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CAW! I endeavor, here, to create my first blog that contains most of my "Wordsmithing" entries from ECF. Entries will be made incrementally starting with posts from my "home" thread. They will go from newest to oldest, until current, and then I will try to enter new ones as I post them.

Then there are some of my more memorable entries from other threads.

I will try, with the help of James my assistant, to update with new entries as time goes by.

To those who love imagination, fascination, creativity, fantasy, wit, and fancy I offer a heart-felt "Welcome!" :)

To those who dwell in negativity, rudeness, grossness, cruelty, self-absorption, and megalomania I say: "Welcome!" but with caviats! This is a kind, generous, empathetic, concerned, and
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  1. 2/1/13

    Far over Vapeland a soaring, strange, blue byrd is looking down upon his home realm. Having traveled through many realms, of late, his heart is full when he looks below. Yardbyrd sees a strange brown, rodent like creature, peering cautiously from his burrow; tomorrow he will emerge and his forcasting prowess be felt by many!

    Seeing new faces YardByrd comes in for a landing, in the meadow between the high rise/penthouse are and tea table service in the middle of Vapeland. YardByrd's mystical, and ever faithfu, perch rises from the green turf and he lands on it his right talon wrapped around a bevelled edge cut on it. The platinum translator medallion around his neck is glowing a soft and constant violet. You can hear a deep, smooth, male, Latin voice, emitting from Vapeland's avian friend:

    "Hail greetings and salutations Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland...Viva LA Vapeland...Viva La Vita Vapeland!

    I see many new faces, amongst us, some will become neighbors and put down roots here in our realm while others, wanderers that they are, grace us with their presence but for a short, but happy time. I salute you and offer apologies for any new comers this old Byrd may have missed Hail and greetings

    Rockstarima,speedydave,FrogHat(Did you once have a rock band that recorded "I Just Want To Make Love to you?),millertime660,springfieldarms(Thou shalt lurk no more!), Yokymo(trust in contacting Nicole), nadja2 (you will really want these e-liquids even more once you taste them), ReaperXL7, and Tajji'smom.

    CASEFACE79: So sorry to hear of your health woes; very happy to hear you took action fast enough and met the issue headon before it became a more serious threat. Be well. Vape long. Heal up.

    charmed312: You too Be well. Vape Long. Heal up."

    YardByrd pauses a moment and looking skyward you get a feeling that he is very concerned.

    "Yuttynut: where fore art thou and who dost thou fare?

    Lettucehead: We are encouraged at the report that you have returned to work; maybe, one day you will also return to us even if only for a brief visit.

    to our friend down under: RIP --thats Review interests in Perth!

    msmorri: James and I both are so happy that you are feeling better.

    Riversong, Monkey, Caitlin, IKAG, The Hill Giant (and you others I may have omitted); you sustain and energize Vapeland with every post.

    Alas, my friends, once again duties in other realms call me from my favorite and homeland realm. James, my assistant, sends his warmest regards and still hopes to come and visit and chat with you all sometime.

    Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    YardByrd inhales that aromatic, energized, magicked air of Vapeland and his breast swells with it's healing balm. He exhales slowly, sigh like, and flapping his wings takes off from his ever faithful perch that mysteriously buries itself back into the Vapeland soil. Rising higher, above the trees, to the right, over the clearing with the tea service he begins to spiral upward. His circular motion grows tighter and tighter. His flight grows quick, quicker, then so fast he spins inward upon himself and reaching the apex of the spiral is gone...then a talon reaches out of thin air and drops a scroll that unfurls and reveals a message for all and the appendage slowly withdraws upward vanishing into thin air:

    “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
    ― Roald Dahl


    The ________ How deep does the rabbit hole go? thread is suddenly charged with electricity. The hair on peoples arms, necks, and faces is lightly wafted upward. There is a scintillating, rotating, wobbly, mass in the air above. It continues to shake and alter, expand and contract, emit colors and then become clear. Then it slowly opens, from a slit down it's middle, and the vast, dark, void of space, stippled with many bright stars appears. The wormhole looks like it has stablized. There is a long, rolling, peale, of thunder and several lightning bolts emit from the hole and then a ball of blue lightning comes into sight, then, to the wormhole, and through it! It approaches the fairie soil of NuVapeland. A plain, brown, wooden perch, with a curious shaved bevelled edge on one side of it, comes up from the ground of _______ The ball lightning approaches, turns a deep indigo blue, and lights on the "T" top of the perch and dissipating reveal YardByrd. His otherworldly platinum YB medallion begins to glow a royal blue and you can hear a deep, smooth, male, Latin, translated voice:

    "Hail salutations and greetings our founders, our patrons, and our friends of AIV! Viva NuVapeland! Viva La _________! Viva La Vita ____________ I travel the realms seeking to do whatever good I can wherever I am able. You will find that I have already setup a Vapeland Embassy here that has gone unmolested. I feel that the waiting period, to view it's acceptance, is over with your appearance here! I am so happy to see Vapeland has expanded across the Realms! This is indeed a wondrous, happy, and remarkable occasion! I now offer to you the keys to the Vapeland Embassy, a warm welcome, and my feelings of gratitude that you have arrived. I believe this confirms the presence of NuVapeland. I could not have come here, earlier, on your behalf without the trail blazing efforts of Alegria! Well done Alegria!

    Alas the business of the other realms keeps me in near constant flight! Without the aid of my assistant, James, and your patronage I know of two realms that would have suffered greatly. Thank you, our patrons, for your delectable and fascinating e-liquids! Thank you, NuVapor for accepting our Embassy, our diplomatic inquiry, and now our presence, here, in our new home. Like it's founding home it reflects a mystic aura, a magicked dwemoner, a silent spell, a tremendous positive energy, this fairied earth, this wondrous soil, these blessed acres, this home away from home, this portal of respite for those who travel the realms...this land, our home, this requiem and sanctuary, this our NuVapeland!

    Viva _______!"

    YardByrd bows low upon the top of his perch. His faithful, realm following perch, begins to sink into the ground of NuVapeland. Just as it is almost out of sight YardByrd takes flight. He works his wings, hungrily, and mounts the heights of NuVapeland. The rotating wobbly mass appears above, again, and just before he flies away, to Realms unknown nbut needy, you hear one final, loud, and mighty sound......."CAW!"
  2. 1/4/13

    Vapeland seems very quiet tonight. A light breeze is blowing from the woods through the tea-setting area, onto and through the meadow and past the highrise/brownstowne and the small park bewteen them. Leaves and other light detrious matter are scattering around, dancing, bobbing, weaving, and floating. A very beautiful Orangish-brown maple leaf comes into view and freezes in place on the Vapeland air. It starts to glow and then spin and various colors are coming from it, whitish blue, reddish orange and prism like radiances eminating from it until it turns white forms an orb, turns blue, elongates like and egg and drops to the ground in the meadow. The egg cracks open and yardbyrd steps out. His perch, complete with the shaved, bevelled edge, rises mysteriously underneath him and his platinum YB medallion is glowing with a golden hue. You can hear his deep, male, Latin, translated voice, crisp on the fairie air:

    "Hail! Greetings! Lauds and Salutations Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! I trust everyone's holidays were as wonderful as mine and James' were. I will be dropping James here, sometime in the next couple of days, so he may visit with you all in a more conversational manner providing shorter posts.

