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Rather than bore everyone in the forum with my daily victories and struggles and sometimes just musings, I figure a blog is the way to go.
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  1. And so ends my first 365 days of being a dedicated vaper. (insert wild applause)

    This adventure was unbelievably easy. There were some tough times due to supplies being unavailable, but not due to wanting to fall off the wagon. There was actually no time where I wanted to throw in the towel.

    Yes, I did smoke a few times - had a couple cravings, but mostly out of curiosity. I would think, hmm I bet a cigarette would be really good right now. But after that first puff, bleck!! Can't believe how nasty they taste now.

    I was lucky I found the right equipment fairly quickly. The experimentation with PV styles and vendors was short lived so I didn't waste too much on unwieldly mods. The battery & cartos from Bloog ran circles around the outdated stuff sold elsewhere. Switched to Smokeless Image because they had the same stuff but much better service. I'm not even tempted to try another style of battery right now.

    Settled down with RY4, 555 and Frisco from Vapor Station. I tried dozens and dozens of other flavors and nothing hits the spot like those do. I'll always have a soft spot for V4L Wowboy, but haven't ordered that in months now. Halo's Tribeca was good too, but just too expensive.

    I'm happy & comfortable with my routine. Not quite as convenient in some regards (supplies), but a lot more convenient in others (like being able to vape indoors).

    So now I just sit back and wait for the rest of the world to become enlightened. Get the FDA off our backs, get govt, employers and insurance companies to realize it isn't smoking - encourage vaping, don't punish us as smokers. Hopefully some day this will become mainstream and manufacturing can be done here instead of China, and vaping supplies can be easily bought at the corner store instead of mainly online.

    And I hope all that comes in my lifetime - which should now be a little longer because I was able to quit smoking thanks to ecigs! :thumbs::wub:
  2. Next week will be my 9 month vaping anniversary. I can honestly say I haven't had the urge to go back to smoking, but I have smoked a few along the way. More out of curiosity than anything. I've been gambling a couple times in the last few months, and the places that are a little more open are fine, but in smaller cramped corners the smoke becomes too much for me and I have to leave. Yuck! I also think I was rewarded for quitting by getting a royal flush on a poker machine for $800 - haven't had one of those in like 3 years!

    Still really happy with Smokeless Image. Their 555 juice hasn't hit the spot though. The prefilled cartos are awesome but the bottled juice is still a bit weak. So the coming months will find me on a quest for good strong 555. I wish Halo make a version because their juice is always pretty strong flavored, but at the moment they do not. I've been told that Vapor Station's Frisco would be a good one to try, but they only have VG available and I prefer a higher PG mix. So if anyone knows of a great 555 that is fairly strong flavored, let me know!

    I read the SI forum/thread every day, but don't participate as much as I used to (for one "reason" I will refrain from mentioning here). I want to avoid the drama that we've seen in other forums, and to avoid saying something I'll later regret, I just keep quiet most of the time. I've already seen a few regulars and a couple newbies drift away... pity.
  3. This is a big day! Until now it was hit or miss whether I remembered the monthly anniversary for the day I quit smoking and only vaped. But this one I was looking forward to - 6 months smoke-free. I should treat myself to a nice dinner or something :)

    I also rejoined 24 Hour Fitness and took 3 sessions with a personal trainer. It will be interesting to see how my stamina compares now to when I was going there about 4 yrs ago (which lasted about 4 months).

    I'm still very happy with Smokeless Image and their Volt products. They just recently added more things in addition to juices, like colored carto caps and the big PCC - just like the one I already got from Nhaler.

    I visited the Bloog site to see if they had anything new yet too. Only thing is some drip tips, which they call Sanitary Mouthpieces. geez... why not just call them drip tips? They finally added juice too, about 3 months late. Nothing has changed there - the site is still overdone and the copy drips of marketing hype, inaccuracies & lack of useful info. They'll never learn.
  4. I received my Volt supplies from Smokeless Image today. I am one very happy camper. As you know I had been a huge fan of Bloog's products (just the products, can't stand the company). I wanted to find another vendor and was told that Volt sold pretty much the identical stuff, so I made a small order of 1 battery, 1 pk RY4 and 1pk 555 cartos, and a small bottle of 555 juice.

