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  1. I just want to make this perfectly clear; I use mods and I love my mods! But it really bugs my butt when someone suggests one to a newbie. I'm not saying that new people aren't capable of understanding how to use a mod or even that they shouldn't. If they done the research, lurked long enough or display that rare understanding of volts, ohms, watts and amperage, then sure, I'll throw out some models. But most new people who come here are just that; newly born vapers.

    Chances are they've never used a PV before or they're currently using something way overpriced and worthless. There's no way I'm going to tell them to get a mod, no matter how easy it is to use. "Easy" is about as subjective as taste. Some newbies come here and they've already spend hundreds of dollars on different crappy kits and they're about ready to give up. Some arrive here and only have so much money to spend, so they can't shell out a couple hundred bucks on a mod, batteries, cartos and atties.

    I've seen threads where new people have purchased a mod and then want to know why they're popping atties or why they're getting a burnt taste when they use carts. And in a couple of cases, it's because they bought a mod that someone suggested in the Newbie threads. Vaping already has a learning curve, there's no sense in making it higher. That just increases the odds that they'll become frustrated and give up altogether.

    New people just aren't going to know this without some education and good old fashioned research. Period. I didn't know crap about mods when I first came to the forum. A lot of really nice people suggested the eGo and Riva, which I purchased and liked. But I wanted more, so I dove into the research. I learned about the voltage of batteries and ohms of atties and cartos. I learned how those two work together to produce watts and amps and create a different type of vaping. I learned how to drip (and discovered that I really liked it) because using a cart with an LR atty is a recipe for frustration. I looked at the different types of mods and then narrowed it down to the types that would fit into my budget. I watched reviews on YouTube. It took me a couple of months before I finally picked a couple that I really liked and, as luck would have it, one of them became available on the Classifieds. Thank you, Vaporologist, for the beautiful baby that you sold me and for taking time to make sure that I could use it to its full potential.

    If someone had told me to buy a mod when I first joined I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't be vaping today. Learning is a gradual process. Telling a newbie to buy a mod is like jumping from basic math immediately into calculus. It just doesn't work. Even though I understood how my mods worked and which atomizers to use when, I still had some learning to do and I went through a few atties doing it.

    The other reason I don't recommend mods to new people is that they might not like them. I'm not talking about not liking as in "I don't like the looks", I'm talking about not liking vaping at the voltages. I remember that a relatively new user started a thread complaining about how he bought a 5V mod and didn't like it. His first problem was using LR atties. Once that was out of the way, he decided that the vapor was too hot. Sell it on the Classifieds and take your losses. There are even people who don't like vaping at 3.7V. My fiance is one of them. Luckily, the mod I bought for him is now being used by me.

    This is why I rarely, if ever, suggest a mod for the newly born vaper. Why overwhelm the already overwhelmed? That just doesn't make any sense to me!
  2. A member here on the forum recently PM'd me and asked about mods. I'm happy to share any knowledge that I have with other members, so she and I chatted it up and she wound up buying a mod like mine. She got that mod today and asked if I would mind calling her because it didn't come with instructions and she was afraid of ruining it. Well, I didn't want that to happen so I called her. We ended up talking and sharing all kinds of things about our kids, our favorite juices, how mods change the vaping experience, our health and a whole host of other chatty things. It was wonderful and I really enjoyed myself! I just hope that I gave her some really useful information in addition to just plain old good chatting!

    It really made me feel good; not just about helping and encouraging her, but about my vaping experience and life in general. I'm going through a very tough time health wise right now that has absolutely nothing to do with vaping. It's become so frustrating for me that I almost broke down and smoked a cigarette the other day. I didn't, but I think if I had found some 24mg juice I would have. Our conversation left me feeling very positive and hopeful. I don't know if she realized it or not, but she helped me probably more than I helped her.

