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  1. Dont think there is a complete list its very extensive.

    Kompact Kayfun 2.5 ml

    Kayfun with 34 mm bell cap w nano chimney. 2.8 ml

    Silverplay base w chimney and Kayfun nano chimney 2.5 ml

    Kayfun in Orchid tank 4 ml

    Kayfun M tank 5 ml

    Kayfun standard chimney . 4.5 ml

    Kayfun steel tank4.5 ml

    One ECF member rigged a longer chimney and had a 34 mm bell cap sitting on top of an M tank giving him a Kayfun that held 9-10 ml.

    You could do same thing with shorty 25 mm tall bell cap 9-9.7 ml tank.

    Then you have to bring in tge kayfun snd clone bases.
    Lite Plus
    Lite plus V2
    Monster V3
    Monster Mini V3

    The new Mini V3. And K5 not compatible with pieces above

    The Mini that is onlt 18 or 19 mm diameter

    There could be hundreds of permutations that could be assembled when you consider the different deck screw screws available

    Then you need to consider all the pieces bases that came and went before i got into Kayfuns. You could have tens of thousands of permutations possible.
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  2. I have several stock coil heads for the nautilus Mini. Those are set aside for when ny left hand goes and can no longer build or see well enough to build.

    I have never found Pre made coil head that provides the flavor my hand made coil makes.

    You're probably thinking "but i don't want to build every 2-3 days.

    One of my coils lasts me for 2 1/2-3 months.

    I replace the wick every 2-3 days but it only takes 2 minutes for me to pull the wick, dry burn the kanthal or stainless steel coil, replace wick and cut to size and I'm vaping again. When i used Rayon i only needed to rewick once a week- 10 days

    Also i'm not paying $1-5 for each coil head

    My coils cost about 2 cents each. I can build a coil and replace wicks every 2-3 days and total cost of about 15 cents. Cost really goes down if you use Rayon about 5 cents for three months
  3. 1. Pocket friendly 10 mm taller than Mini Volt but holds a full 18650 battery

    2. Fires 1-75 watts

    3. Lighter weight than most other single battery mods.

    4. Does either power or wattage mode.

    5. Very accurate ohm meter.

    6 firmware upgradeable.

    7. Battery goes in upside down. If the battery vents the gasses will be directed from your face

    8. Very stable chip set.

    9. With the screw cap you can use either flat or button top 18650 batteries in a pinch

    The Pico is my favorite mod EVER! I have four of them
  4. A diatribe about two SJMY doggys then a blow by blow comparison between the new doggy and my Kompact Kayfun

    SJMYdoggy vs SJMY doggy.

    A few months ago i got the SJMY doggy and totally DISPISED the. Thing

    Old one leaked like a sieve UNLESS it had a 2.5 mm coil. New one has a 2 mm coil and hasn't leaked a drop in 3.5 hours.

    Old one the AFC was so loose the AFC came off every time i filled or wicked the doggy. The new one the AFC ring is so tight i thought i would break the tank before i got it off.

    The old one had HUGE screw heads i could barely get a 2.5 mm coil in it without shorting the coil on the screw heads. The new one the screw heads are slightly snaller. Im not crazy about needing a regular screw driver to build the doggy. I wish i could replace the screw heads with screws that use the Phillips screwdriver.

    New SJMY doggy vs Kompact Kayfun

    Flavor. The Kompact Kayfun wins hands down. The flavor in the doggy was muted.

    Ease of build the larger screw heads makes the doggy a cinch to build. I built it the first try. The Kayfun often takes me 10 tries to trap the first lead. BIG WIN for my messed up left hand.

    Capacity. The doggy wins. Holds 3.5 ml. Kayfun only 2.5 ml

    Height (pocket friendly) Kompact Kayfun wins. 2 mn shorter. So close almost a non issue

    Assortment color replacement tanks. Kompact Kayfun wins. ASST colors. Doggy only has translucent tanks

    Replacement parts. A slight win for Kompact Kayfun. There are no spare Doggy bases available. You can get spare tanks, abd chimneys. No spare base or tge nut that holds the chimney and tank together are not available.

    Im glad i gave the Doggy another chance. I have placed three SXK doggys in my cart.

