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Rather than bore everyone in the forum with my daily victories and struggles and sometimes just musings, I figure a blog is the way to go.
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  1. I'm going to rename this Vaping Day instead of Valentine's Day, and that will qualify it to be Happy.
    Today was an anniversary of mine, but he lost his battle with cancer shortly after that last year. So it has been a difficult few days, especially today. No more on that.

    I received my shipping confirmation from V4L, and an email from support responding to my earlier inquiry as to what happened with my missing cartos. He was apologetic for the miscommunication, and gave me another credit to make up for it. So, that was pretty nice. I haven't seen anything else to indicate any part of this order would be missing, so we'll find out later in the week. I'll just sit on that credit for awhile until their stock is more reliable. Of course since there are sooooo many people anxious for the WowBoy to be restocked, even when they do have some they'll be snatched up in a jiffy.

    But meanwhile I think I have ordered enough carts & juice from here and there to keep me vaping for at least a few more weeks.
  2. OK so I think I've gotten all my b**ching out of my system for now :p

    I am going next weekend to see my oldest friend (known for over 30 yrs) and her hubby. She used to smoke but quit a few years back using gum/lozenges. But hubby is a 3pad smoker. She recently had an operation and to help with her healing there could be no smoking around her... so off to the porch he was banished.

    When I started vaping I immediately thought about him. We had all recently gone to Hawaii together and a 5 hr flight is hard. And once there it's no smoking allowed in the condo, so he spent a good deal of the time outside. I thought this ecig would be a perfect thing for him, especially under those circumstance. Maybe he would never give up analogs, but if he could supplement them with this instead, it's still an improvement.

    So I've put together a little care package to bring so he can try it out. She and I are excited about this, he is on the fence. And that's OK, at least he'll have a chance to try it for free.

    And I'm excited to find out what it's like to travel with one of these. I won't try to stealth vape on the plane - I can certainly make a 1 hr flight without it. But will be fun to do it in the terminal, etc.

    I've also placed a couple new orders today, one with Liberty Flights for some juice and the other with Bloog. LF is in San Diego so there won't be any bad weather or distance excuses. With Bloog I got a charger, another pack of RY4 and am trying out their 555. I don't leave until Saturday morning, so hopefully everything will arrive before that.

    See? I did it! A totally positive blog today! LOL:laugh:
  3. I know, I know. My last few entries have been a pity party instead of positive news. This one will be a little of each, LOL.

    First, I had just 1 analog yesterday late morning. Was still trying to stretch out what little vape I had left, since I couldn't be sure I'd get supplies yet. But when I got home, both packages were there. Hurray at last!!

    Bloog came through with the two packs of RY4 I've grown to love. Got one in 11mg and the other in 18mg -- until now I've only ever order 11 of anything, but with the stress I've been under lately, I needed that extra oomph. So thank you Bloog!:thumbs:

    V4L let me down again. :nah: I did get the purple diamond battery (very pretty), and the 2nd try at getting Waffle, tho I settled for 8mg because everything else was out. But the WowBoy wasn't in there. No note to say why not. No email to say I had store credit. Sigh. I wrote to ask what's up with this? Should I be looking for a separate package or something? But today I logged on and checked my account and found that I do have yet another store credit for the $10.50, dang it.

    I'm getting pretty annoyed with this. They need a better way of keeping track of inventory in real-time, so I don't order something only to be at the end of the line come Monday morning order filling day, and they run out before they get to my order.

    And to not even be told ahead of time - at least they did that last time. Better still, why not ask if I'd like a substitute? But to wait a whole week only to be unpleasantly surprised? Twice? I don't think that's a good way to do business.

    I know I'm not supposed to whine about not getting freebies. But to keep reading about free cartos people got and even free batteries (!?!), and I get nada including not even what I order. Just doesn't seem right. Think I'll use up that store credit (and pay AGAIN for shipping) and just be done with them. That is, of course, if they are in stock with whatever I try to buy this time!! :-x
  4. Not a happy camper today. It was a horrible day at work, enough to bring on the tears. So on my way home I think at least my orders should have arrived by now, that will cheer me up a bit. Nada!!! I know the mail was delivered because a couple pieces of junk mail made it, but nothing else. Not the Bloog order nor the V4L. Unbelievable! Both shipped on Monday and now it is Thursday. And I have nothing to vape. The carts I refilled just aren't cutting it -- maybe I hit the max they could handle. The juices have hardly any flavor. The only fresh ones I have left are those nasty Parlaments and 1 RY4 that tastes like peanuts. Yuck. So I've dug out one of the packs of smokes I had stashed in the fridge. I am very depressed.:( I'm also not happy with order turn around time... the first couple times they shipped Monday and arrived Wednesday. But having to wait a full week is a bit much. Right now I feel like forgetting this whole thing.
  5. Haven't really had much to blog about the past few days. Making due with existing stock of juices to refill and refill again. Trying to salvage my recent order of cartos, which I still don't care for, by topping off with a more acceptable flavor. The Parlaments truely taste like dirt - I don't think anything will save those. The RY4 is tolerable as-is, and as I partially use up the cart, I add a little WowBoy to it to try and improve the flavor.