    Funny how things work like that, isn't it?
  3. Yesterday was my six month "vapiversary." I had to sit back and think about that one for a minute. Six months with absolutely no cigarettes is quite amazing for me. I had smoked since I was 15 and I was smoking at least a pack per day by the time I was 18. I tried everything to quit; the patch, the gum, Zyban, cold turkey. All of them were horrible and didn't work. I didn't think vaping would work, either.

    I took up vaping so I wouldn't have to go outside or in our garage to smoke. Vaping seemed like a way for me to get my nic fix while staying indoors. Well, I was kind of right about that. What I didn't expect was that I would actually quit smoking completely. That wasn't part of the plan and it really didn't start out that way. I started out with Green Smokes, which were a huge let down for me. The batteries didn't last long and the cartos were extremely inconsistent.

    I stumbled on the ECF while trying to find something else that worked better and ended up buying Riva kits for both me and my fiance. Little did I know how much of a difference this would make in my life! The day the Rivas arrived was the day I quit smoking. And I did it without even thinking about it. It just happened and it's been that way ever since. I went through only a few days of withdrawal and even that wasn't that bad. The improvements to my health seemed to happen so quickly and painlessly that it's almost hard to believe!

    I'm working out now, getting my singing voice back and feeling better than I have in a very, very long time. I thought I would be a slave to cigarettes and I had given up on quitting. I thought it was impossible. Vaping changed all of that in one day, with one simple device and a couple of tasty juices. Simply AMAZING!
  4. I just got my order of LR 510 and 808 Mega Cartos from IkenVape today. I've been waiting for these to go into production, so when I read that they were finally available I had to get some. I already have boatloads of different cartos and for the most part I've ended up disappointed somewhere along the line. Standard cartos just don't work for me, since I vape 3.7V most of the time. I have some SmokeTech LR 510s, but they started either tasting burnt after the first couple refills or didn't work as well after cleaning them.

    Today was probably the most excited that I've been since I got my Chameleon! I tore the package open immediately after I got back in my house and set everything up for the first test; the multimeter! I bought 10 of each carto, which are supposed to be rated at 2.0Ω. One by one, I tested each of them and every single one tested at 2.0Ω! Fantastic! Time for part two; the initial fill.

    I took one of each and was able to get 55 drops of juice into them without any leaking. They both fill with the drip method very easily because the filler just sucks up the juice. I really like how easy it was because I use either 50/50 or 60PG/40VG mixes and the initial fill can sometimes be tedious with thicker juice. I let them rest for about 15 minutes and then it was on to the real test; performance!

    I tried out the 510 first and was instantly let down because it wouldn't vape! There was zero airflow and I couldn't even get a draw. I unscrewed it a bit and then it worked...boy did it work! However, I'm one of those people who doesn't want to fuss too much with my hardware. I'm not a modder, nor do I ever intend to be. If I have to fiddle too much to get something to work I'd rather not be bothered with it. At the same time, I try to be a fair person, so I wasn't going to judge by just that one carto. I understand that sometimes things just don't work, so I filled another one.

    I was blown away by the second one! The draw was nice and easy. Not too airy, not too tight, just right. Tons of rich, warm, luxurious vapor and excellent taste came out with the very first draw. There wasn't even a hint of filler taste. I took a few more drags and not even the slightest burnt taste. The carto only got slightly warm, which I found surprising. My other LR cartos would get hot whenever I would power vape them. So far, this was definitely a keeper.

    The 808 was next and I was instantly pleased. The results were exactly the same as with the 510. Tons of warm vapor, delicious taste and only a slightly warm carto after power vaping it. It was another very satisfying experience. I decided to keep using this one while my fiance and I were out running errands so I could put it through it's paces. Again, I wasn't disappointed. The performance and flavor remained consistent for the entire four hours that we were out. Simply amazing!

    I refilled it as soon as we got home and it's still going strong! I'll put the 510 through it's paces tomorrow and post an update. For right now, I highly recommend both of these cartos. I really believe that Issac has a couple of real winners on his hands and you should get your hands on them, too!

