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  1. I just posted on one of the threads and realized... Im now a "senior member" ahh! Thats kinda crazy.. no big deal but pretty cool. Also realized that I actually feel qualified to give good advice to newbies! haha thats so cool!!! Obviously I dont know everything, but I can definitely put my 2 cents in on vendors, PV selection and personal experience.. yay!:vapor:
  2. While there have been minor annoyances with the cross over to vaping I feel I've come out ahead so far! Over the last 2 weeks I've had the opportunity to try a plethora of new flavors thanks to some awesome people in this community! I will admit, some of them were gaggingly awful! At least to my taste buds! But found a couple definite winners! Gourmet Vapors strawberry fields is my go to vape for the last 2 days, courtesy of DiggerP! And Deej's DIY spiced peaches are freakin amazing!!! Courtesy of Leannebug! Gotta get my hands on more of that! Drinking Captain and coke and they go oh so well together. The way its looking there wont be a drop left by tomorrow!

    Haven't had even 1 hit off an analog. Full week. So happy! Every once in a while I realllllly get a craving. I know if I try it now its gonna be so gross and just set me back! So Im not too tempted to give into those momentary cravings.


    Ok. *phew. Im tellin ya. So good. I cant even describe how amazing these peaches are!

    Im thinking of investing in new hardware? Up the voltage a bit? :evil:I so cant afford it. But Im gonna put it on my to do list. I never had this much fun or flavor with cigs. Vaping rocks my socks! Yes I did just say that. Cant help it Im a 90's kid.:p
  3. Well I dont generally "blog" but here goes nothin!

    Last night was a couple firsts for me. I had a movie date with a friend. Meaning redbox, at my place lol. We went into Meijers and as we stood browsing through the titles I decided to whip out my 510 and take a couple very UNstelthy hits. Just an experiment.. couple people were standing nearby and employees sitting on a bench. I didnt pay attention to if anyone was staring, just tried to act as if it were the most natural thing in the world haha. Anyhow, nobody said anything, which makes me think that maybe its not too uncommon in my area? Who knows, but it felt great P

    Next. Movie time. Also... beer time! I was super worried that I was gonna crumble here because one of my favorite times to smoke an analog was with a beer! In fact everytime I tryed quitting before I wouldnt drink or even have coffee, because it would send me into a fit of uncontrollable cravings! Im sure many people have had this same problem... In addition, my friend is a smoker and he was smoking his regular cigs, though he stepped outside, I could still smell it pretty strong.

    Well.. I filled up my cart with a some dekang menthol, and found it was JUST as good if not even better (to me) than smoking analogs and drinking! So relieved!!! My friend even took a vape here and there and is thinking about switching over to try and quit. Hooked him up with a cignot card and hes gonna check it out! :D The only problem I had was my fully charged battery died in like an hour from chain vaping and taking huge drags... boo! No big deal though... just switched it out, batteries have been lasting me a good 4-5 hours or so besides.

    On another note I got my madvapes order in yesterday, flavors seem top notch so far. The cheesecake is AWESOME and fried apple is good but I cant vape it for long.. maybe in the morning? idk. Dekang menthol I was super worried about because of the mixed reviews and the cheap price but its not bad at all, at least not to me but I was a full flavor menthol smoker to begin with. I have yet to try the strawberry shortcake, but Im sure its delicious! Over all Im very pleased with my vaping experience so far! :)