treat for the sense of touch/feel/sight/hearing. Love the feel + clicks of the button + wheel.
    Vapes great! Love the vape. I don't have to touch the wattage too often, though I still do when my coils flood.

    MVR program seems to run well, although many are having problems with the program not synching with the evic device itself. This problem is remmodied on windows machines by plugging the evic in, THEN right clicking the MVR program icon to RUN AS ADMIN. You MUST run the MVR software as administrator in order for windows to allow MVR to recognize & access your evic device.

    Uhhh the device vapes great. Thats what I can say about it at this time. I've only had the device for 2 days at the time of writing this review. So, I haven't had enough time with it to really tell you how it differs vape-wise from other devices that I own. I don't own scopes. At this time, I see no difference in vape quality when compared to my other mods. I think its a great device that vapes great.

    I think it looks good. I would prefer if it were a SHORTER device, but, I do like the battery life of the 18650 batteries that I am using with it. The battery that was provided in the kit is fantastic. It seems to have lasted longer than any 18650 bat I've owned before it. I am still using it today after having not charged it since the 1st few hours with my evic. I find that the ability to charge the battery from your laptop's USB port is going to be VERY convenient. No more switching batteries. Just plug in. I would definitely like to order a smaller 18500 or 18350 tube for it though.

    Loving that it allows me to use this Kanger clearomizer. Its my 1st time with the kanger and I really liked it. I like to put just a little but of juice in at a time so I can switch easily enough. The evic's eGo threading allows me to use virtually any clearomizer or tank out there (that isn't genesis flat top)

    That about wraps up my 1st impressions review of the Joyetech Evic. Thank you! :)
  7. believe it or not your not noticing a sudden influx of provari fans. this forum has had the same "problem" since the provari came out. and the reason for this is that the provari is a good variable voltage device, and the 1st of its kind in many ways. when it first came out, we were stacking batteries to get to 6 volts in our mechanical mods, and regulated 5 volt mods were showing up. the provari went above + beyond.

    If you flash forward to today, the new members of the forum, 1st of all they don't remember those days. 2nd of all they see all of the cheaper variable voltage devices out there and they don't know why the heck the provari is so damn popular. It shouldn't be. there are better devices. Right? That can be argued for. and it is argued over, every day, on ecf. This won't be the last. A thread was just closed yesterday, this thread will probably be closed soon as well. This conversation is getting old, but you'll get used to it.

    OP- You don't need a Provari. And people will tell you that the Provari is the best VV PV. Others will tell you its over rated. And some will even admit that they dislike it all together and they believe there are better VV PVs on the market. Only you can do the research. You can either listen to everyone that stops by this thread to make an opinionated comment, or you can watch a video of a electrician scope the provari and compare it to other variable voltage mods and make your opinion based off of those cumulative reviews. Either way, it is my opinion that you should seek out and read + watch reviews from people with electricity knowledge backgrounds.

    Do you need one? Absolutely not. The mods on the market today are all fantastic mods.
    Are there positives to owning a provari that you might like over owning other mods? This is a possibility.
    Are there positives to owning a Zmax or Evic or Smax or Vamo over owning a provari? This is a possibility.
    Those are up to YOUR opinions after you've reviewed reviews.

    And thats all there is to it.

    If you are not into reviews and you'll take MY word on this matter: The provari scopes out differently from other mods. It has differences. Those differences make a lot of people that I look up to feel they support the provari over other mods. How big is the difference? Miniscule in my opinion. lol. Its a small difference. And I know for a fact that if you order a different vv mod, its going to satisfy you as far as vape quality. When it comes to build quality, that is something only YOU can make a decision or educated guess about. All of the mods on the market today are built to work and not break. lol. The provari matches the usual 1 year warranty that most mods have, but it also has a repair service after that initial year. For instance if you screen cracks it is 15 dollars plus shipping and handling to have you screen fixed after the 1st year. If you scratch or dent your battery tube, I believe it is 45 dollars + s&h. So that is one of the main reasons I purchased my provari. I can get it fixed in 6 years if something does break on it. The decision rests in your (hopefully educated by techy reviewers) hands.
  8. I'm coming on in to check up on the new vaper! Hello Insignificance!
    You are not insignificant and your quitting smoking is very significant.
    I've been vaping for a looong time so I hope I can help you with this.
    I personally vape 12mg. I found 12mg to be my perfect level.
    If I vaped 18mg or 24mg I'd have anxiety creep up on me with every puff.
    If I vaped lower than 11-12mg I felt like I could never get enough and the throat hit was terrible.
    TH almost directly corresponds to nicotine level, so if you want a lighter TH you'll want a lower nic juice.
    It really doesn't matter what type of cigarette you smoked unfortunately.
    If that helped me tell you which nic level you'd like, it'd make things WAY easier, but it doesn't work that way.

