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  1. I'm very excited for this mod but also let down
    It has the same issues as the capo squonker, where it's just kind of matter what watts I set it to, it's still too high....though with the 216 I can change the power setting to soft and that has seemed to help a lot...
    there's no keylock per say on this mod, now it does go into sleep mode and while in sleep mode you can not press the + and - keys, to wake it up, press the fire button...
    it's simply an on and off device, with very limited menu options
    power mode with normal, hard or soft options
    tc mode with ni, ti, ss, tcr
    reset puff counter
    and that's it for the menu, no brightness control, no key lock controls, nada....
    pressing the + and - keys together just tells you what your coil ohm is, which is already displayed on the screen
    pressing the + or - keys and the fire button together does nothing...

    Is it worth it? meh....for $45 for a dual squonker, it's worth it...but are there better dual squonkers out there, yes...

    for me well ;) it's a dual squonker and orange :wub:
    but it's funky...I don't know what they did with this and the capo squonker but they just aren't's nice that they instant fire and all but they over shot the power on it, so it's always warmer than what the watts are set with the 216 there is the option to set the power to soft mode and that has helped out a lot and made it a more enjoyable vape

    the bottles that come with it, well they suck....very stiff and firm and, I don't have big that's an issue...when trying to squonk (which is difficult as the bottles are very firm) I'm also pressing the + and - ijoy, design flaw much....
    and since there's no way to lock the keys, there's no real way around that...
    yeah that's gonna be a real big issue!
    aside from that and no real menu options...and the funkiness that they did to the board to make it instant fire....those are really going to be my own downsides, but those are some pretty big downsides!!!!

    it feels good in the hand, nice big clicky fire button, fairly nice sized menu screen (could be a bit bigger would have been nicer, and a brightness control would have really been nice)

    the kit does come with a (janky wanna be)'s not an rda, you can not rebuild can rewick it, but there's no way to put new coils on it....
    some kits do come with 2x 20700 batteries, which is nice....apparently the kit I got the batteries are dead....we shall see if they actually work after being charged.

    and well, that's really all I can say about this mod
    + it's a dual 20700 squonk mod
    + it's in orange :p:wub:
    + it was only $45 from Wet Vapes
    + it comes with batteries
    + it comes with adapter for 18650s

    ~ it comes with a dripper (not really a + or -)
    ~ no real menu options aside from basic (this could be a good thing or a bad thing...simple to use but no customizing it)

    - the bottles are too firm
    - no key lock
    - no brightness control
    - the way it is designed, when squonking you're pressing the + and - keys

    so well there ya have it....
    and if you want to watch :p a 40 minute video of me rambling
  2. It seems that there are a lot more people looking into getting into diy e-juice
    between the lock-down of covid and all the flavor bans and things or just simply wanting to save some money
    well, whatever your reasons are, I will try to help get you started
    For me it was cost and availability....when I lowered my nic down to 3mg there are some places that don't sell it....they seem to think that from 0 - 6mg there's no market...however most do sell 3mg....but then when i cut that down in half to 1.5mg there is no market! Why would I pay $20 for a 0 nic just didn't make sense to me...
    as some of you know, I do sell my diy to folks at cost pricing so let me break this down for you...
    my 50ml of ejuice + shipping normally costs around $8! To be honest, you are paying more for shipping than the juice joke! Where can you buy a 50ml of ejuice for under $8? Not very many places!

    Now that being said, yes the upfront cost can be quite a bit, but in the end it's worth it...
    and as you all (hopefully, at least those that know me) know I am all about cheap, cheap, cheap! Quality does not always mean it has to be expensive!
    I'm going to try not to make this entirely detailed (I say try) but at the same time, I guess I do need to explain some...

    So what is ejuice? Or Rather what is in it?

    I mean I'm assuming if you are reading this you are a vaper, so yeah... ejuice is the liquid that you put into your tank, cart, rda, this can be flavored or not, contain nicotine or not...that is all up to you!
    I have in the past explained what is in ejuice but I'll do a quick break down here

    so ejuice may, or may not contain any or all of the following:

    1. Nicotine (nic): this can be "regular nic" (freebase) or "nic salt"
    without going into to much detail, the main difference between the two is basically that nic salts are less harsh at higher levels, this is also true at lower levels but as opposed to freebase, if I were to vape a 50mg of freebase I'd be hacking up a lung or two, whereas with nic salt it might irritate me a bit....I prefer nic salt, even though I vape around 1.5mg just because I do not at all like a throat hit

    2. Propylene Glycol (pg): many say that pg is the flavor carrier, there again, to each his own....
    typically higher pg gives more of a throat hit
    as a warning some people are allergic to pg so if you notice you are having a lot of irritation then lower your pg % and up your vg % or there are an alternatives, PEG400 and I know there are others that I can't think of right now

