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  1. My vape is:

    3 various cheap brass mechanical mods from fasttech $6.79 King II Styled Mechanical Mod - brass / 18350/18500/18650 at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

    6 18650 batteries 2 LG INR 18650 HG2 HIGH DRAIN 20A RECHARGEABLE Battery 3000mAh BROWN F.T w/ case | eBay

    3 GS Tanks with 1.2 or 1.5 ohm coils $10.94 Authentic Eleaf GS-Tank Bottom Coil Clearomizer - 3ml / 0.15ohm / stainless steel + glass at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping

    And 3 of these cool drip tips $1.87 Glass + Stainless Steel 510 Drip Tip - 39.6mm at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping (have to wrap a little dental floss around the o ring to get them to fit nice and snug).

  2. These are instructions for filling a carto for people who have never vaped before:

    The easiest method to fill a cartomizer is to simply remove the white plug at the mouthpiece end and drip a few drops of e-liquid into the filler material at a time. Be sure to hold the cartomizer at an angle as liquid dripped into the center tube will leak through to the battery connector. Repeat the process until the filler material no longer absorbs liquid.

    Use two hands, hold it at an angle like this with your other hand, and drip the liquid into it, This is leaned on the cap only for taking a photo.

    Put in 3-5 drops, wait for it to absorb, then put in 3-5 more drops, until either some juice leaks out the other end, or it no longer absorbs.

    When it is full, hold a tissue or napkin over the far end and blow into the "drip" end, to blow out any extra juice. Juice that drips out into your battery can ruin it.

    Pop the rubber mouthpiece back on it.

    You should probably wait 5 – 10 minutes before using the freshly filled carto to be sure the juice covers the part that gets hot and creates the vapor.

    If you get less vapor or a burning smell, you may be out of juice, drip more in until it is filled and start again.

    These are hard to clean out to try a different flavor. Best to just wait until it is pretty much empty, put the new flavor in, and you may taste a mix for a while.
  3. This is for people who are giving a nano to someone who has never vaped before:

    Simply screw off the mouthpiece, hold at an angle and squeeze liquid in along the side until it is about ¾ full. Screw the mouthpiece back on, screw onto the battery and use.

    Note: When filling avoid getting e-liquid in the center tube.


    To try a different flavor, dump out the old liquid, rinse it out with water, blow through it until it is dry, then fill with a different flavor liquid. It might take a little while before you taste the new liquid.

  4. I copied and pasted the following real testimonials from the Smokeless Image forum's testimonials thread. I print them out to give to people when I give them an e-cig to use. I think it is a powerful way to get smokers excited about trying vaping. Hopefully you will find this useful as well.

    Testimonies from e-cig users

    "Thought I would try out the Ecig thing as a supplement to smoking for a while. First day I had my ecig I was trying out a few flavors from the sample pack and realized I had not had an analog in nine hours. Thought well that's odd and next time my friend went outside to smoke I joined him and lit one up myself. Immanently felt much worse. Couldn't breath sinuses blocked up. Thanks to this great product I haven't smoked an analog or really craved one since that night. Had been smoking for 8 years. Can't say enough about Smokeless Image and the volt e-cigs. It's like I have my life back.

    I didn't really intend to quit smoking and never tried - just wanted to make it easier on myself while traveling and heard recent technology had taken e-cigs to a new level. So I purchased a kit from Smokeless Image in December and haven't bought a pack of analogs since. Thanks, SI, for a real eye opener.

    I would like to thank Smokeless Image for giving me my lungs back! I really was not looking to quit smoking. It was my only little peace of mind besides coffee that I looked forward to daily! Unfortunately I have been disabled for 6 years and my lungs were no longer able to tolerate the 4,000 chemicals in analog (regular) cigarettes! So started my mission to find a healthier and more affordable habit! My research led me to Smokeless Image! The rest is history as well as those smelly chemical sticks! I am much happier and healthier with electronic cigarettes as I don't need my inhaler! Thanks for making me a better person with a bigger wallet!

    I have been using the Volt for two weeks and haven't smoked a real cig for a week and I smoked a pack and a half a day….. Thank you Smokeless Image and Volt for getting me to quit cigarettes.

    I'm a very light smoker and it's good to know that I'm not inhaling all those chemicals. My wife is also happy as I no longer smell like an ash tray or aggravate her asthma.

    Can't say enough great things about my volt e-cig. I have been smoking since my early teens and have tried quitting several times to no avail until now. My volt has been a godsend and has made my quitting a cinch so far as I haven't smoked an analog for 11 days now haven't even noticed that I haven't had a real cig in over a week now.

    I'm loving my new Volt! Easy to use, love the size (I like to keep it in my pocket). Haven't even wanted an analog at all lately. They just seem gross to me now!

    Started vaping a week ago and love it. Haven't touched an analog in almost a week with no plans to. I can already breathe better and my wife doesn't mind if I vape anywhere as long as its healthier than smoking.