  5. So, I'm at work. It's Monday. Boy, is it ever Monday. Lot's of work issues, clients not understanding that not everything that happens is our fault...typical. Sometimes I have to step away from my desk in order to keep my sanity even though I don't smoke anymore. I go vape in the alley where the rest of the smokers go so I can blow clouds of vapor everywhere. While I was outside today, I noticed that the smell of cigarettes was particularly strong and almost made me gag, but I fixed it with Banana Foster's vape. I thought to myself "I just perfumed the alley", so that's what I'm going to start calling it whenever I need to go outside.

    "I'm stepping away so I can perfume the alley."

  6. "PC...."

    I am so sick of "PC", of trying to be "PC" and of people thinking that everyone else should be "PC." Politically correct? Are you serious? I'm sick to death of trying to come up with words to replace other words so I won't offend someone else's delicate sensibilities. The mailman is now the "postal worker" or "mail carrier." I can't say the word "retarded" or say that someone or something is "retarded" because it might offend someone. I have to replace that word with something more "PC" that sounds just as "retarded." Pretty soon I won't be able to say the word "stupid" or refer to someone or something as "stupid" without pissing off someone. What am I supposed to say? Less-than-intelligent? Not-so-smart? It's ridiculous and the whole notion of "PC" is getting out of control.

    I was councilled at work once because I said "I love him to death" (speaking of my fiance) and "You might as well take me out back and shoot me" (spoken during a conversation about comas, quality of life and the right to die) because someone was offended by my remarks. Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to speak my mind when I can't speak my mind? It's gotten to the point where I can't tell if it's okay to say what I want to say, even if I rephrase it.

    I can understand not using certain expletives around some people or in professional situations. For instance, it wouldn't work well for me to tell a client "Well, the reason your search isn't working is because you're not doing it right." That's just rude and unprofessional. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with being "PC." Outside of work and around my friends I can cuss like a sailor and drop the F-bomb enough times to effectively offend an entire convent of nuns. There's a time and a place for my foul language and I have enough common sense to know when and where that is.

    I'm tired of being told what is and is not okay for me to say. I can understand not being able to cut loose on the forum with an expletive laced rant. The profanity rule is there to ensure the decorum of the ECF. It keeps things peaceful and orderly. I'm fine with that. I deal with enough chaos that having a relatively tranquil place to go is a welcome change.
  7. I love vaping. I really do. But there are some things I love more than others. I've been trying out some different atomizers and cartomizers since I started using mods. I'm still partial to the 510's, but I've developed a particular fondness for 801's. I love the taste and the vapor. There is a definite difference between the two and I find both are wonderful for dripping. 901's are okay, but not as good as the 510 or 801's and 401's kind of suck.

    My experience with cartos has been somewhat disappointing up to now. I've tried the CE2R4's and they're okay once you mess with them a bit. I use 50/50 and 60/40 juices which don't wick well with the CE2's, so I have to change the way I vape them. Using them at 5V made my juice taste like burning plastic, so that was a no-go. I was ready to just deal with it until I got to looking around a bit. I bought some 2.0Ω cartomizers from MadVapes and those have been working pretty well, but the cartomizers I like the best are the IKV 510 Platinum V2's and the IKV Mega 808's from IkenVape! Both of them are easy to fill, even the first time. The filler material soaks up the juice quickly and evenly and doesn't change the taste. There hasn't been a burnt taste or smell even after cleaning and refilling. I can chain vape on them and neither one gets too hot. I'm very happy with them and highly recommend them.

