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    This short iJoy Combo SRDA (not the Combo RDA) really surprised me...

    Bought me a Capo 216 to back up my old mech squonker. It came with a Combo SRDA which I didn't care much about...bias, I guess, of its low price ($14.99) and it's strictly a DTL type. It's the dual 20700 battery that drove my decision. Came to realise later that it does actually perform better than the more expensive ones in my vape arsenal.

    Upon closer examination, I found it a pretty ingenious little device: Easy maintenance, spitback control, and why this RDA doesn't get hot.

    1. Maintenance.
    Uses drop-in coils. Remove old deck and install a new one. Clean the old one and re-wick for next use. Easy...
    2. Spitback control
    Offsetting the barrel air slots away from the coil cover slots confines hot liquid side spits within. "ok, well..what happens to the airflow when the air holes or slots do not line up?" Same performance. The space between the coil cover and the rda barrel, with the top cap making a seal, acts like an air tunnel. When you draw, air travels around and eventually finds the coil cover slots and do its thing.
    3. Body temp.
    The coil cover provides a barrier between the coil and the barrel, and together with the air movement in between, I guess it's safe to say this RDA is probably the coolest to the lips than any other RDA's in the market.

    Added bonus: Never have oil creeps coming from the air holes/slots...yet. We'll see.
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