    What DOES matter is how much you smoked and if you want to be able to keep that pace with e-cigs.
    For instance, if you smoked a pack a day and you want to be able to vape for just as much time as you smoked..
    I'd recommend going with 12 to 18mg juice.
    If you want to cut down on the time you spend with your nicotine delivery system up to your lips..
    Then I would recommend you try 18 to 24mg.

    Why does it work like that?
    Because the higher the nicotine in your juice, the shorter your vape sessions will be.
    For me, I can take 2 to 4 hits off of 24mg juice and feel like I've just smoked a cigarette.
    If thats what you want, go for an 18 to 24mg juice.

    With 12mg juice, I am happy taking 5 to 10 minutes of regular hit taking before I feel like I've had enough.
    So, I do recommend you try all of the levels with 1 juice flavor so that you can figure out what YOU want! :)

    1 thing that is important to tell new vapers is that with vaping,
    the nicotine is ingested much slower than with smoking.
    It is absorbed slower, and it effects you slower. So instead of hitting you instantly with smoke...
    With vaper, the nicotine effects will actually more-so creep up on you, and they will also last longer than with cigs. I
    Its for this reason that I keep a bottle of 18mg flavorless around the house.
    So, I use 11 to 12mg juice regularly, but when I would like it to kick in quickly....
    I mix some 18mg juice with my 12mg in an atomizer and that will actually help me keep away the cravings.

    Enjoy your vaping journey!
  9. the main thing you have to do with an atomizer that is acting up, is experiment with your draw speed, your draw strength, and how your holding the atomizer. For instance:

    1. Try to picture in your mind, the juice in your atomizer right now. Maybe it is all UNDER the coil platform. In which case you may have to take 1-2 quick, hard pulls, to splash some of that e-juice back up into the ceramic coil platform and into the wick/coil.

    2. Keeping the many possible juice where-abouts in your mind.... If your atomizer is GURGLING, it probably just needs a loooong, SOFT drag because the coil is flooded. Allow the coil to heat up sufficiently to vaporize the excess juice around it. If this results in burning, try a couple quick, hard drags FIRST, then go ahead and try the long soft drag.

    3. Keeping the many possible juice where-abouts in your mind... If your atty is gurgling, sometimes a quick, hard pull or two will resituate the juice. The SAME can be said about blowing into your atomizer if it is gurgling. Don't directly blow into it. Instead, blow at a medium to high pressure through your lips and pass the atomizer through the line of airflow VERY quickly 2-3 times.

    4. If your atomizer feels TIGHT and is burning, it is usually that there is not enough juice. If it is leaking when you drip 2-3 drops, and still burning, it sounds like there is already juice in it, and the new drops are connecting with that juice and being pulled out the bottom through force of gravity. Picture raindrops on your car window, coagulating together and then streaming down quickly. Understand?

    Tightness- Tightness is usually a tell-tale sign of too little juice in the atomizer and burning comes with tightness's territory. If the juice seems to come out the bottom, you may need to drip 2-3 drops and then QUICKLY take 2-3 FAST, HARD pulls to distribute the juice throughout the atomizer, rather than allowing it time to coagulate at the bottom and drain out. Makes sense right? Before adding juice, try step 3 first. You may just need to pull up the juice in the bottom of your atty into the coil chamber.

    5. Atomizer Angle- This is something else to consider when using an atomizer. The juice within your atomizer is running freely like grape juice in a cup. It will wash up onto the surfaces of what is inside of your atty, it will soak into the mesh and the string that your coil is wrapped around, but it doesn't always do this on its own!!! You MAY need to shake, rattle, or spin the juice around inside your atomizer to get your atty to work properly. When all of the above steps fail, try vaping with your device held horizontal to the floor, and if that doesn't work, try upside down. Try shaking, or rattling your atomizer. Try it all. The angle of your atomizer is sometimes the main culprit @ first.

    The above is the way I trouble-shoot a new atomizer that is acting up. Keyword NEW. If your atomizer is a couple weeks to a month old and the above steps are not helping, it may be time to get a new atomizer. I have had success with cleaning atomizers. You can try running hot water through it in the sink (make sure you plug the drain) and I've also had success with boiling old atomizers for SHORT periods of time. A lot of people, including grim green, have had success keeping attys clean by dropping them into a high-proof alcohol when switching flavors. To dry the water/boil techniques, let the atomizer stand over night for 1-2 nights, OR, put the atomizer in the oven at 250 for 3-5 minutes at a time until dry.

    Hope I've helped in some way.