    I'm here to tell you the carto flavors absolutely rock, they taste and hit exactly as I had hoped. The flavors I've grown to love can now be found at a site I can feel good about supporting.

    The jury is still out on the juice, it may need to steep a few days. The blank I filled didn't give me a strong flavor, but that could also be due to the fact it was an old carto had cleaned out. In any case, I'm going to let it sit awhile before trying again. I realllly want to be able to buy juice from them too.
  5. I haven't been faithfully keeping up with this blog the last couple months. I feel like I've reached my destination in the journey. No doubt there will be some side trips along the way. Vaping has just become such a normal part of my every day, there isn't much to say about it anymore. I know I am committed to using the kr808s.

    I have abandoned V4L products -- they are behind the times, not keeping up with the newer improved designs, and they are never in stock with the juice I prefer.

    Bloog led the way with the best products on the market (at the time), but the most HORRIBLE customer service, website and business practices. I'm only buying from them until I can find a suitable alternative. Irks me to give them any money, but they have the only carto flavors I truly love. The majority of the regulars on the forum have also moved on. Tired of being strung along and putting up with the nonsense. I kinda miss the 'old days'.

    I dabbled with Nhaler, which is 1 step behind Bloog in product design, but they do have good service. Not much to offer in filled cartos & juice tho. Just bought blanks and a PCC.

    Newest place I'm trying is Smokeless Image and the Volt products. Supposedly the same thing as Bloog (maybe a 1/2 step behind?). So I have a battery, cartos and JUICE (!!) on order. I've got my fingers crossed that they will be the ones I stick with. The service and communication have been wonderful so far. I should get my order in the next couple days. Fingers are crossed.
  6. I haven't remembered any of my vaping anniversaries! My 3 month milestone was 4/20 and it came and went without fanfare. Partly due to some upsetting posts that took our attention away from the usual lighthearted fun we always enjoy.

    I also got some upsetting news of a personal nature. I had been involved in a long distance relationship with someone for over a year. One day he just vanished, early last year. I was quite upset about that for awhile, but eventually put it behind me. But this week it came to light that it was all a lie, when another woman he had been involved with contacted me. After comparing notes we realized that her 'boyfriend' and mine were actually the same person, using different names.

    As devastating as that revelation was, I didn't have an urge to have an analog :) I am truly a non-smoker now. A gullible fool, but a non-smoking gullible fool.
  7. Server was down for most of the day, belated April Fools joke on us I guess. I wonder how April Fools got started... guess I'll go look that up when I'm done here.

    Been very boring day. :closedeyes: Thought about going out, get a pedicure or call a friend to go to lunch, but I couldn't motivate myself to leave the house. It was so nice out the last 2 days, like summer had hit (was in the 80s), but today was cool and gloomy. I think that led to me feeling gloomy too.

    I am using my Bloog bats & carts almost exclusively now. Got 2 new ones to replace the dead & dying Diamonds from V4L. What a disappointment those turned out to be (the diamonds). And I just don't like V4L's cartos anymore either. So that huge stockpile was a big waste. At least I still love the Wowboy juice. But the BMF batteries and cartos are just soooo much better.

    So since I'm going to be purchasing mainly from Bloog, I signed up as an affiliate so I could get discounts. Which also means I've got my own coupon codes to share with other folks. I don't think I'm allowed to post them, but if you are interested in a discount, PM me.
  8. I completely forgot to mention here that I celebrated my 2 month vaping anniversary on the 20th. Yay! Looked back at my other blog entries, and see I also forgot when I had my 1st month too, LOL. I guess I just take it for granted now. But I am quick to admit just because I've been vaping for 2 months, it doesn't mean I've been analog free that long. I don't consider it any great sin or tragedy if curiosity or plain stubborness leads me to smoking a cigarette. But since Jan 1st til now I've had maybe 40, with only about 7 of those in the last 2 months. Normally in that timeframe it would have been 1,500. Unreal.

