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  1. One of the more debated subjects I've seen in the vaping world is how to react to non-smokers who want to vape. The most common of these appear to be social smokers who want to enjoy smoking, but don't want to risk getting addicted to cigarettes or to do something that's so bad for them as smoking. People seem divided on if we should help them or discourage them completely, and there are valid reasons for both sides. I though I might share my thoughts on this today.

    I personally too am a bit divided on this, there are a lot of downsides to an increasing number of non-smokers picking up vaping, but we might be able to do something about that if we try.

    One of the biggest of which is how do you keep these social vapers from picking up something with nic in it and ending up addicted because they don't know what's in their hand(yes we all know by now that nicotine is not nearly as bad for you as so many claim, but still it is addictive). Sure we all can advise them to grab zero nic, even get them some 0 cartos, but what about all those gas station disposables out there? How many people are gong to just grab one of those on their way out to the bar for a night of fun? Clearly we can not be the worlds white night wearing shining vapor armor to protect every damn fool who picks up an e-cig because they think they are cool or totally risk free. However we can by being willing to advise our friends or even curious strangers, help reduce the number a bit. If we come out as too strongly against it and tell these people they are crazy, many of these people will go ahead and do it anyway (what did they tell you about smoking all those years ago?). A more even handed approach, where we tell them that vaping is a better choice then smoking, but we don't know what 20, 30, 50 years of vaping will really do, might be our better option here.

    The next big concern and a valid one it is, is what will those ANTZ and their pocket lobbyist do when there are more people who pick up an e-cig that have never been smokers? The answer to this one is pretty clear. They will use it as a way to label vaping as an addictive and growing problem. They will say it is targeting new customers, kids, baby elephants, the whole nine yards. Well if they have not already turned this into a big part of the argument, they will (If we are talking about it, they are bribing about it).

    Our best plan of action I think is not going to be to deny this is happening, but to shine a light on what vaping is compared to smoking. There is not a credible strip of evidence that counters that vaping is much safer then smoking. The average "avoids 4000 chemicals" is posted even in negative articles more often then not, and the "we don't know what's in it" argument is easily blasted out of the window by anybody with the ability to google. This does not even include the dozens of studies out there that are showing that vaping may be a no worse habit then drinking coffee (at least with what we can know at this point). We know what that these are safer then cigarettes and have a pretty good idea of why someone takes up smoking in the first place.

    If you are an adult who really wants the smoking experience for whatever reason you tell yourself, you are going to find a way to get it. I would rather see a new vaper then a new smoker any day of the week. If the FDA, ANTZ, BP, BT or any of their payed off "scientist" can actually scientifically argue the opposite I will stand on my head and sing a Wagnerian opera, while eating my own hat (between acts of course).

    New vapers that were not smokers to start is something that is going to happen. It does not matter if you like it or not, but with ANTZ and the FDA watchdogs out there, it's going to effect us all. We are better off finding ways to deal with it that will best benefit us all, including these non-smoker vapers, then letting the laws write themselves while we are busy arguing about it.

    That's just my thoughts on it.
  2. I've been thinking lately about the state of my addiction to nicotine since I've started vaping and how it has changed. Comparing what I was to what I am now.

    Now to start things off let's look at who smoker Ron was. I was and addicted smoker, like really addicted it would have been easier for a bayou moonshiner to give up his confederate flag before I gave up my smokes. I was getting worse too I was quickly getting to two packs a day and found myself sneaking out for my smoke breaks twice as often at work. Even with the rising cost of smokes and a limited income my cigarette smoking still increased. It could be 2 am and freezing raid could have turned the street into a skating rink, if I was out of smokes I would be on the street walking for 20 minutes to get to the gas station for a pack. Nothing, nothing, and just to make my point clear NOTHING would keep me away from smoking.

    Now lets look at vaping Ron. The other night where I was sitting down doing something and reached for my PV only to find it not where I expected it. I took a quick glance over to where I have it when I am at my computer and it was not there. I just thought "Must have sat it down some place" I did not panic, I did not stop what I was doing to go find it. It sat where it was till I got up to refresh my coffee and found it next to the pot (of coffee you silly sods). Had this been my smokes I was reaching for I would instantly be up, running about tearing though my pockets, my messenger bag, my coats, considering running to the store to grab a new pack all this madness. Since this was my PV though. I wanted to finishing what I was doing and then go and find it. A totally different experience.

    It's more evident then ever that cigarettes hold on you is different then vaping. I feel free like I can put down the PV if I want to some day. Am I still addicted to nicotine? Yes, but I feel so much more in control of that addiction now. That's something as priceless as the health benefits to me, if it in itself is not one.
  3. Well today I decided to test out my "Tigers Blood" in my Kanger Pro and the Vivi Nova. Now this is a juice from Totally Wicked and to be honest they never really grabbed my attention as a vender and in my test carto this juice was only okay. However from some reason I was in the mood for a vape me and my local BnM owner friend have dubbed "Charlie Sheen". So off I was to see how it tasted in my preferred delivery systems.

    i have to say I am impressed it was a great morning vape and I am enjoying it quite a bit. It does taste a bit more like the certain bull it claims to in the tanks (did a bit better in my K-Pro then the Nova). However a little goes a long way, probably does not help that I hate bulls of the red variety and I think e-drinks are sillier thenCamelot.

    Next I realized that my vape taste are a-changing. I am liking menthol less and less and it is starting to bother my nose after a bit. It would not be a problem if my juice collection had a bit less menthol in it. Instead I am left with only a few choices (Charlie you're up). So now more juice on my next vaping bill. Really do we ever start to save money lol?

    Finally I learned that my iPad will never learn that I'm a vaper not a vamper.

    Thats it for my first blog (ever I hates these things). Hope ya liked it.
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