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  1. As I posted in the forum (not realizing I have my own blog I could post to)...I got my M403 and love it. It came with one bad battery which really dampened my experience, only because I can't really vape my heart out with the comfort of knowing I have one more battery to last.

    I've cut down drastically...on analogs. I'm now trying to gather all the things to DIM (Do it myself) Eliquid.

    I bought WYS 18mg Tobacco flavored, and didn't dig it at first, but now I like it. I also bought Eliquidplanet's Whiskey and Marlboro flavors in 11mg, which I regret...shoulda went for the 18mg. But!...they're all great! I also picked up 3 30ml 36mg from RuyanDirect.

    Getting the hang of vaping...I no longer get mouthfuls of liquid. I'm starting to vape longer without topping off. I have tons of blank carts (28ish or so), and 2 unused attys left..I'm wondering if I should buy more. I'm definitely going to get 2 403 batteries and one 402 of 4 batts.

    That's all for now...more on my experiences later.
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