    3. Vegetable Glycerin (vg): many say that vg creates more plume (clouds), there again, to each his own...but this is typically correct...some also say that it has a sweeter taste than pg (I've never noticed this personally)
    typically higher vg gives more plume and less throat hit and more of a "feel" in your mouth

    4. Flavoring : this is the exact same thing that you use in baking, drinks, candies, etc....

    Higher levels of pg tend to have more of a throat hit (harshness) and is said to carry flavor better (I don't really agree but to each their own thought) Higher levels of vg tend to be thicker and less throat hit and is said to create more plume (cloud) (I don't really agree there either as I've had some high pg that made some nice clouds but again to each their own thought but typically this is the case) so there again it's all personal preference if you want something with more of a kick to it get higher pg, if you want something less of a kick and maybe more plume (cloud) then get higher vg and a side note pg and vg are used in just about everything from medications to shampoos to soaps and lotions even in food

    ok well that all what???

    please, always do research and ask questions before me, there is no stupid questions, because I have already asked them all [​IMG] which is what we (I and others) are here for....

    I would greatly suggest heading over to Electronic Cigarette Forum (ECF), there are a lot of helpful people there that can answer just about any vape related questions
    there are also quite a few communities on fb that can assist you
    below are a few diy groups that I belong to so I can vouch that they are helpful (mostly)
    DIY E-Juice Recipes
    Old Vapers D I Y Group
    DIYorDIE Mixers Collective
    e-liquid-recipes . com User Group


    The basics:

    the utmost important thing for any diyer is a good ejuice calculator! This is a must!
    There are many out there that you can chose, and it's really up to you...
    I highly suggest diyjuicecalculator
    it is simple enough to learn, comes with quite a few recipes and you can add your can add all your flavorings to it and the price you paid so that in the end you will see just how much it costs to make your bottle of ejuice.
    Another good one that I used to use but found the diyjuicecalculator a bit better was ejuice me up
    they both do the same thing and are easy to figure out, but I don't know, I just like the first one a bit better....of course there are many others that other people prefer, and that's fine...just as long as you are using a good calculator that's all that matters.

    empty bottles with drip tips and caps (or whatever you prefer, twist caps, glass bottles with droppers, etc) is recommended to get dark colored glass bottles, but it's not necessary, it's just to help protect the ejuice from sunlight and such that would overtime breakdown the nicotine....but I highly doubt you would be storing your ejuice for that long, and if so, you could simply keep it in a closet, cabinet or the fridge.

    Syringes and pipettes
    if you are planning on mixing by drops then you will need this, however I highly suggest getting a scale instead and mixing by grams, it makes things so much easier and less mess to clean up and's just better to get a scale, but still you will need at least 1 syringe and 1 pipette to have on hand, some flavorings do not come in drip tip bottles so you will need them to get the flavorings out with. I would suggest a higher gauge blunt tip syringe because vg is thick and a small gauge will not work with it.

    Safety gear: Gloves are always a good idea when handling nicotine...goggles and masks are also good ideas (not that I follow my own advice, unless I am mixing for someone else and not personal use). Having some napkins on hand because spills are inevitable....

    Scale: as mentioned already, scales are important, I started out without one and was fine without it...but when you want to be more accurate in reproducing the same ejuice again, measuring by grams is a lot more precise and less messy, less syringes and pipettes being used and needing cleaning and just uggg....really seriously, save yourself the trouble and just get a good scale that goes to .01 me on this, you'll thank me later...especially when you are wanting to do large batches at a time or 100ml+ bottles at a time....

    Nicotine: if you want nicotine in your ejuice then you have to get some, if you don't want nicotine and are just vaping 0nic then you don't need to....yes there are people that vape 0nic and there is nothing wrong with that...if it keeps you from smoking cigarettes, well that's all that matters....
    a common mistake when buying nicotine is that people buy low mg....this won't help you at all!
    Ok yes you want to make a 3mg ejuice, but if you buy a 3mg nic then you will not end up with a 3mg ejuice....because you have to remember that you are also adding pg and/or vg and/or flavorings....and these will all dilute the nicotine....I would recommend buying a 100mg bottle of careful when using it, as it is a high level of nicotine....this is why gloves are important, and washing your hands after handling the nic....while this may seem high to you, it is better in the long run because you are only using very very little of it per bottle...for example, I vape at 1.5mg and usually make 50ml of using 100mg of nic, I only use about 0.92g of nic per that 100mg of nic is going to last me a long while! You can also decide whether you want to use freebase (“normal”) nic or salt nic....this is entirely up to you...I prefer salt nic because it is a smoother vape and I do not like a throat hit at all!

    PG and VG: now, you need to make sure of what you are buying want to make sure that it is usp food grade, I also make sure that it is not only usp food grade but also kosher for my own personal needs. Another common mistake is that people buy premixed pg and vg....which is fine, but you have to remember again, that you are adding nic and flavorings that will add pg or vg (depending on what they are suspended in) to the mix as if you buy a 50/50 premixed pg/vg blend you're end result of ejuice will actually be more like a 70pg/30vg give or take, i'm just guessing on that one...but you get the idea...most flavorings and nicotine come in a pg base so they will be adding pg to your is better to buy your pg and vg separate so that you can then achieve your goal pg/vg ratio for your ejuice... keeping in mind that typically the higher the pg the more throat hit you will, myself personally, I do not like a throat hit, so I tend to mix at 85% vg or higher...