    The main thing I want to get across here is that atomizers ARE tricksters. they ARE finicky. But they CAN be TAMED to a point where you aren't having many problems with them. Once the above steps become second nature, atomizers are one, if not THE, BEST juice vaporizing system we have when it comes to flavor, one of the best for longevity and re-use, and 1 of the top mechanisms for vapor production as well. Just go through the trouble shooting steps above when your atomizer is acting up.

    I want to stress that the above steps are basically steps to break in an atomizer. (similar to "breaking" a wild horse) the above steps are to make a brand new atomizer start to work correctly. You will not have to do the above steps for the life of your atomizer, ONLY to break it in, and then the occasional time your atomizer acts up. Thank you for reading.
  10. please refer to my blog with any questions. You can reach my blog by clicking my user name.
    as said above, cig-alikes are OK for beginners, sure, but as soon as your dad realizes he can quit with vaping, he'll want a bigger battery mod such as an eGo kit, (which is a sharpie sized e-cig "mod") or an even bigger battery mod with removable, rechargeable batteries. (the word mod just means any e-cig that does not look like a cigarette) Many of us that have been vaping for a long time like to recommend skipping to an eGo kit, or all the way to a bigger battery mod because we have seen so many people move through the levels and end up wishing they had gone with where they end up 1st. Going from e-cig to eGo to big battery mod can be expensive, and our best intentions are to save you money and time by suggesting the larger mods.

    with that said, the best cig-alike is the Volt, or the Bloog Max Fusion. Search them on Google for a kit. They'll cost around $40

    make sure the kit comes with cartomizers or atomizers with cartridges and get him at least a few different flavors to try. vaping is different from smoking in that you aren't constrained to a tobacco flavor. The vapor juice can taste like anything, unadulterated. A chocolate chip cookie juice can taste like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, for instance.

    the best eGo is either a "vision spinner" or a "joye twist" if your father wants small, I recommend 400mah battery.
    if your father would concider going with an eGo, you could also try getting him a mini ego. again, a mini is a 400mah, but it is even smaller than the spinner and the twist mentioned above because it does not have the section that allows you to control the power of the vape. so, an eGo 400mah and some cartos, a USB plug and AC to USB charger, and some juices would be nice too! Typically around $45-50 for two 400mah egos and it's kit, or, around $60 for everything in the twist/spinner kit.

    For bigger battery mods, I recommend the bolt with one or two 18500 batteries, a battery charger, a "vivi nova tank", and some juice. The bolt with the 18500 battery will last your father all day, and perhaps into the morning hours of the next day. All of these can be found on the same site in most cases. Typically around $60 for everything here.

    I hope you and your father enjoy the vape journey. :)
  11. In my opinion, the amount of cigarettes you smoked each day has NO correlation to your juice's nicotine level. lol. Thats just my opinion. Your juice's nicotine level more-so correlates to how long a drag you take, how many drags you want to take before you put your PV down, Throat Hit, etc etc...

    If your vaping like you smoked, and it seems harsh, or it seemed like you were feeling a buzz before too quickly or too easily, and you want to continue vaping in the way that you are, then you'll want to lower the nicotine amount. Although you will find that the first day or two of vaping, it will be a bit harsh on your throat no matter what MG juice your using. The nicotine in the juice hits your throat differently compared to cigarette smoke, and your throat will need to get used to it. But do not fear, it WILL. :)

    I personally vape 12mg juice. This forum is full of people that swear by 18, 24, even 36mg juice. GROSS! YUCK! lol. If I picked up 18mg juice and tried to vape it like I vape now, I'd get sick within 4-5 puffs. And idk about you but my cigarettes lasted longer than 3-4 puffs. So, if you want to shorten the amount of puffs you take, stick with the 18mg juice... if you want to vape like you smoked, at least for the first few months, then you'll want lower MG juices.

    As was said above, Walmart has pure Vegetable Glycerine. Just ask a pharmacy technician to find it for you. If they cannot find it for you, just ask to speak with a manager and they will be able to locate where it is in the store via a registry computer. You can then use the pure flavorless vegetable glycerine to lower the nicotine in your juices. Unfortunately it will also reduce the flavor. Which may or may not be good, lol, depending on how you like those flavors.

    As for new juices, there are a ton of GRRREAT vendors that advertize here on this forum. You can find them by going down the forum to look for the vendor's forums. :) Again, if you have ANY more questions, feel free to shoot me a message by clicking my user name and selecting "PRIVATE MESSAGE" from the menu.

