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  1. Bought a lambo 6. It heated up and made noise like it was going to blow my face off. Returned it and got credit. That's good.
    It's still being sold on the site, and the site has acknowledged the issues, matter of fact, so have other sellers. That's bad.
    My positive reviews have gotten published, but my negative reviews have not gotten published. That's bad. Reviews should be honest and complete, not picked and chosen based on being positive. Seems to me they're trying to get rid of this stock and are doing whatever they can to do it. Dangerous device. Known issues. Hiding negative reviews.
    This is my experience.
    Not impressed.
  2. I've been hearing and seeing V4L all over the place. They are well respected from what I've seen and easily considered "mainstream".

    While I've been confused by the whole vapor king thing and who's who when it comes to the company or the product, at this point, realizing that everybody gets their stuff from basically the same sweat shop in China I could care less what they call it or how they brand it. I care about how well and how long it works and how fast it gets to me. Value for Money. That's my brand.

    This review is not an admonition or in any way intended to dissuade anyone from purchasing from V4L, nor is it an endorsement of any kind.

    It is simply my personal experience and should not be construed as giving advice, either legal, medical, personal or societal in any way.

    All scores are based on a scale of 1-5 with 1 being "Will never purchase again" and 5 being "this vendor should be the only one in business!". I never give 5's. Nobody is that great.

    Items ordered and being Reviewed:
    1 Chrome KR808 Battery
    2 Purple KR808 Batteries
    Pre-filled KR808 cartos in Cranberry
    Pre-filled KR808 cartos in Strawberry & Strawberry Cinnamon Cream

    Packaging: 2
    Batteries were put into a standard vendor string bag with no internal protection. This caused the batteries to rub on one another and leave visible signs of the trip to our vaping center.

    USPS further exacerbated the poor packaging by all but destroying the paper envelope it was sent in. (USPS lack of proper care does not reflect on V4L's rating here)
    Put each battery in its own plastic sleeve or otherwise protect the batteries from rubbing all over each other during transit. I do not wish to pay $16.95 which is already above industry standard, to receive batteries that look used from the trip. Other vendors in the majority have far better packaging options.

    Battery Performance Quality: 4
    Everything comes from the same place so not much surprise here. If they work, they work. So far so good.
    *EDIT* Batter button sucks. Random misconnection. Works, but others work better and more consistently

    Nothing so far.

    Battery Aesthetic Quality: 3
    Not impressed folks. The paint job is ok, but the ash cap looks like they cut it right out of a die machine and didn't bother to smooth off the die marks. The LED is off center and butt ugly in a tungsten white. The push button is a faux gold to match the V4L logo but the plastic quality is so cheap I'd expect it to come out of a bubble gum machine. The V4L stamped logo is a loser too. Too much going on here and it was not properly centered above the button. If you're going to do it, and charge this much for it, then do it right or eliminate it completely.
    Change vendors or do some QC.
    See "packaging" too.

    Pre-filled Flavor Quality: 1
    Flavor reviewing is not very quantifiable becuase it is way too subjective. Keep that in mind when I say that compared to ..., these pre-filled cartos taste worse. Flavors sampled
    Strawberry, Strawberry Cinnamon Cream, Cranberry. Never again.
    They threw in 4 or so samples, I will review those and add that when I do, but I am not looking forward to it. No flavor reminiscent of the intended one and an overall crap taste.
    That's 3 for 3 and I don't waste money on more.
    Short of firing the mixologist, I don't know. I do know that this area is so subjective that I can't beat it up too much, but JUST DAMN people, this stuff tastes like fidos ....

    Shipping: 2
    Ordered on a Friday, it was shipped on a Monday, then it took 3 days to get here. That's normally a 4 because it's pretty standard in most vendors, however, in the e-cig world, it's far more standard to ship out same day or over the weekend. So I have to go with my overall experience here. ALL my other vendors that have gotten orders on a Friday have either shipped same day or next day. Again, remember that this is based on my experience. I would not expect a vendor to ship on a Friday night or Saturday, but since more than 6 that I've experienced have, then it becomes an expectation of industry. So take this rating with a grain of salt.
    Nothing, this is a per vendor decision that can be judged but not criticized.