    Flavorings: well what to say....if you want to vape non-flavored ejuice then you do not need these...there are some that vape non-flavored and hey, good for them, if it keeps them off the cigarettes that is all that, I like my flavors....I like a variety of flavors...I often switch flavors throughout the day...these are concentrated food grade flavorings....the same kind you find in the grocery store to bake with, to mix with drinks, to make candies, etc....for ejuice they are typically diluted in pg, but some places sell them in's your choice if you wish to use pg or vg flavorings, again as I tend to mix at higher vg levels I try to get vg flavorings whenever I can...but using pg flavorings isn't an issue either because remember that everything else is diluting it, so even if I use pg flavorings I can still achieve 85% or higher vg ejuice mix, typically doing this I wouldn't need to add extra pg to my mix as the pg from the flavorings are already adding pg....again you can use almost any food grade flavorings just make sure that they are not oil based, contain sugars (this can burn quickly and have an unpleasant taste and also gunk your coils up quickly), avoid colored flavorings where possible, avoid diacetyl (it gives a buttery flavor but studies have shown that it could cause respiratory problems), avoid alcohol based flavorings if possible (if not it's ok, but you will need to leave your ejuice sit with the cap off for a day or so for the alcohol to evaporate, known as steeping, which I am too impatient to do)...I'm sure I'm missing somethings is best to buy flavorings from reputed ejuice sites.

    And well that is pretty much the basics of supplies you would need....
    I would suggest getting storage containers for your flavorings, nic, pg, and can organize them to make finding them better and keep them in a safe place from any children that you may have.


    now after all of that was read....are you ready to start shopping?
    And of course, I wouldn't be me, if I wouldn't share with you the best deals that I I reluctantly now share with you where I buy all of my diy stuff...hehehehe na not really, I'm all about saving everyone money where I can....

    Now, a lot of people decide to start off with buying a diy kit, and that's fine...I did as well when I first started...but honestly I didn't even use half of what was in it....but it's still a good starting point if that is something that you want to do...but honestly the list above is the basics of what you will need...
    when I started out I went with DIYFS's (DIY Flavor Shack) diy kit, they now have several options to chose from
    I chose theirs because at the time they were the cheapest, it came with a little plastic toolbox to store everything in (I still use it today) and because Dawn, the owner, is very nice and helpful...I messaged her about the menthol crystals and other things in the kit that I just wouldn't ever instead she replaced them with other flavorings for me [​IMG] *aside note, she also offers flavorings in vg, if you are looking for them*
    right now looking at the site, the cheapest kit they offer is $39.95
    LB (Liquid Barn) is another diy kit I see people recommend
    their cheapest is $29.99 but it only comes with 0 - 12mg nic or 24mg salt nic and is only your nic in a premixed vg/pg, 5 bottles of flavoring, and 5x60ml empty this is your very very basic starter kit, I wouldn't recommend it due to the fact of the nic level and being premixed...
    now their two other diy kits (labware $54.99 and scale kit $64.99) are nice but you have to buy your nic seperate
    Central Vapors offers two kits a small and a large
    small kit $27.95
    large kit which is currently on sale for $38.95, normally $59.99
    I'm not going to list any more kits as I feel they aren't really needed but there again that's my personal preference....they are helpful, don't get me wrong...but usually have things you won't need or use...

    so now, on to the shopping list:
    I already mentioned above, first thing first....ejuice calculator diyjuicecalculator
    price: FREE

    syringes and pipettes
    this is up to you...there again go for cheap...or tack it in on your other orders of nic, pg, vg, or flavorings...
    I got mine from Nicotine River...sorry name changed old habits... River Supply
    (well, went to find the link and they changed it, it's no longer sold individually, they come in a 5 pack)
    I went for the 30ml because at the time I was still doing mixing by volume and not weight....
    30ml luer lock syringe
    it's still a good price though $4.50 for 5 of them (so $0.90/each)
    it's up to you what size you want to buy, and look around for deals, you can usually find them for around $1.00 each or cheaper and just tact it on with the rest of your order
    I also went with a 14 gauge blunt tip to make handling vg easier
    blunt tip needles
    again they have changed it from individual to a 5 pack, $1.20 (so $0.24/each)
    there again search around for better pricing and just add it on to your order, they are usually dirt cheap
    a tip, when you get your syringe, use clear fingernail polish to coat it, this will help stop the numbers from rubbing off....
    pipettes, well there again, just search for some cheap ones and tack them onto your order...I don't really buy them, I still have the ones that came with my original diy kit...I have no use for them now, but they are handy from time to time....not all flavorings come in drip tip bottles so I do have a pipette and a syringe that I use for these flavorings...i typically use the syringe because they are more precise and easier to clean but if i'm in a hurry i'll use a pipette as it's a bit quicker than a syringe but they aren't as precise and are a pain to clean afterwards.
    If you are going to be mixing by volume then these are needed, but again trust me, mixing by weight is so much easier and less mess...
    so after all that said you're looking at maybe let's say $3 ($1 roughly for 1 of each, a syringe, a needle, and a pipette)

