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  1. well i have an adv now ... dark horse by heathers heavenly vapes

    and some nice runners up
    boba tea by ahlusion
    chocolate cream by ahlusion
    huntsman by heathers heavenly vapes
    mocha java smooth by heathers heavenly vapes
    pirates booty by heathers heavenly vapes
    shisha hooka by parkes vaping
    dragon wine by pbdragon
    french vanilla cinnamon coffee by the vapor girl
    vanilla custard by the vapor girl
    white beard by velvet cloud vapor

    and many more sometimes vapes that are too numerous to mention
  2. i have two juices fighting for my all day vape ... it is not that i really want an all day vape i just find myself vaping these two juices most of the time ... so what is my dilemma ... well i really like variety and i have other juices i enjoy but they do not get the attention they deserve :facepalm: .... hmm time to go juice searching again and at least i have tasty back up for when i forget to order my two main ones ... now to find more main ones :D
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