    Ms Morri & Caitlin: I hope that you both will start to feel the affect of this magicked place so that it will ease you both and help you feel better. I'm sorry to hear of your hardware woes Caitlin. I paid about $15 more than the cost of a spinner battery and got an L-Rider. It, a vamo, or some other inexpensive VV may be more suitable; I am so glad the Jolly Old Elf brought me an L-Rider for Christmas.

    StereoDreamer and Riversong: Congratulations on the new hardware! 2013 has started off well for you both.

    .kmh.: I too share in your regret that my vaping fund is shot and will also miss the probably wonderful's got to be good with such a byrd-like name!

    yuttynut: You are going on my list and I will be holding positive thoughts that you can face, engage, and resolve your issues quickly, calmly, and to the benefit of you and all concerned. I wish you closure.

    Madmlucas & Jingles: So good to see your posts....even if you've had a rough go Jingles...hang in there and I'll be pulling for a calmer more stress free year for you.

    Plasticones: Sorry you have returned to smoking but all is not lost; you have returned to us here, if only briefly, which signals your desire to be smoke free -we're on your side.

    charmed412: After reading your post, "no sleep + blood transfusion + large amounts of coffee= weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and seeing you have posted again you are indeed charmed!

    Monkey, IKAG, and Hill Giant: Happy gaming to you all! Giant I saw you on the other night; well done. IKAG I hope that your recent issues have been settled amicably, Monkey....what can I say...thanks for the upbeat, cheerfull, supportive and positive posts.

    A fond greeting to any and all newcomers and visitors here who I may have overlooked. I see Couture is in and out and in the style of our time I must remark

    I will do my best to help James come for a visit. Take care of yourselves, be happy, be positive, and be well. The quotation I leave at the end of my post shows a reason I frequently quote others. Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    The wind comes up strong, returning from the area of the highrise/brownstone area. Yardbyrd stretches out his wings and his perch begins to descend. As the breeze reaches yardbyrd he stretches his wings and without a single flap mounts the air into the Vapeland sky content to ride the wind like a kite; content to have been here to see you all. His figure seems at home among the sparkling stars, aurora borealis, and fluffy clouds found aloft.

    "Improve yourself by other men's writings, thus attaining easily what they acquired through great difficulty".


    The dawn is breaking over Vapeland, and a sunbeam hits the glass on the top of the highrise and reflects down on the meadow, between the highrise/penthouse area and tea-service center of Vapeland. It begins to waver, grow, and pulse, a golden aura appearing around it as it slowly rises three feet into the air. A lovely looking yellowish-golden brown tendril reaches out and touching that Fairie soil below begins to retract; as it does so a plain, brown, wooden, perch is extracted. Then, from the center of the glowing mass a bluish glob like mass slowly exudes and landing on the perch wavers a bit, turns bluer, and then takes of the form of yardbyrd. The mass retreats into itself until it is gone. Yardbyrd's YB medallion is glowing a rich and reflective golden color. You hear a deep, translated, male, Latin voice, coming from the odd avian as he nods his head to the left and then to the right:

    "Hail, greetings, and lauds Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!

    I see that there are new ones in our midst! A dwemoner of a good will greeting to darkmoondreamer (have we met before?), rockymtnrobin, ahh two robins now three byrds in our homeland, and Hokus.

    I wanted to drop James off to chat with you all, in a more normal fashion, but alas, when I performed the required flyby there was little to no activity; we shall endeavor to do this late next week instead. A fond hello to our "regulars" (as irregular as the may be) -you know who you are! And a couple of specific responses:

    Kenzi & IKAG: I thought my tastebuds were shot too re: my latest order of white rabbit. Since you have posted I realize that this is not the case. I'll know to order more flavor next time and ask James to send e-mail as well.

    robin931: I refer you to my posts 1/4/13 02:40 AM #12946, 12/31/12 and 10:49 PM #12879. There are several others around Christmas and New Year. If you -or anyone else- missed my Christmas present to is a story in the form of a post:12/22/12 8:48 PM #12274. Apparently it was well meant but did not create the effect on the reader that I wished it had; no matter you all know what my intent was.

    msmorri: I am so very glad that you are feeling better and like your personalized avatar very much; James just will not allow me to post his image and shuns being photographed...something about it leeching his soul...
    Also I have braved a new, wondrous, bewildering, and very informative realm: ::Hatters Guild of Advanced Voltaics:: There, msmorri, I have just posted some small technical information regarding an issue that developed with mine and James' shared Vivi Nova Mini. I got help there, previously, with a battery charger question. There are, indeed, Technical Wizards who post there. Maybe, just maybe, it may shed some light on one of your past negative experiences with this device re: Center post is lopsided. I hope so.

    Alas, my friends, I must fly. Our realm grows thanks to our talented and caring patrons. I hope that you all are enjoying their excellent liquids even now as I depart. Viva Vapeland!"

    A glob of golden plasma energy suddenly falls from the Vapeland sky. Seeing it yardbyrd takes flight, while his faithful perch descends from whence it came. The plasma energy is expanding and yardbyrd is speeding up to it faster and faster. The blob is glowing and yardyrd is flapping so incredibly fast his wings become a blur, then his legs, and his head and as blue blur meets golden energy they merge, fuse, sparkle gold and blue and vanish.
  3. 12/20/12

    The clear purplish red lavender Vapeland sky shows ripples and waves and a small gray slit appears and widens and you can see an image of yardbyrd, in flight, his wing feathers separated and turned up on the ends. His head is level with his body and his chunky legs are pulled up tight against his body. Bright light -is it sunlight or moonlight?- is reflecting off his YB medallion and reflecting back with tiny rainbows of color. You hear his deep, smooth, Latin translated voice at first soft and distant and rising in volume until it reaches a converstational tone:

    "Hail greetings, and salutations Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! My duties in other realms have kept me away from you all for far too long. Some may ask, reasonably so, exactly what realm and what did I do there. So I offer, this evening, a glimpse into another -albeit familiar- realm that I visited this day.
    My gracious host who has asked to remain anonymous has made an apt statement regarding this sidelong glance into other beings:

    A husky high pitched male voice can be heard. "Tell all those good folks over there that it is a slice of life, stream of consciousness, byrd's eye view of this boy's afternoon. Not "A Day In The Life" but more like a patchwork quilt of some of my experiences and how I saw them." The hole in the sky grows fuzzy and dim and slowly the light brightens, like someone turning up a dimmer switch. You're seated behind the wheel of a tiny foreign made compact car as rain lightly drizzles onto the windshield when you start to hear what he heard and see what he saw as he saw it...