    I have seen videos about how to clean out a cartomizer by putting in boiling water. I modified that by filling a small dish with about a 1/2 cup of water and sticking that into the microwave til it bubbles, take it out, then plop the carto in and swish around. Blow out the excess and let it air dry for a day. I'll probably do that to a few of the Parls so I can at least have some 'blanks' to fill with something better later.

    I ordered more WowBoy and 6mg of Waffle (since they were out of 11) just so I could try the flavor. Also ordered more RY4 from Bloog. They will be offering a sample packs soon, so looking forward to trying some of their other flavors without a big expense. Been curious about 555.

    Have gotten a little gun-shy about ordering new flavors since this bad experience. Not happy about being $20 out. Not their fault, of course.
  6. As I came home from my hair appt the mailman was delivering. He's lucky I didn't tackled him and smother him in kisses. My beautiful diamond battery finally arrived! I had ordered the XL, and it is nice, but just a smidge longer than I'll be comfortable with for using all the time. Or maybe I will... heck I've had it for all of an hour, so I guess I should reserve judgement for now.

    My hair stylist thinks it is just the coolest thing. She was so tickled to see one in real life when I first brought it in last month. She is even more tickled to know it has replaced cigarettes. She told me she could always smell it in my hair and clothes before. I asked how about now, and she says it is still there but not as strong. I was surprised to hear that, but maybe that weak moment of mine yesterday was still lingering.

    Now the bad news. Wanted to try V4L's version of RY4. REALLY loved the taste of RY4 from Bloog, but don't care for the V4L one. They taste a little peanutty, zero caramel taste, not even close to the wonderful taste of the Bloog MaxxFusion cartos. So that was a big let down.

    The other pack was Parlament. I had gotten 1 freebie cart in my previous order, and rather liked it. Reminded me of tobacco with maybe a hint of lime. So I ordered a 5 pack, but they don't taste anything like that free one did. Sigh, 0 for 2 now.

    I already mentioned that my 3rd pack was supposed to be Waffle, but they ran out, so I now have a store credit. Wish they had just asked if I wanted something else.

    And they tossed in just 1 freebie but it was Coffee. Have already tried their coffee sampler and they grossed me out. Was hoping I would score a few extras so I could try different flavors (like that other guy from the forum who got a boatload of them). But can't really complain about a free one, just toss it into the pile of others I didn't like.

    So after that longgggg wait, it was a let down other than the nice battery. I just placed a new order with Bloog for 10 of their RY4s. The others aren't unusable, just not as good as I hoped. Maybe if I top them off with something sweet I have here they'll be OK til my next order comes. The store credit will be used for WowBoy, because I really do love that one.

    Watch out mailman!
  7. This was a crappy day in a few ways. It was very stressful at work - whatever could go wrong did. Was in the office by 7am and didn't get home til almost 6pm. And on the way home I thought, gee maybe TODAY my package from V4L will finally arrive. It has, after all, been a week since I placed the order. But nooo, it still hasn't come. Yeah I know, bad weather, etc. but geez. And then I reached for my smokes. Tasted terrible but I still smoked it. And then I had another. So there went my 14 day streak. :facepalm: Still a fantastic achievement, and not like I've gone back to them. Just my childish way of venting frustration.
  8. Waaaaaa! :( My Diamond battery was supposed to arrive today, along with new cartos, but my mailbox only had junk mail:nah:. All previous orders shipped on a Monday made it here by Wednesday, but not this one. Waaaaaa! :cry: Doubt the storm back there had anything to do with it since it had already been shipped before that started.
  9. I opened my mail and found a Gift Certificate from V4L. Wow, I wonder what I did to earn that? Well it wasn't the happy surprise I thought. It went on to say that the Waffle flavor I ordered was out of stock. So this was their version of a refund. Hmph! I was really looking forward to trying that one. And it's not like I won't be able to use the credit, but it does mean I'll be paying for shipping again. I would have rather had it on back order and have the shipping be on them.

    I'm already getting bored with the flavors I have. They don't seem strong enough. I think I like the WowBoy better prefilled than when I refill with the big bottle. And the ones I created through Gourmet Vapor taste OK but are weak - like I needed double flavor. So maybe my tastebuds just need a change of pace. Won't be with Waffle :grr: but I also ordered their RY4 and Parlement, so we'll see how those do.

    And being the seasoned veteran of vaping now :2cool: I cleaned my first cartomizer. I saw videos about boiling them in water, so instead I just heated water in the microwave, then plopped the carto in there, swished around and voila.
    Well, it looks clean and I refilled it, but haven't tried it out yet -- hope I didn't kill it.
  10. Think I've gotten my routine down now. I know which PVs I want to carry, which stay home. Got the charging rotation down. I got a couple flavors I really like for the regular day, and a couple that are good for short break. Found a nice little plastic divided box to store blank cartos, refilled ones, juices, caps, and tools ($2.00 at Walmart in the crafts section).