    this my friends was the turning point for me in mixing! No joke! I used to dabble in diy for many of years but never really got into it much...then I did...and realized there has to be a better my fellow diy'ers at ECF strong armed me (bwahahahaha joking....) into buying a decision ever made!
    After many recommendations I went with the LB-501
    this is the one that I bought AWS LB-501 it is currently being sold for $35.95....if you search around you might find it cheaper, it was normally being sold between $25 - $30....
    I chose this one because it came highly recommended by other diyers it goes to .01g, it is battery operated and mine came with batteries, it also can be plugged in, which is better so it doesn't shut off when mixing. It comes with weight calibers and a bowl (which I never use)...
    you simply turn it on, place your empty bottle (without the cap or drip tip) on to the scale, press the tar button and add your ingredients one at a time and press the tar button when you move on to the next ingredient...
    for me, to make things easier...I add my nic first, my pg (if any) next, then my flavorings and after that, I don't measure the vg, I just top the bottle off with vg...put the drip tip and cap on and shake the ever loving bejesus out of the juice and then vape happily ever after....

    something I didn't mention before, as it's not the basics, but I find it so much more helpful and easier when mixing...
    get you 3 large sized squeeze bottles with twist caps and transfer your pg into one, your vg into one, and your nic into you don't need syringes and pipettes for your pg/vg/nic, less mess, less time, so easy
    these are the ones that I chose: 16oz cylinder with twist cap $0.79/each for a 16oz twist cap squeeze bottle...and I can attest to the “good impact resistance “ I have dropped those suckers more times than I can count....and they ain't damaged and nothing spilled (well with the cap closed anyways)

    while we are on the topic
    again this is completely up to you, if you want squeeze bottles, if you want glass bottles, if you want ...whatever....just make sure that if they are plastic that they are recommended by vapers because some flavorings(acidic types like lemons, oranges, even cinnamon) can eat through certain types of plastic (this applies to buying tanks as well, with tanks try to go for metal and glass when possible)
    now if you are like me and are just looking for good quality and cheap!

    I get the LDPE bottles because I like them, they are soft enough to squeeze but not too soft that you can't twist the lid off...and I have really bad arthritis in my hands, so I have no strength at all in my hands...and I've only had 1 bottle that gave me an issue with the cap (out of the 300+ that I have ordered from them)
    LDPE bottles
    These at the time, and still now, are the cheapest I have get the bottle, the drip tips, the caps, and quite a few tiny funnels...and a little variety on cap colors, of course I chose orange [​IMG]
    I get the 50ml size and for 100 of them it's $35.09 ...and they have free shipping, though I just looked it up and it states that over $60....but I know I've spent $12 there before and still got free shipping so they may have changed it recently....but still, I could easily spend $60 on their bottles if it meant to get free shipping...
    there again, search around for what you want and good prices...I've just found that pbottle has had the cheapest price whenever I needed bottles.

    again I suggest getting a 100mg bottle of nicotine, there again, keep in mind, a little goes along way (more bang for your buck) as for pricing, this will vary a please search before you buy...but typically Nicotine River, er, River Supply has the best price for my I prefer salt nic over freebase nic...
    If you want a smooth vape with little to no throat hit this is what I buy
    500ml of 100mg nic salt in vg: purnic smooth nicotine salts 100mg $10.99, heck of a deal and you can find it on sale or coupons, which are always a good thing
    Liquid Barn is another good one but again they are limited on their nic strengths and premixed vg/pg (which is fine, I mean, you can add more vg or pg to reach your desired level but it's still better to either have it in 100%pg or 100%vg and not a mix of whatever it is that they do, I looked each level of nic is in a different pg/vg ratio, very confusing)
    base unflavored eliquid nicotine 500ml of 12mg $9.99 again keeping in mind that when you mix it's not going to be 12mg (after you add your flavoring, pg/vg) it'll be more like 6mg or less (I don't know, just guessing but you get the idea) so you'll end up using more and you can't get anything over a 10mg probably...they do offer a 24mg nic salt for $16 but the same still applies, you'll be using a lot more to get your desired nic level than you would with a 100mg...