    Enjoy your journey ;-)
  12. This was a new member's introduction post to the forum. I read it and found that it truly articulates in a very organized way the initial reaction new members can/will experience when buying and receiving their very first electronic cigarette, mod, etc. The post was by PansSiren, here on ECF. Here it is:

    Hello everybody! I've been reading through the forums the last few days and this is my first post. I ordered my first vaporizer on Friday morning and just pulled it out of the mailbox about an hour ago (free 3 day shipping, sweet!), which was perfect timing because I have 3 stinkys left - hopefully I end up throwing them away! So far I love this forum, it's very informative and beyond entertaining! This seems like a really great community, I look forward to my future in it :)

    So, I'd like to share my initial reaction. I'm in absolutely no way a seasoned user. I never tried or even held an 'e-cig' before this, and my first ever puff was shortly after receiving my package. Normally, I smoked a pack of Marlboro Blend no. 27's a day for about 8 years. I got a Smokeless Image Volt X2 900mah manual battery, 2 X2 clearomizers, and one 30ml bottle of juice (didn't want to go overboard yet, had to make sure I liked it). Setup was super easy: poured some liquid in the clearomizer, screwed it onto the battery, and I was vaping!

    First hit - wow, this is pretty horrible, but it must be new equipment and that's the way it is. The taste was awful and it hurt my throat. Extremely harsh! It also made crackling noises I didn't care for... actually, it really bothered me (but again, figured it was just the new equipment breaking itself in).

    5th hit - hmmm, this is getting better.

    10th hit - I think I'm onto something.

    By the 20th hit - damn, this is pretty AWESOME!! Tastes great, feels great, and it's absolutely silent!

    The "throat hit" is what I'm most impressed by so far. It really feels like I took a drag off a cigarette. I don't know if it's the 50/50 PG/VG mix or the 18mg of nicotine that's responsible for it, but it 'scratches' my throat the same way a real cigarette does, and I like it. I think this will be important in keeping me off of cigarettes.

    The feel of holding it is rather nice. It's not a small piece of equipment. It's a little thicker than a AA battery, and when assembled, it's 6.5 inches long, but it's remarkably comfortable. I would describe it as holding a pen that you're about to chew on (no, I don't chew pens, lol - but that's what it feels like when holding it and bringing it up to your mouth). It's all black, which I find aesthetically pleasing, and I like picking it up. So far, I tend to hold it with the manual button facing downwards so I can activate it with my thumb when I use it, and it feels very natural. I thought the button would take some getting used to, but it feels completely natural - I don't mind it even in the slightest bit. I thought I would like something the size of a standard cigarette to start off with, but I'm glad I went with more of a big-boy toy. I figured the users on this forum knew what they were talking about, and they do. The larger size doesn't bother me at all and this size battery should last quite a while throughout the day without recharging - something I'm sure I'll appreciate very much.

    The flavor is wonderful. Nothing like a cigarette (I wasn't expecting it to be), but I really really like it. I got the Smokeless Image RY4, which is supposed to be a vanilla carmel tobacco flavor. I wanted a tobacco flavor first so it would at least be closer to a real stinky and help ease the transition. I think this flavor accomplishes that. I can definitely taste those 3 flavors, and it's pretty nutty as well, which I happen to like a lot. I'm beyond excited to try new flavors, and as an occasional shisha tobacco/hookah smoker (maybe twice a year), I think I know what to expect and can't wait to try them! I'll be ordering quite a few tomorrow :). I'm also thinking of picking up a fruity flavor with no nicotine - 1. because it sounds fun to vape on it all day, hehe, and 2. I'm curious if that will be enough to satisfy my urges, and see if I really need the nicotine or not.

    Smoking wise, I take fairly small hits. I'm producing little to no vapor each time, and it's still very satisfying. I took some larger/deeper hits, which I also like, but don't find it necessary for me to do so every time. A little toot every 15-20 seconds... or even every minute or 2, is quite enjoyable. I really like how it's not just burning away like a traditional cigarette does. I don't need to keep smoking it because it's lit, and it's always ready to go when I am. I think I will really come to like taking a few small tokes every now and then throughout the normal day when I typically wouldn't (i.e.: take 5-10 hits every once in a while rather than really going at it (chaining 2-3 smokes) when it's time for a work break). One of my favorite times to smoke is when I'm on forums (or reading anything online), and I typically would have had about 2 smokes by now in writing this message, or 3-4 cigarettes since I got that package. I don't have the slightest urge for a cigarette, so I think this method will be very effective for me. I've gone through about .6ml so far.

    I was unbiased but very skeptical about this whole concept. ... well, I understood how it all worked (I happen to live in a state where, um... "something else" is not frowned upon, and I'm fully aware of the benefits and use of 'water filters' and vaporizers in that sense), but I thought this would be more of a novelty that I would enjoy, but it would not replace my desire for analogs. I'm only a couple hours in, and I highly think this can work - and I don't think I'll have to try hard at it. Time will tell, and I'll keep you posted!

