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  1. Bananas Foster by Dirt Cheap EJuice
    "Bananas and vanilla ice cream, with a sauce made from butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur."
    10ml $2.99 + shipping
    3mg 70vg/30pg
    lots of plume, like where'd the room go?
    smooth in hail with a little bite on the ex hail
    This is easily becoming a new favorite :p vaped almost the entire bottle before even thinking about a review....
    unlike most this has a nice strong, not overwhelming, banana flavor, more like drinking a banana milkshake topped with brown sugar and cinnamon
    if you'd like to try one
    get a 10ml bottle for only a penny + shipping
    code: 1penny
    or code: try1
  2. Muffin Top by VaporSoul
    "A sweet baked cinnamon apple vanilla muffin flavor"
    3mg "100vg"
    nice thick plume with a smooth feel on the in hail and ex hail

    don't get me wrong, i'm really enjoying this vape, however the flavor is just a bit lackluster... I will probably be reordering this but next time adding extra flavor
    it's very mild, subtle hint
    a great muffin flavor with a hint of a smooth cinnamon flavor with the occasional after hint of baked apples
    I will say that they did a great job on not letting the cinnamon overbear the other flavors

    if you are interested in trying this, you can get a 30ml bottle for $0.49 + shipping using code: sample
  3. Seduce Juice's Trinity

    Reviewed on: 02/15/2016
    Bottle Size: 15 ml for $8.99
    Blend: 50/50
    Strength: 12 mg
    Throat Hit: heavy
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Where Did The Room Go

    I haven't exactly been able to pin down the flavor profile of this one yet but I'd be lying if I didn't say I absolutely love it.....
    it's a bit thick and dry but very flavorful....
    it's a blend of dry roasted nuttiness with a hint of sweet
    as stated though it's very dry so keep a bottle of water handy
    a bit rough of a throat hit but lots of plume makes this a very relaxing vape
  4. Madtown Vapor's Tutti Frutti

    Reviewed on: 09/11/2015
    Bottle Size: 15 ml for $4.99
    Blend: Max VG
    Strength: 6 mg
    Throat Hit: light
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    I'm ashamed to say that I vaped the entire bottle before writing my review :) had just enough left to toss into a bridgeless atty

    this is an awesome fruity cereal the name implies this reminds me of fruity COPYRIGHTDMCA. This is a cereal vape but not milky, if that make sense, like taking a handful of dry cereal and shoving it into your mouth....very flavorful with all the fruit flavors blended just perfectly balanced together with each vape you get a flavor punched vape of each fruity flavor.

    A very little throat hit and plenty of plume with lots of fruity flavor makes this a great vape

    it's not often that I vape the entire bottle before I review it so ;) yes this is a must have, for me anyways :)
  5. Madtown Vapor's Vanilla Cherry Bomb

    Reviewed on: 09/08/2015
    Bottle Size: 15 ml for $4.99
    Blend: Max VG
    Strength: 6 mg
    Throat Hit: light
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    a nice semi sweet vanilla flavor perfectly blended with a strong (a bit overpowering) true cherry flavor
    surprisingly not a very sweet vape as you would think from the name. This is a flavor packed vape for it being a simple vanilla cherry vape :) this to me reminds me almost of a cherry vanilla coke :)

    A nice smooth vape with plenty of plume and a light throat hit with tons of flavor makes this a great all day vape
  6. Vape Dudes's Blueberry Cheesecake

    Reviewed on: 09/08/2015
    Bottle Size: 15 ml for $3.99
    Blend: 30/70
    Strength: 6 mg
    Throat Hit: none
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Light

    Can't find a site for this vender....but did find someone that sells them at a good price...
    Not the best vape I've had but not the worst's got a good blueberry flavor but it's a bit on the perfumy artificial flavor side.....and the cheesecake is more on the cream cheese flavor's a bit sickly sweet...

    no throat hit and a light plume makes this a decent vape
  7. Toasty Juice's Dragon Jazz

    Reviewed on: 09/02/2015
    Bottle Size: 30 ml for $
    Blend: 50/50
    Strength: 6 mg
    Throat Hit: medium
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    I tired to find info on this juice but wasn't able to find much....there is a facebook page where the creator can be contacted. (seems it's now shut down)
    I as of yet am to determine if I like the juice or not, I do not, not like it, nor do I love it....don't get me wrong, it's got a great flavor, it's just different. And without really being able to find much info about this juice....but I'll say it's a good quality, worth trying to get a hold of from the creator about other juice that they make. So that said the juice flavor...