    Pg and Vg....again always search before you buy...prices change, shipping costs change...sales and coupons happen....but always go for USP, and kosher if you want...
    now yes when I first started diying my kit came with a 2oz bottle of pg and a 2oz bottle of vg...but those were quickly gone .. 2oz will only make 60 - 70ml of have to keep in mind that the majority of the ejuice is pg and vg...well typically it's vg, unless you are going for high levels of pg (I mean if you got a steel lung, go for it)...typically you will use more vg than I went and bought me a gallon of vg and a gallon of pg, I'm still on the same gallon of pg but on my 2nd gallon of vg (as I said at first I wasn't doing much with diy, even though yes I have been diying for 7 years, I didn't do it often and was really only started diy to try to make a clove ejuice, but now I don't buy ejuice anymore, I make my own for the past 2 years)
    when I was searching Bulk Apothecary was the best price + shipping (remember that 8 – 10 lbs roughly equals 1 gallon)
    propylene glycol $16.20 for 1 gallon of pg (8 lbs)
    vegetable glycerin $20.60 for 1 gallon of vg (10 lbs)
    but the last time I looked for vg River Supply was the cheapest price + shipping (plus I was getting other things from them so it brought the shipping to free)
    vegetable glycerin $19.99 for 1 gallon of vg
    now you don't have to buy a gallon, but there again, cost wise it's cheaper in the long run and lasts forever! And if you are like me and like to do other diy stuff not vaping related, pg and vg are used in everything!And well 1 gallon of pg/vg will make about 3,786 mls of e-juice bwahahahaha

    Gloves: recommend, not entirely needed but better safe than sorry
    you could get disposable food safety gloves
    or use kitchen rubber gloves and wash them after use...
    the idea is just be safe when handling the nicotine! Wash your hands before and after!
    Just whatever, the idea is to keep you safe from any nicotine accidentally spilling on your hands and if you are making ejuice for someone else to keep everything sterile and clean.
    Price: varies, sorry I'm not looking it up..ok I tried to but with covid right now, everyone is out of well...I'll update later after everything settles down!
    Kitchen gloves at the moment are about $12 on walmart (stupid covid)

    and well I believe all that is left is flavorings
    now before you go start buying flavorings, look up some diy recipes and find some that you like, then you can start ordering those flavors first, and then little by little you'll end up with 200+ flavorings bwahahahaha
    below are some diy ejuice recipe sites
    and if you get bored and adventurous...I love this one, crazyeliquidmachine it just spits out random's fun to see what it will come up with
    ok ok back to where to get your flavorings from....
    wow well now, there are a lot, a lot of places....
    my main 3 are
    River Supply, best bang for your buck, often has sales, you can find a lot of 15ml flavorings for under $1.50/each
    I have gone broke spending money here [​IMG] (please note that due to covid they are currently not taking orders)

    Bull City Flavors, great selection, decent prices, often has sales and coupons, they have a few flavors that I can't get at River Supply. Lots of 10ml flavorings for $1.29/each
    keep an eye out for coupons [​IMG]

    ecigexpress...apparently has changed their name to flavor jungle, often has some 10ml on sale for $0.99
    DIY Flavor Shack, while not the cheapest, still decent pricing, and great quality...when I can splurge, I splurge here...also sells select flavorings in vg, typically 1oz sells for $5.50 (so that's a roughly 29ml bottle of flavoring)

    Chefs, I haven't bought from them yet (because they are in the uk), but they come highly recommended from fellow diyers, some flavors you can only get from them that you can't get from us stores. And they sell a lot of oneshots, what is that you ask....basically just a flavoring but instead of having to mix your own flavorings, they already did, so all you have to do is add your pg, vg, and nic....
    so say you want to make an apple pie, you would need to buy an apple flavor, cinnamon flavor, some kind of crust flavor...or you can pie an apple pie oneshot that already has all of that mixed together for you in one single flavoring...


    Well now you have everything you need to start making your own ejuice! ENJOY!
    Oh yes, one last helpful thing! Again not needed but helpful...
    if you already have a printer...get you some label paper! No need to buy a label maker...just get you some label paper, then go to Avery and create a free account, find the same size labels that you bought, use their free templates and create you some simple or nice looking labels for your ejuice

    Now....what did we just spend???

    ejuice calculator: free
    syringe, needle and pipette: we'll say $3
    Scale: $35.95
    3x16oz bottles: $2.37
    100x50ml bottles with drip tips and caps: $35.09
    500ml of 100mg smooth salt nic: $10.99
    1 gallon of pg: $16.20
    1 gallon of vg: $19.99
    Gloves: $12
    Flavorings: let's say you bought 10 flavorings at $1.50 per 15ml: $22.50
    Label Paper: i'm just going to randomly pick something off of walmart so a 120pk of address labels: $8.99
    so for everything= $167.08...not including shipping so let's just say you spent $200, ok, ok....
    now what can you make and what will it cost from this $200 you just spent
    well...let's keep this simple...
    now add in the cost of everything above, so we'll go with the $200 total
    divide that by 100 (the amount of bottles that you have) = $ according to this, for each 50ml bottle of juice it costs you $2 to make! Where can you buy a 50ml of ejuice for $2???
    if you were to buy 100x50ml of juice you would spend WAY more than $200....
    let's look at this for a moment...some of the cheapest ejuice I used to buy was 120ml for $10....
    so for $200 you can now make your own 5,000ml of ejuice total
    if you wanted to buy a total of 5,000ml of ejuice
    5,000ml divided by 120ml = 41.66666 bottles
    so we'll say 42 x 120ml bottles at $10 each = $420
    you just saved $180, not to mention that you still have a lot of leftover supplies to use...and if you are mixing for yourself, you just simply reuse your same 50ml bottles putting the same mix back into them or cleaning them out and reusing for a new really you can make a whole lot more than just the 5,000ml....
    So yes, while the upfront cost is quite a the long run, you really are only talking about less than $2 to make a 50ml of ejuice....and if you reuse your bottles it's less than $1....

