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  1. Wow, that sounds like it was a cool experiment with the Q tips. We never did anything fun like that in elementary school, but I did go to school in Germany, back in the Middle Ages...

    Now, when my taste buds are back (aren't yet, unfortunately) I will definitely have to try that with my daughter Lily. She's nine years old and the reason, along with my 27 year old son David, that I even fight this hard to quit smoking. I think she and her buddies would love a little tongue mapping! Let's see, for sweet, we can do chocolate or just sugar. Salt for salty, vinegar for sour (or lemon), lime juice for bitter (?), don't know at all about the "savory", have to check it out.
    I found a good article on the five tastes and the tongue, etc.

    Anyway, I'm not back to normal yet, mostly because I was having some trouble with my pv stuff and have still continued smoking a bit, Still the old buds are improving little by little and I can taste my juices on the very back of my tongue, the back sides, and the tip. Not reliably yet, but on and off. It's so much better than it was that I'm not complaining and I'm going to start reviewing liquids as soon as possible. Have a lot to say about all that, but don't want to do anyone a disservice by giving a bogus review.
  2. I was pretty sick with the old MS and couldn't participate at all for the last month or so. Can't wait to get back in here, have a lot of catching up to do.
  3. Well, my recent breakthrough in tasting seemed to have been a complete fluke. I swished the vapor around and around, but it seems that that one single taste bud I had so happily found freaked out and died.
    Today though I had only 2 cigarettes and was actually pretty oblivious to that fact, which is great and means that I am finally trusting the pv to be enough, without a lot of agonizing about it.
    Anyway, I was just cleaning the house and vaping away and this time the very tip of my tongue was activated. Instead of PV's LemonCreme Puff I was doing a strawberry shortcake so the flavor wasn't as intense, but once again I was amazed at just how great this can taste. I do extra everything and even with that I haven't tasted anything, so this itty-bitty blip of flavor was great anyway.
    I realize there is a correlation between not smoking and tasting the vapor, but as I've mentioned before, I still sort of doubted that my tongue would regenerate new taste buds. Have since found out that indeed it does, but that nicotine itself can also have an effect on the part of the brain that regulates taste. Also that there is no such thing as a "taste map", but the the five tastes (salty, bitter, sweet, sour, and savory) are actually scattered all over the tongue, with some small clusters occurring, but basically not.
    I'm back to hopeful and feel like my higher power is leading me by the hand like a little kid who has to have a little light in order to keep moving forward in the dark.
  4. I am a little disappointed in it. I love the ease of use and the not having to constantly refill atties and cartos, but I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what is going on here.
    It seems harder and harder to take drags off it. I'm not sure if that's actually what's happening or if it just seems that way because I am also using one of those Boge 2.0 cartomizers which are super easy to draw on and also have great vapor.
    Although they are very nice, I don't like constantly refilling them and I really don't like having to replace them constantly. The tornado cartridges are reusable forever and the only reason I even buy more is that it seems the membrane that is perforated needs to be at least a little bit there to prevent leakage.
    Even though the cartos' draw is very nice and I like the crackling noise that heated li
  5. :toast:
    This is me toasting everyone here who has helped keep me going even though I couldn't taste anything. I am now down to about 5 cigarettes a day, which if you knew me you would realize was a miracle. No hyperbole, just a miracle.
    My chronic sinusitis is gone, vanished. I'm at the stage now of coughing up the old crap that gets loosened in your lungs when you stop smoking analogs, but even that is no biggie. I am able to take deeper breaths now, too and can finally aspire to those long inhales I see the you tubers doing.
    The taste buds are staging a comeback. I accidentally "swallowed" a drag, coughed a bit and "chewed" around on it and all of a sudden there was a huge burst of taste in the very back and on the outer edges of my tongue. It was so delicious that I spent the next 5 minutes smushing vapes around my mouth and managed to recreate the taste. I am so not believing this. I had already lost hope because of the replies I had gotten that taste is just smell and that I should exhale through my nose, etc. But I now realize that even though I enjoyed the smell and even the blunted taste so much more than a cigarette, I was missing out on what makes vaping so much more than a way to quit smoking. I am vaping Pure Vapor's Lemon Creme Puff which I had ordered from Nikhil with 3 extra spoons of sweetener, extra flavor, and a bit of tingle. I had been disappointed that once again extra flavor was just something I had wasted money on, but I am now so glad I did. This flavor is UNBELIEVABLE. My mother learned to cook and bake in France and Switzerland as a young woman, and makes lemon bars that are nowhere else to be found. This flavor is so good that it was like eating, literally, one of her bars. I taste the sweetened lemon, the creaminess, and even the pastry. It burst on my tongue (the side of it, lol) like a little lemon delicious. I am now going to vape the crap out of my Strawberry Shortcake, and the other fruit thingies I have. I am also going to re-order from Kick Bass, which I have finished, but to which my tongue could not do justice at all. The bakery fruit flavors were too strong on pastry and almost absent on the fruit, which I always realized was my fault, and which is why I won't even consider posting any recommendations.
    I am now extra geeked and will have to restrain myself from annoying with all of this excitement. I'm going to fish on the forum for other people's stories about their taste buds and will also share what I have found out. I wonder if I would have found out about the back sides of the tongue thing if I hadn't been half-quit, or if the back was just protected all these 30 years.
    This is what everyone is raving about, and rightly so. I am forever grateful to all the inventors, modifying, taste-testing, and promoters of vaping. Wow.
  6. Today was a semi-successful vaping day. Btw, I noticed I posted my anti-paypal polemic twice. Guess I was fairly pissed. Still am, but I think that I will try to just do what I can to help out on the activism front, but try not to ruin for myself the fun I've been having learning and experimenting and communicating with other vapers. I'm getting real serious about quitting as quickly as I can, especially since I really don't want to get caught without my pv supplies before its all legislated out of existence.
    I'm going to lay in a good supply of nicotine juice and pick up as many extras for my tornado as my funds allow.
    Speaking of the tank... I don't know what it is, but I think the draw is getting a bit hard and I think I am doing nothing heinous here. I'm thinking that I need a very low pg percentage, the vg is just too gloppy and the wick is always clogged if I don't baby it all the time. I am really pleased with my new boge lr cartos, the draw is effortless, the vapor is out of this world, and since I don't taste anything anyway, I don't miss any potential flavor loss!:D The heat is a bit much on the lips and I need my drip tip ( how does anyone actually manage to drip into it without getting juice all over? It's tiny) for sure to not burn myself. BTW, I pay extra for an aluminum tip, but the plastic one does a better job- it doesn't conduct heat as much, duh. I wondered before I bought it, but the color was so pretty.... I really love that crackling popping thing the cartos do, very cool
    I purchased a tornado cone to go over the carto and the thing looks less silly now w/out that skinny stick on top of the fat battery. I think that for me it's feasible to refill the things for about 3 days tops because I really use a lot of juice.
    I have some 36mg nicotine juice and it is too much of a good thing, but I had to try, the 24mg wasn't cutting it. I also suspect that not everyone mixing juice is a math wizard ;) (?)
    I taste nothing but am learning to enjoy the great smell as I vape and the way my environment now smells more sweet. People tell me I smell like perfume and that just cracks me up when I remember how my smoking smell was received!
    I do still smoke though but I can barely get through a whole ciggie now, the taste is getting to be revolting.