    I will be switching to the Doggy just because it is so much easier for me to build. However i WILL miss the better flavor of the Kompact Kayfun
  5. There was discussion about fancy coils vs simple round wire builds.

    This morning i did a test

    I usually use tge following. Setup.

    Istick pico at 8 Watts
    70%vg 30%pg diy juice
    Kayfun Lite Plus v2 rta
    .8 ohm coil.

    This morning everything was identical except the coil was. 77 ohm.

    I could get an ok amount of vapor all the way down to 5 Watts.

    I could get some vapor even lower but would have to chain vape.
  6. This is an RTA designed similar to the Siren GTA (Genesis Tank Atomizer).

    The build deck is sort of in the middle about 6-8 mm above the bottom and tails go down to the bottom of the atomizer.

    The atty is 28 mm tall not counting drip tip and 510 pin.

    There is one airflow opening 4x1.5 mm direct lung vaping. If you close down the AFC to barely a sliver you can force it into MTL.

    Flavor is quite good.

    Single coil Atty


    You have to trap leads under screw heads, and you need a flat head screwdriver.

    You have to use 2.5 mm coils to fill the juice wells or you will have flooding issues

    You have to raise the coil quite a bit or it will touch the screw heads.

    Don't know how much this holds exactly but would guess 3-3.5 ml.

    The AFC spins and spins. I would recommend removing the AFC ring so you can grip the base when removing atty. You don't want to accidentaly unscrew the cap from the base.

    The chimney is one piece so wicking and making sure you don't have a short may be an issue.

    I got this to try it out. I'm glad i did..another good atty for the vapocalpse.

    Recommended 4.5 stars
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  7. $6.37 Free Shipping Kayfun Lite Pawns Styled RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (Kayfun Lite Pawns(2.5ml), SS + PMMA, Silver) at

    I found this complete short Kayfun Atty on FT yesterday. It looks to be identical to tge Kayfun i USS except the bellcap is another color.

    I have not used it so i don't know if it is any good or not.

    I bought a few yesterday to test and may be able to recommend after i play with them a bit.
  8. These are the parts i use for the short Kayfun in my avatar

    $0.84 Free Shipping Replacement Screws for Atomizers (10-Pack) (304 SS, M1.6*3mm (Phillips head), 10-Pack) at
    10 wire trapping screws

    $0.91 Free Shipping Replacement Screws for Kayfun V4 (5-Pack) (Screws, 5-Pack) at
    Spare screws for trapping leads.

    $0.80 Free Shipping Rubber O-Ring Seals for E-Cigarette (20-Pack) (17*1mm: 20-Pack, Black) at
    Spare O rings for Kayfun and Orchid bases

    $1.69 Free Shipping Replacement Acrylic Bell Cap for Kayfun Mini RTA Atomizer (Kayfun Mini Bell Cap, Acrylic, Translucent) at
    Short bell cap

    $1.92 Free Shipping Spare Parts Kit for Kayfun Lite Plus V2 (Spare Parts Kit (Kayfun Lite Plus V2)) at
    Spare parts for Kayfun lite plus V2
    The base i use

    $2.26 Free Shipping Replacement Five Pawns Styled Chimney for Kayfun RTA (Chimney & Base, Five Pawns Logo, Silver) at
    Barrel and Nano chimney for Kayfun. You will only use the barrel

    $4.00 Free Shipping Replacement Base for 22mm Kayfun Lite Plus V2 & Kayfun Lite Five Pawns (Base (Kayfun Lite Plus V2), Silver) at
    The Kayfun base i use for MTL.

    $4.12 Free Shipping Replacement Base for Kayfun Monster Mini V3 RTA Atomizers (Base (Kayfun Monster Mini V3), Gold) at
    Kayfun Monster Mini V3 base if you want a direct lung vape. I have both kinds of bases.

    $5.85 Free Shipping Replacement Acrylic Bell Cap for Kayfun Mini RTA Atomizer (5-Pack) (Kayfun Mini Bell Cap, Acrylic, Translucent, 5-Pack) at
    LOT of 5 flat top bell caps
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  9. 1. Good flavor.
    2. Flat bell cap on Kayfun base gives a nice pocket friendly vape.
    3. Plenty spare parts and options for toppers.
    4. Doesnt leak.
    5. Not top filled! Every single top filled atty i have tried has PEED on me.
    6. Screw the barrel into the bell cap tightly snd you can pull tge deck for rebuilding or rewicking without needing a tool or dumping my Ejuice.