    I have a 901 drip tip that has been a big sore spot for me. It's one of the fat metal type drip tips and it sucks. It's a major struggle to get it on and off the atomizer because the fit is way too tight. That doesn't make vaping very easy or fun. I ordered a couple of clear plastic 801 drip tips from AltSmoke and they work like a charm! They fit perfectly every time and I like watching the drops go down the sides. I'm thinking about getting a couple 510 DT's now.
  8. My Chameleon arrived two days before Christmas, much to my surprise and the surprise of Vaporologist, who I bought it from. It's slim. It's silver. It's so soft (just the GrimmGreen told me it would be.) It's solid. It's so completely VAPABLE! I love everything about it. Vaporologist was even nice enough to include a couple of batteries and some atomizers for me to use until I could get my own. I've been enjoying the hell out of it since I got it! I've been using it mostly at 3.7 with an LR 801 atty or as a 5V PT with standard 510 attys. The taste is wonderful and the vapor is thick, rich and warm! The Riva's and eGo's are now being used solely by my fiance, and he's completely happy with them.

    So what do I end up doing a few weeks later? Buying ANOTHER mod! I bought an Indulgence, mostly because I can use the bigger batteries with it. It's shiny. It's a pretty platinum finish. It's just as solid as the Chameleon and vapes just as well. I stuck a LR 510 atty on it and I switch between the two mods now. I think I've gone out of my mind.

    I hear a lot of people say "get a variable volt", "get a ProVari!" I looked at VV's before I decided to make my purchases and here is why I didn't go with a VV mod:

    I wasn't sure that I would even like vaping above 5V, and to be quite honest 3.7V is my mainstay. I usually only vape at 5V because I'm charging batteries or just don't feel like running them down. I've tried 6V and didn't like it much. It was too hot for me and most of the juices I use tasted burnt.

    The VV mods are expensive and I wanted something that would give me vaping satisfaction without breaking the bank. Buying a ProVari would've cost me over $200 and I couldn't justify that amount of money. I got a great deal on both of my mods and I'm very happy!

    Even though it's not something I use all the time, I still wanted a PT option. Both of my mods give me that.

    Vaping is definitely not a one size fits all deal. It actually kind of ticked me off when someone started a thread saying that everyone needed a VV or they need to "go home." You know what? I am at home...with both of my mods...happily vaping my fool head off. Thank me very much! Hell, not everyone even needs or wants a mod. My fiance is a case in point. He tried my Chameleon. He tried it for a few days and then gave it back to me, saying that it wasn't for him. He doesn't like dripping and he doesn't like cartos. He likes the Riva's and eGo's and using carts. It's his preference and he isn't wrong for it. I know damned good and well he isn't the only one.

    Some people like box mods, some people like tube mods, some people like VV mods. Nobody is wrong for their choices unless their mod just makes them unhappy. Then you sell the one that doesn't make you happy and buy one that does. It's just that simple. Now shut up and go away...

    Vape your head off!

  9. It happened. I spent most of yesterday looking at mods and trying to figure out which one I wanted and how much I really wanted to spend on one. I kept waffling between the Pro-Vari and the Indulgence, but in between I kept seeing mentions of the Chameleon. I looked it up and watched some reviews, but didn't really think much about it. I just kept working and looking until I stumbled on one that was for sale in the Classified Threads. I went to IkenVape and looked at it again. The asking price in the Classified was right up my alley, so I took a chance and sent out a PM. After a few PM's and a couple of hours, I became the proud owner of a Chameleon PV! It was sent out today and I'm so excited that I can hardly wait!

    I've really been enjoying dripping with my 5V PT, but I knew I was missing that LR vaping experience. I think this little PV and I will work out well together. I'll be able to try out different type atomizers and 3.7, 5 and 6V vaping. I'm very pleased and the reviews for this mod are extremely good. I understand they're hard to come by and well liked. I'm thinking about putting together some sort of review video once I get it.

