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  1. Banana Nut Bread from MadTown Vapor

    a mild throat hit to this one, nice thick plume, nice silky feel on the tongue
    sweet fresh bananas mixed with a hint of sugary cinnamon and a nice nutty flavor
  2. Smooth Sailing from MadTown Vapor

    dino's done it again....I'm impressed! I don't like tobacco flavors but this is pretty darn good!
    It's a smooth take on RY4....a nice thick, rich vape (dare I say robust) with a hint of spice and sweet.....has almost a cinnamon flavor to give it just a tad bit of a bite but wrapped in creamy sweet caramel with a rich tobacco undertone.
  3. Maple Syrup from Grand Terrace Vapor

    I held off on this one for a while because I thought it was going to be sickly sweet and for a while i've been stuck more on coffee type flavors and bitter/strong vapes....

    man was I missing out :laugh:
    while this is a sweet vape, it's not overly sweet...this is almost like the real maple syrup not aunt jemima's :lol:
    nice thick, smooth plume with a sweet aftertaste. Rich maple flavor on the intake and sweet flavor on the outtake. Very light throat hit.
    This needs to be real maple syrup not a vape :laugh: I need me some waffles now!
  4. #55
    Butterscotch from Mt Baker Vapor

    i tried this one in both my et dripper and a bridgeless atty....and the flavor just isn't there....aside from that it's a nice smooth, thick, velvety vape
    lots of plume, no throat hit, nice feel in the mouth
    it's not flavorless, there's a hint of butterscotch, slightly sweet, rich flavor
    now this might be because instead of my normal 50/50 this one is 80/20 pg/vg
    it's still a very pleasant and enjoyable vape, just wish there were more flavor to it....might need to reorder this with 2 or 3 flavor shots........
  5. Glenn Coco from The Refuge

    this is a very interesting juice, I am still trying to figure it out :D don't get me wrong, it's good but it's about on par with figuring out AiV Juice :lol:

    while it has a small throat hit, it does give me some irritation like most acidic fruity juices will....has a nice medium plume and is very flavoriful
    It has a sweet and creamy strawberry jelly like flavor with a strong spicy flavor that I can't quite figure out almost like a cinnamon (but it's not) with mixed berries after taste

    if you like sweet fruity vapes, give this one a try and let me know what you think it tastes like, cuz I keep getting subtle hints of other flavors but can't put my finger on it just blackberries

    it says it has a hint of chocolate in it, but I'm not really tasting that....
  6. Donut Run from MadTown Vapor

    :lol: vodka flavored donut's need to be made!!!
    so after cleaning out my dripper and letting it dry overnight, I put the donut run into it and the first few hits were vodka flavored...a bit odd at first but then :ohmy: was it good :lol:

    anyways ;) this is a light smooth relaxing vape
    no throat hit, medium plume and has that nice, fresh out of the oven yeast flavor filled with sweetness but not sickly sweet
    as this is a donut flavor, it's not an overpowering vape....but it's not light on flavor either....I thought this would help curb my lust for donuts but infact I think it's amplifying it :lol:
    this, other than the craving a donut now, is a nice mild, smooth vape to unwind and relax with.

    next time I'm gonna have to try it with a filling option :D

    [edit] adding a few drops of Coconut cream custard with it...makes it almost like the coconut crumble donuts, however it does make it an extremely sweet vape....num num num
  7. #54
    Cinnamon Roll from Parkes Vaping

    [edit] *note* after trying this and trying to find the product, it does say that this juice has been not sure about how the juice tastes now

    this has lots of plume and a very slight throat hit
    has the nice sweetness of a sticky bun with a slight hint of cinnamon and brown sugar
    not bad just wish there was a bit more flavor to the vape, it's a bit under flavored, if vaped more than a few puffs loose the flavor real quickly.
  8. Coffee Cafe from The Refuge

    so wow...I've had several, too many than i'd like to admit, coffee type vapes and unfortunately usually am let down....but this's almost how I like my coffee ;)
    nice full plume a bit of a throat hit
    a bit of a dry vape, when vaping my mouth became rather dry and left a strong coffee after flavor in my mouth
    while vaping it's a dark roast coffee almost bitterness with a smooth sweet creamy caramel flavor....
    poor this in a cup with a bit more creamer to it and I'm good to go :D
  9. Bub's Backy from The Refuge

    Great plume, clouding up the room over here....light throat hit
    a heavy dark rich slightly bitter tobacco flavor with a hint of sweet caramel
    not bad for a tobacco flavor [disclaimer, I don't like tobacco flavor] I think this is their take on a ry4
  10. Waffle from Liberty Flights

    a medium plume with a little throat hit...
    don't know if i'd say waffle per say, but it's pretty good...even leaves your mouth with a buttery smooth film :lol:
    has a flakey buttery pastry flavor with a sweet maple taste

    best .99 cent juice I've had ;) for an additional 10% use coupon code shadav :D
  11. #53
    WCC from Stricknyne Blends

    :lol: ok so I tried to find this on their site....taking a wild guess, I think this is supposed to be White Chocolate Cheesecake
    A light plume with no throat hit....a sweet vape, kind of has a smooth almost chocolate taste....a bit on the perfumy side :?:
  12. #52
    Cinnamon Roll From Mt Baker Vapor

    lots of plume, a little throat hit, a bit overly sweet...if you like sweet vapes, you'll probably like this
    light cinnamon flavored pastry heavily layered with sweet icing.....
  13. another one from Refuge

    Lush from The Refuge

    A nice full plume that lingers a bit, very little throat hit....reminds me of a banana cream pie [​IMG]
    a nice creamy banana pudding flavor with a hint of graham cracker
  14. this comes courtesy of The Refuge, a family owned vapor shop...

    Pupule from The Refuge

    a nice smooth vape with a little to mild throat hit and nice full plum and full of sugar coated toasted almonds...not too sweet not too nutty, a nice blend of both makes this a nice smooth relaxing vape...num num num
  15. #51
    Vanilla from Next Smoke

    a nice smooth vape with a light plume....not much flavor but then again it is throat hit....can't say much for the flavor as well there isn't really any but it is a nice smooth vape with just a very subtle hint of vanilla on the exhale
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