    The radio is turned up loud and "Interstate Love Affair" is coming in clearly. An upward jostle and downward bump occurs while you cross over the railroad tracks clump a clump at Wesleyan Drive and the intersection of Forsyth Road and wait in a line of cars at the traffic light there.... 'I wonder if Home Depot will have it? I think it's right out there near' (Soundgarten is heartening) "I say too you....DaDaDa Da dadada DA DA...'the Lowe's...I think? Mikey said that the goop I need might fix my issue with my'...(a hand holding 510 Battery with a Vivi Nova attached raises up and you can see a lot of vapor in the air...the light's turned green and you make a right onto Forsyth road....The sky is heavy whitish grey with low thick clouds, not ominous, but regal, as the pine trees blur past you until you reach the light at Forsyth and Zebulon roads...the traffic light is turning green at the front of the row of cars in front of you, and that vapor hand is back again...the radio switches over to Boston "Just another band out of Boston" and as you hit the brakes, before you make your left, you can see a thick hedge of holly on the right side of the road, rain droplets adorning each small thistle and the subdued light is broken by a few brief rays of sunshine that seem to illuminate these droplets and reveal multicolored reflective light crisp and eye pleasing...

    Walking up to the front of the Lowe's the wind is blowing from the southeast, unusally balmy for a December day in Georgia, and that vaping hand is back again...'I wonder if they've got the right stuff?'


    Walking slowly back to your small blue car the sky is ablaze, a full third of it glowing, orangish-yellow glory as the rain has stopped and the striking image of that sky, only minutes ago grey and dull is like a liquid pineapple-orange drink spilled onto the tapestry of the's pool sort of house shaped and slowly spreading, lighting the air, spreading out and shining.....

    You unlock the door, jump inside the car, fasten the seatbelt, release the emergency brake, and of COURSE turn on the radio-LOUD- WOW What a rush it's one of your favorites! Sammy Hagar just cannot drive 55...

    Your mind is on the radio heading back up Zebulon Road, retracing your route, on the right an impossibly green lawn zips by imposing, joyous, and you clumpaclump over the RR crossing and head up Wesleyan drive you wonder...'Will this goop do the trick for fixing my thing?...'

    Back at the old homestead she's waiting there for you. Busy cooking dinner she pauses and looks up, "Did you get it?" You answer her even as she starts back to work her gaze returning to you every few seconds, brownish hazel eyes full of concern, "Yes yes I did" -the aroma of cooking meat and steaming vegetables is tantalizing....What's for dinner?.....she pauses a moment...looks up and asks with a smile "How about a shot?"
    ...after dinner, while she dozes on the couch, brownish blonde hair tousled, arms up with her hands behind your head, fleecey blanket with a large buck and doe on it in brown and white and beige... you polish and clean that thing, apply the dice....Gee I wonder what's next?"

    The image grows dim and again the Icon of yardbyrd can be seen his smooth translated voice clear:

    "We offer this glimpse to you as a way of saying "Season's Greetings" from the other realms." The ripples are flowing over the spot in the sky and they begin to fold into each other and form that slit again. It slowly grows shorter and shorter until it is gone and you can hear those familiar translated words,

    "Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!" All is almost silent...but what's that you hear, far away and it really an interstate love affair?


    A fluffy white hat, large on one end and small on the other falls from the sparkling Vapeland sky. Just before it hits the ground it slows, and mounts the head of yardbyrd, who suddenly appears on that farie soil. His every loyal perch rises beneath him and a sparkling spot, to his right, reveals the teleported James. He is dressed all in white, with a white apron, and another chef's hat adorns his head. Yardbyrd's translated voice speaks:

    "Hail, lauds, and greetings Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva la vita Vapeland! Tonight James and I apppear before you to relate what we believe was a successful attempt to surprise and please our spouses.

    We both had been thinking, and planning, for some time of a way to surprise, delight, and gift our spouses. We came up with the idea of cooking a seven course dinner for them. Not my usual potato leak soup or James' heartening, but oft cooked chili, but something new and different.

    I hope you're paying attention StereoDreamer!

    So here is what we did. We endeavored to cook a 7 course meal; in fact we did. Here is what we prepared for them:

    1.) Melba toast with shaved Monterey Jack cheese. 2.) Manhattan clam chowder (yes it was Campbells from a can but it was the best we could do) 3.) Oysters on the half shell. 4.) Bitter type salad greens, endive, radiccio, spinach, and other mediterranean blends bought in a pouch and served with olive oil and red wine vinegar. 5.) Shrimp Spring Rolls. Yes they were pre-prepared and frozen variety served with sweet and sour sauce or Soy sauce. and then the entree:
    6.) Garlic, butter, lemon baked Tilapia with truffle mashed potatoes. 7.) Christmas cake or cookies or candies given to us a gift with hot tea.

    All courses were served with Berringer White Zinfandel

    I am pleased to report that I totally surprised Mrs. Byrd. She held up valiantly under the onslaught of courses but was just too full for course #7.

    Our dinner, a tribute of love and wishes for a happy new year, to our respective spouses turned out well. Both wives were so surprised not to get soup or chili. They savored each course.

    James and I both surprised ourselves. We studied copiously and looked long and hard for recipes until we settled on our menu. Good planning, an attention to our recipes, and a desire to create a palate pleasing and satisfying meal were met. my fellow Vapelandians I offer this description of our night, our long planning(3 weeks) and the fruition of our efforts. It has been, indeed, a very pleasant, tasty, and delightful night with the surprise to our spouses well pronounced when we produced our multi course meal! Of course we put up any left over food and washed all of the dishes after dinner; any job worth doing it worth doing well!

    Thank you, fellow Vapelandians, for creating and supporting this, our beloved Vapeland, a place where even two old byrds can come and share a little bit of their Holiday whimsy!"

    A gigantic food processor appears behind yardbyrd and James and leaning over, its blades whirling, it sucks them both into it's clear plastic bowl an as they go round and round, mixing and blending, you can hear yardbyrd's translated voice:

    "Viva Vapeland!" Suddenly the liquify button on the food processor depresses and as it's contents mix and blend they form an oddly blue shaded condiment that slowly disappears along with the food processor.
  4. An army of footmen is marching out of the distance into the meadow between the Highrise Penthouse/Brownstone area and tea table center of Vapeland. Each footman wears chain mail shirts covered with cloth padding that bears the symbol of Vapeland. It is a J and N joined together as one letter on a verdant green background. Beneath it are the words "Viva Vapeland!". They form two columns that march ever closer and you can see that their hard leather leggings, brown and shiney, top off black hard leather boots. Each footman wears a plate mail helm, face guards, perforated with fleur-de-lis shaped holes cover thier visages. They each carry a large spear and have longswords sheathed at their sides. The two columns are front and center when they suddenly stop and the lead footman, from the right column comes forward turns to face the crowd of onwatchers, and places the but end of his spear on the ground. The footman from the left column mimicks the first but you notice he has a long tubular brass horn on his hip opposite the sword. He turns to face the group looking on and raising the horn to his lips plays a triumphant, yet serious, joyfull, yet somehow subdued, fanfare. The other soldier lifts his faceguard and you can see it is James,yardyrd's assistant. His gold rimmed glasses are suddenly visible and you notice that a ruby adorns the end of each sleeve of his chain mail. He speaks.