  7. I'm so damn sick of smoking, and now I'm going a little nuts with my vapor stuff, I want All of it.
    Went to VK in Sand Springs today, like kid in candy store. Wanted it all, actually bought menthol and "Mad Cow" juice in the hopes I will taste SOMETHING. No such luck yet, but I am still smoking and can't expect my taste buds to be revived yet.
    I tried smelling some samples-blueberry, cherry, cheesecake, mad cow. De nada. I could smell the regular menthol and bought it even though I don't like mint or menthol. I don't like a strong cinnamon, candy-type one either, but have been told that might be a good strong one to get through.
    I bought a 1000 mAh silver ego battery, too, some new blank tank carts, and as a last-minute inspiration I asked about the low resistance cartomizers I've read so much about. She popped one on my ego after showing me how to (carefully) drip juice onto the filter. I took a quick puff and a HUGE stream of vapor hit the back of my throat and almost choked me. I coughed a bit and they both told me to take loooong, slow drags, demonstrating. I did, still almost choked on throat hit, but exhaled an enormous white cloud. I loved it! Been playing around with both of my styles- the tank and the LR. I like them both very much and consider myself lucky that I am a newbie now that so many improvement to PVs have been made. The only down to the LR is that it heats up too much at times. I might spring for a cone after all. Cosmetically it will look better, too I think, but that long silver battery hanging out front there with that itty-bitty black stem I stick in my mouth- something crude and sexy about it. Also, there's no WAY you would mistake it for an analog. More like a space cigar.
    I'm excited to have indulged my growing obsession with pv STUFF and can see myself easily spending more than I do for cigs, but I think I'll calm down and get started counting my savings. I want one of those banners that announce how many days without a smoke and how much money saved. Some have something else, too, but can't remember right now. Oh well, I don't care, am a bit giddy and have a weird tast on my tonge from continually vaping my juices will-nilly. I think I smoked maybe 5 cigs today. Just amazing.... Never thought it'd happen, thought I was doomed to a disgusting early end which I'd brought on myself. I tell everyone I see smoking about it. I'm like a proselytizing, fundamentalist Christian, or a recovering alcoholic (which I am in a way).
    I'm going to blog away to myself, like journaling. If anyone wants to ride this newbie journey with me, that's ok.
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