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  1. I remember, way back in April, when I posted Unity. The words I wrote way back then, in my new-found exuberence, spoke from the heart. We needed to be united in one voice, one message, one goal.

    My, how we have fallen....

    The campaign waged against all vapers by BT, BP, and BB have been concerted, pin-point, surgical strikes.

    This was never a struggle against wether or not PV's would become mainstream, natural outlets for cigarette users addicted to nicotine. This was never about importing a new toy from China. This was never about legality, and this was never about the health and safety of the American Public.

    This struggle was about the little dogs (us) having the audacity to bark in absolute joy over a new-found bone.

    Power. Control. Greed, and Corruption. How quickly do these infective words spread their sickness.

    I look at the aftermath of this battlefield from a shattered castle wall, and weep at the distruction. Once fertile fields are now bare patches of ground soaked with blood. The corpses of the dead are stacked like cordwood, the living having abandoned them to the flies and carrion-eaters.

    Our community is broken apart - riven by suggestions from the unholy trinity and our own vicious infighting over Power, Control, Greed, and Corruption.

    Even now, with the assassins within the walls, we can't resist the urge to throw venomous barbs at those we once called friends, once embraced in a comonality of purpose and goal.

    And BT, BP, and BB sit back and watch this final implosion from their palaces of gold and silver.

    They light up their cuban cigars, sip champaign from crystal goblets, and dine on fine exotic treats gleaned from around the globe as they congratulate each other on a fine victory against 'these upstart free-thinkers.'

    Damn, we're good. We certainly showed them, didn't we, what we're made of.

    I need a cigarette.
  2. Another of the arguements I continue to hear from "professional" cigarette cessation experts is: "This product will become a gateway to real cigarettes for teens and young adults."

    Never mind the "teens and young adults" portion of this arguement....I've gone over that before. But - the gateway...... Oooooo. Sounds scary, doesn't it. This word is yet another carefully engineered term created and used to manipulate the consumer in a direction that they (the "expert") want you (the uninformed consumer) to take.

    Is the E-Cig a gateway? NO. Unequivocably not. But I'm willing to back my statement up with my experiences, instead of insisting you take my word for it.

    I purchased my first PV kit in March. 1 atomizer, 2 batteries, and some smoke juice. I vaped on this for a week. Loved it. Had no want, desire, or need for a traditional tobacco cigarette. This was my Holy Grail, the thing I had been waiting for since I first lit up in the 80's. Then, disaster: 1 week to the day, I burned up my only atomizer. Replacements were on order, but not shipped yet......Oh, God, what could I do?

    I smoked. Went back to the nasty tobacco cigs. Without hesitation. I had to have my hand to mouth, my little cloud, the cylinder between my fingers when I drove, for this is the driving force behind my personal addiction, far greater than the nicotine I'm inhaling. I will say now, with passion: Those were the worst 2 days of my life!

    Now, the FDA is fixing to ban this wonderful new toy of mine, because they are afraid that I, using an electronic gizmo, will entice someone else to smoke cigarettes? That this will become so attractive to a non-smoker that they will feel the irristible urge to light up?

    Come on.....pull the other one. The only way this could possibly become a gateway is if they now pull it off the market. The genie has been released from the bottle. If they pull this product, they create the gateway - a self-fulfilling prophecy. Period.

    This is an invasion of my personal liberty to do what I will with my body as long as I'm not harming anyone else. Tell me, what do you think will happen to me, what will I do, if they do, indeed, pull my alternative off the market, in the name of protection? I'm sure you can connect the dots here....

    I could fill this page with other consumers' stories that mirror mine.....the e-cigarette-forum and petition both are full of such personal experiences. Many have gone further on their journeys than I have, and have cut to zero nicotine solutions. What's going to happen to them? What will they be forced back into in their pursuit of happiness?

    Granted, there are some who don't share my own experiences.....there are some who find this product not quite my Nirvana, but simply a substitute for their own addiction.

    But, almost universally, there is the same sentiment: going from an E-Cig to traditional tobacco cigarette is the same as going from Lobster to Fish Sticks.