    "Hail, greetings, and salutations fellow Vapelandians! Garlands of welcome to those new to us and those who visit from afar." Suddenly he is is holding a scroll in his hands and slowly opening it he begins to read.

    "We now present our leader, employer, advisor, friend, and spiritual advisor...yardbyrd...the Royal Blue Byrd!"

    A jewel encrusted perch, fashioned from silver, platinum, gold, rubies, diamonds and emeralds appears. The trumpeter is at the ready. James raises his spear and as he throws it, with unexpected force, it strikes the soil next to the perch and the trumpeter plays that same fanfare, while the spear gently waves back and forth, and yardbyrd appears on the perch. He is wearing a long red robe, and black velvet shoes. There is an green orb hovering next to his left wing and a blue scepter hovering near his right one. A platinum medallion hangs from his neck. It is a "Y" and a "B" joined together much like the "J" and "N" on the footmen's chests. The medallion begins to glow royal blue and a deep, rich male, voice, with an English accent can be heard distinctly.

    "Garlands of salute! Crowns of the joy of rejoined kinship! Harmony, love, contentment and generosity are here with you all! I come before you today to reflect upon my most recent samplings of Vapelandian Delights and announce most pleasing personal news." The green orb begins to spin and expand until, like a viewerscreen images appear as yardbyrd narrates. You can see James. He is walking down a worn concrete driveway past a patch of bear earth on the right. He follows the slope downard where a plain black mailbox waits. He opens the mailbox and retrives 3 packages from it.

    "Today my assistand, and good friend, James, completed a mission of the utmost importance to us both; we have vapemail from AIV! It contains Cherry Blossom, with adjusments, Mystic Mandalime, with adjustments, and Foursquare. More later on these latest delights.

    I, and James, both have sampled what we call the Byrd's adjusted Pear Ship, early today, after giving it just over a week steeping time. The blending of the pear and tobacco has been tremendously enhanced; my former concern about requesting less sweetness has been allayed as it has been enhanced by steeping! The resulting liquid is less nutty, slightly more fruity, and just a bit sweeter. We also feel that the TH has been increased. Thank you Ms. Nicole Li! I don't think I would want any further adjustment; the new Pear Ship, with Byrd's adjustments is most delightful and palate pleasing to us; we thank you! James consumed this taste using a 900 mah 510 battery and his newly acquired Vivi Nova Mini.

    The Stark Winter elixir, has also had time to steep, and I find myself believing that their is some butterscotch flavor there. The deep rich tobacco flavor is still there but slightly subdued and the menthol quality remains at bay --subtle and pleasing, an after thought upon an exhale; overall a delicious and satisfying tobacco vape that we will continue to give an ongoing review as we sample and ponder what other layers of flavor are found therein. Perhaps Vapeland's Rev67 can expound further on his views regarding this.

    One of the other packages, retrieved by James.."(the orb is showing old hands, one adorned by a diamond pinky ring, opening a package that matches yardbyrd's description)"...contained new adapators, new batteries and a new battery charger. What ho? What could these items be for?"

    The orb is showing those same old hands. There is a third package being slowly reveals.....

    "I am very pleased and happy to say that this third package contained our SSGGTS #3163 acquired through the classified ads of this forum! Irony abounds in the fact that all three of these packages arrived at the same time today! James is still mastering this new and amazing device and we will report later our experiences with it; forgive our inexperience but we are in uncharted waters and having prepared for our journey begin with a meek and easy voyage. Many thanks to our Hill Giant who is lending his expertise regarding it and still offers his gracious further help and input; thank you humoungous one! Perhaps we will become more seaworthy later. With the permission of our patron let there be feasting and celebration! Vapeland should be encouraged that this old byrd's, and his aged assistant's, months of saving, and determination to acquire this fine object have been met with fruition; if we can do it so can others! We will report -later- on the new flavors we received today and our impression, experience, and use of this wondrous new device. There is also a new quest for an additional, amazing, updated avatar that is being assisted by our gracious ms. morri."

    The sound of marching feet is heard and the columns of footmen, less James, retreat. James pulls up his spear from the ground and holding it aloft in his right hand, like a javelin, he runs toward the horizon and as he hurls the spear. but he doesn't release it, flying magically away he vanishes into the horizon a glin of sunlight reflecting off his chainmail shirt.

    "Alas I must retreat as well... but not before offering an old byrd's apologies for this lengthy discourse. I dwindle, here before you, as I pay tribute to you all and a fine Shakespearean actor. I also offer apologies to William Shakespeare and King Richard II." Yardbyrd bows graciously and his attire is gone. His perch is plain, brown wood, a bevelled edge facing you. The perch is rotating slowly around; yardbyrd is stiff spined upon it, his wings tight at his sides, his head held straight up, beak pointing to the heavens, as if he is standing at attention or giving a salute. He slowly turns to dots as if he was stippled upon the very air of Vapeland. The dots slowly dissapear, as these words are heard, the last tiny sphere, deep royal blue, and much like a bluebery, fades slowly with the words...

    Yardbyrd's voice suddenly sounds very similar to Patrick Stewart's

    "This royal perch of byrds, this sceptred isle,
    This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
    This other Eden, demi-paradise,
    This fortress built by Nature for herself
    Against infection and the hand of war,
    This happy breed of men, this little world,
    This precious stone set in the silver sea of cyberspace,
    Which serves it in the office of a wall
    Or as a moat defensive to a house,
    Against the envy of less happier lands,
    this joyous spread and mystical of threads,
    —This blessed plot...this earth....this realm.....this Vapeland."

    - Liberties have been taken with William Shakespeare's Richard II Act ii. Sc. 1.
  5. 12/1/12
    There is a feeling of anticipation in the air above Vapeland. The aurora borealis has returned and is changing colors every 4-5 seconds. When a beautiful, royal blue hue appears, the bank of color, layered between a burnt-sienna topping, and deep scarlet bottom, sends a tendril downward toward the area in the Center of Vapeland next to the tea table and tea service. A mini-tendril reaches out, just before it touches the ground, and an old plain, brown, wooden perch rises from the soil of Vapeland. The tendril touches the junction of the "T" on the stand and slowly expanding and contracing finally takes on the familiar form of yardbyrd. Suddenly the tentacle of color withdraws into that colorful sky and the platinum necklace, with its YB medallion, around the odd avian's neck begins to alternatingly pulse powder blue and eye pleasing orange. That deep male, Latin accented, translator voice oozes over the landscape like a balm:

    "Hail! Greetings and salutations Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Welcome you new Vapelandians and guests to our home. I'm drawn, home, once again to expound on previous posts and share some of my own experience.

    morri: Your self portraits are superior works of art displaying an excellent use of shade, hue, and color. I am so happy that you are back in the artist business. Please, never leave it!

    In regard to recent slow orders from AIV I agree with The Hill Giant.

    I placed two orders, recently, with AIV; 11/20/12 for Pear Ship, with adjustments, and White Rabbit. It arrived today with an extra that I will mention in a minute. I am still awaiting the order I placed on 11/24/12 but it was for Cherry Blossom, with adjustments, Mystic Mandalime, with adjustments, and Foursquare. Since two of these call for adjustments, and the last was from the Caterpillar's Apothecary which clearly states there is a waiting period, I think of 5-7 days, I assumed both orders would be slow in arriving.