    I really hope this has helped, I know that I didn't get into actually how to make ejuice....but....meh....that's what the calculator is for! And you can search online for recipes.
    Of course I am always here to answer any questions that I can....
    Thank you for staying with me and reading all of this, and well if I lost you somewhere, sorry [​IMG]
    I really tried to keep this short and simple! (do I even know the meaning of short and simple [​IMG])
    Enjoy your diying adventures [​IMG]
    ~ Shadav
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  3. This comes courtesy of Usonicig

    I really wanted to be impressed by this....unfortunately, we're not there yet...for all of the design thoughts put into it, it's on point; Small, lightweight, button activated, refillable pod, comfortable mouthpiece, not too tight of a draw but not airy enough for a DL hit, flavor is perfect...But the power is just not there. It takes 20+ seconds to "warm up" and even then the vape production just isn't there. After the video I allowed it to charge fully and try again, also after reading the instructions it does note to allow it to sit for 10 minutes after first filling to allow full saturation.... but sadly the results were the same, it does "warm up" a tad faster but still lacking in power to produce a satisfying draw. It's an interesting idea, a great design but just lacking in power. Hopefully this will be improved upon in the near future. If they could work out the power source kinks I could see this being an all day vaping device for me, but until that time unfortunately it's just a novelty for the collector.

    After several hours of playing with it, it still takes too long to ramp up and is now flooding with mouthfuls of juice :glare:
    it was suggested that it might work better with a 50/50 ratio, but even still that isn't going to help the ramp up time and the "umph" behind it....however with a higher mg nic salt this could suffice for a stealth vape but it is nowhere near going to be a satisfying vape

    Hopefully with their next release it might meet this goal... as I said everything else about this device is on point and I could see it being an all day vape if it 1. didn't take so long to ramp up and 2. had more power behind it to get a satisfying draw off of it.
    I'm mainly an rda kind of gal but the flavor off of this is enough for me to switch to a pod system, if they can get it improved power-wise.
  4. Om Vapors' The Cobra

    Reviewed on: 12/20/2018
    Bottle Size: 120 ml for $24.99
    Blend: 30/70 pg/vg
    Strength: 3 mg
    Throat Hit: light
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Where Did The Room Go

    this is a semi sweet creamy strawberry vape with little throat hit and cloud the room up plume
    it's supposed to be a strawberry ice cream with whipped cream and cake pieces but to me it's more like a creamy strawberry shortcake

    haha my coworkers were all like your vape smells so good
  5. Vape Wild's Buttered Beer

    Reviewed on: 12/12/2018
    Bottle Size: 10 ml for $2.99
    Blend: Max VG pg/vg
    Strength: 3 mg
    Throat Hit: light
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    It's an interesting vape
    a nice velvety feel with a bit of throat irritation
    if it wasn't for the irritation it'd be a very enjoyable vape
    however the flavor is not really there...a few notches above flavorless
    hints of butterscotch and carmel but not much flavor, however it is a sweet and creamy vape
    plenty of plume
    no real throat hit, but I do get irritation
  6. Om Vapor's Zen

    Reviewed on: 12/05/2018
    Bottle Size: 30 ml for $9.99
    Blend: 30/70 pg/vg
    Strength: 3 mg
    Throat Hit: none
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    this is an interesting vape
    I got it just to see the description says Guava, Cheesecake, and Pastry
    now I don't know what guava tastes like but I'm all for cheesecake and pastry vapes
    I'm not getting any cheesecake flavor but it's a nice crisp, clean, refreshing vape
    a citrus flavor more towards lemon with a subtle after taste of peach and a nice flaky pastry flavor
    after several vapes there's almost a berry type flavor to it
    it's a slightly sweet vape with a touch of tart no throat hit and plenty of plume makes this a great vape to kick back and relax with
  7. Vape Wild's Mystery Aug 18 aka Underboss

