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  1. Back in early 2014, I had just really come around to mods from the cigalikes and pen versions. I wanted to experience more mods, more tank types...and definitely more juices that just did NOT function in those blasted pens.

    I think that every week for a 2-3 month period I was buying quantities...vast quantities...of juice.

    Just how in hades was I going to get through all of these? It took a few months to ask myself this. Other than a few that were definitely ADVs, there were dozens of juices I hadn't even touched yet. There still are.

    What I've found is that my juice 'hoarding' has turned into a wonderful aging experiment for myself. I'm just now opening juices from May (sometimes earlier), and finding the flavour profiles to be amazing. 99% of my juices are Nicoticket, but I have a bunch as well that were in the same boat (Triphammer - oh how I LOVE Pink Custard;Alice in Vapeland; Vapor Chef). There is nothing that I'm opening now that is older than May!

    So, I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as having 'too much' liquid, although at this point...I'm beginning to seriously consider making my own. Once, that is, I put a dent in my extensive collection of well-aged juices:)
  2. I recently went to Greece with my husband, on one of those 'once in a lifetime' vacations.

    As a vaper, I knew that I needed to travel smart; put my liquids in a quart sized baggy (carry-on, to avoid any that might go 'missing' due to a TSA search), put my batteries in my carry-on, extra atomizer heads as I didn't want to have to coil my own while away. Tanks, extra juice, extra mods...I took everything into account.

    Or so I thought.

    In my preparation for my flight, I had unpacked and repacked everything, making sure it all was 'sorted' and 'in order'. My 'thoroughness', however, resulted in one very large-scale faux pas:

    I forgot my backup, and my backup's backup. Tanks, atomizers heads, batteries, cotton, even my emergency ego-c twist

    That's right. On my desk, at home, 8000 miles away.

    At first, I thought that my items had been seized by TSA; my husband had a notice in his bags stating that his packed luggage had been chosen for 'review'. When I couldn't find my items, I assumed that I had packed everything in his bag. I quickly realized, however, that there was no way I would have done that.

    Here I am, in a foreign country, I can't speak a lick of the language (let alone read it). I realized at that time the importance of always having a backup. The backup, or the backup's backup, isn't all packed away in one place, in one bag. The purpose of a backup is to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket; to avoid a SPOF (single point of failure) in your plan. One bag gets stolen? You have a spare. One bag gets shipped to the wrong airport? You have another spare in your carry on or in your partner's bag.

    My mistake was in putting all of my needed spare parts in one place. I carried the unnecessaries on me, and didn't pay enough attention to the items that would truly come in handy.

    I was fortunate enough to find a vape shop; it was out of the way, but well worth the cab ride. The nice gents at Atmistique hooked me up with a spare mechanical, a wonderful Atmistique Eviva, and various other sundry items I thought might come in handy on my two week trip.

    To make a long story short, do not take lightly forum advice to always pack a backup. Backups are great, but packing those backups wisely also need to be taken into account as well.
  3. Yes, I am a noob.

    Until a few days ago, I've always used devices (VV/VW), and used stock coils. When I ran out, I'd order more.

    I decided to venture into the world of both drippers, and a mechanical mod (Reo mini 2.1). Looking at the videos for rebuilding coils made it SEEM super easy, so I wasn't daunted by losing my coil cherry when my mod, or the drippers finally arrived.

    Well, the drippers came last week (2 igo-L). I had my Kanthal, pliers, light...everything that I thought I would need. And then, lo and behold...I got a good look at the posts.

    Small. So very, very small.

    I waited a day or two, thinking about what I should do. Did I *really* want to drip? Was it that much of a big deal to order the altogether random stock atomizers heads from kanger? Seriously random, mind 1.8 orders would come in ranging anywhere from 1.8 to 2.6.

    I was about to say, "No big," and then I realised...I still had an Reo mini coming in. I had to rebuild the reomizer. *PANIC*

    I'm 46. My eyes are not that great. I wear glasses, and over the last few years, the prescription has consistently changed every year (for the worse). How was I *EVER* going to be able to do this, aside from going into a shop and asking someone to build for me?

