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  1. Is a vape meet that happens once a month in Glendora, California.

    I would love to go and want to share this with other people in the Southern California area.

    Aprox. 150(or more) people go to each meet!

    For information and schedule go to :

    Hope this helps everyone! Don't miss out! Come meet new people, meet vendors, eat, and drink!

  2. Vaping taste the best right after you brush your teeth!

    It's really true! :)

    Now I'm temped to brush my teeth 5 times a day...but I think that would be bad for my teeth LOL.

    So now I'm up from 2 times a day to 3 times a day!

    After brushing allows you to taste more flavor and complexity in your juices and all the subtle hints

    that are added to EJuice/Eliquids that make them taste so amazing!

    I have not had ANY cigarettes since upgrading from Blu Ecig.

    I can't wait till my taste buds and smell come back so I can taste the intensity of flavors from my

    Eliquid! :D Super excited. :toast:
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