    Thank you, Vaporologist! This just made my holidays! I just hope USPS comes through for me!
  10. Well, here I go again, doing something I thought I'd never do. First it was dripping. I didn't think I'd like dripping because it would be inconvenient or messy. It's neither one. I'm dripping more at home and I've started doing it at work lately, too. I bought a 5V PT from a friend here at ECF (deback, I love this thing! You're awesome!) Then, I started reading about LR and HV atomizers. That might have been a "mistake" of sorts because now I'm seriously looking at mods. I would love to have a true 3.7V PV, but I'd also like to have the option to vape at 5V because I really enjoy it, and I think it would be cool to try out 6V, too. I think I've narrowed it down to two possible PV's; The Pro-Vari and Indulgence.

    The Pro-Vari will allow me to adjust the voltage myself without having use a screwdriver and move it up incrementally by .1V. I really like that. However, it's a pricey piece and it doesn't have a PT option. I suppose that really isn't a big deal considering that I own 2 PT's already. It's a very well put together PV that can be turned off so it doesn't accidentally fire in your purse or pocket, and it's filled to the brim with safety features that makes it a good choice for a first mod.

    The Indulgence seems like a very nice piece of hardware and can be fitted with 4 different threads (510, 808, 910 and 400.) It has the options of standard 3.7V, 6V using two stacked 3.0V batteries and a 5V PT. It's not nearly as pricey as the Pro-Vari, but it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles. It's pretty and it doesn't look like it would be huge, even if you use a big battery with the extender cup.

    I'm just not sure which way to go with this right now. I keep looking at both and nearly pulling the trigger, but then I get cold feet. Damn it! I don't want to end up being a collector. I just want a mod that will be dependable and give me the vaping nirvana I crave. I have to be careful with this decision because unless I get a promotion at work, I'll be back on a tight budget in a few months. Student loans will start kicking in and those are going to put a huge dent in my disposable income. Ah, the price I'll pay to have increased my IQ...

    So this is my current "dilemma", if you will. Unfortunately, it involves more than a simple toss of a coin. If anyone wants to chime in and give me some advice I'd love that!

    Vape your head off!

    WoH <3
  11. These last few days have been extremely stressful. It hasn't been good for my MS and it's showing in the amount I've been vaping. I've started being a little more open with vaping at work, even to where I'm now dripping. I share an office with two other people and they don't care. I'm not blowing out huge amounts of vapor, but I'm not exactly hiding it either. Anyway, I've noticed that I'm going through 3mls of juice just during my shift. Granted, I work 10 hour shifts, but I vape even more once I get home. That's a lot of juice for me.

    I noticed when I got home today that the nearly full 5ml bottle I took to work today only had about 2ml left. Now it probably has about 1ml in it. Drip, vape, drip, vape in one big chain. My eGo has become a pacifier. It shouldn't surprise me so much. When I was smoking this would be one of those times where I could go through 2 or even 3 packs in a day. At least I'm not doing that anymore. The thought of trying to get my hands on an analog hasn't even crossed my mind. That's a plus. The only time my PV hasn't been in my hands is when I'm typing. Whoops...two more drops on the atty...vape, vape, vape.

    I'm vaping myself silly because of all the crap that's going on...
  12. Random thought that just popped into my head...

    How am I supposed to tell someone that I'm not blowing smoke up their ... when I don't smoke anymore? Would it be better for me to say that I'm not trying to blow vapor up their ... instead? That just doesn't sound right.
  13. We all have our favorite PV's, mods and juices that we recommend on a regular basis. Whether it's the new person here on the forum or someone out in the world, the curiosity about vaping and the number of vapers seems to be growing. We vapers love it when someone new comes into the fold and gives up analogs, but like all forms of technology, it doesn't seem to be for everyone. There is a learning curve to vaping and there are going to be some people who just either can't deal with it, or don't want to be bothered with it. I think if my mother were still alive she'd be one of the people who just wouldn't be able to deal with it. It took her months to figure out how to get her voicemail from her cell phone and how to use the remote control for her TV/VCR. Granted, she was of an older generation and was pretty resistant to technology, but I don't think she would've enjoyed vaping at all.