    The primary flavor is anise mixed with dragon fruit, the anise tends to override the flavor after chain unless you love anise I wouldn't suggest this...thankful I like both anise and dragon fruit and am surprised how well they blend's sweet and bitter at the same time...
    think licorice, strawberry and maybe passion fruit

    this is a very smooth vape, a bit thick on the tongue so might want to keep a drink near by, with a decent plume
  8. oh my....i might just be in love :wub:

    The Gentleman's Reserve from The Steam Co

    this sounded so good, i had to try it, now i wish i hadn't :lol:

    toasted almonds rolled up in coconut goodness crumbled on top of some custard sipping on a glass of bourbon.....just simply marvelous.....sweet and nutty with a hint of spice.
    a nice thick plume and a a light to medium throat hit makes this a very great vape for anyone....just enough of a throat hit to satisfy but not enough to be too irritating....a bit more th than i prefer but for the flavor it's well worth it.....
    I would highly suggest any coconut lover to try this one
    poirot likes this.
  9. Island Fluff from Hurricane Vapor
    this is from my list of The best things in life are free :)
    Hurricane Vapor free juice for first time members use code free5promo, must register first before code will work

    now this may be because of the Lychee, i don't think i've ever had it before......this might need to steep....first opening the bottle is a strong scent of almost alcohol....the first puffs is like a strong alcohol....once you get past that this is a pretty decent vape....
    a nice smooth vape with no throat hit and a light plume very sweet with a hint of sour fruity vape almost a strawberry/raspberry/pineapple and a strong kiwi flavor with marshmallow on the exhale.... but still the strong alcohol flavor....if you like rum flavored vapes this would be a good one to try.....hoping that after some steeping the alcohol flavor/smell will diminish.
  10. Cheesecake from

    a nice rich simi sweet cheesecake flavor without the throat hit and a light plume makes this a nice mellow, relaxing vape.
  11. Ice Cream from Vista Vapors

    a slight throat hit to this one, not much....a light to medium plume....not overly sweet as i had expected it to be, slightly sweet with a nice creamy flavor with a hint of vanilla bean
    good on its own but great mixed with other flavors
  12. Jolly Watermelon from Vapor Gurus

    this comes from a deal i found Vapor Gurus free 350 ego-t kit (with ce4 and usb charger) for purchase of 10ml bottle of juice ($6)

    gotta say i'm impressed....the smell, the taste.....jolly ranchers watermelon....sweet and slightly sour, mouthwatering candy watermelon
    no throat hit and cloud up the room plume (where'd my laptop go)
    *thumbs up to vapor gurus*
  13. Nana Cream from Strange Clouds

    a bit (just a tad) too flowery flavor but otherwise a great throat hit and lots of plume....a sweet creamy (unfortunately artificial flavored) banana kind of like a box of generic vanilla of the better banana flavored vapes i've had, not the best but better than's worth getting and makes a great base to mix with
  14. Sour Puss from MadTown Vapor

    think grape soda meets watermelon jollyranchers :)
    a light throat hit and lots of plume....a fruity juice with a touch of sour....
  15. Malibu from Halo

    it's interesting to say the least.....
    harsh throat hit though makes this almost unvapeable.....
    pina colada with a heavy menthol and i believe some koolada as well...leaving your mouth tingling minty
    maybe at lower nics the TH wouldn't be as strong.....if you like strong throat hits and menthol this is a great juice...
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