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  1. VapingUnicorns thought on the CoilArt Lux200 kit.
    This is not your usual review..

    I'll start by saying I won this eye catching beauty in a giveaway ..I had seen the big hype about them for weeks prior and had wanted one myself (gold and white marble) but I ended up with the green one and I am NOT at all Disapointed ! This electrifying green and blue has defitinly caught my attention.. opened this beauty up and lowing behold one of the coils is a Sextuple mesh ! What ?!?!? Like ,um yeah I'll pop you into this tank and let me vape my juice with 6 mesh coils of yummy goodness ! Anyhow.. besides the jaw dropping awesome look of this device comes it's TRUE worth . The flavor I got from this coil was absolutely astounding ! And it broke in ,in about 3 hits (of course I primmed my coil properly and yada yada ) only 3 hits and the flavor was already throwing out this gem so good it was making my mouth water in desperation for the next hit ! The menu optiona are super simple to use and the doors come off very easily ..and are even made of a glass like material ?!?! Dont know how durable it would be if it were to drop.. as I dont plan on dropping it...but none of us ever do ,until it happens .. so I'll let ya know when I get to that point lol anyhow in order to be able to get the batteries OUT of the device (cause I charge mine externally and always do and will always recommend to charge them that way ) you must take off both the battery doors ...its not hard ..just kind and extra step.. not quite sure the "Ribbon" under the battery method wasnt really and option. I'd have to say ,this device surely exceeded my expectations ! Its also very lightweight and kind of gives your the square "Drag 157 box mod feel" without all of the weight. I'm so very glad i own this device for myself ! Very happy unicorn I am .. now I may even need the nice white marble one to use when i go fancy places cause I'm a shmuck for matchy stuff lol would I recommend ,YESSSSSSSSSS !! Coil Art ,I can only hope your other products are as impressive as this one ! I'm definitely now a fan and would love to try more !!
    P.s.. my camera does NO JUSTICE to the absolute Vibrant and Electrifying Colors this device has ! The green is so bright ,it looks like its glowing in the daylight ! I love it ! Screenshot_20190521-145351_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190521-145434_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190521-145437_Gallery.jpg
  2. Screenshot_20190521-142107_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190521-142129_Gallery.jpg

    VapingUnicorns thoughts on the VOOPOO Drag Nano.
    This is not your usual review..

    When I first herd of this device I was SUPER excited !! Like everything i could ask for ! Based off one of my favorite mods of all time (VOOPOO Drag) but miniaturized and salt nic comparable.. what ?!? So of course i HAD to have one for myself.. and now that i do.. I'm a tad disappointed.. and I'll start with why. I'm disappointed because the draw you get is exactly like a juul ... dont get me wrong .. people like the juul ..its just not MY cup of tea .. and your here for my thoughts . I do however love,love love the look of the device ,the battery lasts me close to two days ,looks absolutley amazing hanging from my neck and it's just so damn convienti6and compact ! I'm just upset at the pod itself ! I feel like VOOPOO could upgrade the pod that goes into this device and it would make this Drag nano a show stealer ! The pod gives decent flavor.. after about a whole pod full has been vaped (which means that's one less fill you get to enjoy) the pod only holds 1ml of juice ! And I couldnt even imagine how fast that would go if you tried to use it for DL.. in my case I use it for MTL ,with my salt nics. I mean ..only plus about the little pod is that's it's easy to fill.. would i recommend this to a new vaper looking for something they ca use salt nics in . Of course i would... would i recommend it to an experienced vaper who doesnt like the draw of a I wouldnt recommend ..and that's so sad for me to say as I had such high hopes! I mean ..atleast they could have made it compatable for juul pods or similar pods ...but so far that I know ,its not and that also sucks ! Anyone who inquires about this little device .. i always tell em ..if you like how the juul works ,its the device for you ! If your not a juul fan .. this probably wont tickle your pickle... please make a better pod to go into this device ! Please ,please ,please !
