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Just a bunch of random vape related blah blah blah :)
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  1. [video=youtube_share;69GFyPbcCOk][/video]

    1080P HD POV video on how to use a multimeter to check battery voltage, coil resistance, voltage drop at the atomizer (lower resistance builds = higher voltage drop) and voltage drop of the mod itself.
  2. [video=youtube;QQbWVHSiltQ] kx_KEwT8O[/video]
  3. [video=youtube_share;pIpmTDOO5ko][/video]
  4. ]Here's a brand new vid demonstrating the correct way to rebuild your REO metal mod.

    I also go into a trick Rob told me about to help you find the source of juice in your mod :)

    Thanks for watching :)

  5. [video=youtube_share;s_DLLILgajE][/video]
  6. [video=youtube_share;iZcY7539wRM][/video]
  7. In this video, I demonstrate and describe the differences between the different REO models AND RM2 / LP RM2 (REOMIZER 2.0 ATOMIZERS).
    LP RM2

  8. In this video, I take you thru how I build my Odin Rebuildable Atomizer

  9. Here is a video that details the few tools you need and a very simple method to build and tweak your build to have you vaping your RM2 like a Rockstar :)
  10. Here's how I clean my bottom fed mech mod, maintain its contacts and maintain my battery collection for optimal conductivity :)

  11. Here's a video tutorial and review I did on wicking with rayon / cellucotton / CC:


    Props to JeremyR and Steam head :)
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