    The PearShip, that arrived today, with my adjustments for, as I put it, +2 tobacco, -2 Pear, and -1 sweet, is fantastic. It took almost all my will power to put it into my vape drawer to steep. The upside is since it is dated 11/27/12 (as are all the e-liquids in my order) the time in my steep drawer should be greatly reduced. It is so smoooooooth, with a light nutlike quality, and a bit more TH than the base type.

    Along with my order, I'm pleased to announce, was a sample of a secret flavor! It is called Stark Winter. It is described as "..a winter, tobacco, middle ages style vape." I had to drip some to try. Oh my gosh. I could detect at least 3 levels of flavor. The tobacco is a bit richer and deeper than Pear Ship and I'm still torn as to what fruit flavoring is in there...cherry?...blueberry?... whatever it is it mixes well with the other flavorings and a hint of what I believe is menthol. I am not big on menthol but I have to say I'll have a hard time waiting for it to steep as well. Given a chance for flavors to blend I may or may not be able to identify other layers of flavor but I'm pretty sure there is more than what I could currently detect; it is just too complex and even in taste not to expect so.

    I recently purchased a Vision Vivi Nova Mini and have had no problems with it on my current 510 set up. I was careful to purchase from a designated Vision Vivi Nova Supplier. Since I still cannot VVV it is hard for me to comment on the burning taste that has been reported. All I know is that at 3.7V, using a 1.8 ohm head, I have gotten excellent performance on my RIVA 510 900 mah battery. Great vapor and flavor.

    Given that I'm only just about to open my 30ml White Rabbit I would have been willing to wait even longer for these e-liquids.

    My order had a fantastic avatar-like representation of me that I absolutely love. I am going to try to find a way to get a copy of this and upgrade my avatar if there is any way possible.

    Since you all are like my family I'd like to say that my dream of a PV upgrade may be coming to fruition. I'm currently working on a deal to secure a SS GGTS. It has a few extras but no major ones like Penelope or UFS. We'll see. If I am lucky enough to procure one I know I will be needing the expertise of The Hill Giant (incoming PM soon), Monkey, IKAG, .kmh., and probably several others. I'll announce, sometime next week, a confirmation, or denial, that an old byrd's vaping quest has been completed or is still on-going.

    Thank you all, fellow Vapelandians, for such rich, artistic helpful, concerned, slice of life, and caring communiques. Alas...that is all for now...maybe a quick flyby later. In the meantime....Viva Vapeland! Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    Suddenly, the Pear Ship has appeared in the midst of the colorful glowing sky, pulsing hues of yellow, green, and auburn, and a beam shoots forth from the stem end and locks onto yardbyrd. It draws him upward and he extends his wings, turning his head in profile, and resembles some kind of Thunderbird. He slowly rises until he docks with the Pear Ship. Without a sound the Fantastic transport zips across the sky, to the right, leaving rainbow like ripples in the aurora borealis, in its wake, before it disappears from view.
  6. 11/28/12
    A tiny spot of dust flies up from the ground next to the Tea Service setting and table in the middle of Vapeland. Dirt slowly begins to mound up and a tiny, pointed, pink, nose emerges, sniffing the Vapeland air eagerly. It is a gray mouse. She quickly expands her burrow and exits it. Pausing, on her back legs, her front legs lifted, right paw upward she looks back and forth and a tiny, squeaky, feminine voice projects from her. She is wearing a tiny amulet that glows blue, her voice is soft but clear, " Heeeeeere's yardbyrd!"

    Suddenly the mouse evaporates and music, from the Tonight show with Johnny Carson can be heard as yardbyrd's head appears in the hole, left by the mouse, and he rises slowly from it; his perch becomes visible and stops, byrd atop it, covering the hole left by the mouse. His platinum YB medallion is glowing purple and a smooth, deep, male Latin accented voice, is heard:

    "Greetings and salutations Vaplandians! A gracious welcome and invitation to soujourn here to all our new faces and visitors....Viva Vapeland!

    My schedule, among several other realms, has kept me from you all these past few days; viewing some of the Thanksgiving posts regarding stuffing Avians this may be a boon to us all! So much posted, so much said, so much felt and related in my brief absence! I only return today at the urgings of my right hand man and assistant, James, and to relate some news and opinions for him. For once he is detained in another realm, tending to a serious matter for me, so I come to speak for him today; and Boxing day is still over a month away!

    James has never had any luck with carto tanks. He recently purchased a Vivi Nova Mini which he likes well -so far. He paid far less for it than the one carto tank he has purchased which has never performed well at all.

    He sends best wishes to those among us who are not feeling well with a footnote that prayers and positive energies flow from him at every opportunity for the relief of those who are not feeling well. I must add a resounding, second, to those intimations. Condolences Charmed412,

    Alas! James has saved for some time and is awaiting two orders of precious Vapelandian elixirs. One is for White Rabbit, and Pear Ship with adjustments to the Pear Ship, and the other, made several days later, for Cherry Blossom, with adjustments, Mystic Mandalime, with adjustments and Foursqure. He has been waiting over a week for the original order and suspects the recent sale, influx of orders, and requests for adjustment have caused his orders to arrive gingerly. Both orders are confirmed but apparently still not shipped as of this moment. So we both empathize with those of you who still jump up at the site of the postman!

    For my own part, I must say, that just being here in Vapeland with you all is a wonderful thing. The matters of the other Realms call me away now...hopefully I will be able to return to you all more quickly."

    Yardbyrd pauses. He looks right and left then up and down. He stands on his left leg and his right leg is holding that same wand, black with a white tip, that he has brandished before. He waves it in a ciruclar motion, that makes him wobble comedically, and quickly extending his left wing, regains his balance. He taps his perch with the white tip of the spell woven stick, once, twice, and on the third tap the female mouse has returned! She begins to run circles around yardbyrd's perch as he resumes the circular wand waving and a furrow appears beneath the mouse and she runs fast, faster, fastest until she turns into whip cream that builds up in a swirling motion and engulfs yardbyrd and his perch. They are both obliterated from site in a mound of pristine white cream when the tip of the wand appears and extends just far enough to be seen.....and tapping the top of the whipped cream mound a cherry appears! Tapping again the confection wavers, falters, grows dim and slowly starts to fade. You can hear words...Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    Viva La Vita Vapeland, indeed, that flowing life of wonderment and cheer, that jovial meeting place of quaffers of the Vapelandain nectors, that realm of friendly magick and friendlier company, that avid enviroment, that peaceful respite, that energized and prevailing realm of soothing spells....Vapeland.
  7. 1/20/12

    A very young, very brown, almost black, lady, with a stringed instrument, transparent, faint, and etherial has materialized across the Vapeland sky. She plays on a stringed instrument, and you can hear her song..."Mount Abora, we adore thee..." It is light and cheering, uplifting and sad, hopefull and full of realism. Suddenly her strings emit a disonant sound and turning her round backed instrument over she starts to shake it and out falls yardbyrd. The dark skinned woman is laughing gleefully as she turns her music maker back into its proper position and fades slowly away her endearing and gorgeous smile and sparkling eyes reveal her love.