    Care to try another arguement?
  3. Here's another letter written to a legislator to address the "what about the children" arguement that many have whipped out in opposition to our beloved gizmo's......feel free to cut and paste, or use whatever segments you can.


    Mr. John Cooper

    I heard about your upcoming decision to halt the sales of E-Cigarettes in your district. I would like to say to you that this is, in my opinion, a very bad idea.

    You say you are afraid that these devices would entice children to the habit of smoking cigarettes...I say, unequivocally that nothing could be farther from the truth. First, the median age for users of this device is 40 years of age, far away from the age that children start smoking.

    Second, these children would have to have the initial start up cost of $100-$150. Not impossible, I know, but it would knock a substantial percentage of children from the risk.

    Third, there is a long learning curve on these....I have been using my E-Cigarette for 2 months, and still have to fight with the different components.....which are an emerging technology, and prone to equipment failures. This would remove even more children from your risk zone, as they would not be willing to put the time, further money expenditures for failed equipment, and aggravation factors into a new gizmo when they can just go down to the local gas station and buy a pack of tobacco cigarettes for less than $10.00.

    Fourth, there is all the regular maintenance on the device, with filling and replacing the stuffing in the nicotine cartridges, cleaning the atomizers, and charging the batteries. Again, what young teen is going to go through all this work when tobacco cigarettes are so much easier to use and obtain?

    Fifth, the multitudes of E-Cigarette users in the US have used these as an alternative to tobacco, and will not willingly go back to tobacco for various reasons, taste and general feelings of better well-being immediately coming to my mind. This is not, and should never be considered, a gateway to tobacco, as cigarettes come up lacking in many areas of our enjoyment of this product.

    I believe your fears that this is an enticement device to lure children to the dangerous habit of smoking cigarettes are unfounded, and if you give this some thought and research, you will find many positives in this technology, which, even though in its infancy, has been the one device many ex-smokers have used as a cleaner alternative to traditional tobacco.

    I have included some links that might be helpful to you in your deliberation of this sensitive issue:

    This petition is a collection of many true-life stories of people who have found this technology

    This is the site of Smokefree Pennsylvania, the director of this organization is Bill Godshall, and an advocate of the E-Cigarette

    This is a link to the E-Cigarette Association
    Electronic Cigarette Association

    If you would like further information on this technology, please feel free to ask.

    Thank you

  4. Hi guys

    I just had pointed out to me that the meeting details were kinda buried in the thread...I can't edit the original post - so details will be here - will contine to post as I get things ironed out....

    First - date and time:

    Our timeline is: May 11th, 11:00 - 2:00ish

    11:00 - assemble on the Capital steps. Meet & Greet. Do our thing...
    1:30-2:00ish - break for lunch, discuss and decide if we want to work the afternoon.

    We will be on the Capital Steps, vaping, handing out informational flyers, and answering questions about our cause - flyer verbiage is the first comment below....

    I do not want to cause undue alarm or make this out to be a hostile will be an education/informational opportunity, and time to have some fun!!!
  5. Hi all....

    Every once in a while, we need to stop and have some fun... I just happened to have the Sound of Music's Favorite things floating through my head the other day, and I wrote some slightly different lyrics to it..

    Enjoy - and have a laugh on me today!

    ECF's Favorite Things

    Mini’s and PeeWees and Puresmoker Riskee
    Pipes and Screwdrivers that make me feel frisky
    Kissbox Extended and the Bada Bing
    These are a few of my vaporing things!

    PG and VG and all of their uses
    Mixing and cutting and extending juices
    A contest to make your vape pretty with bling
    These are a few of my vaporing things!

    When the bat dies
    When the Att fries
    When I’m feeling sad

    I ‘m on ECF reading various strings
    And then I don’t feeeeeeeeel So Baaaaaaaaaaad!

    Waybills and Chinese and fighting with customs
    Mall Shops from SE can I really trust ‘em?
    Giving up analogs just makes me sing!
    These are a few of my vaporing things.

    Learned a new trick
    Making Juice wick
    Got something to add

    I’m on ECF writing all kinds of things
    And then I don’t feeeeeeeeel So Baaaaaaaaaaaad!
  6. I sent this letter to my local paper just the other day.... If you would like to copy this and tweak to your own special circumstances, feel free.... The more education we can get at even the local level the better....