    So in a nutshell, if you're on the fence or just curious about "electronic cigarettes", do yourself a favor and just get one. So far I'm really really really glad I did.
  13. This forum is a bank of knowledge and the members here will help you through this if you'll let them.
    For now? You need to R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H. Thats all there is to it. Do not impulse buy. Research.
    An eGo kit will be perfect for you as a noob to vaping.
    That is your decision.
    But it sounds like you will be perfectly happy with an eGo.
    There are different brands of eGos. Joye was the original maker of the eGo.
    Some say Joye is the best.
    That is debatable. I own a smoktech eGo, which I truly enjoy.

    VOLTAGE- Voltage is, in laymen's terms, the "power" your cartomizer will receive from your device.
    Then there is the cartomizer's resistance, which is also known as ohms.
    LOWER ohms are better for lower voltage. Higher ohms are better for higher voltage.
    eGos stay around 4 to 3 volts from full charge to discharge. You'll want low-ISH resisted cartomizers. ;-)
    2.0 ohm cartomizers are a good starting point for eGo devices.. no lower no higher really. 2ohm is ideal.
    You can search "cartomizer resistance" a little later to find out what the hell I'm talking about later. lol.

    Higher mAh = longer times between charges = bigger battery = bigger eGo.
    You'll have to make a trade off. Size VS functionality. Bigger mods can feel awkward for some.
    This is your choice and your choice alone. I personally like to have different sizes at my fingertips.
    As a beginner, you need to pick a size that you'll be OK with because it will be your ONLY device for a while.

    In my opinion... The 350mAh eGos are almost a novelty imo. They look awkward to me.
    If you want a 350mah device you may as well go with a VOLT or a BLOOG honestly.
    (the VOLT and the BLOOG are 3.7v REGULATED cigarette look-alike devices)
    But if you want something that will last longer than 3 to 4 hours, start at 650mAh and above.

    Do you want VARIABLE VOLTAGE? Do you even need variable voltage?
    Do you even know what variable voltage is?
    Its probably foggy to you.
    Variable Voltage devices give you the ability to push the limits of your cartomizer.
    With VV devices you can turn up, or dial down the voltage
    (to match your cartomizer or atomizer's ohms)
    (remember, ohms = resistance)
    But VV devices are bigger. A 900mAh eGo battery is around 3 inches.
    a VV 900mAh eGo will be around 4 inches.
    The Variable Voltage IS worth a look at.
    you'll enjoy using your VV eGo bats into the future of your vaping.

    Joye, Smoktech, Vision, Riva... these are a few brands of eGos.
    Joye was the original. Many say its the best quality.
    VISION is regularly said to be the best variable voltage eGo by people who's opinions I respect.
    I like my Smoktech eGo, but it is NOT my #1 PV. Your eGos will be your main PVs. Pick wisely.
    Joye is a durable and tried and true brand, IF you've got the money. They are typically more expensive.

    If you realize you MUST have a cig-alike, BLOOG and VOLT are the best. I just ordered a VOLT kit this week.
    There will probably be times when you'll want a cig-alike.
    You can entertain ordering one VOLT battery from for those times.
    For eGo batteries, I'd recommend going for a different company. Thats just me.
    The eGo batteries at SmokelessImage (rebranded as "x2" batteries) are of HIGH quality though.

    Other than thatttttttt.............
    A cartomizer is what came with your Blu. They work well. People love em.
    You can upgrade to a cartomizer tank someday, you'll flip your lid. <3 em.
    An atomizer is a cartomizer without the capacity to hold juice.
    Atomizer- You drip 2-3 drops and take 2-3 puffs, then redrip.
    Cartomizer- You fill up with 20 or so drops and your set for a while.
    Atomizer- Better taste, vaporizes each drop more efficiently, giving a stronger hit.
    Cartomizer- Convenience.
    Atomizer- Can last 2-3 months honestly.
    Cartomizer- Can last 2-3 weeks if your lucky.
    CLEAROMIZER- A cartomizer you can see through. OR, a cartomizer with no filler material. The juice is sucked into the wick via air pressure or tassel-like wicks.
    Carto Tank- A tank around a cartomizer with punched holes in it's side.
    In Carto Tanks, the juice is sucked in from the tank, through the hole in the carto.
    Cartomizer Tanks are freaking awesome and they changed my life.
    Clearomizer Tank- Same as a fillerless clearomizer but bigger. Most known: vivinova.
    Rebuildable- A rebuildable atomizer. You can buy wire + wick and repair these urself.
    Some rebuildables have tanks. These are usually above a n00bs head.