    Reviewed on: 11/28/18
    Bottle Size: 10 ml for $2.99
    Blend: 40pg/60vg
    Strength: 3 mg
    Throat Hit: none
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    So I got this Mystery Aug 18 juice with my purchase from vape wild a while ago but kept putting off trying it
    I have been sitting here all day vaping on it trying to figure it out
    at first I was like it's almost like a coffee/cappuccino flavor but not's more of a dessert vape...
    whatever it is, I'm loving's sweet, almost too sweet but good and a bit of a spice to it...
    so finally I looked it up
    "This e-liquid is a hit of warm flaky pie crust and creamy butterscotch with cinnamon spices to create a taste so mouthwatering, it should be illegal!"
    little to no throat hit and lots of plume, almost where did the room go....makes this a very enjoyable vape (I think I've over nic'ed myself vaping this today, yes I've vaped the entire 10ml, sadness)
  8. In my search for a nice Regulated Squonk Mod I ran across some good ones and I'm going to share the list with you here
    Now keep in mind that prices and coupons will change
    I will update this list accordingly but as of today (07/09/2019; A) these are the listed prices
    Hopefully you find something that you like


    Aleader BHIVE 100W Squonk Kit

    1. $29.66
    2. $30.99 get 8% off with code: DB08
    3. $34.99
    4. $37.50
    Aleader killer 80w Squonk
    1. $35.80
    2. $37.95
    Arctic Dolphin Anita 100W Squonk TC Mod
    1. $24.99
    2. $29.99
    3. $32.39 get 8% off with code: DB08
    4. $35.54
    asMODus Spruzza 80W Squonk Kit
    1. $34.88 get 5% off with code: LACEY5
    2. $34.95
    3. $39.95
    Aspire Feedlink Revvo Squonk (I'm not sure if this is regulated or mech, it does have a built in safety chip)
    1. $20.79
    2. $29.99
    3. $42.99
    4. $44.95
    Avidvape Throne Squonker 200W TC
    1. $43.29
    2. $75.50


    Blitz Vigor 81W TC Squonk

    1. $39.99
    2. $49.99 kit

    COV Wraith 80W Squonker Kit

    1. $21.50


    Desire Cut Squonk 108W TC Box Mod

    1. $13.99
    2. $34.99
    Desire RAGE 155W Squonk Box TC Mod
    1. $65.39
    2. $65.95 get 20% off with code: BLK2
    3. $68.90
    4. $68.99
    5. $69.69
    6. $73.51 get $10 off with code: SAVE10
    1. $49.99
    2. $51.50
    3. $53.95 get 10% off with code: VJ10
    4. $54.95
    Dovpo Topside Squonk 90W TC Box Mod
    1. $56.50
    2. $59.51
    3. $61.20 get a $1 off with code: ONE
    4. $61.30
    Dovpo Topside Dual
    1. $73.90
    2. $78.95
    3. $78.99
    4. $79.99


    Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 100W Squonk Starter Kit

    1. $30.11
    2. $39.99 get 10% off with code: VAPINGCHEAP10


    GeekVape GBOX 200W Squonk Kit

    1. $34.98
    2. $49.99
    3. $49.99
    4. $54.89


    HCigar Aurora 80W Squonk TC Mod

    1. $39.99
    2. $43.94
    3. $47.95
    HCigar VT Inbox V3 75W TC VW APV Box Mod
    1. $45.28
    2. $65.98
    Hotcig RSQ TC Squonk Mod 80W
    1. $49.89
    2. $52.82
    3. $59.90
    Hugo Vapor Asura 228W 2-in-1 Squonk Box Mod
    1. $29.99
    2. $29.99
    3. $33.50
    4. $36.95
    5. $42.06
    Hugsvape Surge 80W Squonk TC Mod
    1. $29.99
    2. $31.99
    3. $39.99


    iJoy CAPO Squonk 100W Vape Starter Kit

    1. $27.99
    2. $28.99
    3. $29.99 get 10% off with code: ALLVAPE



    Lost Vape Drone BF DNA 250C
    (not exactly under $100, but might catch it on sale)
    1. $139.00


    Nikola Niagara 200w Squonk Kit

    1. $48.75 get 8% off with code: SAS8
    2. $48.75 get 15% off with code: 15OFF





    Sigelei Fuchai 213 150W Squonk Starter Kit

    1. $24.99
    2. $29.99 get 10% off with code: ALLVAPE
    3. $39.99
    Smoant Battlestar 200W TC
    1. $52.50
    SnowWolf O-100 100W Squonk TC Starter Kit
    1. $46.99
    2. $59.74
    3. $59.99 get 5% off with code: LACEY5
    SnowWolf VFENG Squonk 130W TC Starter Kit
    1. $59.95


    USV MACH ON3 Squonk Kit

    1. $45.00 get 15% off with code: reddit15
    2. $55.00
    3. $79.99
    4. $88.99
    5. $89.95


    Vandy Vape Pulse BF 80W

    1. $40.95
    2. $45.99
    3. $46.90
    4. $47.99
    Vandy Vape Pulse X Squonk Kit
    1. $58.50
    2. $59.90 code: XMAS
    3. $59.95
    Vandy Vape Pulse Dual