    I've turned my ashtray into a saucer for under a potted plant. I did get curious on Saturday about how a cigarette would taste to me now, more than a week later. So I lit one up, and eeeeeeyuck! And I was so tickled that it tasted so nasty. Just reinforced the fact that I'm done with those things.

    Talked to the guy at work that bought a kit after trying mine. Was disappointed to hear him say he really hasn't tried it yet, and bought more smokes instead. sigh. :facepalm: Guess everyone isn't as enthusiastic about these are we are.
  11. It is really hard to refrain from ordering stuff! Heard about a sale at V4L and since I missed out on that earlier, I jumped. Ordered their new diamond series battery (red) with the faceted cap and a couple new flavors of carts - finally broke down and got Waffle, LOL. Hey, if I don't try it I'll never know. Other is their RY4. I really liked the RY4 I got with the Bloog, so hopefully this one is tasty too.

    I really like how the Bloog works (no primer puff) and their cart design. So now I'm torn between two lovers :p. Trying to resist the urge to buy a 2nd Bloog battery & more carts. I'd like to see if the new diamond battery seems much different than their normal ones like everyone has been saying so far. Plus I should live with the Bloog for more than 1 day before I go all nutso and load up on that stuff.

    Oh yeah.. no more sore throat (whew)

    This brings my battery count up to 8 now (sheesh), however I don't ever use the original NJoy ones anymore, so they shouldn't really count.

    While I was initially happy with the Riva, I find I'm using it less and less, mostly just while the others are charging (like now). Plus I just really like the style of the V4L & Bloog models better. Riva is nice for battery life and versatility, but it's just too odd looking to use anywhere but home. So I'll just charge more often, big deal. That's what the PCC is for anyhow. :)
  12. It will be 1 week tomorrow... can I say I'm a non-smoker yet? Or is it like with drinking, where they are always a recovering alcoholic? OK, so I'm a recovering smoker. Yayyyyy!

    Received my Bloog Maxx Fusion today. Holy cow, this thing is awesome. Looks like a Vapor King, which is the style I prefer. But it is supposed to have some new technology, along with the cartomizers. I won't go into all the details here, since that's covered all over this forum. But I'll cast my vote among those that say this thing is a big improvement. Got the RY4 cartos and I really love that flavor. And every puff is as tasty and full of vapor as the previous one. Been using it solid for about 2 hours and there is no sign of it fading.

    Well, I'm off to finish TurboTax and get my return filed. Get a nice refund -- will spend a chunk of that on vaping supplies no doubt. LOL
  13. I've noticed the past couple days my throat is a little sore -- maybe tight feeling is a better description. Not like it hurts to swallow like a normal sore throat. I made sure today I drank plenty of water, and actually cut back on vaping to give it a rest. It would really suck if I discover I'm one of those people that can't handle PG.

    Just got a new shipment of custom juices. One is a mild tobacco with a little cocoa & caramel. Yummy. Another is mild tobacco with cocoa & mint -- its my 2nd order of this, and I can taste the mint much stronger in this batch. I think they got the % wrong, but it is still good. I was trying to mimic WowBoy -- failed, but still ended up with a nice flavor. I seem to prefer the ones that are mainly tobacco with a little extra something, rather than strongly some flavor like fruit or coffee. However, I am going to by Waffle just cuz everyone raves about it. :laugh:
  14. Still puts a smile on my face that I've gone 5 days without a smoke. Last couple I've just taken for granted, not like before where I was very aware of what I was (or wasn't) doing.

    It is a little disturbing to hear/read that this marvel isn't being embraced by the very same people that want the world to be smoke-free. Why don't they understand what a blessing this is? Then there are those with a stick-up-their-wazoo that want anything enjoyable to be prohibited - the same that are against liquor or dancing or makeup. I watched that Rachel Ray clip where she held an e-cig like it was a turd (ewww I don't even want to touch it!) Puhleeeeze. Fine, don't touch it, but don't make it illegal for me to.
  15. It's only lunchtime now, but still doing good. I have become the PV evangelist at work, LOL. Not being pushy, just telling smokers and non-smokers alike about this cool thing I've found. So far the reactions have been positive. And I had my first convert - he bought a kit from V4L over the weekend. :laugh:
    I gave one lady a 4081 & a couple carts to take home to her hubby to try. And another is currently wearing the patch, but says she'll check these out if that doesn't work for her.

    It is interesting how some people smell it and others do not. Showing it to my manager in her small office, blew out the vapor right at her and she didn't smell it. Other people say they can smell something very faint. I've been using it briefly in my cubicle, just a couple hits then back in my purse. I want to keep a low profile, even though there is no rule against it currently. If someone that doesn't understand it complains, that might give the powers that be an excuse to enact one. However I did find out it is perfectly OK to use it on the patio (there is no smoking allowed on the property, but this isn't smoking!)

    Evening Update: It is just about bedtime now. Loaded and worked on TurboTax most of the evening. If that doesn't want to make you smoke I don't know what would, but guess what? I was quite content with my Riva.:)
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