    I hope I've helped in some way, even if only a miniscule way.
    Thanks for reading. Enjoy the journey mate.
  14. Lavatubes and/or Vmax- These are cheaper devices but they are quite nice devices in their own right. At just $50 to $100, these devices have a huge following with users of every forum. Collectors of PVs and regular users alike can appreciate the features in these devices. Both the Lavatubes (aka Young June, L-Rider, Lambo, LT, LTv.1, LTv.2, LTv.3, Vtube, MyGo, & more nicknames!) aaand the Vmaxes are variable voltage devices JUST like the Provari. (they came out after the Provari version 1, but before the Provari version 2. ALL Provaris being sold from the Provape website are now version 2 Provaris, with the updated 3.5 amperage limit) The 1st lavatubes are great, and they are selling for under $40 these days. I ordered the 1st version of the LavaTube a while ago now and I always enjoyed mine. It is one of the cheapest "smart" vari-volt PVs on the market today. The NEW LavaTube2 is coming out by the end of this year and it is suspected to sell for under $100 to $150, most believe it will be closer to $100, some say it will sell for around $80.00 USD!!! The original LavaTubes with the flat, divetted tops, were wonderful variable voltage devices. They had a lower amperage limit which made them a teeny bit unreliable for lower resisted cartos and attys, but the NEW "Lambo" or "Young June" or L-Rider v.2's that are still being sold and produced along side the original, cheaper LavaTubes, actually have a higher Amperage Limit, just like the NEW Provari's! So, both the LavaTubes and the Provaris are wonderful devices. The newer LavaTubes have a BEVELED top, with the new eGo styled drip well, which will catch your juice if you accidentally over drip juice into your atomizing unit. There are many different versions of the Lavatube for sale throughout the world and in the United States, but all of them are relatively cheap compared to say, the Provari or the Zmaxes, which is a great attribute, haha! I love the LavaTube line and I will support them till I die :p The NEW Smoktech Vmaxes are even coooler than the original Lavatubes, they are hardier and they look very nice. Smoktech is a good company on the scene but they have been producing products for e-cigarette enthusiasts for a long while now. They are out of China, not from within the US, but their products speak for themselves. The Vmax is a fantastic, mid-priced variable voltage device and they are gaining a large following just like the Lavatubes and the American made Provari e-cig mods. MANY users report great experiences with they're Vmaxes. I agree, they look fantastic, solid, and they do just about everything you'd want a variable voltage device to do, maybe excluding a few things, like Provari's Thermal Monitoring software technologies and maybe a few other things that the more expensive Provaris can handle. I own a few Smoktech devices and so far, I literally, and honestly, cannot say enough GOOD/GREAT/Awesome stuff about them. I own a Smoktech eGo, 900mAh and it works like a charm for when I'm out with the friends or family or at a Bar. I also own (my favorite fixed volt mod, by the way) a Smoktech Telescope. My Telescope HITS like a freaking CHAMP! Its a smoke-stack I tell ya. Not to get off topic too much, but Smoktech (the makers of the VMax and Zmax) also make great cartomizers and atomizers and other products too. I like my Smoktech 1.5ohm cartos and as long as I keep that filler material soaked in juice, they run for days and weeks. They do run pretty hot at the lower ohm range so its important to keep the smoktech cartos wet, but they work like a charm & i enjoy them a lot. My Smoktech carto-tanks are my favorite tank system at the moment. They utilize dual coil ST punched cartomizers & they work well and for a very long time, because the tank erases human error. Its impossible to forget to keep the cartos wet when they are in there! So don't be hesitant to buy a new PV because the Lavatubes and the Vmax are great devices. Don't let some of the hobbyist members persuade you to drop 6 paychecks on a more expensive PV as your first PV or varivolt PV. These devices are great, I promise you!

