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  1. New York Cheesecake from DeejStuff

    ok all you cheesecake lovers out there go get you some :D

    I'm very impressed by this one...deej hit the nail on the head here...
    *side note*as with all of deej's juice I have to get flavor shots this one is 125% but next time gonna up it to 200%
    a nice hint of crust and thick rich creamy cheesecake
    this is great on its own or awesome for mixing up your own cheesecake flavors
  2. Buttery Nipple from MadTown Vapor

    a nice velvety smooth vape with no throat hit and lots of plume makes this a nice relaxing vape
    a sweet creamy vanila butterscotch
  3. this one was sent to me by a friend and i'm impressed (same from the apple berry pie)

    Vapenstein from Grand Vapors

    to me this is like a nice dark chocolate nutty cookie dough
    no throat hit and a light plume
    simi sweet custard, flaky pastery
    though searching this, they don't mention chocolate in it but I swear to me it taste just like a nice dark chocolate cookie dough....I need me some more of this!
  4. Crunkberry from Alice in Vapeland

    i'm sorry but I really just don't taste anything.....i get a harsh throat hit a light plume and no flavor.....
    very let down......i tried it in my vision et dripper with a new coil and in a new bridgeless flavor and harsh throat hit.....
  5. finally happened :lol: dino made a juice that I do not like :D
    you ask why am I happy? oh, he doesn't like pumpkin lol
    but for the holidays he tried :D oh and it was short lived (maybe 2 weeks) before it was retired lol

    Pumpkin Cheesecake from Madtown Vapor

    :lol: by the time I got this in the mail, dino had already taken it off of the site :lol:
    I let it steep to give it a good honest shot....and it's not's not good either :lol:
    it's sickly sweet to the point that ya just can't vape it
    light throat hit, great plume and really thick vape
    it's the awesome cheesecake flavor that only dino can provide :D with abit too much touch of spicy pumpkin pie flavor
    the sweet creaminess of the cheesecake and the strong spiced pumpkin are at constant war with each other to dominate
    if they could come to harmony it would be a great flavor......
    but as this is no longer available there's no point in trying it :lol: maybe next year he'll do better ;)

    *yeah this one's going into all 3 categories of the good, the bad and the wt_ :lol: *
  6. :( i really really wanted to like this one

    Coconut Cream Pie from deejstuff

    don't get me wrong, it's nice...but it's not very flavorful....then again those are mild flavors
    it makes for a nice relaxing vape
    no throat hit, nice medium plume that lingers a bit in the air :) very smooth on the in-hail and ex-hail
    a notch above flavorless, simi sweet, thick mouth feel with a hint of creaminess.....
    while the flavor is a bit lacking (again these are mild flavors to begin with) it really is a great vape....perfect to unwind with and great to vape and not affect other flavors while drinking or eating :)
    a nice vape to have if you are with friends enjoying drinks, it won't irritate guests :D
  7. Decadent Vapours' Absinthe from Liberty Flights

    Reviewed on: 12/17/2014
    Bottle Size: 5 ml for $0.99
    Blend: Max PG
    Strength: 24 mg
    Throat Hit: steel lung required
    Quality: Good
    Plume: Medium

    seems they have discontinued this one

    great black licorice taste
    at 24mg and 100% pg this one hits hard on your throat...almost unvapable....
    nice medium plume but man does it burn on the inhale and on the exhale....
    but it's got a great flavor, great for mixing (hopefully)
  8. Absinthe by Decadent Vapours from Liberty Flights
    seems they have discontinued this one

    great black licorice taste
    at 24mg and 100% pg this one hits hard on your throat...almost unvapable....
    nice medium plume but man does it burn on the inhail and on the exhail....
    but it's got a great flavor, great for mixing (hopefully)
  9. Salty Sweet from MadTown Vapor

    omfg I have died and went to heaven....
    this juice needs to be renamed to orgasmic :lol:
    nice thick plume, smooth vape with no throat hit
    perfect blend of salt and sweet caramel with a custard undertone.....
    this is just pure and simply awesome....nice thick feeling while vaping....easily an all day vape
  10. Snickerdoodle from MadTown Vapor

    another hit from madtown :) lots of plume a bit of a throat hit....sugary sweetness with cinnamon, but again like most of dino's cinnamon flavors it's a bit overpowering cinnamon....not that i'm complaining...I love cinnamon, but it does irritate my throat....
  11. ok, so i've been waiting on this one....

    Hypnotic Myst from deejstuff
    From FlavourArt in Italy

    this is one from deej's indescribable category.....and yep :confused: I have no clue.....

    I keep vaping it.....I can't tell if I like it :unsure:
    I don't, not like it :?:

    it's a complex's a thick and heavy vape on the tongue so you might need to up your water intake ;)
    a medium plume

    it's sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter....i think there's koolada in it because every now and then my brain wants to say it's menthol but there's no taste of menthol
    there's hints of chocolate (coco), strawberry, mixed nuts, java, creamy (sometimes like a cheesecake)'s a full on assault of the taste buds
    really you just need to grab a bottle and give it a's defiantly a break from the normal vapes
  12. Sin-A-Bun from

    light throat hit (and some irritation that I always get with cinnamon type vapes) medium plume....lightly sweet fluffy pastry flavor coated in heavy cinnamon, num num num
  13. just when i'd given up on coffee flavors....(as I know all of us pretty much have)

    Cup of Joe from MadTown Vapor

    Dino's done it again! Light throat hit with medium plume. Nice rich dark roast of coffee with a nutty hint to it but not bitter and not a nice fresh brewed cup of columbian coffee with a touch of creamer and sweetener but not overly done.
  14. Scorpion from

    medium throat hit and nice plume
    the taste....not's got some berries in there and maybe cream and something bitter that I can't quiet figure out....
    it's not a bad vape but I don't think I like it
    it's not sweet and it's almost like cough syrup lol
  15. Pina Colada from Libery Flights's not the greatest but it's not the worst has a good flavor (when the flavor is there)
    if they upped the flavor and mellowed out the throat hit this would be yep don't waste your money (even if it was only 99 cents ;) )
    harsh throat hit + irritation, nice plume and the flavor is hit and miss and not enough.....
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