    I think the Kayfun lite plus V2 base with flat top bell cap is the best Kayfun ever made.
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  10. I have said wicking an old Kayfun works the first time every time.

    Here's the trick.

    Wick you want the cotton wick tight in the coil but yet loose enough to slide inside the coil.

    Cutting the tails to proper length.

    Press the tails from side against the top of Juice wells. Release the cotton and look for an indentation in the cotton. Cut the tails at those indentations, and voila tails are the perfect length. Prime wick and enjoy.
  11. $0.88 Free Shipping Replacement Polycarbonate Tank for Kayfun 3.1 / Kayfun Lite (PC Tank, Purple) at
    M Tank

    $0.91 Free Shipping Replacement Screws for Kayfun V4 (5-Pack) (Screws, 5-Pack) at
    Spare screws

    $1.48 Free Shipping Spare Parts Kit for Kayfun V4 RTA Atomizers (Spare Parts Kit) at
    Spare O rings

    $1.66 Free Shipping Acrylic Kayfun Bell Cap (Kayfun Bell Cap, Purple (34mm)) at
    Standard bell cap for Kayfun. Some of them comes with Sillicone plugs and O Rings. I don't recommend them for two reasons.

    1. You have to dump your Juice or get a Kayfill.
    2. This bellcap only holds 2.8 ml. The flat too bell cap holds 2.5 ml and you can easily pull tge deck to wick or build without dumping Juice.

    $1.69 Free Shipping Replacement Acrylic Bell Cap for Kayfun Mini RTA Atomizer (Kayfun Mini Bell Cap, Acrylic, Translucent) at
    Bell caps i use. On my short Kayfun

    $2.26 Free Shipping Replacement Omega Styled Chimney for Kayfun RTA (Chimney & Base, Omega Logo, Silver) at
    Barrel with Nano chimney

    $2.26 Free Shipping Kayfun Nano RTA Replacement Stainless Steel Long + Short Chimneys (Kayfun Nano, Chimney, Long + Short) at
    Two Kayfun chimneys both Nano and standard

    $2.31 Free Shipping Kayfun Bell Cap Kit w/ 510 Drip Tip (Kayfun Bell Cap Kit, Pink (w/ drip tip) (PMMA)-B) at
    Looks like bell cap above but doesnt work properly.

    $2.72 Free Shipping Acrylic Kayfun Top Cap (Top Cap, PMMA, Red) at
    Want to top fill a Kayfun lite +? Never used it so NO comment.

    $3.73 Free Shipping Replacement Base for Kayfun Monster V3 RTA Atomizer (Base (Kayfun Monster V3), Silver) at
    This is a base for 528 Customs Monster V3. This will NOT fit the standard Kayfun because the standard barrel wont fit these threads.

    $4.00 Free Shipping Replacement Base for 22mm Kayfun Lite Plus V2 & Kayfun Lite Five Pawns (Base (Kayfun Lite Plus V2), Silver) at
    The Kayfun base i use

    $4.11 Free Shipping Replacement Base for Kayfun Monster V3 RTA Atomizer (Base (Kayfun Monster V3), Gold) at
    Kayfun Monster Mini V3 that can be used under a standard Kayfun if you want direct lung vaping.

    $4.11 Free Shipping Replacement Base for Kayfun Monster V2 RTA Atomizer (Base (Kayfun Monster V2), Gold) at
    Kayfun Monster Mini V2. Don't recommend. V3 above is way better.

    $5.85 Free Shipping Replacement Acrylic Bell Cap for Kayfun Mini RTA Atomizer (5-Pack) (Kayfun Mini Bell Cap, Acrylic, Translucent, 5-Pack) at
    5 flat top bell caps at a great price.

    $9.30 Free Shipping Kayfun Lite Pawns Styled RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (2.5ml) (Kayfun Lite Pawns, SS + PC, Silver - B) at
    Complete Kayfun clone RTA.
    Another complete Kayfun clone RTA.
    Looks good but held together by O rings. Avoid.
    Kayfun 3.1 complete RTA
    The Kayfill tool for standard Kayfun attys. Works with full sized Kayfun attys and 2.8 ml bell caps (with O ring)

    Will not work with the flat top Kayfun bellcaps but not necessary. I PULL the deck all the time for building or wicking and never spill a drop of Juice unless i accidentaly knock the bell cap over.
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  12. I never thought i would EVER do this.

