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  1. I've been buying my e-liquid at various bricks and mortar stores primarily because I'm not a fan of buying anything online. Some people just aren't and I'm one of them. However, I've made an exception due to necessity. Recently I've been buying from one of our members here Mike and it's been a really good experience and his liquids are the best on the market because they come from the main Chinese Government endorsed suppliers. If you haven't tried the 24mg juices I would highly recommend them because so far I've not been able to find them in any single retail outlet in Cape Town. The highest available liquids and people have the cheek to call these high strength, are 15 to 18 mg.
    Twisp is 15mg in their high and Puffaway is 18mg in their high, but I am not able to verify this with Puffaway. It's certainly not more...a word of warning stay well away from the ginseng liquid unless you like the taste of soap. But anyway back to the subject, I like to be able to walk into a pharmacy or store to buy my supplies because I don't have to plan and schedule and schlep to the bank like I do when I order online. The catch here is that there are only a handful of stores in the Cape carrying supplies. Invariably these will be Twisp, Puffaway and NJoy products.
    So today when I was in a local Pharmacy, Sunset Pharmacy in Seapoint I remembered asking a while back if they would be stocking e-cigs and related supplies and at the time they said they would be, so I decided to see what was available. Well sorry to say, but there was a big shelf of nothing on display. I asked the pharmacist what the story was and he said they wouldn't be stocking them. So I asked why? and he said well he spoke to all his pharmaceutical contacts and erm, the products were too expensive. Oh I said, what about if you could source them cheaper? No, he replied. We have information that these things are dangerous.They cause cancer. So I said really? Wow. Then I asked where he got his information. Oh, he replied. We have lots of sources in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    Ah Ha. There you go. Big Pharma is starting to crap their pants...So I asked politely to speak to the manager. Then I asked him to tell me why they won't stock something I want to buy. He replied that they had thought long and hard and had decided they didn't like the concept. Hmmmm. I suppose you could persuade a hooker to move into an igloo with you on a dark and stormy night much easier than you could persuade this manager to see any kind of rationale. His mind was closed. Sorry, Bought. Bought no doubt by the Idiot Savants who represent Big Pharma. The Campaign of Ignorance and misinformation is well and truly under way in South Africa. It's a war out there Boys and Girls. So go and demand your friendly Pharmacist stock e-cigs and supplies today. Because if you don't, the noob with clearasil'd cheeks and slick hair with a fat paycheck in his pocket who drives around all day flogging the smoking cessation crap of Big Pharma will get to him first and convince him that e-cigs are dangerous, expensive and cause Cancer:D
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