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  3. VapingUnicorns thoughts on the Hive RTA by Cloudchasers Inc.
    This is Not your usual review ...

    Can I just start off by saying . I love RTAs,I feel like they are the best of both worlds .. subohm and RDAs combined into one. One one hand you get to build and wick it yourself like and RDA and then you have the convenience of having a tank full of juice just like a subohm .. and I gotta say ,the flavor from this hive is undertaking believable! I love this damn thing so much! Nice big build deck for me to put some beefy builds into .. or even if I wanted a smaller sized build. Plenty of space for a nice fluffy wicking ! And super easy to stuff into the juice vents ,which we all know.. some can be a pain in the ... ! The hive really does blow my mind ! And in a good way of course ,I'm always excited to take her apart and rewick this fantastic beefy beauty ! My only about this rta would be the airflow.. there is NO WAY to ever cut the airflow off completely. And even trying to close it off as much as possible ,is at times still too much airflow.. but that's really my only complaint! The hive normally comes stock with a delrim tip and tank ..but I got a custom handmade set just for it .. so it only looks all the more badass !!! The Hive Is and will always be one of my absolute Favorite RTAs that I own ! I very much recommend for anyone looking for an enjoyable RTA ! Screenshot_20190521-142156_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190521-142225_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190521-142440_Gallery.jpg
  4. IMG_20190503_170926_923.jpg Vaping Unicorns thoughts on the VOOPOO Drag 2!
    This is not your Usual review ...
    Let me first start by saying ,everyone loves a stylish mod and this one is definitely one to impress! The platinum edition is absolutely gorgeous with its reflective body .. goodness it's such a looker ! Everyone's biggest complaint is about VOOPOOS paint jobs.. and I must agree... typically they do scratch easily and the paint chips from their mods very easily.. BUT THIS ...This little gem is supposed to be "Scratch Resistant " let's see how long it will hold up ! So far so good !!! Now... the important part ... does this pack some power and consistant battery life ? YES ! It does up to 177 w! The Drag 2 contains the upgraded Gene chip ... with that being said ..when you first unbox this beauty .. make sure you dont have a dumb dumb moment like myself and forget to set your fit mode ... yes ..your fit mode ! So there are three modes .. mode 1.Battery saver.. its the one that is first selected when you unbox and vape ! Now ..this is a good mode for when your out and about and know you need to spare your battery especially if your a heavy vaper .. YES is does prolong your battery life ..but at the cost of packing that punch ! You do notice the lack of power then this fit mode is active ... Now .. fit mode 2. Fit mode 2 is your flavor mode ,seems the wattage curve is set just right to enjoy a nice constant vape as it does seems to produce a bit more flavor then usual... with that being said dont expect miracles but do know adds and extra ummmpfff to your taste buds !!! Now fit mode 3 .. fit mode 3 is my sweet spot and that is the Cloud producing mode! I mean you get clouds no matter the mode .. but this one hits a little harder as I believe the wattage curve is set high within this mode. Fit mode 3 is my favorite .. why you ask ? I feel like it's like combining mode 2 and 3 because there is definitely no lack in flavor whatever and my big fluffy clouds are extra tastey ! I love VOOPOO products as they are some of my Favorite on the market and have been since the Original Drag was released. It's much lighter then ththe original drag and holds nice in the hand without so much bulk ! Honestly though.. I like boxy style mods anyhow this fits right up my alley ! The functions are user friendly .. your basics on offs ,lock screen and yada yada which make it simple.. choosing your fit mode as a little more intricate.. I wish that was a little more user friendly in my opinion. Would i recommend this mod ? HELL YES I WOULD! I love my Drag 2 ,it has yet to disapoint! Own the first version Black Body and now The Paltinum version !
  5. IMG_20190406_184436_453.jpg Flashy Lights ...OOOOOoooo
    VapingUnicorns Thought on the x217...
    Not your Usual Review !