    VapeCige VTX200 200W
    (not exactly under $100, but might catch it on sale)
    1. $111.95


    Wismec Luxotic DF

    1. $74.20



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  9. Asmodus Spruzza 80w regulated squonk mod (kit)
    "The Spruzza is powered by the GX-80-HUT chipset , which supports wattage (power) mode, a full temperature control suite, TFR, TCR, and a Curve mode"
    This is a regulated TC squonker and has touch screen and stabwood doors
    It's a nice looking mod and surprisingly not that heavy, though it is bulky even though it is only a single 18650 battery mod (due to the squonk box)
    The mod itself seems nice however the atty is crap
    For the normal retail price point I would be ......
    But at $35 for the black friday sales it's an ok kit

    they have raised the price since my purchase and also have other colors available...still at $49.95 for a regulated squonk mod is a great price

    again for the normal retail price point I'd think a better atty would be in order as well as some cotton in the kit for the coils and even preinstalled coils....a drip tip adapter would be nice but I could understand that not being in there but no cotton for the coils??
    It also does not come with a cord for firmware upgrade...odd

    EightVape on sale for $49.95 get 5% off with code: LACEY5

  10. eJuice Vapor's Coconut Ice Cream

    Reviewed on: 11/15/2018
    Bottle Size: 120 ml for $14.99
    Blend: 30/70
    Strength: 3 mg
    Throat Hit: light
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    if you want a sweet vape then this is for you
    it's more of like a heavy sweet vanilla cream with coconut whipped topping

    it's a nice vape, a bit too sweet for me and more vanilla flavor than coconut
  11. Vape Wild's Frappapow

    Reviewed on: 11/14/2018
    Bottle Size: 10 ml for $2.99
    Blend: Max VG
    Strength: 3 mg
    Throat Hit: heavy
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    I have to say WOW
    the flavor is awesome
    A strong espresso/coffee/cappuccino flavor layered in chocolate with a hint of carmel on the exhale
    I even left the room I was vaping in for a few minutes and came back to the smell of fresh coffee, so the scent does linger a bit with this one
    I really want to enjoy this vape but it's giving me too much throat irritation, it's a strong throat hit, not unable to vape but not able to chain vape it either
    I really want to love this one, the flavor is perfect but for me the TH is too much for it to be a relaxing vape
    even still, I will be reordering this, the flavor is absolutely amazing, I may just to mix it with some lesser favorite coffee vapes to cut the throat hit down
  12. Birthday Cake by Vape Wild
    10ml for $2.99
    3mg 65vg/35pg
    light throat hit
    good flavor
    light plume

    first off lol I just about never got the bottle open...
    first inhale is this awesome buttery yellow cake with a subtle sweet creamy frosting flavor on the exhale
    after a few refills it melds into this beautifully balanced flavor of sweet buttercream frosting and rich yellow cake
    this is by far so far my favorite cake flavor but it is a very sweet vape, not overpoweringly sickeningly sweet but still sweet.
  13. Strawberry Cream by Verdict
    10ml for $4.00
    3mg nic salt, 70vg/30pg
    none to light throat hit
    good flavor
    medium plume

    First vape was this strong ripe strawberry flavor on the inhale and sweet cream on the exhale
    now it's dulled down still a great vape, sweet creamy strawberry with little to no throat hit and a nice plume
    this is the first nic salt i've tried and am really liking it, I can't usually do lung hits often without irritation but so far that's not a problem with this juice
  14. sadness, I have vaped the entire bottle [​IMG] just enough left to write my review, so well you already know it's good

    Buttery Nipple from Central Vapors
    10ml $5.99, on sale now for $1.99
    3mg 70vg/30pg

    lots of plume, cloud up the room
    smooth, almost no throat hit
    I can almost direct lung hit this one
    rich and creamy smooth butterscotch with a hint of Irish cream
    this could be an ADV for me and at that price it's hard to beat
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  15. This comes courtesy of Central Vapors

    Galaxy by Central Vapors
    30ml for $7.95
    3mg 70vg/30pg
    a medium plume with a little throat hit

    I tried this juice when it first came in and to be honest I did not like had a weird almost burnt flavor to I set it aside for about 2 weeks and am trying it again now...
    I do have to admit that this is the very first kiwi vape that I have had that didn't taste like perfume! So props for that!

    It's an interesting vape, not for me but it's not's different!
    It's creamy with a hint of kiwi flavor but there's almost an undertone of nuttiness
    This is a juice that you would have to try for yourself
    as I said it's not bad, it's just definitely needs to steep for at least 2 weeks before use, I'm going to let it steep another 2 weeks and try it again, I think that undertone will fade away making this a more pleasant vape for me.
    If you are looking for a kiwi flavored vape that doesn't taste like perfume then I highly suggest trying this one out and at $8 for 30ml or even $3.99 for 10ml it's worth trying