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Blog entries by scorpindio

  1. Hi there! Logged into the forum after years... still vaping though having great problems in importing the hardware from anywhere especially China. Lots of new regulations making it tough for old folks like me to import e cigs/ e liquid/ atomisers. I don't want to go back to cancer sticks but...
  2. Hi all, whoever is reading it....Four years ago I embarked on this journey of e cigs....have switched over to e leaf box mod vv since past many months and still on with vaping......full swing!
  3. Re ordered some batteries & attys from heaven gifts as my old ones started to go bad.The ego-ts lasted me nearly six months even the attys. Only 02 attys went bad. Superior craftsmanship or sensible use?my teeth are clean, no cold coughs or health incidents since I switched
  4. Still vaping and going strong.
  5. Its September end nearly but am happy vaping still.My original equipment is still working fine.Clean the atomiser and the battery ends every other day. Getting juices from deal extreme & feeling quite good about having quit the cancer sticks for good. Just wanted to pen my progress over the past...
  6. Got the Ego-t on the 6 Jun 11,no analogs since then. Two days mastering the inhaling technique and mastering the leakages. Right now no leakages no fluid in mouth. Can now appreciate the flavour of the tobacco really unlike Yesterday! Liking it very much!
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