    So.. My X217 ...what do I think..shoot what dont I think is the questions ! If I really want to pack a punch and run at high wattage (over 100) this is MY go to device! I love this device because the fact it has the compatibility of not only dual 18650s.. but you can use 20700s .. OR ...YES I SAID OR 21700s ! ...what's my choice? 21700s of course !!! (The sleeves for the 18650s and 20700s are included in the box of course ) what also makes me love this mod ... the flashy led lights ! Yes . I'm a sucker for flashy things and you will soon learn this ! Anything "Fun,Bright or eye catchy" are my jam ! Yeah yeah .. I'm a girly girl ..what can I say... now ... for anyone who doesn't like to use the flashy flashy go lucky eye catching blingy of fun wonder ..yes you can turn it off to save your battery .. but shoot ..for me .. 2 almost 3 days on a single charge of my 21700s is already super impressive especially when I vape like a chimney at 105 to110 watts ! Cant beat that ! Anyhow .. the button is discreet and not easily pressed .. that's something convenient..because who else likes accidentally firing their mod and burning their coil.. yeah,NOT I! The menu functions can be a bit tricky and not described well in the hand book ..what it should say is 4 clicks of the fire button followed by pressing the wattage up and wattage down button at the SAME time for a second to enter the menu!..once you get into the menu ,you will find that you can easily navigate ! Even pick your own screen display background ! There isnt many options for display but it's a start ! They are supposed to make an update to where you can upload your own .. I cant wait ! You can also select a screensaver which I have selected the clock. which even after changing the batteries still reads the correct time .. yayyy!!! Anyhow .. would i recommend this device .. Uhm HECK YEAH! I love it ! And anyone who has ever tried my device has fallen head over heals ! Definitely a keeper and one i will continue to enjoy !
    Ps.. it's super comfy in the hand even being on the heavier side with it's big ole 21700s !
  6. Screenshot_20190521-093121_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190521-093225_Messenger.jpg Screenshot_20190521-093110_Gallery.jpg VapingUnicorns thoughts..
    This is not your usual review..
    Hmm.. where do I even start with telling how I feel about my Smok Nord...let's start with.. I dont normally like Smok.. then again i cant say too much as i stopped using them after i got sick of wasting my money on buying new mods after my alien 220w died for no reason years ago and so many claims from others that their smok devices crapped out on them and I spent tons of money on new coils every two days cause I didnt know any better.. well let's just say .. I was recommended to try the Smok Nord kit and welp... here I am now.. and i couldnt be more impressed with this little thing !!! Yup ! It's a keeper and i love it ! So small and discreet, nice for a vape on the go ! I can use it with salt nics or freebase . Have 2 coil options (I preffer the mesh and actually use it MTL) you can vape it MTL or DL easily! Which is so cool! The battery is big enough that on average I get about a 2 day charge and it charges up fairly quickly honestly! .. as you can see i love it so much as its affordable and have 3 myself and my husband 2! Yeah were ridiculous..but it's ok! I havent had any abnormal leaking and the coil is super easy to change ... it literally just pushes .. yes PUSHES into the pod itself! THE ONLY complaint I have is Quality Control .. yeah.. my beautiful resin one, since being unboxed has a fire button issue where it regularly gets stuck when I use it and i have to click it again to unstick it (have seen hit or miss with them having issues ) as my two others dont have this issue at all nor my husbands. my next complaint is ... the fire button.. yes I love that it has a fire button ..but I hate how sensitive it is! It's easily pressed and if you forget to turn it off and your holding it ..put it down or into your pocket .. yeah it can fire up with the simplest of touch and POOF there goes your fresh new coil you just installed that you were planning on lasting for the next 2 weeks.. oh ya.. I said 2 weeks ! The coil longevity of these suckers is AWESOME !! one thing I always look for in a pod device is coil longevity and flavor and its it's definitely got both !!! This little device besides quality control and super touchy firebutton is one of my favs for my salt nics! I recommend this device to anyone in search of a small pod device ,especially if your a new vaper looking for something super simple ! I very much recommend!
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