    Yardbyrd is falling down to the ground and he opens his wings and putting his head down starts a "death dive" straight down to the ground next to the tea table, in the center of Vapeland, where his ever vigilant perch appears and he lights upon it gently. His YB medallion is glowing a burnt sienna color and a very smooth, almost spanish accented, deep throated, male voice is heard emitting from him...

    "Greetings! Salutations! Lauds and honors to you fellow Vapelandians! I am so pleased to see our foal gathered together, as is their wont, for the common good!

    I must say that I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend And employee James. His ever vigilant care and concern help me greatly to communicate here when I am preoccupied in distant realms. His constant attention, tenacious focus, and friendly support remind me of all true Vapelandians. I must take your leave now but must impart to you- one and all, native Vapelandian and strangers who visit us- my joy, positive feedback, and paternal wishes for some thing that is greater than us all! Viva Vapeland! Forgive me, this morning, for double posting poetry from those who are far wiser than me."

    Yardbyrd bends his head down and hold his wings tight! He nods at his perch, once, twice, and on the third time the perch descends into that magicked ground, that realm of whimsy, that comforting home of the mind and imagination, and bearing him downward he abdsorbs into that soil so well spelled, that dwemonered earth, that magicked soil, that leave covered, yet magicked, that mundane but extraordoinary that welcoming loam, and state of peace....Vapeland!

    "A damsel with a dulcimer
    In a vision once I saw:
    It was an Abyssinian maid,
    And on her dulcimer she played,
    Singing of Mount Abora.
    Could I revive within me
    Her symphony and song,
    To such a deep delight 'twould win me,
    That with music loud and long,
    I would build that dome in air,
    That sunny dome! those caves of ice!

    And all who heard would see them there,
    And all who should cry, Beware! Beware!
    His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
    Weave a circle round him thrice,
    And close your eyes with holy dread,
    For he on honey-dew hath fed,
    And drunk the milk of Paradise."
    ~Kubla Kahan -Samuel Taylor Coelridge

    "So saying, he stopped his horse and let the reins fall on its neck: then slowly beating time
    with one hand, and with a faint smile lighting up his gentle, foolish face, he began:

    "I'll tell thee everything I can;
    There's little to relate.
    I saw an aged, aged man,
    A-sitting on a gate.
    'Who are you, aged man?' I said,
    ' And how is it you live?'
    And his answer trickled through my head
    like water through a sieve."

    Alice And The White Knight
    ~Lewis Carroll


    Thick clouds of voluminous foggy mist hang over Vapeland like a white cloak dimming sight and making normal trees and images odd and ghost-like. You can hardly see your hand in front of your face. A swirling,twirling, and whirling motion is slowly approaching, and the clouds part, briefly, and you can see James, yardbyrd's assistant, carrying a ridiculously large,ostrich feather fan, waving it back and forth, like some world war II flag signalman. He is just barely making a path through the banks of white; he's almost lost in the background of white, his white tuxedo with scarlet cummerbund seeming to float wraith like without him; if it wasn't for the Ostrich fan and faint light glinting off of ruby cufflinks he wouldn't be visible at all. As he draws nearer to the tea table, in the clearing in the center of Vapeland, you can see yardbyrd, walking along behind him.

    Yardbyrd stopsnext to the table and pecking the ground a plain wooden perch rises from it. James stops, at attention, the large fan held in his right hand, upright, like a spearas yardbyrd hops upon the perch. A platinum looking YB medallion around his neck begins to glow red and exudes a sphere that extends,dissapating the clouds, engulfing James and creating a red orb around them. A deep, masculine, Latin sounding male voice can be heard as the translating necklace does its job:

    "Hail, greetings, salutations, and fondest regards Vapelandians! My Thanksgiving was wonderful and I would like you all to know that you, and our kindred Vapeland are just some of the many things I am thankful for. I see we have more new travellers in our midst..." (he actually says mist as James, smirking glances over to him and quickly becomes straight faced again) "...I offer you one and all a fond welcome!

    James has related to me that even though he prefers coffee and tobacco flavors, in e-liquid, that he has recently placed an order for Pear Ship, with adjustments to his taste, which is, of course the lone tobacco entry found in this our home. He also has stressed that even though fruit and sweet flavors are not his favorite that he has ordered White Rabbit because it is the only the second sweet/fruit flavor that he truly likes. The first, of course being Mystic Manadalime. I myself agree and find also that the succulent strawberry of Zombie Apocolypse, the refreshing Cherry blossom tea of Cherry Blossom, and the Blackberry crumble cake of Twas Brillig suit my old, yet finicky palate.

    Monkey: I see you have offered your sincere "tanks" to ms. morri, who gratefully has accepted them.

    ms. morri: I see that you Monsieur Eddy, and mlle. Kindelle benefit graciously from our resident simian's generosity and share with others; Ahh Vapeland!

    Miss robin931: Your electronic endeavors are gorgeous.

    I also see a nut in our ranks, more exactly a yuttynut who vapes mightily, and with fierce loyalty, his Vapelandian delights.

    IKAG: You labor on, undaunted, in pursuit of your studies; well done.

    Fondest regards JParadise, .kmh., madmalucas, Rev67, Riversong, kyi, wonderland, and so many more that an old byrd knows in his heart and mind's eye but fails to mention.

    Alas! What news of lettucehead, KTK8, or old gloria is at hand? Zounds will we ever find the lost wokkerk? I hold out hope on this last expatriate that one day he will return. I am more confident about seeing the others soon.

    I must leave you this cloud obscured morning with a final tremendous debt of gratitude to The Hill Giant. I'm so very pleased he picked White Rabbit for his entertaining, delightfully, and humongous vaping that has provided us all, this fine morning with this wonderful vapor. So thankful, am I, that on occasion he does exhale!

    Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    Nodding down to his perch it dematerilizes into yet more mist -white and smoke-like- and landing lightly on the ground yardbyrd tilts his head sidewise looking at James and lifing his left wing he pecks, gently, at a feather as he and James seem to collapse and swirl dematerializing into the mist. That fragrant vapor, that exquisite air, that light yet not cloying atmosphere, though obscured by cloud, that lends delight to all who inhale it, that magicked oxygen, that sorceled breath, that air of the imagination and the fantastic, the layered sweet, and refresing, and pallet delighting gases of this our home our Vapeland.


    The fog comes
    on little cat feet.

    It sits looking
    over harbor and city
    on silent haunches
    and then moves on.

    -Carl Sandburg
  8. 11/9/12
    Night has fallen over Vapeland. A half full moon sends bright beams breaking downward through a high hazy ribbon like bank of clouds. The crickets are chirping and a tiny tree frog has somehow landed inside one of the tea cups on the tea-table and service in the center of Vapeland.

    One tiny hand like limb, green with brown highlights, sits lazily over the edge of the teacup. His tiny hand-like appendage, adorned with suction cups, caress the rim of the receptacle. A tiny flat head with large black eyes peeks over the edge looking, watching, waiting. He starts to sing a chirp-like amphibian song and his notes become visible, drifting upward and twisting conically weave together to form
    . The tree frog leaps reflexively into a nearby tree to seek refuge.

