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  1. Apple Berry Pie from Grand Vapors

    this one was sent to me by a friend to try

    wow i'm took a few vapes to really taste it but that is apple pie...great thick plume with no throat hit
    nice flaky crust flavor with a sweet baked apple flavor topped with mixed fruits and maybe a hint of cinnamon
  2. JagarBomb from DIY Flavor Shack

    I know i'm slacking on this one...I had set it aside and completely forgot about it....I won this a while back in a birthday cake contest for Dawn

    well what can I it tastes just like a jagar bomb....think sweettarts mixed with black licorice
    a tad throat hit with lots of plume
    yep it's going on my reorder list...:wub: jagar bombs :D thank you Dawn :)
  3. Pure Sex Cheesecake from deejstuff

    :lol: everyone at work kept walking into the door like, it smells so nice in here...what's that smell, it smells like cherries :lol:
    oh that'd be me and my vape :D

    I've vaped almost the entire bottle...this is truly a great vape and true to its name :) though I donno, it's missing something to make it awesome
    there's no throat hit, lots of thick plume
    mildly sweet strawberries and cherries and rich cheesecake
  4. One Classy Mix from deejstuff

    no throat hit, nice plume and the's indescribable....but in a good way
    it's like a nice glass of champagne or wine
    nice crisp clean vape (assuming it has koolada in it), slightly sweet with a hint of fruits (guessing apple, strawberry, watermelon) maybe a hint of mixed nuts (not sure) and i think a hint of anise....would help if my sinus' weren't all messed up right now with this crazy freakin weather.... is a nice vape even if i can't exactly pinpoint what's in it
  5. Rose by Dekang from Fasttech

    this is a 0 nic so there is no throat hit but a nice plume to it
    if you like rose, this is great...i've always loved roses and real rose water so this is right up my ally :)
    it's sweet, flowery, smells/tastes just like roses :)
    great relaxing refreshing vape

    this is a bit over powering flavor so will need to clean any tank/atty that you use this in before switching flavors
  6. Energy Kick (Caffeinated) by Decadent Vapours from Liberty Flights

    no throat hit, nice plume, no real flavor....a tad bit sweet
    you will need to shake this one up before every use as the caffeinated powder separates
    it does give a little boost...can't say much...but hey....for .99 cents it was worth trying :) and for us caffeine junkies every little bit helps ;)
  7. Berry Ice Cream from MadTown Vapor

    surprisingly this one has a heavy throat hit, lots of plume
    and as the name implies....sweet mixed berries with vanilla cream flavor
    i would recommend going with a higher vg on this juice

    though the throat hit could be my allergies as well, i don't handle weather changing it could just be upsetting my already messed up sinus' giving me a harsher throat hit than the juice really has....
  8. Irish Cream from Alien Visions

    a nice plume and a slight throat hit, more of an irritant than a throat hit...i can't recall if i've actually ever had irish cream before but I'd have to say that the flavor is spot, creamy with a hint of chocolate
  9. #58 (the last bottle from my box of goodies...sadness...but my reviews won't stop, as always, i'll continue to review any juices that I try :) )
    Strawberry Limeade from Bomb Drops Vapor (sorry no link, seems they no longer appears that they may have been bought out or renamed to Davidson Vapor however I could not find this flavor anywhere on their site....

    light throat hit, light plume...interesting flavor....the first vape was nice flavorful strawberry lime with a hint of lemon, but after that it desolved more into a zest of lemon and lime flavor and a hint of after taste strawberry.....if it didn't have that strong zesty peel flavor it would be a nice vape.....
  10. #57
    Green Pear Tea from Madd Catt

    a nice smooth vape with no throat hit and nice medium plume...has a nice tea flavor to it and well if you like pear it is a good flavor (I, myself, do not like pear whatsoever)
    even though I can't stand the flavor this is surprisingly a very nice vape and would be great to unwind with
  11. #56
    Monster from Vapor God

    wow...this smells and tastes just like a monster energy drink, very very little to no throat hit, a nice plume and a nice thick feeling in your mouth.
  12. Caramel Custard from MadTown Vapor

    I had to give this one some always I tried it the moment it came in the mail :) and while it was good, I didn't really care for it and couldn't put my finger on why, which was odd because on principle I should love this...I mean what's not to love 2 of my favorite things: caramel and custard!
    After letting it sit for a week, I am in love! At first it was kind of a sickly sweet vape, now that it's melded together a bit more it's not so sickly sweet, more richer flavor.
    It is still on the sweet side for any of those sweet tooth vapors out there, this is worth trying. It's a nice rich, thick, slightly over sweet for me, smooth vape. No throat hit.

    If you happen to have a bottle of Dino's discontinued Coconut custard and a bottle of Donut Run...
    Mix equal parts:
    1/3 Caramel Custard
    1/3 Coconut Cream Custard
    1/3 Donut Run
    I have been vaping this combo all day every day for about 2 weeks!
  13. Decadent Vapours' Choc o Mint from Liberty Flights

    now this could just be because this is pure pg....i usually vape around 50/50....
    I can not vape this, it throat, chest and nose burns....i did not know that you could get heartburn from vaping??????

    That said, the's not really there....if i hold the vape strictly in my mouth and do not inhale (lol) it has a mint favor with an after hint of chocolate but it's barely noticeable.....
  14. Banana Nut Bread from MadTown Vapor

    a mild throat hit to this one, nice thick plume, nice silky feel on the tongue
    sweet fresh bananas mixed with a hint of sugary cinnamon and a nice nutty flavor
  15. Smooth Sailing from MadTown Vapor

    dino's done it again....I'm impressed! I don't like tobacco flavors but this is pretty darn good!
    It's a smooth take on RY4....a nice thick, rich vape (dare I say robust) with a hint of spice and sweet.....has almost a cinnamon flavor to give it just a tad bit of a bite but wrapped in creamy sweet caramel with a rich tobacco undertone.
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