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  1. Today has been a rather interesting one with a plethora of articles to pique one's interest. One was an OpEd on CNN that talked about diet sodas and aspartame.

    Now we all know how aspartame is bad for us. The media has been telling us this for years now. So imagine my surprise when I read the following.

    Should this be a surprise to anyone? The media has been attempting to sway public opinion for decades. They haven't "reported" news for eons. It's all about ratings and pushing a liberal social agenda to create their own version of what they feel the world should be.

    We're seeing the same thing with e-cigarettes. Regardless of the studies that are showing e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking, we have the social changers denying honest research and will pull any junk science study they can find to prove their point. And no matter how many times they're shown that it IS a safe alternative, the battle cry of "but what about the children?!!!!" is heard.

    These individuals don't care if it's safe. It doesn't fit into their narrow little vision of how the world should be. In their world, the government is a benevolent entity that takes care of every little issue that crops up and lavishes entitlements to those who have their hand out. Their sense of reality is so warped, that even it's proven the government is NOT their friend, they refuse to return to reality.

    In a sense, you would think that this would work in our favor when it comes to battling asinine legislation that attempts to ban e-cigarette usage based on junk science. But people have been bombarded with this liberal agenda for so long, it's unthinkable that what they've been told for all these years may be a lie.

    Heaven forbid the media actually report factual information these days. The rush to be first often results in incomplete stories that take on a life of their own. And if the facts don't fall into their agenda, just change it a bit. Nobody will ever know and we'll get the public whipped into a frenzy. And the public falls for it. Every. Single. Time.

    I don't know what can be done. JQ Public is too stupid to vote. We have a media that loves to tell the sheeple who to vote for. We have corrupt government at all levels and crooks for politicians. I wonder what our founding fathers would think of all this if they were able to see things as they are today?

    One thing is for sure. Society needs to butt the hell out of my life and how I live it. And that includes doing things that are my own personal choice that doesn't bring harm to others.
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  2. Today has been a day of reflection after digging around on ECF and getting more acquainted with some of the legislative processes going on around the country (US). I'm seeing multiple issues, some of which can be fixed, some of which will be very difficult to address.

    The first thing that stands out are some of the responses to proposed legislation, both here on ECF and elsewhere. While some responses are well thought out and articulated, I cringe every time I see a the typical knee jerk reaction claiming gloom and doom. These are the type of responses that will be cherry picked by the opposition to bolster their arguments and paint the typical user of electronic cigarettes as an illiterate goon that needs to be saved from their misguided views.

    The second thing that stands out is while there are some very good studies out there that show the relative safety of electronic cigarettes, there are an equal amount of studies that try to prove otherwise. Generally, these studies are conducted purposely to skew the data in order to play into the agenda of the agency funding that study (FDA anyone?). There isn't much we can do about those, other than discredit those studies with unbiased studies that are conducted legitimately. This goes back to my first observation where our response to negative publicity should never be "you blathering idiot, do your homework!". They DID do their homework. They just used the wrong book to study! As a community, it's incumbent upon us to point those flawed studies out in a manor that presents the facts without being antagonistic.

    Last, but not least, there are a lot of folks out there who are trying to do the right thing when it comes to enlightening individuals to the technology and ingredients used in e-liquids. What we shouldn't be doing is trying to be blatant about our vaping habits and forcing the issue to be addressed. I've read a few threads here that leave me shaking my head over the attitude taken about vaping in public. Especially on public transportation. Obviously, common sense is not abundant for many, which will do nothing but hurt the rest of the vaping community.

    I think a huge part of this issue comes from the anonymity that comes from using the Internet. People tend to say things on line that they'd never be caught dead saying to someone's face. Unfortunately, this attitude is what's going to bite e-cigarette users in the backside.

    As my father taught me long ago, there's an art to smiling and calling someone a sorry son-of-a-gun without them immediately realizing it. It's a pity that many who use the Internet weren't taught the same lesson.
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