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thought this may be more appropriate than posts!:facepalm:

bloggin= the art of attracting readers w/ interesting topics of discussion...not! :laugh:

wed.dec22/10 740pm. 1st blog
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  1. 6 freekin months!:2cool:
    This is utterly +truly ridiculous now!
    6 months !!!:laugh:
    6 months since my last cigarette!!!
    nuff said!:p
    thanks ecig,ecf+all peeps!

    last 2mnth's on a modded xl clearo
    +an ego 650mah battery to boot lol
    6 freekin months,:lol:
    too much!:toast:

  2. 6 freekin months!:2cool:
    This is utterly +truly ridiculous now!
    6 months !!!:laugh:
    6 months since my last cigarette!!!
    nuff said!:p
    thanks ecig,ecf+all peeps!

    last 2mnth's on a modded xl clearo
    +a ego 650mah battery to boot lol
    6 freekin months,:lol:
    too much!:toast:

  3. good friday,happy easter+5mnths today!!!:)
    i am amazed+still shocked i have not had a nasty cigarette! a yahoo,yeehaw,wow+w00t!
    cannot describe how i feel:laugh:+how my life+
    w/others has turned around.
    all i can really say is thanks all ecf+members+god bless ecigs!:p

    now the bad news,
    why in the world is the whole globe hell bent on banning or destroying this wonderful,exciting new alternative to "gag" smoking?:(
    i just dont get it!!!
    something i and others ponder as we get healthier+hopefully wiser!
    always my nickel...:facepalm:

    “Infamy, infamy
    - they’ve all got it in f’me"
    i wont run i wont hide,you can find me
    u wont be the 1st and wont b the last
    it will only end at my last gasp

    who do you trust,whos your friend
    not long ago,it twas not a trend
    once it was fair,equal+true
    now its tha knife thru+thru

    i will never give up or surrender
    i am only 1 man,this remember
    its not gonna be cheap@ my expense
    when hell finally comes dont repent

    fight strong fight hard
    it will be all you got
    theres only 1 of you,
    this you will see

    cos as we all know
    they’ve got it in f’me
    infamy infamy.........

    vape hard vaporz:vapor:
  4. Sad day for vapors in canada+world wide in general,

    with HC+ Bill C-36 " above the law bill",the only thing left for them to do is put a mandatory microchip in you!

    hopefully the government can get there act together +do the right thing?
    be prepared to be disappointed,bitter+angry sheeple!
    cos they wont:( 1 will !

    its always about your $$ making you more powerless.
    sheeesh, cigarettes vs ecigs who thunk-it?

    what's wrong w/this picture?
    does any1 know or care?
    obviously not...

    only when it happens to you , then it will be to late!

    my nickel ,
    cos ,thats all i got+what will 2cts get'cha anywayz..?.:facepalm:
  5. 10,370,000 seconds,:?:
    172,800 minutes:closedeyes:
    2880 hourz:oops:
    120 days 2day :)
    4 months :2cool:
    w/o a crappy cigarette
    WOOT ! WOOT !:laugh::laugh:
    THANKS 2 every 1 !!!:p
    time does fly when you join ECF..
    +spend some time w/ new peepz
    WOW,thats a lot of tick/tock...:facepalm:
  6. WOW,:2cool:
    theres 2 of you boyz
    you look like cute little toys

    you have manners like kings
    georgous angels w/o wings
    you dont realize your true size
    bigger than elvis from the inside

    with your couragous tiny hearts
    content,happy and oh sooo smart
    theres not a thing that scares you
    i smile inside, everytime i see you

    your worse than kids, just kiddin
    polar bear cubs are always willin
    great holy terriers hunting for the kill
    you dont catch it ,im sure nothing will

    smart as all can be,cant get by you
    theres nothing bad that you can do
    you love me so much, its never ending
    your so precious + worth defending

    my words for you so elusive
    never meaning to be intrusive
    my boyz my boys
    my happy little daddys boyz

    i love you 2........:)

    a dog is the only animal
    that loves you more
    than it loves itself!:facepalm:
  7. whoo hoo!:laugh:
    i had a very buzy last 30 days
    since i have blogged!
    with back to work+1 other part time job,
    after a too long hiatus is great! :)
    today is month3 of not having a single cigarette!
    yes i am still an addict ! with only a different delivery device.
    stats,shed 30lbs! approx 3700 cigs.avoided
    and roughly $1500 saved.
    minus of course an upgrade or 2+juice purchases lol
    all in all,been a unbelievable + exciting time for me!
    things have turned around completely in my life.
    i am wondering tho if i can say i will never smoke a actual cig again,and know for sure? i think i can ! and will do everything in my power to conquer that.
    i know on occasion as of late ,i have either forgot to vape + or forgot all my vapables. w/o any ill effects. must be a sign or brain damage! :2cool:..haha

    thankz+congratz to the ecig+ECF ! :facepalm:
  8. am surprized @ ECF+members,ecigs+myself!:)
    so far its been relatively eazy
    4 me,
    to stay away from the "nastys".
    have'n gotten "good ejuice",
    pro'lly helped the most in this regard!
    as far as ECF+members,just simply
    W O W +thx!:2cool:
    really dont know where to begin or say really?
    other than mayb thanks for lettin me get,
    away w/ all my ""Shenanigans"" thankz.+thx lol:laugh:
    so,in conclusion,
    i am grateful,happy+most,
    definitely healthier!
    bring on the next 30 d a y s !!!!
    till next time, w/the new/old cli'che
    vape on vapors
  9. memorys...nov83

    find it hard to breathe
    with my lungs all seized
    cancer thru my bones.
    lay'in all alone,

    skins peelin
    rotten feelin
    eyes so dry
    im sure ta die

    its... all a lie... i cried

    lips are cracked , crusty
    teeth are yella , musty
    reeking gross odors, so bad,
    once smelled like a rose, its sad

    shoulda used my brain
    in a lot o pain
    to late b4 i lit it
    tried hard to quit it

    this would'nt be the status quo
    dont be messin with tobacco...

