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  1. As said earlier in a blog . finding several ECF members are not exactly honest and forthright . Another example I can use . Several months back , I had collected a large assortment of juicces , I either didn't care for , or were too high of a nic . content for me . Rather than selling them , I listed them in the classy's , stating that I wanted them to go to a less fortunate member , that really couldn't afford to go and buy a lot of juices to try . All that was required , was to pay the postage ( cheap ) again , several " veterans " were all over it , so the unfortunate , among us , was left out yet again . And finally , I will not ever donate to PIF , as I have seen several instances where the recipients of the devices , turned around and had them up for sale , in the classy's , within a few weeks . WRONG . I guess I was just raised differently , than that . So all in all , I'm really disappointed , in some ECF members . and I will probably never give anything away again . Easier to throw in the trash , and be done with it . I hope you dis-honest members are proud of yourselves .
  2. I have been a member of ECF , for nearly two years now . And it has fnally dawned on me , that there are a lot of unscrupulous types , that call themselves members . Case in point . Just recently sold an Evic in the classy's , sent it out priority mail , the next morning . For some reason , the P.O. misplaced it , or re-routed it wrong . Anyway , it failed to show , when expected . The member had indicated , that he was without a device , as he had already sold his . I felt bad , so I sent him ( free , and at my expense ) a SS Zmax , two batteries , and a charger , so he would at least have a device , still hoping the other one , would finally get there . Which it did , a bit late , but got there . I told him , he just just keep it for a backup , so he would at least have something in an emergency . Well today I see , both the device I sold him , as well as the extra one I sent him , for sale in the classy's . REALLY , so that's what happens when you try to do the right thing ? Well , I'm done , no more freebies , no more Mr. Nice guy , no PIF , no nothing .
  3. I lodged a negative vendor post about Gotvapes on 9/02/12 in regards to one of their defective products , shorting out two of my "new" PV's I tried sending a support ticket , and it was turned over to "Max" I guess their shell answer man . Anyway , first he implied incompetence on my part , to which I informed him , that I had been vaping for nearly two years , and making wicks/coils for nearly a year . Last word from Daniel , was that they would replace the bad atty , when back in stock . Then said they can't be responsible for "supposed" damage that one of their items caused . Really ??? Well then I check this morning , and the post isn't just locked . It's completely gone , never happened . Unbelievable . If a mod from ECF , did this , shame on you . If the vendor themselves have this power , then shame on whom ever gave them that power . Why bother having a place to complain about bad customer service , if your post just gets deleted ??? Like this blog , probably will .
  4. Today was Pink Spot's brick and mortar "Grand Opening" Being as I live about 4 miles away , I was going for sure . They really outdid themselves on this event . There was a huge turnout and some of the Vape TV personalities were there (Vaping Monkey) Vegas Vapors was also in attendance . Crimsom was there , as well , and I must say some awesome mods , son . There was free food and beverages . A Vegas showgirl , Even Elvis stopped by . So all in all , a very enjoyable afternoon , indeed . They also handed out some free samples of some of their new juices , and I must confess , their "Sub Zero" was quite good . It's a light menthol and tobacco . Very nice vape . Well for those that made it . Hope you had as good a time as I did . And for you that didn't , sorry you missed out on a great little event up in North Las Vegas . Still waiting to see if I won anything in the raffle .
  5. You know , maybe my sense of humor is not well received sometimes , but an incident on the classie's really make me ponder why I am wasting my time here . There was a guy from the San Diego area , selling or trading , I think trading a mod . As I was born and raised in San Diego , I decided to give him a bump . That's where things starting going down hill . Seems this guy was ripped off , from his car , and was looking to replace one of the items he lost . The area he is from is real close to the border , so mistakenly , I say " well a bump for you " and maybe consider moving further from the border , and that I used to live right down the street , so to speak . Well almost immediately , one of the forum phoney's jump all over it , then the op did as well , then several more of the forum trolls , followed suit . When I tried to pm the op and explain , he just got even more defensive , and quite rude . Thin skinned , and without humor , I suppose . Anyway for what it's worth , do you really think I would give someone a bump , just so I could trash where they live ? REALLY ??? You all , and you know who you are , need to get some Prozac , and chill out , but mostly , mind your own business . Now I know why some of the older vets on this forum , don't come around anymore . And for all you haters , neither will I .
  6. I realize that a seller can ask , and try to get whatever they want for their ?? whatever . But , anymore , all I see is constant price gouging going on . That in itself wouldn't be all that bad , but some people want something so bad , their willing to pay the inflated price . Which does nothing but perpetuate the problem . I see GG's that are worth maybe 200.00 fetching 300.00 plus . That's just insane . I have more than enough money to acquire pretty much anything I want , but I didn't get there by over spending on items . I just think it's a shame that some of the forum members are taking advantage of fellow members , just to make a profit . I have been wanting a particular PV , (Darwin) but am not willing to pay upwards of 300.00 for it . I'll just wait until they come back in stock .
  7. Hey guys and gals , just a heads up on one of our forum members . Chief-A-Lot , has now opened Spring Vapor . com sells juice , drip tips juices and kits . Go check it out , if you get a chance . Just order some juice and drip tips , Saturday night , and they were in my mailbox today . Juice was freshly made , and tasty as well . I think he has a 15 % discount code , right now for everything on the site . So throw one of our members a little business .
  8. I , for one am getting pretty tired of all the things happening in the classifieds . Now I realize that an item belongs to the seller and he / she can ask whatever they want , but please . Then they want to ask for a gift , you to pay extra for shipping and fees . Why not just list a price that includes all the costs and fees ?? Then there are those that claim they have a "custom finish" on their PV , when all it really is , is a shiny mod that was sanded / scotch brighted . I buy one of these "custom" mods , get it home only to discovered , that I was duped by the seller , and paid more for the PV , than it was really worth . And lastly , whats with all the people trashing the OP's post . It's not supposed to be allowed , but I see the same people doing it over and over . There needs to be rougher penalties doled out to these people . Do it once shame on you , do it twice " suspended" Do it three times "banned for life" I realize the mods have a big job to do , but some of these things , go on for days before a mod does something . If they need more mods , then they should get more .
  9. For any of you that think you missed out . You really just saved some money , and a lot of frustration . The organizers of this event , with any luck , and the grace of God , go out of the promotion business forever . It was not very well organized (at all ) . Maybe a dozen vendors , (no show specials ) to speak of . Door prizes , were a joke . When I got there (The Flamingo Hotel & Casino ) none of the hotel personel , had any idea , what I was talking about . No sign , no directions , nothing that indicated you were even in the right place . Then after finding it on my own , It was stuck away , on a nondescript floor and room , with no sign , or banner "VapeFest" to be found . As I only live 15 minutes away , I only wasted one afternoon . I genuinely feel sorry for the patrons , and even the vendors that made the trip across the country , for nothing . Maybe they can enjoy a buffet , or do some gambling . They might as well , as they have already thrown a good portion of their hard earned cash , out the window .
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