    Then there is the Zmax. Ohhhhh the Zmax, an electronic PV thats after my own heart. Ever since I started vaping I've wanted a variable wattage device that would know what to do no matter what resistance/ohm carto/atty I popped on top of it. With the Zmax, u get that. For around $100 you get a great variable voltage, AND variable WATTAGE, stainless STEEL, (just like the Provari is SSteel) PV. The Zmax is also made by Smoktech, just like the Zmax, but where they differ is the great part. Where the Vmax and Lavatubes are only variable VOLTAGE, the Zmax is that, AND variable wattage and it has a memory. When you set the voltage, you have to set it to where you think your juiced up cartomizer tastes best, right? So, if you have a 1.5 cartomizer or atty, you'll probably set your voltage for around 3.7 volts, maybe up to 4 or 4.3 volts if your feeling risky!! But what if you get tired of that juice, and you want to try your other juices? You only have a 3ohm cartomizer full of the juice that you want to try. So, you pop that on there, and the 3ohms is way too high for 3.7 volts. Its even too high for 4 volts... So you have to go into your PV's menuy system to up the voltage until it tastes good. With the Zmax, after you had set it at whichever wattage you chose for that 1.5 cartomizer, you don't have to set it again. You can put that 3ohm cartomizer right onto your device, and it will automatically adjust the voltage to reflect your preferences. If you used 3.7 volts for that 1.5ohm carto, it knows you like a cooler 3.7v vape at 1.5 ohms, so it will match that experience no matter what ohm/resistance carto/atty you put on it after setting it that 1st time. You can put a whatever you want on there and not have to fiddle with the volts. This is a fantastic feature and its a much sought after feature in the mod world. Before the new variable wattage Zmax came out, the precedent was only the Darwin, a foreign made variable wattage device that now sells in classifieds for over $400USD. The Darwin, like the Provari and the many rare, beautiful fixed volt devices, is a craft-made, specialty, e-cigarette collectors item. The Zmax is being mass produced, but it will certainly have a large following I am guessing. IF Smoktech did well on its quality control standards. We will soon see reviews of the Zmax and time will tell if it is worth the price. For the wattage feature alone, I think it is. The Zmax has many, if not most, of Provari's safety features, excluding some of them I believe. The Zmax also uses RMS technology which constantly monitors the voltage and/or power of your PV to assure you'll have the perfect vape each and every time. I am not a complete EXPERT on the Zmax and I am not an owner of either the Zmax or the Provari and I no longer own a Lavatube. So, I am in no way saying that I know everything about these devices. I can't tell you each and every feature of either devices or the LT/Vmax. You'll have to do your own research and weigh your wants/needs and options in all the available VV devices on the market today. I can promise you that you can't go wrong these days. You get what you pay for, and no matter which PV you choose, your going to be happy. I don't see how anyone with some money could ever go back to smoking. (and that doesnt happen much, lol) If you have the money, get the Provari, because its the best variable voltage PV there is and NOTHING will come close, for a long while at least. You can't beat buying something thats made in the Goood Ol' US of A! But if you have a little less money, the Zmax is where its at when it comes to the latest technologies. COOLEST variable wattage capable device on the planet as of right now and I WILL probably have one someday because they are simply very aesthetically pleasing and they work great from what the current reviews say. DO NOT get the OLD version of the Zmax (the Zmax without the 8th menu) confused with the NEW 8th menu Zmax. The new Zmax is as accurate as the best of em, and its at a great price point as well. I think anyone would enjoy either the Provari or the Zmax for build quality. As for the cheaper variable voltage devices? You CANNOT go terribly wrong with any of them. You could close your eyes and throw a dart, and buy whatever the dart lands on, and that varivolt PV is gonna serve you well, and put a great big smile on your face.

    Then there are the many fixed volt Devices that hobbyists and collectors of e-cigs and e-cigarette paraphernalia MUST have! Devices like the GG, the Orion, the Ketana, the Caravela, these are all fantastic devices. With the introduction of the "KICK" chip, you can now change any of these devices into a variable voltage and variable wattage device, without screens of course. The Kick chip allows you to set it to your preferred wattage and forget it, just like the Zmax. The Kick Chip is a little round puck that goes into your fixed volt PV's battery sleeve on 1 side of the battery. The little chip regulates your battery's power and turns your PV into a smart PV capable of everything a Zmax is capable of... Without some of the safety features. So, the Zmax is not alone, and more self-contained devices like it are coming out from the woodwork slowly as well. Its an exciting time to be an e-cigarette hobbyist or enthusiast.
  15. The following is a post I made to the running "Post a Picture of your PV Thread" and it was in response to a new member stating that he was stuck between getting a Caravela and a Provari. I took my time in writing this and I had to let him know that obtaining a Caravela and some of the more expensive and rarer mods is harder than checking out at a webshop unfortunately. As many of you already know, the rare collector's specialty mods are only obtainable through waiting lists and Co-Ops. So, here is my post on all the different mods on the market today:

    lol Oh brother eemyaj96, your in for a wild, wild ride buddy. If you want a Caravela, be prepared to shell out a ton of money. They sell in the classifieds ads here for... excesses of $350-400 dollars for scuffed or dented 2nd hand ones. ;-) That is an expensive mod buddy. Its made in a foreign country and sold to people in the United States that wait on a waiting list for months or years. On Caravela's website, the owner literally laughs at the members of his forum, poking fun of them for spending so much. lol. But the Caravela is a truly wonderous work of magical art. It is one of, if not THE MOST rare and sought after e-cigarette mods in the entire world. Many of his mods are made with extremely expensive grades of surgical stainless steel and other precious metals, like Titanium for instance. It is not easy to find one either, I have personally never seen one up for sale. When you like a mod enough to spend $400 and wait a year or more to obtain it, your probably not going to sell it... and you probably have enough money to never HAVE to sell it haha. There are other mods that I like a lot more than the Caravela simply because they are not blatantly ridiculously priced.

