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Just a place for me to put my notes and thoughts for future reference.
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  1. View attachment 209811 0.19 drop

    Full battery: 4.14 V
    Underload 3.95
    Drop: 0.19
    Kayfun v3.1 Beta @ 0.9 ohms
  2. View attachment 205241 View attachment 205242 View attachment 205243 View attachment 205244
    Decided to rewick my AC9 tonight. Used ekowool 2mm, wrapped it in 400 ss mesh, put 30 g Kanthal A-1 5/6 on a 3.25 mm knitting needle (my typical way of making coils lol), attached it my AC9 and slid my wick in it (after a trim).... plumes of vapor and great taste.
  3. Kayfun v3.1 on my Provari today. I must say that it's an awesome vape. I usually partner it with the Poldiac at <1 ohm but I felt like something different today so I did a 1.6 ohm Kanthal A-1 3/4 wrap on 2 mm ekwool wick on a Provari, set it at 4V (10W), and it was extremely good. The flavor, the warmth... etc. Vaping Roarvapor Truth Serum on it. In the beaker is green tea with lots of lemon :). Have a great day! :vapor: (For those who want to see what the kayfun looks on other mods, I put a couple other pics in.)

    View attachment 200856 View attachment 200857
    View attachment 200859 poldiac
    View attachment 200860 nemesis
  4. [video=youtube;xncfcfnP-uY][/video]
  5. Received my Kayfun Mini 2.1 today. Played around with it a bit. Thought I'd put up some pics to help anyone with the different configurations. It's beautifully designed. Tried it in dripping mode set up and normal mode. I set it up for 0.9 ohms with 30g Kanthal A-1 on a doubled over ekowool wick. At first, in normal mode, juice leaked out of the air hole but adjusting the air adjustment screw did the trick for me. If it's screwed in too far, it'll touching the center pin. Other causes of leaks can be due to the filling valve. Can clean the valve by flushing it with water using the bottle in the kit, making sure liquid can go in but not come back out. When setting up the coil, had to lift the coil a little bit and make sure it wasn't too low on the air duct. Note: The manufacturer suggest that the coil should run diagonally between the screws across the air duct, the tails of the wicks down the post then above the grooves but not in the grooves.

    Drip mode holds 20-25 drops (34 mm in length), Standard mode holds 2.8 mls (60.5 mm in length) and Long mode holds 6.0 ml (82 mm in length).

    Here are some pics:
    View attachment 193097 Full kit (no wire came with mine.. bleh)

    View attachment 193098 Dripping Mod
    View attachment 193099 Normal Mode
    View attachment 193100 Long Mode (You can also do variations by switching tank places)
    View attachment 193344 How it looks on my Poldiac.
  6. Heard a few people say that the cobalt blue tank doesn't fit the ZAP... Well, it does, you just have to use the o-rings that comes with it. It's a beauty ^^

    View attachment 192151
  7. [video=youtube;j8RH0LVeYNA][/video]

    Just a little video to show the vapor production using my Poldiac, with a kick set to 9W and an AC9 rba. I used a 28g Kanthal A-1, 5/6 wrap, 0.9 ohms, on an unoxidized 400 SS Mesh wick. I'm vaping 100% VG juice Virgin Vapor Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich. Bought my Poldiac from (Note: This is not a review - for great reviews on the Poldiac, please see RnMReviews and/or Todd ecigreviews, thanks.)
  8. View attachment 189968 View attachment 189970 Igo L Rebuildable Atomizer : Received one today and wasn't expecting much because it's relatively inexpensive. Considering many of my pieces have run over $100, this one costs me $13.95 from I was very happy with the price, and that I finally found one.:) They were kind of hard to find, sold out everywhere.

    I had heard mixed reviews about this product, and the first thing I checked was the cap. Mine was not loose, it fits snuggly. Not sure if I was lucky or they fixed the problem of having too loose of a cap.

    It comes with an extra screw, o-rings, one piece of stock wire and a piece of silica wick. For my first set up, I used the stock wire and wick that came with it. Not long enough to double it, I had to do a single thread through the coil instead of doubling it. Not knowing what gauge the wire was, I went ahead and did 5 wraps, and it came out 2.4 ohms on my provari. Lining the airhole up with the coil, adding about 10 drops of ejuice, I got a decent throat hit. Some say it is a cool vape, but at 4.6V, it gave me a tasty and warm vape.