    Yardyrd's wings are spread and he glides easily to the ground where a plain wooden perch, complete with a bevelled edge where a wood shaving was taken, appears and he lights on it. A medallion, platinum- like, on a platinum-like chain around his neck woven into a YB begins to glow a soft yellow. You can hear a smooth, deep, male Latin voice, as the translator does its job.

    "Hail and Greetings Vapeland and Vapelandians! VivaVapeland! What a joyous thing it is to be here tonight even though the night wanes.

    Greetings to new ones in the midst of our mist; lhandbe, WandaH, DancingDead, Robin931, and Kindelle, lucky child of morri! Apologies for any newcomers my old byrd sight may have missed.

    It is good to see blondeambition3, yuttynut, and the snakeskined one in our land again.

    I see congratulations are in order to lettucehead who has won stealth; and I thought, all these years it had to be practiced, developed, and grown!

    I know all of Vapeland is waiting in eager anticipation as our founders journey far to a new home; our thoughts, prayers, positive energies, and well wishes for a safe and happy relocation focus upon them.

    Thank you, fellow Vapelandians, for this respite from the world. Thank you for your thoughts, humor, insight, caring, and presence. Tonight I wish for us -one and all- good fortune, good graces, good will, and greater thoughts.

    Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    produces a stocking cap, from under a wing, and dons it looking rather comical. He opens his beak wide in a yawn and as he lies down upon the top of his perch it slowly sizzles and fizzles until it transfrorms into a bed; a bed with a large nest on it! He settles into the nest and a quilt creeps up over him from its recesses. He reflexively places his bill under a wing and starts to fade out as his smooth even breathing, at ease and restfull, let you know he is sleeping peacefully, even as he vanishes from view.

    "THE sun descending in the west,
    The evening star does shine;
    The birds are silent in their nest.
    And I must seek for mine.
    The moon, like a flower
    In heaven's high bower,
    With silent delight
    Sits and smiles on the night."
    - Excerpt from "Night"- Wiliam Blake

    The sound of a train on train tracks rolling by fills the Vapeland air and a boxcar door opens and out flies Yardbyrd:

    "Hail, greetings, and salutations Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Just a quick, roll/flyby. I found this post on Facebook a few minutes ago; it is 7 hours old:

    John Jah L. Flynn
    "The lunchbox has landed! Nicole and I are safe at our new home."

    I just felt compelled to share this information with you. Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    The train is still rolling by and suddenly an old fashioned mail bag pick up hook reaches out, snags
    yardbyrd, and before you can say strange blue byrd the train, its hook, and yardbyrd are gone.

    A sound like an audio or video tape rewinding can be heard and suddenly the train has returned -running backward! The mail hook pops out and plops yardbyrd on the ground in front of you. Somehow that darned perch managed to appear under him! He looks a bit dazed and shakes his head slowly then apparently realizes where he is!

    "Thank goodness! It's Vapeland! VIVA Vapeland! I will attempt to up load a photo from Jah called My New Street:

    I hope this works o.k. and that you all enjoy it!:

    A portable stairway is telescoping down off the boxcar behind
    yardbyrd. A man dressed in a conductors uniform is backing down the stairs and when he turns around it is James! He suddenly cries, "Bohhhhhhhhhhhard!" He walks up the stairs and yardbyrd lifts from his perch which instantly disappears, flies toward James, then over him through the door. James walks up the stairs, turns around and pulls them up.

    "Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    The train levitates straight up off the tracks and begins to twist upward until it is vertical. Spinning, maniacally, it starts to resemble a DNA chain when there is a peale of thunder and it is gone.
  9. 11/1/12
    1. Originally Posted by .kmh.
    I got my vapemail from KT today, Thank you =) It is quite nice.
    Originally Posted by morri
    I said sweetheart, tomorrow is payday and they not sending it out till then.

    and thanks about the banner. It is old though. Jah made me two some months ago. This is his version of steampunk morri at vapeland. LOL

    I love them.

    Originally Posted by andyman97
    I already have 5 other Zen devices going with different juices that I love. When one gets empty, I'll clean and fill with one of my AIV juices
    Yardbyrd is flying in for a landing; his feathers seem bluer and more vivid than ever; his small eyes are sparkling, and his webbed feet have a slightly more yellow tint accented them attractively. He is about to touch down next to the Penthouse when his perch emerges from the sod there but it is broken the "T" part of the stand on its side. He is slowly flapping his wings and nods at the perch and his medallion glows a vivid green and the broken part of the perch floats up and re-attaches to the base; the top of t "T" still shows a bevelled off line on its top. He lands softly and his medallion starts glowing green again as you can hear him:

    "Hail! Greetings and Salutations Vapelandians! A quick flyby was in order. .kmh I couldn't agree with you more, as James infomed me earlier today, that we also have received Aliceandrean Vapemail from KTK8. James is currently vaping some ZA and reports it is rather delicious!

    IKAG: Your wood work is good work!

    morri: I must disagree, respectully, madam, regarding your current Avatar; I think it suits you to "T" even though avians aren't fond of archers this one seems to be on my side!

    andyman97: I have found only one AIV e-liquid that I believe benefited greatly from steeping: Pear Ship. For me one of the most delightful things about their gourmet delectables is that they can be enjoyed immiediately upon receipt. It's true that many of them benefit from steeping; I usually let mine steep in the bottle while in the process of vaping them!

    Alas, I must leave you all. Recent events have proven quite tiring for me and even though my energy levels feel higher than ever my poor, ancient, byrd body demands more rest of late.

    To all affected by the dread storm Sandy: Godspeed to the relief to all your woes but especially, power, dry streets, clean water, food, shelter and warmth.

    A very good and joyous evening to you all my fellow Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland."

    Yardbyrd flaps his wings and is slowly rising, as his perch withdraws, and as he reaches the top of the Penthouse he fades quickly out of existence and for a fraction of a second there is a golden out line where he was.

    Dawn is breaking over Vapeland and as an odd blue dot briefly flies across a corner of the sky a tiny blue speck jettisons from it as it glides out of sight. The speck falls into the mists rising from the boarder between the meadow and the tea table area of Vapeland. It dents the mist and it rises and swirls, shifts and twists, and taking on a human-like form finally materializes into James yardbyrd's assistant.

    "Hail, greetings and salutations Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! My employer, has indeed, made a quick flyby so my time is brief.

    Madmlucas: My employer and I both attempt to reach across space and time to lend comfort, aid, healing and support to others; our best attempts pale -by comparison- to your compassionate, selfless, and actual, in real time, ability to create, send and give true relief to others; lauds to you!

    Ahh monkey! Your sharing posts, along with others, regarding the nature of Vaping in their lives has helped me be drawn forth from the mist this fine morning!

    Alas! How fares the humoungous one? It hardly seems possible to lose sight of such a gigantic one but I haven't seen him lately!

    Rev67: Welcome back! Thank goodness you traveled all that way and back to us safely.