    I tried dripping and HATED it.

    1. Dripping all of the time
    2. Attys leaking all the time
    3. Burned cotton.
    4. Not able to see if the wicks are wet or Dry without removing the cover.

    At this point i literally said i hate dripping and went RTAs.

    About two weeks ago i stumbled over the Deadmodz v2 and got one of them for the vapocalpse.

    So it is time for me to eat crow.

    1. The cover is pyrex glass so you can instantly see if the wicks are dry.

    2. Completely non restrictive Lung hits. Two BIG Cylon airflow at the coil (15x2 mm).

    3. The built in drip tip is over sized 12 mm outside 9 mm inside. You can easily drip through the tip without removing the cap. You can LITERALLY only remove the top for rebuilding.

    Now you want to know why i came back to dripping.

    This solved everything i hated about dripping, and this Atty BLEW MY MIND!

    1. This is a flavor chasing atty! Easily as good as the freakshow Mini for flavor, and about 1/2 step behind the Darang RDA for flavor

    2. this BIG airflow will really let you chuck clouds.

    The deadmodz V2 fixes most of the issues in dripping, and gives you the best of both flavor and cloud chasing.

    Is there something the builder can do to improve this Atty in version 3 if there is one.

    1. Put a Velocity deck in here. I prefer single coil, and I would like to place a single coil between the Posts. This uses a standard 4 Post deck.

    2. The Deadmodz V2 pyrex cover is 24 mm and will not fit on my istick Pico :-( down size to 22 mm.

    3. Ocassionally ejuice pops out the airflow. When i rebuild i am going to put a filmy layer of Rayon over the coils to stop spitting out the airflow

    Recommended 4 stars.

    Victor Kiam was in lotsc of commercials for Gillette, and he always said "I like them so much i bought the company.

    Well i like the Deadmodz v2 i bought three more of them for my Vapocalpse stash
  13. Simple.

    Vaping is a COMPLETE replacement for smoking instead of a partial replacement.

    If you want to completely get the nicotine monkey off your back as i did 12/28/2015.

    You can very gradually reduce your nicotine over time.

    I DIY my ejuice, and I was able to reduce my nic strength 1 mg at a time till i was free at last.

    You don't have to diy to make smaller steps than 6 mg at a time.

    If you are at 12 mg and 6 mg isnt satisfying your craving take a step between the two try 9 mg. Its super easy to get 9 mg strength.

    Get a larger eempty ejuice bottle.

    Not go to your vapor store of choice and buy two bottles of the same flavor.

    Buy a 12 mg bottle, and a 6 mg bottle.

    Pour both bottles of Juice in the empty Juice bottle. Put tge lid on; shake well and voila you have 9 mg strength

    If yoy want to take another baby step before getting to 6 mg. Get 12 mg and a 3 mg bottle of the same size and flavor. Mix together. Now you have 7.5 mg strength.
  14. I like vaping but with Kanthal. If it slips you have 25 feet come off the spool in about 2 seconds.

    I was watching a review of Geek Vape Clapton wire.

    I loved the concept of tge plastic guard over The spool so i bought 3 spools. I use 25, 26, and 28 gauge Kanthal wire.

    I wrapped a full spool of 26 gauge wire on tge Geek Vape spool abd could put more.

    I see NO reason why tge spool would not hold a full spool (100 ft) of 22-24 gauge Kanthal easily.

    If you LOVE to vape but hate the way Kanthal has a mind of its own: give this a try.

    For the first time in years my Kanthal behaves.
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  15. I was putting a kit together for another person Nautilus Mini and Mini Volt.

    I made a mistake and got an infinite clone instead of an authentic.

    Nautilus Mini is a good MTL device for Someone just getting off analogs.

    However i can't have Bill use this infinite clone because it has too much airflow.

    NO Nautilus Mini should provide a restrictive Lung hit.

    This Atty has as much airflow as my old Subtank Nano. So if you want an MTL device avoid tge infinite clone

    Rating 4.5 stars.
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