    But geez they taste just awful now. Could partly be due to the fact that I've had this 1/2 of a pack opened since January 20th. That would be like finding a cig you dropped 8 months ago between the seats in the car, digging it out, then lighting it up. However I think it is good for me to have those unsavory reminders that vaping tastes good, smoking tastes bad.
  9. Feeling a bit down lately about the forums. I originally started hanging out in the V4L forum, and for awhile it was a lot of fun. Felt like homebase, made some friends, played games, shared stories. I'd occasionally pop into the Bloog forum (once I could find it), but it wasn't as active and was mostly dry -- just the usual questions about cartos and equipment. Not much camaraderie.

    Not sure what turned that around, but one day things started picking up in Bloog. Started seeing familiar faces and posts became more friendly, less all-business. And then the "Ignore" thread started... first as an accident, then it snowballed. We had so much fun there, which spilled over into other threads. I was really enjoying it there. And around that same time I started losing interest in the V4L forum. Lots of nice people, but a few immature ones monopolizing it with nonsense or topics that didn't interest me.

    But then came The Great Bloog Vanishing Act. The two people that regularly monitored and participated in the forum just stopped one day. Questions were left unanswered. Problems with orders were not being addressed. We tried to wait it out, but after a week we all began to wonder what had happened... were they closing their doors and afraid to say anything? New customers were either worried or angry or both. They started fleeing over to V4L.

    That didn't bother me, seeing as I buy from both places. What I took issue with was a few people felt the need to complain about the Bloog forum members in V4L, saying we were all mean, unhelpful, and cult-like. Never say anything bad or they'll jump down your throats. And the V4L people were jumping on the bandwagon, yes they are awful - we are wonderful! And the amazing part is, many of the Bloog members were not just full of praise, but in fact we were complaining loudly ourselves! Yes, one person said something they shouldn't have. One. So it was really disheartening to have this false picture painted of the whole group. I wanted so much to set the record straight, but I knew it would just fall on deaf ears.
  10. I've been neglecting this blog lately. It's not like I have something so awesomely interesting to talk about every day :)
    Last weekend I visited my Mom in Arizona. Again I got to enjoy the joys of vaping during the travels. It is so cool to no longer need to frantically smoke down one last one before going thru security. Cool to go for an hour long drive and be able to puff in the car without it bothering her in the least. I told her right off to let me know if she notices anything and I would stop, but she insisted all was good.

    We went to a casino, and I didn't really notice strong cig smoke (but my sniffer is still broken). However I could tell when a lady two seats over lit one up. That actually made me smile, that I could tell. Happily it didn't bother me or make me crave one.

    The only hassle right now is the fact I have to be sure to bring enough supplies & equipment when I travel. Analogs are much more convenient in that regard. If you run out, they are easily found. Not so with cartos. And I did have an issue with the PCC not charging the battery, so when the one I was using pooped out, I go to swap it only to find that one wasn't charged either. Grrrrr.

    So it isn't perfect and requires more maintenance and forethought. Still, I know it is better than going back.
  11. I still don't have the hang of things when it comes to timing the V4L coupons with my ordering needs. I mentioned the other day that the coupon was only for carts & juices, which wasn't going to work for my friend's 1st purchase. I really didn't need to make a large order either to meet the minimum. But the next day I thought maybe it would be a good idea to get at least a couple more boxes of cartos since I'm going out of town again for the weekend. So began my buying frenzy...

    Started innocently enough - 2 boxes of 555 from Bloog. OK that will hold me over. Wellll, maybe just a couple boxes from V4L too...have that $10 credit to use up. Decided to try Chocolate and the new VG version of Cowboy. Fine throw in their 555 too.

    Of course, the very next day comes another coupon, one that my friend could have used (grrrr). And I don't really know what came over me, but I went ahead and bought a bunch more stuff. Would have easily qualified for the bigger discount on carts/juice if I had just doe it a few days earlier. I'm such a dork.:facepalm:

    So now I've got 2 bottles of juice and another 3 boxes of carts on the way (for a total of 8). That's enough to keep be vaping for at least 2 months. I know some folks are stocked up for Armeggedon and my measly supply is laughable to them.

    It is a pity I couldn't have planned better, or used a crystal ball to see what sales were just a day away. I would have saved about $11 more. But I have to remind myself, in the same amount of time I would have spent about $280 in cigarettes, compared to $100 in carts/juice.:)
  12. I am happy to report that my friends placed their order today! We were waiting to see if a discount would be offered for this weekend to help with that initial investment, but unfortunately it was only for carts & juice with a sizable minimum purchase. So had to settle for a lesser discount with one of those long standing codes. Still, I am very happy I was able to give them the opportunity to try it out first and that it was a good experience. Wish I had that chance before the cost of trial and error.