    Before you think that I'm being cynical, let me assure you that I'm not. This is just the reality of our world. Just because it's for me doesn't mean it's for everyone. We vapers get the in's and out's and we're willing to deal with those. We love it when new models and mods come out and we're happy to share our knowledge about what works and what just really sucks. Some people just aren't going to care and don't want to go beyond pulling an analog out of the pack, putting it in their mouth and lighting it. Ce la vie.

    Vaping requires a certain amount of patience and planning, especially in the beginning stages. Most people came into the vaping world insisting that they want an e-cig that looks and tastes like a cigarette. The reality is that there isn't an e-cig that will fulfill both requirements completely. Sure, you can get one that looks like a cigarette, but the battery life is going to be horrible. There isn't any way around this. The smaller the battery, the shorter the charge is going to last. Since most starter kits come with only one or two batteries, the heavy smoker is going to spend more time charging batteries than actually using them. The only way for a heavy smoker to make this type of system work is to have at least 10 or more batteries at the ready to get through the day. At around $20 per battery this just isn't economical, especially for the new person. Do you see where I'm going with this? So this is the first bubble I'm going to burst. If you're a light smoker, you can probably go with the e-cig that looks like a cigarette. You might be happy with this, you might find out later that you aren't. If you're a heavy smoker, then you'll probably need to go with something that looks less like a cigarette and is bigger in size. That's just how it is.

    Then there's the insistence that it taste like your brand of smokes. I'm going to be as frank and honest as I possibly can about this. Ready? There isn't one. No matter how hard you try or where you look, no matter what anyone tells you, there is NOT going to be a nicotine juice that tastes exactly like your Marlboro Ultra Light 100 Menthol's or your Camel Turkish Silvers. Some tobacco flavors might come close, but you'll never find a duplicate. They just don't exist. Besides, if you only want the flavor of your analog, then you're missing out on one the biggest positive aspects of vaping and that's FLAVOR VARIETY. Vaping opens up a world of flavor you will never find with analogs. You can start your morning with vaping a delicious Cafe Mocha with your coffee and end up vaping Apple Pie for dessert after dinner. Can you do that with your analogs? Absolutely not! Second bubble burst, moving forward.

    Here are some more bubbles I'm going to burst:

    I don't care what the website or the guy at the mall kiosk told you. Cartridges and cartomizers ARE NOT going to last the equivalent of half a pack or a pack of analogs. They might last the equivalent of 5 analogs, but really it's completely dependent on you and how much you vape. They might last 30 minutes, they might last a couple of hours.

    Cartomizers are disposable, but that doesn't mean they can't be refilled at least a couple of times before you toss them. Making you think that you can only use them once is a marketing ploy to convince you to spend more. I call bullocks. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be spending $18 or more for 5 regular sized cartomizers. While I'm on the subject of replacing hardware, there is absolutely no reason why you should have to spend more than $25 on any battery. Even my eGo 900mah only cost $22. If you're e-cig website is saying that you need to shuck out $50 for a new battery, then you're getting ripped off and you need to look elsewhere. It's just that simple.

    Juice is super cheap and there are many online vendors who make tasty batches of it. If you're being told that you need to spend $25 or more for 15ml, then you need to walk away quickly. I'd rather order online and wait a couple of days than fork over my hard earned money for something that might last me a few days.

    Once you've figured out which model you want, you have to buy extra equipment for your PV and juice. You have to learn about which hardware is compatible with your PV and how to use it properly. You have to spend time figuring out if you like the atomizer/cartridge over the cartomizer and whether dripping is going to be a good alternative. You have to experiment with juice to figure out which flavors you like, PG/VG ratios and which nicotine level is going to work best. Some people go through the experimentation stage in a couple of weeks. For others, it can take a month or more.

