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  1. I am one word: Proud. A feat which has been in the back of my mind for years filed under the tab labeled "Impossible Goals" has finally been accomplished. I have officially quit slowly killing myself.

    Now all I need to do is get back into the swing of working out at the gym and I am going to be a whole new woman!!

    I love the way I smell now too. My clothes smell so good and clean, and I don't have nasty breath anymore. I don't even want a cigarette. It doesn't bother me to see someone smoke-- it's not like I thought where if someone lit up I'd instantly want one. I don't, it stinks! I don't want to breathe the stuff.
  2. So today I have had some problems with (apparently) drawing on my VK too hard. :/
    Which is extremely hard to get used to. Been having some minor teeth sensitivity, but going to get some Crest ProHealth for that.

    However: Cigarette count is at 1. And that is where I stop counting. EVER.

    The last couple of drags I took off of said cigarette, (which I had puffed on a little earlier today) made my heart race and just feel utterly sick. :shock: Not to mention the phlegm in the back of my throat now. I was keeping my pack in case I absolutely HAD to have one. Which I see now, that I simply DO NOT need any. I am so happy and relieved. I am moving on with my life.

    Now if I could just get one to my mom. Maybe a single battery and a wallcharger, and I will give her one of my extra batteries. :D

    So, headed to the trash can with my last few analogs. Going to break them all in half. :cool: I think I will miss the camel emblem on the pack, but not the smokes!!! yay!
  3. And boy is it Love. :)
    All I want to do is vape. ok maybe I shouldn't do that :) LOL!

    Anyhow I just ordered more juice, and V4L is so awesome they even said they'd fix the little mix up from before. I handed a V4L card to someone last nite, they were a little hesitant and said they'd use me as a guinea pig rofl
    I'll let them.. all that matters is that it works for me. I have a couple new faves besides black tea also. Red Hot Candy YUMMM. Def got two bottles of it on the way, one med. and a doubler :)

    Espresso is good I ordered some of the liquid to keep my carts filled. I also like peach it comes in fourth.

    Last night I got the hang of it and now I get great TH with 11 mg. 18mg is way too high for me.
  4. Okay so far I am pretty optimistic. I love the taste of the black tea especially! It goes hand-in-hand with my diet dr. pepper I drink. I still need to play around with the nicotine levels a bit. I can already tell I like this flavor a lot though.. I thought I would which was why I ordered some liquid too. However, the wrong liquid came in its place :(

    Guess I will have to find a new fave when this one runs out. I have only smoked a half of an analog in the three hours that I've had this baby. I know it's not going to be easy for me at first, as I am really not getting a throat hit! I may switch to my PT after a while it seems to be a tad better on it. I'm just vaping through my cravings the best I can and I'm really enjoying it :)