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Rather than bore everyone in the forum with my daily victories and struggles and sometimes just musings, I figure a blog is the way to go.
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  1. It is nearly 9pm on day 3, so I'm going to call it -- I have broke my previous record of being free of cigarettes. Had a couple yearnings briefly this morning, but I just kept vaping and it passed. I have also gotten better about vaping for awhile, then putting it down. Previously it rarely left my hand, LOL.
    This is great... no ashtrays to empty and clean up around (sometimes I missed the mark). No dumping out the one in the car. The only thing I haven't noticed yet is the smell. I know my house, clothes, car, etc. have to reek of cigarettes, but I still haven't noticed it. That's very weird. There's times before when I have traveled for a few hours and when I open the suitcase I immediately smelled it on my clothes. And that only after not being around it for like 4 hours. So how come I don't smell it after 3 days?:confused:
  2. Woohooo! And this is during a weekend, when I would have done more smoking than during the week. But I made it!! There was a couple times sitting at the PC where I eyeballed the smokes, but it passed and I just grabbed the PV.

    I don't want to jinx things by calling myself officially a non-smoker now. I've got to keep this up for at least a couple weeks first. Then I'll announce it my brother. Mom is tolerant, but brother is radical/mean about it.

    Also bought 3 more flavors from Gourmet Vapors. Tweaked my 1st one a little, then created 2 more. These have been in the 5ml size to try out so isn't costing much.
  3. I did it! I am so excited!!! January 21, 2011. Looks nice all 0s, 1s and 2s 01/21/2011
    (I know, I'm a little OCD with those things)

    Now that I was properly stocked up, there was no excuse. Have 6 batteries, so there's always a couple charged ones ready. Have plenty of carts & juice. And on this day I had no desire at all to reach for a cigarette. The PVs satisfied both the pacifier/habit and the nic requirements.

    Doing a happy dance.:banana:
  4. Once I found ECF, I realized that NJoy kit mom got for me wasn't going to cut it. After reading several posts and following links, I ended up at Vapor4Life. Didn't want to shell out $60+ for a kit since I wasn't sure this was the one for me. So I bought just 1 manual battery (in lavender), a USB charger, and a 5-pack of WowBoy cartos. Holy cow what a difference, I was very happy! Now sort of wishing I had bought the kit, but oh well...
    So I know I need another battery for backup. Returned to V4L and got an auto this time (metallic red, so pretty!), a PCC, tried a sample pack of coffee flavors (yuck) & another pack of WowBoy -- have decided this will be my go-to, just love it.

    Probably would have been happy with these two, but noooo, had to read more posts and saw more videos, and got curious about other models.

    Saw the Riva. Even though it is (in my opinion) one of those odd looking things, as opposed to the cig/pen style, I figured I would just use that at home, and take the VKs out in public. Plus if I got the 901, I could use my V4L cartos with it. Best of both worlds. Got the Titanium (gold-ish). It came this week (1/20/11). Still trying to get used to it...

    Around the same time I saw rave reviews about the Bloog. Geez do I need yet another PV?? Well, yeah. If it is going to last longer, etc. then let's give it a try. Got the Silver. Hasn't arrived yet...

    And now V4L came out with their Diamond series VK. So pretty! I want one! Really, another PV?!?! But, but, it's so preeeetyyyyy. Slapped myself upside the head and decided to just hold off a week. Should try out the Bloog before I shell out any more money. They will still be there later (I hope).

    Also during this time, I needed to try out some juices. Since I liked the WowBoy so much I bought the bigger bottle and another pack of prefilled, plus some blanks. At Gourmet Vapors I created my own (tobacco with cocoa, vanilla, & wintergreen, turn out pretty good!) and bought one of theirs (Bavarian Creme Brulee, sounded good, tastes horrible).

    So as of 1/21/11, I am $196 into this. Plus the packs of cigs I bought while waiting on supplies to arrive.
  5. I've never actually blogged before, seems like it is just an online journal so that would be appropriate for what I want to do here. I think that using a PV is finally going to be the way I quit smoking and I am so excited about that! So for my own benefit I would like to keep track of my progress, hurdles and discoveries. If anyone else sees this, cool. If not, that's OK too.
    I started smoking when I was about 16 because my best friend did. My father also smoked. It wasn't something I needed to hide and for many years it was socially acceptable. Heck I remember being able to walk into grocery & department stores with one. Restaurants allowed it. I could sit at my desk at work with one. Was no different than chewing gum or something. Of course all that changed. Sadly, it finally caught up with my father - he died of cancer in 1996 at 64 yrs old. Then my family started harping on me. One would think that losing a parent to that disease (and by now several other people) would have been enough to make me stop. But I didn't... half-heartedly tried several times, never lasted more than a day.

    Christmas of 2010, Mom bought me an NJoy Pro kit. I'd heard of e-cigs, saw one on TV, but knew nothing more. Tried it out and thought "hey this is pretty cool!" Even thought it tasted OK. This just might work! It came with 10 cartos. For the next couple weeks I used both those & cigarettes. Felt good about cutting back on the real ones, supplementing them with the e-cigs. When I started to get down to the last couple cartos, I started my search for refills. Discovered to my surprise you couldn't just go into any smoke shop and pick them up -- some had nothing, others had different brands. Sigh.
    So began the great internet search. Found this site. Found out what I had was old-school. Found advise/recommendations. And so it began....
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