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  1. Ok here is a way of doing a actual extraction process pain free complete with pictures. For this example I used a Pecan Coffee a member from another forum sent me. This method can be used with Coffee, Tea, Cinnamon and Tobaccos.
    Things you will need:
    1 GLASS 30 ml bottle
    1 bottle to pour the finished extraction in I prefer glass
    Coffee, Tobacco, Cinnamon or Tea. Or whatever your little heart desires to extract.
    Small Pot
    Mason Jar with lid
    Coffee Filter
    Thermometer to get water temp as accurate as possible

    1. Place a coffee filter on the mason jar like below.

    2. Now attach the lid. It may or may not screw on, if it doesn't don't worry it will still hold the filter.

    3. Grind the coffee beans ( tobacco etc ) really good until it is like a cocoa consistency or very fine. The finer the better. Here I am using a Pecan Coffee a friend sent me.
    4. At this point I took the coffee grounds and filled half a 30 ml bottle. I then poured some PG until I filled it just to the top and gave it a really good shake. I then let the coffee sit in the bottle of PG for 24 hours. During that time you may have to re top off the bottle with more PG due to the coffee soaking it up. Tobacco I notice needs this more than the coffee.
    5. After 24 hours I put the bottle in the microwave for 10 seconds (Nothing More). Gave a quick shake and set it aside. I filled a pot of water just enough to just reach the neck of the bottle but not go over. if you fill too much water will go into the bottle and ruin the mixture.
    6. I warmed up the water to around 160-180 just enough that it is steaming hot not boiling. I placed the bottle of extraction in the pot and let it sit in the hot bath for 40 minutes.
    After the 40 minutes I took out the bottle and poured the extraction into the mason jar with filter on it.

    8. I then let it sit like this for 24 hours. I did not push on top of the filter to get more juice. You might end up poking your finger right through the filter and dump all the grounds in your extraction. I let it drain naturally so I didn't end up with any particles in my extraction. I wanted a clean as possible extraction and I think I got it. I also ended up with just over 10 mil of the final extraction. Tobaccos I have noticed I get slightly less (10 mil and less) due to the amount of PG it soaks up.
    I then poured the extraction into a bottle and labeled it with born on date and the name of the coffee. I used 10% flavoring in a 50/50 mix and it was outstanding. For Tobaccos I used 5% and it was really good but again you will need to adjust to your preference. One of the best coffee vapes I have had but it does need to steep. Couple of weeks IMO should be sufficient but your results and preferences may vary. Tobaccos may need more time to steep. My Acid cigar I think was best after a month of steeping. I also noticed that my final juice was not as dark as most flavorings. Seemed to last and not gunk up atties so fast as well.
    I also have done this using a ACID cigar too and it also came out very nice. I did however use a drop or two of MTS Wizard with my cigar mix. MTS gave it some body and depth to the flavor I think was lacking. It really depends on what kind of tobacco you use though. Some may be more bold and flavorful than others but that is the fun of doing this too.
    You can also try using this method using VG instead of PG but I hate yet to try that.
    So I hope this gives an idea on how to make your own extraction. The sky is the limit and I hope you have as much fun as I did.
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