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  1. Probably should post this in the atty modding section but I'm in a hurry. Meant to post this days ago. For the additional links I talk about in the video, click on the button that says to watch it on youtube and then expand my additional comments beneath the vid.
  2. You folks are WONDERFUL! Group hugs. After over 30 videos of support for "SteelJan," hundreds of public and private messages, and many hours of discussion with my IRL family and friends, I've decided to return. My youtube videos are once again open for viewing.

    I'm so sorry for the mistake I made in my Phoenix cartomizer review video, I have put an annotation in the video apologizing for my mistake. I've also cleaned up the comments under it to try and make it a bit less stressful for all who come across it in the future.

    One thing that I feel is very important to say is that none of the threats, damages, or hateful personal messages, etc, that I received came from here, ecf. However, I appreciate the action by those at ecf for quickly adopting a no-bullying policy. The way I see it, when a group of people unite, their strength is multiplied, their actions are amplified. Policy and leadership empowers a group, either to find and achieve those goals which united us in the first place, or towards destruction and defeat of all we seek to achieve. Seems to me that ecf already realizes this and I am sure glad it is here.

    Anyhoo, folks, your support absolutely overwhelmed me. I tried to answer each of you personally but I am just not physically able to keep up with all of it. I humbly thank you, from the heart.

    Vape Great!
  3. Thanks to everyone who showed their support after my plea for help. I've discussed this with my IRL (in real life) friends and family as well as many vaping friends and they have encouraged me to walk away, for my own health and safety. So that's what I'm doing. You all stay strong and look out for one another please. Congratulations on everyone who got off the analogs, what an accomplishment! Vape on.

    There's been too many messages coming in over the past day or so for me to answer them. I can't sit at the computer nor peck on it for very long at a time. But I do appreciate the kind words.

    Thanks again,

    SteelJan out
  4. I don't know what to do about the vaper cyber-bullying attack I've been under these past few weeks. I really don't. It was just happening in private messages, mainly on my youtube channel but the newest cartomizer review video I did has pulled them out of the woodwork and into open comments on my youtube channel.

    There's been at least one other vaper I know this has happened to, another woman vaping videographer. She's dealt with it pretty much by going away. I didn't know how to help her either, other than going to her channel, giving her thumbs-ups, and leaving encouraging notes. But the vaping cyber-bullies won and drove her away, or at least off of youtube and I rarely see her popping up anyplace else. I'll leave it to her if she wants to let you know who she is, if she's gotten some peace, I don't want to stir things up again for her.

    Here's my plea for help from you, the vaping community. Please go to my youtube channel, subscribe, and give me a thumbs up on my videos, not to say you agree with my old-lady ramblings, but just as a way of saying, "I'm with ya." Heck, ya don't even have to watch my videos if you don't want to. Maybe I've just gotten to old and feeble to be doing videos any longer. If so, I need to hear that too. Any of us who is not welcome or wanted in this community needs to at least be told to leave respectfully, yeah?

  5. Micheal Prater sent me two mods he got that were broken. One, he said, is from a popular modder and it never worked from the beginning. The other one I just learned worked for a little while and then went bad, a 5V boxmod from madvapes.

    Here's the video:

    PS, I fixed the madvapes one fairly easily. The other one was so shorted out to begin with that the regulator no longer works, only puts out about 2.5v.
  6. I'm going to be an interview guest on Russ's vapersplace radio show Click-Bank next Tuesday, March 6, 2012, at 9pm EST to discuss the issues and ideas I brought up in this series of videos. Here they are if anyone wants quick links to the videos:




    Here's the direct link to vapersplace: VapersPlace | VP Live
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