    Vaping can be, and is, much less expensive than smoking, but only if you're willing to assume some responsibility. Atomizers can last for a couple of weeks or more if they're properly maintained and handled. Cartomizers can last through several refills when the user pays attention and handles them with care. Batteries can last for several months or longer as long as they aren't abused and neglected. Cartridges and fillers can last for months at a time with regular cleaning and proper use. Filler is also cheap, cheap, cheap to replace.

    Hardware and juice don't last forever and must be replaced at some point. Doing this isn't going to be as quick as running down to the gas station for a pack of smokes. Very few vapers have the luxury of a local brick and mortar storefront they can go to, so most everything needs to be purchased online. New vapers will find out quickly that there really isn't just one online store that will meet their needs for both juice and hardware, and online vendors sometimes run out of stock. A lot of us buy hardware from one or two vendors and juice from a couple of other vendors. That's just the way the vaping world works right now. You either learn to deal with it, or you stop vaping. Some people have learned the hard way that you need to have more than a couple of atomizers or cartomizers and few little bottles of juice on hand. Most of the experienced vapers have at least a handful or a drawer full of replacement atomizers/cartomizers, a lot of juice, and spare batteries. Nothing kills the vaping experience and is more frustrating than running completely out of these things and not being able to vape.

    Learning to use cartridges and cartomizers presents a challenge. Refilling with juice and replacing the filler so they don't flood your atomizer and leak everywhere takes some practice and finesse. Even dripping takes a bit of practice to get it right. Patience and persistence are going to be key here. Take your time and keep trying. Once you get a feel for it, refilling becomes easier and quicker. There are also plenty of cartridge and cartomizer modifications you can try once you get comfortable with the basics.

    Inhalation technique is still another challenge for the new vaper. It was easy to inhale on an analog because as long as you sucked on it, you'd get smoke. Since PV's don't produce smoke and don't burn constantly, the technique is different. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to inhale the same way they did when smoking and it almost never works. Most of the time long, slow, gentle draws on your PV are going to produce more satisfying results. Again, practice makes perfect and given enough time, patience and persistence inhaling will become second nature.

    Are you still here? Still interested? Awesome! What I've written is just a condensed version of what to expect from vaping. The New Member forum is going to be a great wealth of information and that's where you should start. Read everything, watch the videos and ask lots of questions. Be prepared to go in with a realistic outlook and you'll enjoy vaping more than you ever expected.
  14. I accidentally killed one of my Mega cartomizers today. It somehow got stuck on the battery and I couldn't get it off. I tried using a pair of pliers and the cartomizer part came off, but left the connector on the battery. I had literally pulled it apart! I had to have my fiance get the connector off the battery. Now I have a decapitated cartomizer. (Play funeral dirge here...)

    Curiosity prevents me from just tossing it in the garbage. I want to cut it open and find out what it looks like inside. Time for a cartomizer autopsy!
  15. I finally finished my Bachelor's Degree and graduated on the 29th of October! Woo hoo! I'm hoping that degree will be put to go use where I work now. I'm very proud that I finished because my dad and I are the only people in our whole family with degrees. He actually has two Bachelor's and a Master's, but I don't think I'm going to push it that far! I might go after a Master's as some point, but that's not going to be right away.

    Tomorrow is my last day off from work until after New Year's. I took ten much needed days off so I could just relax. I don't usually take a whole lot of time off even though I know I should. I just get so into the routine of working that I don't think about it. I'm really glad that I did this because I needed it. Things at work are just way too intense right now. Amazingly, I have NOT wanted to go back to smoking. That's more proof in my mind that vaping really does work!

    I ordered more stuff the other day. Damn, I'm spending a lot of money lately! It's completely worth it and still a hell of a lot cheaper than analogs. I broke down and bought two eGo 900mah batteries; one in black and one in pink. I also got button protectors, a couple of fast USB chargers, pink Mega attys, and some more Mega carts. My fiance also bought a DIY kit so we can start making our own juice. We're very excited about that! So, I'm spamming the F5 button to track my orders and hoping everything will be here tomorrow!
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