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  1. [/QUOTE]
  2. La dee da dee dum......

    Okay let's see

    • The cat's fed
    • The dog has been walked ....3 poos; what the hell did he eat anyway?
    • No chipmunks .... yeah
    • Lava tube at my right hand.....check the tank, getting low, I should refill that 4 ml tank - in a bit. I should get one of those thingy's to fill tanks so I don't spill and ruin the "O" rings. Nah, just something else I'm going to need and at a critical time, loose, go nuts trying to find it, never mind.....

    Its all good...........
    dee dum dee dee dum

    Let's check work emails one last time before a last couple of well deserved toots and then bed....ahhhhhhh

    Okay 2 new emails

    Open --> Need a date in your area? hmm a porno site ... how did that get there? Action: save nope, block sender, junk: next

    Open --> Reference your proposal of today. Let's read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read read ????

    ...!!! I DON'T THINK SO.

    Action: Reply all.....

    Dear Sir:

    Type type type type...... difficult credit markets since Sept 2008.......... type type type type type........ Canada Bond yield........... type type type type..type ........type.....backspace backspace backspace……type type……. credit spreads widened............. type type type type type type.

    In conclusion, F#@* O%% strong letter to follow.



    There that’s a good reply, to the point, gee hope I get the deal....

    Where's that LT? I have you my pretty.....lips, mouth, press buddon (like PBusardo would say), snap, crackle, pop, suck, release buddon (like PBusardo would say), remove device from mouth, inhale..........wait for it incoming throat hit, booosh, delayed buzz, exhale lots of vapor..... Wait…..What was that?!!?!! A touch scratchy, vapor production while good was not exceptional.....Conclusion time for a refill!

    Tissue on the table...Leave tank and cart attached to the lava tube. Remove drip tip or as I call them nipples; place "nipple" on tissue. Can't understand why they refer to batteries as having/not having nipples. I mean after all whose ever sucked on the end of a battery, eh? Batteries have RAISED POSTS, that's right RAISED POSTS, hah and I'm just a newbie.

    Tank top off......Tank top off......Tank top off...... Dam it, just bent a finger nail right back, blood, feeling faint, woozy, deep breaths, calm, calm, quiet, fight the urge to scream out in pain SWMBO (“She Who Must Be Obeyed”) might be lurking in the shadows.

    Where's the butter knife, pry the tank top off......

    Tank top off and airborne, dam it! Follow it, follow it, no, no, not the sink.
    .... One bouncy, two bouncy, three bouncy .... into the cat's food bowl.

    Now under normal circumstances this would not be a problem but circumstances are not normal:

    1. The cat is there;
    2. The cat is eating; and,
    3. The cat is still pissed at me for letting the chipmunk go. I know this for a fact because the cat didn't even flinch just looked back at me as if to say oh yeah I'll get you A@# H*&%. The cat then proceeds to start licking the tank top - Yummy Rum Toffee 24 mgs. [​IMG] Oh yeah cat, whose going to get whom now? Hahahahaha! About 30 seconds later the cat starts to “dance”, she stops about 4 minutes later when she walks into the wall. What a hoot!

    Fish the tank top out of the gooey cat food; the dog is watching, trying to figure out if the cat has finally lost it and if he can sneak a scarf of the cat's food. In spite of the fact that the cat trying to figure out what planet its on; the dog, a Lab which will eat every and anything, but not my Lab, Henry. Henry is no fool.....The cat is acting so weird she could freak out on him and he considering the options. A 47.873% chance of loosing an eye, he decides to retreat and sulk. As for the cat; welcome to the wonderful world of vaping kitty.

    Okay enough frivolity, serious work is at hand a tank must be filled!

    Pick a juice, any juice. Eyes closed hand in the baggie, out with a bottle of golden red nectar; a little gooey must be a leak somewhere in there. Never mind, later.

    Drip drip drip, drip, drip this is taking way too long; squeezzzzzzeeeeeeee. WWT (whoa, whoa, tabernac). Tissue, tissue, where’s the dam tissue? On second thought; paper towels, need the 10-ply paper towels, hmmm… at least a roll.

    Okay that’s cleaned up time to re-assemble and fire this puppy up. Let’s see; tank top, where’s the tank top? Oh yeah; got it out of the kitty’s food bowl. Better make sure it clean don’t want to have “Fancy Feast” flavour creep. That would be as disgusting as that Crab e juice video I saw, man he was ready to hurl chunks.

    Let’s see: Place tank top on top of tank, pressing down firmly, more firm, more firm; where’s my hammer? Click, pop!!! Cancel hammer. Pop? Where did that come from?

    Check tank: Hmmmmm the juice level has gone down, thought I had maxed filled this tank. No juice on the tank, drip-well is full…..normal, no juice on the table, shirt check, pants check. Maybe I didn’t max fill it, just an optical illusion, whatever it’s late, I’m tired, need that last toot and get it ready for tomorrow’s all day vape.

    Drip tip, insert, nice click, we are set…. lips, mouth, depress buddon (like PBusardo would say), odd no snap, crackle, pop, suck anyway……......................... @!!!!!!!*&%$#@#.

    Mouth, tongue, liquid…….wrong!!!!!

    Tissue, must eat tissue, no, no, not enough need 10-ply hand towels, not many left, never mind eat cardboard roller…………
    The PII (“post incident investigation”) reveals that the ingestion of approximately 0.5 ml of Yummy Rum Toffee 24 mgs “e juice” by the subject was caused by improper tank re-filling technique.
    Officials explained that an “over pressurization” occurred in the airtight tank when the subject re-attached the tank top. The over pressurization forced the e juice into the “punched boge dual coil cartomizer” there by flooding the said doohickey beyond normal operating parameters.
    The subject is said to be recovering normally but continues to “pass” bits of 10-ply paper towel and the occasional bit of cardboard.

    Maybe I should get one of those thingy's to fill tanks……………….
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