    Enjoy! Vicks

    Editor, Daily Times

    Please save me from Cigarettes! Many people, including myself, have turned to alternate nicotine delivery devices, stepping away from traditional tobacco products, which keep us chained to a dirty delivery method which statistically kills half of its users. My cleaner method: the Electronic Cigarette, or E-Cig.

    This device uses a small battery and atomizer, which takes a solution of nicotine suspended in Propylene Glycol, and vaporizes it for inhalation by the user. An exhaled “cloud” contains only harmless water vapor. There is no smoke, second-hand or otherwise, no tar being inhaled into the lungs, and no ash or spent butts for litter, as there is nothing being burned by the device. The fluid used comes in different flavors and strengths of nicotine, and users can even choose “no-nic” fluids when they are ready to step away from the addiction.

    I fear for the future of this devise, which has been my Holy Grail to quit a 20+ year addiction to cigarettes. These have recently come to the attention of the FDA, who last month issued a statement claiming that the devise and the liquid it uses are classified as “new drugs” and not approved.

    And, it gets worse: legislation called the Waxman Bill has passed the House and is up for debate in the Senate later this year. This bill would hand control of all things containing nicotine to the FDA. What concerns me are the underlying concessions in the bill: The FDA would be allowed regulate nicotine content in cigarettes, but not to ban them outright; thus tobacco would maintain superior position over the US nicotine market, actually protected by the FDA. Anything poised to shake that position, such as the E-Cig and other harm reduction products, would be put to near-impossible standards set by the FDA to bring their products to market, as the agency would be reluctant to approve new methods of recreational nicotine use. In plain English: this bill would continue to allow a deadly product to be sold while suppressing any alternate products considered by many users to be a safer alternative. Philip Morris, producers of the Marlboro brand of cigarettes, has publicly supported this bill for unstated reasons.

    If my E-Cig is banned, I will be back to the 2 choices regarding all cigarette smokers: quit or die. Traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies do nothing to address the physical components of smoking (the inhale, the hand-to-mouth, and the oral fixation) and thus have an abysmal 5% success rate. Clearly, not a product line for the masses, nor one for me. The bottom line: I will smoke tobacco again if my E-Cig is banned.

    I am one voice. I ask the community of Watertown to raise their voices with mine, to contact our senators and urge them to be informed when the Waxman bill comes due, and ask for harm reduction devises to be allowed, not suppressed.
  7. It's a shame the anti's preaching against us are blinded by their hatred of the habit we came to leave behind. They refuse to allow the truth to set them free, opting to take the easy road and willingly pull the blinders over their own eyes.

    I feel sorry for Big Pharm - greed motivating them to manipulate the government into barring this new product in the name of "public safety." The ugly reality: chaining us to the most deadly product sold in this country for a few more splinters of profit pushing their innefectctual products. They refuse to spend their ill-gotten funds to embrace this new technology, taking the easy road and burying it instead.

    I'm horrified by Big Tobacco: focused on making their product more addictive, not seeing the connection between killing off their customer base and slitting their own throats. It's more comfortable to continue to produce their deadly product than absorb this new technology and make it their own.

    Big Government will take the easy road, as always, and be swayed by those who have the loudest voice, the biggest number of votes, and yes, the deepest pockets. Their easy road is to appease the greatest number of citizens, and ignore the minority.


    Human beings have a love/hate relationship with's our nature. We embrace change as necessary, get excited over something different and new, but fight that change because we're forced away from the comfortable and familiar. Pharm, Tobacco, the Anti's and Big Brother are fighting that change, wanting comfortable and familiar. Smoking is evil, anything that looks like smoking is evil.

    Being angry does nothing. We must educatate them....It's a monumental task. The enemy is on our doorstep. The field of battle is prepared, the line has been drawn in the sand, and the battle is upon us not on a field of our choosing.

    We need unity-ONE purpose-ONE goal-ONE MILLION voices raised with ONE message.

    Only then will we succeed in defending our rights.
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