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  1. "you will not find any guides or information within this blog post. i dont know how searching works on blogs here so im just putting this quick disclaimer up to save you from reading the entire article if you were misdirected here while search for some answers. this is just my personal view on vaping since i started .

    5 months ago while trawling through the vastness of the interweb i stumbled on a site that sold electronic cigerettes. now having been a smoker since 13 year old this idea of smoking without tobacco was , well frankly too good to be true. i immeddiately ordered a starter kit and some tobacco flavoured e-liquid. when it arrived i went through the prefilled cartridge ( basic case stuffed with mesh) within an hour. it tasted amazing , i got vapour and it looked like a cigerette. couldnt believe my luck. i immediatedly did some browsing online and found i could get beefier models clear tank cartomizers( i still dont know the difference between attys and cartos ect yet btw. i just buy stuff and vape) but i had some severe issues with leaking and it just wasnt the same. i found myself being fustrated at the cost of all this liquid being wasted and the cartos having a burnt taste after a day or 2. id even ordered diy liquid kits and googled reciples and mixtures but again this was a failure. i couldnt even go back to the simple starter set i bought , because i was so impressed with it i gave it to my mother in law who although her skin doesnt show it. has smoked heavily all her life !

    time passed , id moved back onto analogues until on august 18th i went cold turkey. packed smoking in entirely . ( still havnt had one since)

    now i dont crave cigerettes , but i do miss the taste and the feel of exhaling , there is just something theraputic about it. so i did a big of research and bought myself an "itaste vv 510" and a "2.8ml vivi nova". i dont know whether it was dumb luck or what but this was a whole new experience. my flavours that id kept from my previous foray into vaping tasted sublime ! i was billowing vapour like a steam train. was this vaping heaven? that i had searched for previously and failed. i think so.

    but then yesterday i signed up to these forums. id viewed threads previously and found them to be of good use. and my word since signing up and browsing im as lost as ever. so much information , so much promise and potential. ihybrids , zenesis apvs , rebuildable atomizers , pirex tanks over plastic , cinnamon to glow in the dark liquids. and then it dawned on me. there isnt a need to fear being lost. be excited by it. so it got me thinking. how many hours over the past couple of weeks have i spent researching product lines and watching video reviews. and what in particular was i looking for? and the answer was nothing , i just found it interesting.

    im happy with my cheap little itaste , and my mini nova. and i cant really afford ( or get the wife to condone for that matter) spending £££££ on these fantastic contraptions and different ways to vape. i just enjoyed looking. that is why vaping is working for me the second time round , were it did not originally.

    when i first vaped , it was to quit smoking. now i vape as a hobby..
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