    I will not give V4L an overall rating at this time. That would guarantee I'd never go back. I've sampled WAY too few things with them to have a truly objective review going on here. So I will leave this as unfinished and add to it. Once I feel there is enough of a comprehensive cross section of experiences, then I will go for the overall rating bit.
  3. No need for reposting, here is the link:
  4. The only place you can say Butt plug, condom, leakage, hard tip, soft tip, and drip without people looking at you as if you were a pervert.
  5. I know poly-fil is the way to go for some people, but I have a problem with using something near a heat source that is labeled as being fire ......ant. My first poly-fil mod tasted like ..., even after soaking and cleaning. Dumped that idea.

    Aquarium filter was pretty cool. Not that nasty tasting and good wicking. I just got bored with it. It did work MUCH better with the straw method though.

    Scrub pad was very close to some carts I had, so I tried it too. Works decent if it's clean, but again, do I want that on a heat source? No. I don't.

    PTB sounds awesome and looks like it works great. I have no opinion on that because I've decided not to try it. It has awesome reviews but it's just not for me since I found Scottyballs spring mod.

    No filler silicone mod looks very good. Using the silicone end caps to make a plug with a small hole for the bridge to poke through and take liquid as it needs it. Somebody should patent this and go for it.

    No filler is the way to go. It must be, because the new edition cartos are doing just that. The new version sports a no filler design with an internal mult wick. I'm waiting for my order to come in so I can review it for myself.
  6. How many people has your vaping turned away from the ash side? I can claim two so far. My GF got her kit and began her addiction at the same time I did, but my obsession has driver her to try new stuff. One of my colleagues, a veteran smoker, has turned to e-cigs for his family. His wife is about to be number 3.

    So how many people have stopped analogs for e-cigs because of YOU?
  7. ...Now they can actually see it. I got my first "mod" such as it is, a shiny new silver Ego. I love it. I tell people I was addicted to cigarettes and now I'm addicted to vaping gear. E-juice, Ego, and my E-girlfriend. Ok, she's not electronic, but so what. The top 3 things on my need list besides money, sleep and food. Woohoo. So now when the ...... at work accuse me of having an ego, I can show it to them and wave it in their face.
  8. So I'm still using the spring mod that Scottyballs posted. It's been about 2 weeks now and it works fabulously. It's the only mod I'm still using and that works exactly as I need it to.

    I've used:
    Blue foam
    Scrub pad foam
    Dart method (straw with blue foam tip and polyfil tip)
    Straw scuba tube

    The spring mod is the easiest to do and the best lasting. No issues whatsoever here and the entire contents are used up.

    I still drip, and prefer dripping for taste quality but for longer periods or for juices that I know I will want to vape for a longer time without dripping, I prefer the spring mod.

    More as it unfolds.
  9. 'Twas the day after yesterday
    and all through the house,
    the smell of ciggies made me feel like a louse,
    when all of a sudden there something came on the scene,
    I had to find out what e-cigs would mean,
    I gotta go pee so I can't finish this.

    Damn, I'm buying more accessories for my e-cig habit that I bought for my real-cig habit.
    My car is starting to feel neglected. Well, at least my girlfriend loves them too so she doesn't feel that neglected. That's where the real trouble would start.
  10. So here I sit at my computer. Vaping my brain off on two 510's because I can't decide between rootbeer and djarum. Upgrading my droid to 2.2 a week early because I can. Wondering why the hell, out of all the forums I belong to, it ends up being a vaping forum that I post to and start a blog on. Seriously? All the hobbies I have and THIS is the one that I do every night now? My droid looks good. I like random thoughts, they clear my head of all the bullsh!t that work produces every day.
    Look, a little dust bunny is forming from where I rub the carpet while I'm sitting here. Cute little bunny foo foo.
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