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  1. This is chalk full of truths and transparencies. I love it! WTG DrMa!
  2. A list of studies

    casaa documents
    dr. Farsalinos
    and more are posted there.

    I keep hearing about the perceived hazards of "second hand vape". Not only from newcomers, but from experienced vapers who should know better

    So let's see if we can debunk this once and for all.

    The ingredients of typical ejuice are as follows:
    1. USP grade Propylene Glygol,
    2. USP grade Vegetable Glycerin
    3. USP grade Flavorinigs
    4. Water,
    5. Nicotine

    Of these 5 ingredients, 3 of them have already been evaluated by the FDA as GRAS, or Generally Recognized As Safe. and one of them, H20, should go without saying. This means for the majority of people, they are safe. Don't bring allergies into the equation because it is a red herring. People are allergic to peanuts but last time I checked there are no restrictions on me on eating peanuts in public. Also for those of you who still won't let the allergy analogy die, you can read point two below. Anyway the point being unless there is some magical transformation that takes place, you can't mix ingredients that are GRAS and get a poison cocktail. It doesn't happen.

    POINT TWO: The only "non-safe" ingredient, is Nicotine. So let's take a look at this danger from a practical standpoint.
    Let's assume a person vapes 1ml of juice in an hour. This is high, but it makes the math easier. Let's also assume that it is 12mg/ml. which is a common "middle of the road" concentration.

    If this person were to NOT absorb any of the inhaled e-juice, then the total amount of nicotine released as vapor would be 12mg.

    A standard 10ftx10ftx10ft room (not large by any means) is 1000 cubic feet this is roughly 28317 liters.

    So let's look before we tackle the Nicotine argument, lets tackle the "PG/VG" issue. Assume 1ml of 100% PG solution were released into the room as pure vapor. The room would contain 1ml/28317 liters, or 1ml in 28,317,000 ml This is a concentration of PG of .035 ppm. So we can put that one to bed.

    12mg/28317 cubic liters equates to .4 micrograms of nicotine per liter.

    According to the New England Journal of Medicine on the Nicotine Content of Vegetables, A person exposed to 1 microgram/liter of second hand smoke, would need to be exposed to that environment for 3 hours to absorb 1 microgram of nicotine.

    Thus a non vaper would need to be exposed to .4 micrograms of nicotine per liter for 3 hours to absorb .4 micrograms of nicotine.

    How much is .4 micrograms of nicotine? Well to put it into perspective, 59.3 grams of Potato contain .4 micrograms of nicotine.

    2 oz of potato folks.

    Remember folks. Were talking about 1ml of 12mg/ml e-juice, in a small 10x10x10 room with no ventilation and the assumption that none of this is absorbed by the Vaper himself.

    BOTTOM LINE: A person in such a room would be exposed to .035 ppm PG vapor and would need to sit in the room for 3 hours to be exposed to the same amount of nicotine as naturally contained in 2 oz of potatoes.

    And you wonder why most of us think it is an absurdity to see second hand vape as a public hazard in anyway, even in a tightly confined space?

    The Nicotine Content of Vegetables - New England Journal of Medicine

  4. Cls

    Change lab solutions funders

    ChangeLab Solutions would like to thank our funders for their support:
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    •The California HealthCare Foundation
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  5. TSET gives money to towns if they ban eCigs.
    (TSET gets money from the tobacco settlement court ordered funds & is in a panic now that smoke sales are down)
  6. Joel Nitzkin urges US Preventive Services Task Force to consider THR products in addition to FDA approved drugs and counseling
  7. Great tutorial for those who use the KPT and also, the thread itself grows vastly with tips and creativity.
  8. This website is informative, helpful, insightful, & even has a live helpline if you subscribe. Very nicely laid out, non-gimmicky, & honest.
  9. This blog is jam packed with helpful understanding of batteries, etc.. Kind of an encyclopedia of vaping gear. I recommend this blog to all the confused out there.
  10. This post is a must read!

    "I have decided there is a new term I am gonna start using.

    The self-loathing vaper.

    The self-loathing vaper is the vaper who blames himself and his fellow vapers when irrational fears of ignorant people are exploited to create and enforce bans. Sure, they could fight the ban, or raise some hell and try to get it reversed...but that would be a lot of work. Instead, they turn on their fellow vapor and regurgitate absurd vaping urban legends like:

    1) The obnoxious vaper: This vaper goes around "blowing clouds of vapor" in unsuspecting children's faces. This creature is apparently quite rare, since even in the age of video recording phones, I have yet to see a video of a live member of this species in action...
    2) The attention grabbing vaper: This vaper is not content merely to vape. He MUST bring lots and lots of attention to himself. They are know to carry portable disco ball set ups with them to grocery stores, schools, restaurants, etc. so they are glitzy and noticeable. They will shout loudly that, "I have a RIGHT to vape!" every chance they get, or if they see they are being overlooked.

    So rather than put the blame where it belongs (on the ANTZ) they turn on our brothers and sisters, and blame us for these irrational, liberty robbing bans. To be clear, every owner of a building has the right to deny or allow vaping. What I refer to here, are city wide and state wide bans that deny the owner his property right to make that decision for himself. If only we would all slink outside to vape where we are told to go, they would stop punishing us for our "uppityness". This is the central theme of the self-loathing vaper's message.

    Thanks, but no thanks. The ANTZ are bullies. Bullies only respect strength and confidence.

    Let's show them some, shall we?"

    ( lion image)
  11. Posted by Bill Godshall. Thanks Bill!!
  12. By CASAA.ORG
  15. Interesting topic right now about nicotine extraction or not.

    plus other interesting topics too I'm sure
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