    The GG line is out of Greece and is considered one of the most beautiful fixed volt mods made on Earth. There are many versions of the GG mod, and many of them are made with precious metals as well. Some are made with Brass, some Aluminum, some Stainless Steel. All of them are absolutely gorgeous. A GG will usually run you $250 to $400USD, with some being more expensive due to their features and precious metals. These mods are also very rare. TO get a brand new one, you will have to wait on a waiting or pre-order list for months and pay months in advanced sometimes, but this 3.7 fixed volt PV is certainly worth the price in beauty and functionality alone. Most GGs have a telescoping feature, allowing its users and followers the ability to use most ANY battery they'd like. GGs are also all-mechanical mods which some believe increases the power and hit from your atomizer or carto. :) GGs are also well known for coming with many connections, allowing you to use whatever atty or carto you'd like. On top of all of this, the GG's maker is a very kind guy. He has a contest here on ECF once a month for one of his new mods, so check that out if you see a GG or 2 or 3 in your future. Some collect only GG mods, some like to have 1 of each mod, and some go the simple rout and decide on just owning 1 or 2 mods that work well hahaha. This forum is very hobbyist heavy, so you will see a lot of the more expensive devices here in this thread. The GG maker has also developed his very own rebuildable atomizer tank, called the Odysseus. So you can use this with the GG for a great vape and a good looking all in one genesis style PV. Awesome. (gen style means... pretty all in 1 pv w/ rebuildable atty tank lol)

    The Provari is a $200+ dollar mod that the e-cigarette community sees as the most sought after variable voltage mod made in all the world. The Provari also comes out with limited edition versions, like the 24karrot Gold Plated Provari. You might be able to snipe one of these if you spend enough time checking the classifieds ads here on EC Forum. Good luck. The gold plated Provari sells for $300usd + and is very rare and hard to obtain as well. The regular Provari will run you $200+ but it is worth it to a lot of us. Considered the greatest electronic mod on the market today, I promise you won't be disappointed with owning one. The Provari comes in standard size, allowing you to use an 18490 or an 18500 battery which is great for stealth vaping or vaping with the smaller battery, or long battery life with the larger 18500 battery. OR, you could actually buy the extension cap for the standard Provari, and you can use an 18650 battery, which has wonderful battery life (aka mAh.. or Milli-amp hours) and is the standard for most Mod lovers and collectors alike. The standard Provari comes... Standard, lol, with the most cutting edge technologies in vaping. Variable voltage with Pulse Width Modulation, which means from the time you put a fresh battery in, to the time your battery dies, you'll notice NO dip in power no matter what voltage you are using. It also has the best safety features on the market. Temperature monitory technology to save you from dangerous gasses venting from your faulty batteries, reverse battery protection, blah blah blah.... All the good stuff you want/need from a good electronic variable voltage device. (vv is the opposite of fixed voltage devices. fixed volt devices can only utilize the voltage of the batteries that you put into them, and their voltage drops as the battery's power is reduced) With a Provari, you can be rest assured that each and every time you press the button, you'll experience your favorite/preferred hit, each and every time. With a Provari, you can also turn the unit off when not in use, so it can't fire in your pocket and potentially harm the device, its battery, or your atomizer. Likewise, the button has a 20 second cut-off so if you forget to turn it off and the button is pressed against your body, it will shut itself off at 16 to 20 seconds of continuous firing. The Provari has short circuit software as well which will protect YOU and your Provari from exploding batteries or frying your PV, which means LITTLE danger and no/little danger of breaking your Provari through an accidental shorted out circuit. If you put your battery in backwards, the Provari knows and will not allow the battery or your PV to be damaged. The The Provari has a screen that allows you to check the ohms/resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer/RBA sooo its kinda like owning an ohm meter within your PV.. and ohm meters sell for as high as 20-30 dollars alone so thats a great feature. You can use the Provari to check the ohm of your freshly rebuilt user-rebuildable atomizer BEFORE putting it on a PV that is NOT protected, which can honestly save you and your other vaporizers from failing, shorting out, being harmed, or breaking. The Provari will tell you the underload of any battery that will fit in it, which means you can now test batteries that your not sure how charged they are before leaving the house!!! The Provari also has a (good and high) great 3.5 Amperage rating, so this means you can use any atomizer or carto you might have.
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