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  1. I was a 1-2 pack/daysmoker for over 10 years. I’ve tried to quit more times than I can honestlycount. I’ve tried nicotine gum, patches, the “cold turkey” method and chewingtobacco or “snus”. None of these methods were successful for me. I continued touse cigarettes and watched my health continue to decline. Even when I was awayfrom cigarettes for short times while attempting to quit, my quality of lifesuffered. I became easily agitated around loved ones, suffered through each dayat work, and honestly couldn’t think about anything other than driving to thegas station and spending what little money I had on a pack of smokes.
    Enter electroniccigarettes, or “vaping.” Wow. This method of delivering nicotine in to mysystem has been, for lack of any other accurate way to describe it, alife-saver. I began using e-liquid at about 24mg rating. I’ve since droppedthat down to 14mg, and going strong. Soon, I will be dropping this amount againwith the goal being ZERO!! Thanks to vaping, I have not smoked a cigarettesince February 2012.
    Now, I do not feel anyof the above listed symptoms of quitting smoking as I had before. Even when Iam not able to vape, my body feels comfortable not needing a cigarette.
    It took a couple ofweeks to realize the actual impact cigarettes were having on my health. SinceI’ve been away from them, my taste buds have significantly improved, my energylevel increased, I hardly ever cough, I rarely have heartburn (which was adaily issue), my sense of smell has returned and, most importantly, I CANBREATHE!! I can truly feel my lungs expand as I take a full, long and deepbreath. Also, as a singer, my voice has improved tremendously! I am hittingnotes I have never been able to hit before!!
    It’s no secret thatnicotine on its own is (generally speaking) no more harmful than caffeine. Yes,it is an addictive substance, but it is the delivery method that can bepotentially hazardous to your health. Any combustion method (i.e. cigarettes,cigars, pipes, etc) introduce the harmful ash and tar, along with countlessother carcinogens. Vaping does NOT!
    Understand that I amnot making a claim that vaping is a true smoking cessation product. Although ithas been WIDELY and SUCCESSFULLY been used as such, this is not the true issuehere. The issue is over-regulation. If the nicotine levels are reduced too low,then the product does not satisfy the addict’s craving, making it much morelikely that the addict will revert back to their normal method of satisfyingthe craving.
    Personally, I have enjoyedmany different flavors of e-liquid as well. Everything from standard “tobacco”flavors to a variety of fruit and, my personal favorite, vanilla. Between thepleasant taste and the absorption of nicotine, I have NO URGE to pick up acigarette. As a bonus, everyone around me says it smells delicious. Never haveI heard anybody speak that way about cigarettes.

    I, and on behalf of the many people in my life that have successfully turnedaway from cigarettes thanks to this wonderful product, IMPLORE the FDA not topropose the “deeming” regulation because it would ban e-cigarettes, and wouldsharply increase the price and reduce accessibility of the products even if theFDA exempted e-cigarettes from the most onerous provisions in Chapter IX.

    Furthermore, understandthat not all vape users have the full understanding of the product as others.Just as not all who consume a certain type of food or beverage truly understandEVERY aspect of that product and what it introduces in their system. Therefore,I implore the FDA to remove text from its web site that in inaccurate and/ormisleading regarding e-cigarettes. I do not believe it is the goal of the FDAto deter people from improving their health and substantially decreasing theirspending, so I cannot deduce why this misinformation is there. Surely it is notbecause of the large tobacco companies’ influence due to the lost revenue toe-cigarettes…

    “For example, many people believe that e-cigarettes are very likely to causecancer or poison the user because the FDA“forgot” to mention that the amount of carcinogens detected in liquid are nohigher than in pharmaceutical nicotine products such as the patch and gum, andthat the only toxin detected was in an amount that has never been shown toendanger health.”

  2. Almost 2 packs/day, 10+ years.

    I'm only 27 years old. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I just finished a marathon.

    2 weeks ago today, I walked into a local Walgreens and bought a BLU starter kit. That was the same day I smoked my last analog. I remember unpackaging my kit, and painfully waiting until it was fully charged. While waiting, I smoked a cigarette.

    Then it was charged! So I put my 2 piece e-cig together, and took my first puff. I remember thinking "Wow! Doesn't quite taste like a cigarette, but somehow, it is satisfying." 3 hours later, my mind played a little trick on me. I was in shock, and couldn't believe that I really didn't want an analog. I thought that so deeply, that I convinced myself that I really DID want one. So, I put on my coat, stepped outside into the freezing Ohio weather, and lit one up. Half way through, it dawned on me. "Why in the hell am I out here freezing??"

    A week later, after reading what all of the great people on ECF had to say, I realized that I wanted to go deeper into what vaping had to offer me. So, after much research, I visited and ordered my SLB KGo Starter Kit, along with a multitude of cartomizers to see which I preferred.

    Now, the smell of an analog disgusts me. I can't believe that I used to walk around smelling like that. I think back to holidays like Thanksgiving with the family (most of which do NOT smoke!), and I felt terrible. I can't believe that I crowded the table with that awful scent!!

    So here I am, two weeks smoke free!! I've just ordered my E Turbo Atomizer or "Stardust", along with about 7 MORE flavors of ejuice.

    I have to say, for my first true PV, the KGo is amazing!! I'm having what seems to be TOO MUCH fun mixing flavors and cartomizers, and showing it off to all of the smokers in my life. I've already converted 5 of them!!!!

    I wouldn't exactly call myself an overly religious man, but I can think of nothing else to do but pray and thank GOD for vaping. I think of all of the carcinogens, tar and who knows what else I've been pumping into my body for the last 10+ years, and only wish that I had discovered vaping sooner.

    That being said, my new goal is to open a vape shop. I don't know where, and I don't know when, but I will. And yes, I will use it to turn a profit, but not to rip anybody off. Rather, to help do all I can to turn analog smokers on to vaping. I can truly say that it helped save me, so I want to learn all I can and do all I can to help others as well!!!!!!!

    Happy vaping to all!! :rickroll: