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thought this may be more appropriate than posts!:facepalm:

bloggin= the art of attracting readers w/ interesting topics of discussion...not! :laugh:

wed.dec22/10 740pm. 1st blog
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  1. thurs.dec.23.2010.530pm

    hello fellow readers,
    seasons greetings too.....,

    i started this blog for 1 reason only,
    a place where you decide to come+read !
    (ex; not have my sometimes questionable posts jumpin out

    its a little krazzzy+sometimes nutz.

    Lisa Simpson: "Solitude never hurt anyone. Emily Dickinson
    lived alone, and she wrote some of the most beautiful poetry
    the world has ever known... then went crazy as a loon."

    a little about myself,i will always be a n00b in life,
    my ecig gear includes for now a stock EGO,w/the 650mha batts,
    (impressive for how i vape,non-stop!)
    1 free 510 lr atty,very nice+yes i read about the lr's. thx.
    1 free syringe type(unknown) cart?(hate it) but thats just me.
    and a ton o juices! no-favs, i like to mix it up quite a bit!

    got some minor d.i.y. supplys wednesday,some 100%vg,stevia+ 2 flavs banana+rum. did a taste test and think already d.i.y. is
    the way to go!

    exactly 1 mnth today , have yet to have a cigarette!
    since stumblin upon the e-cig! what a pleasant surprize!

    i did vape incessantly like 18+ hrs a day!! did'nt want to up
    the nic! have gone to 3.6mg periodically (was18-24mg) +found it helps a
    lot,now @ least i put the infernal contraption down once in a
    while!! lmao

    i love it +its waaaaay better than smokez!
    its huge for me,2 packs a day of the "full flav.heavys" for
    like 33yrs ! the cravings have been very tolerable as well.

    i litteraly tried everything,+ i could never understand why
    you would try cold turkey? (ecchhh, is'nt that what a nuker is
    for? lame i know,i jest of course.)

    still have the odd craving,but playing around with a lot of
    juices and nic-%s helps!

    drinkins ruff,found it tuff, wanted an reg. cigarette bad!!
    but hung on for dear life +soldiered thru...
    had 1 good stiff christmas drink,i dont drink like i used too!
    (or like the incredible ms.insano still
    i love that whoa-man to death, i wonder who'll be 1st. lol)

    but all in all, i am really quite insanely happy !

    its going really well. ive lost about 10 lbs+my breathing is
    steadily improving!

    i keep reading its ok to slip up and have a smoke, if
    circumstances get untolerable! i agree,+ then try ecigs again.

    i am on ecf now all the time(i've got a new addiction!)they
    did warn me about this.ole'
    reading ,posting crap,surfin+now me bloggin?? too funny!
    lots of real great people+ it has that feel of a close family
    ! man this place is buzy too!

    this is the coolest site i know of. 1st 1 i ever signed on for
    too! that says alot. you think there ready for me? lol

    so thats it fer now...
    happy holidays yall
    more to come!
    any feedback welcome,

    always imho + never dis-respectful
    bonus material...
    words by V.I. 6am.12.22.2010 tm/reg.

    words to live by...
    the ....-clown lament,

    what do i see sometimes, when i look around
    its all ugly, dark and stinkers..........
    somedaze gotta pull real hard,
    to get my head out'ta my sphincter! :facepalm:
  2. hey,
    welcome to insanos blogs!
    this is the 1st 1 !

    i am a 1st time blogger + dont know if this is the right venue for these quips,rants+all things ecigs etc? any feed back appreciated thx V.I.

    i posted this and pulled it ! but to be fair , i decided to blog it instead .its also has been edited(
    full stoopid version on blog profile,plan on a re-write)

    where are you now?
    the list would be shorter,
    if we could find no "conspiracy" @ all
    lets look @ another 1
    see what i see
    are cigs a conspiracy
    or is it just me ?
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