    miss you dad...:(
  10. The Groan'r, ol'epitath-eh!
    (borrowed slang lol)

    Here lies billy o'shea,
    Smoked 3 packs of cigs a day.

    started gunplay when he was 5,
    krazzy fools lucky to be alive.

    started drinkin when he was 7,
    hopin he could dance w/ the devil?

    started gamblin when he was 9,
    luck with woman, couldn't lose a dime

    started smoking when he was 10
    wishes like hell to smoke again.

    His last request was one more puff.
    guess he's finally smoked enough.

    Guns,+booze didnt kill em,
    Gamblin+girls always willin.

    Thx to those blasphemous smokez
    have to agree , theirs true chokes

    mighta not been such a caper
    if billy got to doo the vapor......

    Here lies billy o'shea.
    smoked 3 packs of cigs a day

    DEEP THOUGHTS:laugh:
  11. trickery dickery doo......

    b or not 2b,the conspiracy?
    is it you or window dressing
    underneath it all fantasy
    to fool myself a tragedy

    get a glimpse of you in time
    when i look at your pic
    part reflection of you
    piece that makes you tic

    your candy for my eyes
    its if lookin @ a mirage
    but i get repeatedly fooled
    what's this strange voodoo

    oh my ,who could it be
    behind this cool obscene
    some change it constantly
    some never do it seems

    with motives still unclear
    i have nothin yet to fear
    not likely well ever meet
    alone here in cyber street

    those delicious works of art
    such a good place to start
    they'll never see u comin
    really is quite alarming

    those paintings soon fall apart
    when you say,who your not
    a sad kind of ingenious
    beautiful and dangerous

    my gorgeous,sensual avatar
    oh so very close ,+ still to far
    your my dreams ,your my soul
    imagination, persona, psycho.....

    (i shudder sometimes to think
    never a lady always a dink! :facepalm: o'le)

    vapoinsano 1/1/11 reg/tm
  12. the wheel.......

    been vapin hard all day
    gotta say, such a nice change
    from what were ,the bad ol'dayz

    never thought i would,didnt think i could
    get rid of those awful things, for good
    200 yrs or so,nothings really changed
    way tobacco's normally displayed

    well well hey hey my my
    were all in for a grand surprize
    could we really be winning
    in the earliest beginning

    really looked quite dismal
    funny how they did it,
    a 21st century,
    battery powered gizmo

    dont count us out as dreamers,
    if theres will ,theres a way, forever
    with few nutz + bolts, mix "n" a stir
    presto, vapin invention's been the cure

    a new era has dawned
    and its shining bright
    will be just a matter of time
    before cigarettes total demise

    yes theres a moral to this story
    its here,its now and glorious
    just when you figure the games over
    guy beside you finds a 4 leaf clover!

    ohh... the humanity,
    lucky charms any1 ? :2cool: lmao
    VAPE'ON VAPERS g'bye 2010
  13. happy 3rd birthday ecf, :)

    congratulations and the rest
    you truly are the best

    helping people in dire need
    probably saved lives indeed

    no amount of thanks could be enough
    1000s of people so generous

    for your unselfishness
    happy birthday ecf :2cool:

    spreading like wild fire
    with this new vaporizer
    suave ,cool ,sophisticated,
    we truly are liberated

    knowlege, help and support
    paitence, wisdom, info shorts

    information overload,no end in sight
    why does this learning feel right
    (will we ever see light. lol)

    people have come to stay
    growing larger every day
    bringing us closer together,
    with the walks of life ,forever

    happy birthday ecf :laugh:

    well this has been loads of fun
    happy birthday,christmas all in one

    could not come a better time
    good night now ,im outta ryhme

    c u next year birthday boy !:facepalm:

    all quips/rants/jingles/etc...
    by vapoinsano t/m+reg.dec.22.10
  14. cough off...

    started innocently enuff,late 73
    stole 1 off my late ,great granny
    1puff,2puff,than addiction
    way to much, oral fixation

    thought it keen,thought it cool
    many yrs later ,im the fool

    1 cough,2 cough, then im off
    dont wanna go, not just yet
    doc says gotta quit
    oh please-o, just 1 last hit

    1 thing is sure i'll bet,
    never remember that 2nd cigarette!

    threw it away for nuttin
    life was meant for sumfin'
    the pain and misery
    one day soon ,be set free

    1puff 2puff
    then im off.......
    then im gone...........:facepalm:

    all quips/rants/jingles/etc...
    by vapoinsano t/m+reg.dec.22.10
  15. dear mr. cigarette,

    wish we never met!
    you made me sick,
    you rotten stick,
    cant wait to finally get rid ya!

    happy to tell you,
    met someone new
    helped me out already.

    can finally say goodbye to you,
    i think we're goin steady!

    1/2 as cheap + i'm a mizer
    w/my personal vaporizer.

    well been a slice
    almost took my life.
    second chance ,to start anew
    been bad to effen know ya!

    now heres the thing,
    might just win
    this ditty is not over.

    might just be , that'll be free
    live my life to 103 ? thx.

    c u stinky! :laugh:

    all quips/rants/jingles/etc...
    by vapoinsano t/m+reg.12.22.10
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