    I found some surprisingly inexpensive (and PERFECT) tools to help!

    lluminated Multipower LED Binohead Magnifier

    This was the best $7.87 I ever spent. Seriously. I can see what I am doing, it lights up, and...well, my husband makes fun of me when he sees it on me.

    Lutz 4-In-One Pocket Screwdriver

    This is the size of a pen. It LOOKS like a pen. Ran me I think $2.99 in Ace.

    Dispensing Needle, Blunt Tip 14 ga x 1-1/2" 50 pcs

    Perfect for not only helping to thread the cotton into the coil, but also useful for DIY mixing:)

    Ohm Meter

    You might be able to get one cheaper, but get one nonetheless. You'll be needing this. I like this one because it is very small and compact.

    Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo

    I haven't actually used this, but it is on order. My hands shake like a ...., and my coils are all over the place. From what I've read, this thing is perfect. And cheap. Did I mention, cheap?

    We all know we're spending tons of money on mods and juices, at least we can hope for cheap, functional tools that will make our experience easier!

    :vapor: Vape on!:vapor:
  4. New Here
    Once I started vaping, I started to realise that there were hundreds of thousands of people out there that do it; some of them for the same reasons (better health, dumping the carcinogens in a regular smoke); some of them do it for hobby. I did my usual Google-fu, and tried to find some discussion boards or forums, that weren't all run by 18 year olds talking about how to properly vape ... levels. Seriously, I don't need to read it. I'm 46, I know how to smoke weed, not that I do...but it wasn't what I *needed* to convince me that I wasn't alone.

    Then, day I found the e-cigarette forums. I watched the forums for many months, never participating. So much information was here, however, how could I NOTsign up?

    Well, I didn't, not until recently. I had so many questions about who to go to, and who not to go to...why some of my plastic tanks cracked, my glass ones didn't. WHAT'S A GOOD JUICE, most importantly. After 5 months of blackberry/blackcurrant vapes. I didn't want this to beocme like a typical meal for me at TK Noodle - 20 years eating there, and I order the same thing all of the time.

    I want a DIFFERENT noodle. And oh, boy, did I find the king noodle of hardware/juice discussions.

    So I ended up signing up, and am thoroughly pickled that I am.
  5. New Life
    Well now that this is out of the way, I wanted to put together some thoughts on the various liquids I've been trying over the last few months. Also, I will be muddling over the most recent purchases.

    When I stopped smoking in December, for quite possibly the 800billionth time, it was needed. I was having surgery shortly, and they would refuse to perform it due to my horrific breathing. My O2 levels were pretty much in the 'this woman should be in the hospital for treatment' stage. Rather than give up on it and just puff my way away and *hope* that nobody would notice, I decided to actually bite the bullet and quit.

    I bought a bunch of pens and cartridges from V2. Some of them were great. Many of them, not so great...and sadly I ended up with more of the latter, leaving me somewhat jonesing for a better experience.

    I looked around, high and low...I wanted something similar to smoking, but no, it doesn't have to look like a light up smoke. It just has to give me the nicotine that I needed, and keep me from going through withdrawal - not just physical, but tactile and taste and order. I am a bit OCD, so things have to be a certain way at a certain time (ie, smoking after eating, when I first come home, etc).

    Somehow, I found my way to Totallywicked-Eliquid, ordered there EgoC+ Tornado 1000mh. I picked up a bunch of liquids (Blackberry, Raspberry, Tutti Frutti), and went on with my way. At this point, I was still on the fence...the berries both rather tasted like air freshener, there was just something underneath that didn't work. Those flavour palettes should work, but they didn't. On the TWEL forums, however, there were some wise suggestions: add Blackcurrant.

    Wow, and did it make all of the distance.It was a sweet vape, one that wasn't overwhelming, and perfect. I didn't think twice about having a cigarette. It's been almost 5 months now, and I'm so not interested in ever picking up/tasting/smelling a smoke again.

    This is the start of my new life, where I can actually run (for small bits - really horrible knees); I can walk without getting winded,I can clean my laundry and know that it's not going to come right back out and smell like an ashtray.

    These days, everything smells like custard, or guava o strawberries.
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