    For my second set up, I used 30g kanthal A-1 and 5 wraps, which gave 1.5 ohm with my own silica wick, doubling it up. No initial leaks. If it leans towards the air hole, it will leak. Good overall performance.

    Side notes: Rebuildable dripping atty (not tank), need a small screwdriver for the screws, and for me, it was a little too tightly packed of an area to work in and was a bit annoying but definitely due able.
  9. 3-1-1 rule: (3 oz) Not one single bottle can go over 100 ml. One quart plastic bag filled with as many juices I can fit View attachment 189494 One per person.

    View attachment 189495 View attachment 189496 Found small plastic bins and a medium ebag packing cube fantastic to bring all my essential vaping gear. Couldn't believe how much it held.

    View attachment 189497 Placed my provari in the bin before going through the metal detector, they said "I've never seen THAT type of e-cig" but no problem passing it through. I wore it on the plane and when it was dark, I vaped a few times but not a lot. :vapor: I did stealth though, held my breath for ~10 sec. so hardly any mist if any came out.

    Here I am with my purse and all my vaping gear. View attachment 189498
  10. View attachment 185783 View attachment 185784 Provari mini with extension, Black AMP with 3 ml tank and HH 357 long barrel 1.5 ohm atty, and then with the 5 ml tank.

    My thoughts:
    I bought this because I am a fan of the hh 357 long barrel atty, and how cool it would be to use that atty with a tank. Before I got into rebuildable atomizers, I would've killed for one of these lol. Now... perhaps maim hehe.

    What do I think of it? I like it. It's incredibly simple for one. Although I love my Prive carto tank, there are some people who don't want to punch holes in their cartos. Not to mention worried that they will get a bad batch of Boge cartos /cry. With this tank, an absolute beginner can take their favorite 510 atty and pop it in this, and get their vape on.

    No leaking so far, been using it on my Atlanta trip bringing it around testing it.

    I tried it on Assisted feed and manual feed. Assisted feed is when you unscrew your atty just a bit so your juice continuously goes in (in this mode, would see your atty's threads on the bottom), and manual is when you screw your atty all the way down and when you want more juice, you cover the little vent hole on the bottom and take a short pull. I am using 100% VG juice (a DIY Horchata flavor) and had no problems with it on Auto feed.

    Specs: Assisted and manual feed, Fused Quartz Glass Tank, Anodized Aluminum Caps and Valve, can use with 510 atomizers, comes with an extender if you use the 5ml tank and you don't have a long barrel atty.

    Set up explained by Hanna with great detail:
  11. Someone wanted to see what the AC9 looked on a provari. Here is a pic of how the AC9 looks on my mini provari View attachment 184394

    The AC9 is a fantastic rba. As much as I love my ZAP, I've been favoring the AC9. A little tighter draw than the ZAP (can buy another cap if you want an even tighter draw but I don't). I really like the ease of attaching the kanthal to the positive terminal, it's just a matter of slipping it between the screw and washer. For the entire set up, all you will need is a small screwdriver, unlike the ZAP where you need an allen wrench. It also has an adjustable center post to raise/lower it. It's built extremely well, solid purchase if you're wavering. ^^

    More notes: Putting the AC9 onto a Provari is no problem, however, I have read that it has problems with other mods so I decided to try it on my Poldiac. It worked flawlessly with that mod as well. I did have to adjust the Poldiac's positive post 1 full turn to the left to make contact for it to fire. Threading was no problem.

    Stats for AC9:
    Stainless steel, PMMA tank (wish it was glass), large generous wick hole 3.5 mm, air hole 1.5 mm, fill hole 2.75 mm
  12. View attachment 181677 My new aga t+: couldn't be happier with it for the price I paid for it. Nice draw for those who hate the open draw that the ZAP has. A little tighter draw than I prefer but good vapor, good flavor, and good price.

    View attachment 181679 z atty pro: extremely open draw, got used to it fast. love it. love it. love it.

    View attachment 181680 hh .357 atty: these are probably the best attys, albeit expensive. Ikenvapes which aren't as expensive are pretty nice for a runner up, but it's a juice hog lol. I knitted my mini provari a little cozy that is attached to my lanyard. If anyone tries to jump me, I can knock them out with it lol.

    View attachment 181678 Prive tank: Love this carto tank. I like Vivi novas too but sometimes you just want to use a good boge carto and not worry about it drying out (Have a boge xl lr 2.0 ohm carto in it with two holes punched on each side near the bottom).
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