    I hope he enjoys it enough to stick with it. I haven't checked back with that other guy at work that I referred. Last time I asked he had the kit for a week and still hadn't used it. And he hasn't mentioned it any more to me so I just stopped asking, figuring it just didn't work out for him. I don't want to be pushy about it. Just like quitting, it has to be something you are ready for, whether just as a supplement or a complete replacement for cigarettes. Either way is still an improvement.
  13. I mentioned earlier that I'd be visiting friends this weekend and introducing them to the wonderful world of vaping. Brought along 3 batteries and about a dozen cartos of various flavors. The first flavor or two missed the mark, but happily the next couple were a hit. I was worried if the initial tries failed then he'd lose interest. But the Kamel flavor won the day. He also liked the RY4, which he called Y2K, LOL. We just started calling it that the rest of the weekend :laugh:. And the best part, they want to order a kit. Yay!

    It was also fun to go shopping with my friend, which is something we haven't done in many years.

    At the airport I briefly stealth vaped - really didn't want to attract any attention. Didn't try it on the plane.

    But it really hit home how cool it is to vape rather than smoke. Could do it in the car and inside the house, where smoking isn't allowed. Could do it at the restaurant while waiting for a table. Could do it while browsing the sale racks at Nordstroms. So cool!
  14. So all the weekend orders have now arrived. Today was a couple small juices from Liberty Flights. I like being able to buy 3 or 5 ml try-out sizes.
    American Blend tobacco, which was OK, nothing I'd use alone. Mix with others or use as a sampler to give people trying an e-cig for the first time and expect something that tastes like an analog. Other was their version of RY4. Not bad, not Bloog's. But will be OK for refilling.
    Other package was 2 more packs of Bloog RY4 (do you sense a theme here?) and their version of 555. Holy moly! Now, it's not going to be my all-time favorite, but man that has a ton of flavor. I definitely taste the nut, possibly cashew. Strong aroma too, right through all the packaging. Oh, and got a charger too.

    So its been a good couple days for stocking up. Got a few really nice new flavors and several of my old favorites. My #1 favorite remains the WowBoy, with a very close 2nd being RY4. #3 I think will be the WowBoy Peppermint (thanks for the suggestion Mordie), and after that is up for grabs with the 555 & Cowboy.

    I would really like to try some of the fruity & candy flavors and pina colada, but don't want to buy a whole pack just to try... keep wishing they'd toss in a free 1 or 2 but they never do (pout).

    Gonna lay low for a few days, especially after the heated discussion about V4L vs. Bloog. I had no idea there was a history of bad blood. So I'll mostly lurk for now. Plus I'm going away for the weekend anyhow. Have Friday off just to goof around and get ready, yay!
  15. Pleasant surprise in my mailbox today - my V4L order arrived. Shocker! And even more shocking, I got everything I had ordered... yay! No freebies again tho. Guess I am not one of the chosen.

    My take on the new flavors:
    WowBoy Peppermint... pretty much what I expected and as the name implies. Nice minty addition to my beloved WowBoy. Doesn't remind me of menthol so that's good. Since wowboy is tobacco with chocolate and a hint of mint, this is more like the mint was turned up a few notches, not overwhelming, but enuf to justify the name.

    Wow Tobacco Shop Sampler =
    Cowboy... pretty nice tasting tobacco as opposed to the dirt taste of Parlament. If I was to go for a non-flavored tobacco, this would be a good choice.
    Wowbacco... about the same as cowboy
    555... a lot more mild than expected. I don't really taste the 'nutty' flavor I had expected, but it is still good for a tobacco.
    Kamel... blah. Reminds me of Parlament but not as bad. This one will need doctoring to be tolerable. For all I know it tastes just like it's supposed to, but not my cup of tea.
    WowBoy... my very favorite. Been so long since I had one I almost forgot how tasty it is.

    I feel like I should offer these to my friend's husband so he has an idea of what flavors are available. Need to have a good 1st experience to win him over. Kinda want to keep the good ones for myself though!
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