    After 55 years of smoking and attempting to quit many times, I found the Smokless Image Volt E-cigarette. The products are great, and the customer service is excellent. I have not had a regular cigarette since I started using the Volt electronic cigarette.

    I was a one to two pack a day smoker for over fifteen years. I tried everything to quit. I finally decided to give ecigs a chance. I have been off the analogs ever since. It has been over two months since I've bought a pack of cigarettes, and I haven't felt better in years!

    I just love my Volts from Smokeless Image!! I can carry them discreetly in my pocket of my jeans or jacket and vape in places I surely could not smoke in! I do have a sweet tooth and just love the sweet flavors!! And the best part...... after about 10 days of vaping the mint, menthol & vanilla I decided to light up a real cigarette and Oh my goodness, it was absolutely awful!! It tasted like I was smoking burning paper!!! I had to just put it out!! I was so happy and amazed at how disgusting a real cigarette tasted to me. I consider that a huge success as I had smoked heavily for 30 years!! Needless to say my family was so very happy for me! Thanks!!

    I'm a granny and i smoked all my life. My doctors told me I had to quit or I wouldn't be here much more longer. My son gave me one of his extra ecigarettes to get me started and I am glad to say I finally quit smoking! my grandkids and kids are so happy and so am I! This picture was actually took in the nursing home I was stayin in for a while until I got my strength built back up but now I'm glad to say I'm back home with my family.

    I'm pretty new to the world of e-cigs too (however I smoked a pack a day for 15 years) and I am totally excited too. It is amazing how much satisfaction I get from my Volt and how just like that I'm down to just a few analog cigs a day! So exciting!

    I failed at every other attempt to quit smoking - even Chantix didn't work for long. The Volt has been both fun and exciting to get to know. I have not had an analog since I got my Volt kit in the mail. I look forward to a longer, healthier life thanks to vaping.

    I never intended to stop smoking when I tried this. But over time I now rarely smoke a real one. I love all the flavors you can find and how good they taste over an analog. I protested at first about getting them. I didn't see the point. They couldn't possibly be good. Then I tried it and after a week or so that was it, I was hooked. I am thrilled by this product. Thanks!

    Thanks SI for saving me by offering a product that is vastly superior to the analogs I spent 2/3 of my life with. I haven't had a single smoke craving since I made the switch to vaping and I'm never going back.

    After smoking for over 20 years my Volt e-cig has made it manageable to cut down to nearly 1-2 analogs a day. Soon to be none and it's all thanks to smokeless image.

    I LOVE my new Volt e-cig. It's so convenient. I've been smoking for about 2 years since I started college, and only recently did I get myself down to smoking when I'm going out or when with my smoker friends. Now that I have this ecig I plan to never smoke another cig again. The benefits past just being sooo much more healthy for me are immeasurable. No stench, no more lighters, no more ash! Smoking inside, never having to brave the harsh colds of my wintery campus. And the money I'm gonna save... It's just unbelievable. I never thought to get one of these before. I intend to try my best at converting my heavy smoker friends, because I think this is the key to getting people off of cigarettes. So far I've let 10-20 people try it and at least half have come back for more. I'm very excited about this amazing alternative.

    As a 20+ year pack a day smoker, I was apprehensive about switching to e-cigs. I wasn't sure if they would work for me. After doing some research, I decided on the Smokeless Image Volt. I must say this was the best decision I've made in a long time. It's been 5 days since I've had an analog cigarette, and I feel great. I have no desire to smoke thanks to my Volt. I am very impressed with the battery life for such a small unit, and my Volt definitely gives me plenty of satisfying vapor. Thank you Smokeless Image!

    I love this thing! i bought it so i could stop dipping. and i haven't dipped since i got it so great investment.

    Two weeks and counting without a cigarette and WOW! I haven't looked back once.

    Ordered my Volt about 3 months ago after many recommendations and couldn't be more pleased. This thing really simulates smoking and has got me off cigarettes after 5 years of heavy smoking. I feel much healthier now and can actually work out without gasping after 2 minutes.

    I started vaping in October, after smoking for 26 years. I tried everything imaginable to quit smoking, but as soon as I started using my starter kit, I was confident I would succeed. After 2 months without a cigarette, I only wish Volts were available many years ago. Smokeless Image made quitting smoking almost a non-event.

    After 37 years of smoking 1-2 packs a day, I had had enough. I once spent a small fortune on the patch, but all it did was give me a buzz while I kept smoking on top of it. Tried phasing out without luck. I did some digging around on the Web and decided to try the Smokeless Image (SI) Volt e-cigs. VERY satisfying and I haven't bought a single cigarette in the two months since opening the package. I no longer wheeze in bed at night and my nasty morning cough is completely gone. I can breathe deeply again and have more stamina than I've had in years!
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