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  1. It was supposed to be cherry. It was labeled as cherry. I smelled it, and thought "hmmm is that cherry blossom"? That's not the candy cherry juice I was hoping for. So I fill the carto and surprise, it's honeysuckle. You know when you were a kid, sucking that sweet nectar out of the flower? I liked it. Really liked it. I've been vaping it for 2 days straight. I want some more. It can be ordered from Joogler Juice. It didn't need steeping, tasted light, fresh and sweet but not too sweet. No chemical taste. I don't get it. I don't know why a person would want to vape a flower, but it's amazing. Best cherry mess up ever. Still don't have my cherry, but not caring.
  2. I like smoking. I like tapping the cig pack against a hard surface to pack the tobacco tighter. I like pulling off the wrapper off the top. I like pulling out the first one and lighting it. I like how it feels. I like going outside and getting away from everyone to smoke. I like buying different bic lighters with stupid sayings like "sexy Sagittarius" or "hot mama". I like the smell of the smoke shop. I like getting a buck off when I buy two packs. I like the new "fire safe" public ashtrays where you just drop your lit but down a tube. I like the smokers and the smoking section. Smokers are my people. They have a personality. They aren't stuffy and like to tell you how it is. You can find out from them where to get the best burger or the best happy hour martini if you're new in town. Honestly, I don't want to quit. So, I'm hoping that my new eGo electronic device will actually change my mind. Cotton candy, apple pie, coconut, cherry, and cookie dough are you going to make me happy? Will filling a cartridge with your flavor, feel like tapping my cigs to pack the tobacco? Will your sweet vapor remind me of the smoke shop? Will getting $5 off my first juice order from a vendor make me smile and think I'm getting a good value? I don't know. I just don't know. but I'm going to try. Because I've tried before and failed. and there are some people in my life who would be really happy if I did quit.
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