    PapawBrett: Welcome home!"

    James is begining to get a fuzzy look about him; a ray of sunshine breaks through the trees and hitting him he begins to dissolve into a fog.
    You can hear his final words and wondrous and cheerful songs of birds can be heard from the trees:

    "Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"
  10. 10/31/12 continued
    Or Treat? II.

    ...a tiny spark that is glowing yellow is embedding itself into
    yardbyrd's beak. It sends out a sinuous line that wraps itself around yardbyrd's neck and starts to tighten slowly. He tries to speak, but his medallion is wrapped by the yellow line above the YB part around the chain! A weak and small sound comes from his beak, "scuuurrr...scruuuu.urr..." The spot on his beak is spreading quickly! The pock mark and its sinew are now growing an amber-reddish color. Again yardbyrd tries to speak..."scurrr...scaruuucc..." The sinew and its origin are spreading rapidly until yardbyrd
    is now glowing amber-red. He tries to speak again and this time can be heard clearly, "Scariiiiiiiii-eyeeech!" He bursts into weak amber flames and repeats his mantra, louder, and more clearly. "Scariiiiiiiii-eyeeech!" His head is almost melting as it starts to flatten, his eyes yellow and knowing, growing with it proportionately, and his head turns a glowing golden hue. His cry is loud and strong, "Scariiiiiiiii-eyeeech!" Long golden feathers are growing out of his new head, his flattened beak looking eagle-like. Suddenly his entire body turns that wheat color, the shade of that precious refined ore, his wings becoming large and finely tapered, his normally webbed and clumsy feet, become massive talons of shining reflective gold. Again the cry, this time even louder, stronger, and longer.

    is now larger than Roc size! The Roc, hovering above, suddenly jets away into the night sky.

    Yardbyrd has transformed into a magnificent gargantuan, golden bird, the moonlight reflecting off his shiny feathers, dances and flickers, beams and shines. Yardbyrd
    is in there...somewhere...his molting is almost done. The towering bird stretches his wings out, and their golden beauty, almost touches the brownstone on one side and the end of clearing with the tea table on the other. He flaps his wings once and as he lifts off you can hear that odd cry, now somehow, regal and caring, protective and paternal, as his feet burst into furious golden flames, "Scariiiiiiiii-eyeeech!"

    As yardbyrd/goldbyrd ascends the height the golden flames engulf him totally, getting hotter and brighter, more furious, and yellowish, and when they hit a crescendo of blinding glory and hotness, he slowly starts to dissolve as the flames are destroying him; his feet go first. Then his gorgeous golden legs are slowly turning into ash. The golden flame is almost at his throat and he holds his head straight up, the ends of those long, graceful feathers on his head igniting, you can hear again that amazing cry, "Scariiiiiiiii-eyeeech!", fade as the last of yardbyrd/goldbyrd is burned to ashes.

    The ashes are falling upon the meadow of Vapeland, not black and heavy, but white and snow-like until there is small mound created there. The wind has died down and the All Hallows Eve moon is shining intensely on the entire landscape. The ashes it the wind or some other worldly disturbance? A small hole has formed about half way up the ash heap and a tiny orangish protuberance can be seen.
    shakes his head, extends his wings, extends his legs and, shimmying rapidly rids himself of the ashes! He pauses, as if in reflection, and hopping straight up into the air freezes there fixed by some odd power, levitated by an arcane force, held aloft, by that dwemonered land, that charge filled air, that brilliant and caring, scientific and mystical, fantastic yet believable, rarefied atmosphere of this...our homeland of the imagination....Vapeland!

    Golden beams shoot out of
    and they begin to spin and warp, wrapping him over and over until he becomes a golden sphere, spitting out beams of light and rising into that wondrous sky you can hear that smooth translated Latin, deep, male, voice clearly as the sphere disappears into the distance:

    "Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!............Happy Halloween everyone!"

  11. The phantom horde is gleefully watching and the gigantic warrior looks aloft, calling to the Roc, "Flint Freeze!" The giant bird releases his frost breath and as it touches the horde it slowly dissolves until the frost reaches yardbyrd and the barbarian; the barbarian is fading but his ghost blade strikes at yardbyrd's throat going right through it- it doesn't even leave a mark!

    Just as the warrior is about to fade, his hand and scimitar are still visible.
    turns into grayish black stone; he has become flint! The last action of that fading sword hand is real, as the hand and blade become solid for an instant, but its chopping motion fails as the blade falls flat against our homeland soil. It randomly strikes an acorn that flips's trajectory is toward the viewing screen where it strikes a firefly at the bottom left-hand corner, causing him to jump. The viewing screen falls to the ground for an instant, as the firefly recovers, and the viewer falls on a tiny pebble that sails in a high, unbelievable arc, and falls, striking yarbyrd's beak and creating a tiny spark....

    (more later)

  12. 10/31/12
    Trick? Or Treat?

    Trick? I.

    The all Hallows Moon, in the sky above Vapeland, hangs like a yellowish-brown pock-marked silver dollar. It's saffron-beige rays strike the tree line that borders the meadow and the clearing in the center of Vapeland scattering twisted, odd, sinewy, shadows of its sparsely leaved branches, lace-like and dappled.

    Heavy breathing can be heard approaching from the forest. The snapping of twigs and the rustling of leaves grows nearer and the figure of an old man, dressed in a ground length black robe with hood up, and carrying a scythe is running out into the open from the tree line as if being pursued. He begins slowing and the sound of heavy breathing amplifies and sounds like it is echoing. The presumptive nightshade, ghost, or image of the great equalizer draws nearer and his skull face is bright white! Getting nearer you can see the skull is painted on with makeup; it is James -yardbyrd's assistant. He looks at his right wrist, and as a tiny glint of red reflects from it, and looking around he saunters into the meadow looking up at that alien world hanging in the sky like a bizarre scone. His shadow long and black looks like a marker pointing to the shadows of the trees the bright spots of moonlight that filter through them taking on a silvery quality. The breathing becomes less loud and more regular. Then you can somehow hear James voice even though it is whispering and breathy, hoarse, low, and filled with awe.

    "Hail and greetings Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Tonight I appeal to any and all witnessing this event to be tolerant, observant, and braced. What you are about to see happens very rarely and has hardly been observed over its ancient history. The origination of the Molting of The Royal Blue Byrd cannot be exactly fixed. Only on this night may I speak of the other Realms while relating some of that history. It is said long before the realm of the Earth was formed that Bea-Juh, the Great Stone One, who was imprisoned in his altered body atop the Hill of the Many was the first to see a vision of The Royal Blue Byrd as sent to him by the Master of Masters Kaalthuus as he stood, up to his shoulders, in the Milk-White bewitched sea of Kalthion. Much much later the cursed, and blessed, human and monster, insanely sane, the Cat Demon - originally a Terran, Spanish I believe- was said to have glimpsed him briefly while traversing space/time after this duel with the cruel, wicked, chaotic, and powerful Tholians.

    Even so neither had ever witnessed the event which you are about see. It is cathartic and an epiphany, an ending and a beginning, it is the shedding of the old to make room for the new. I have an honored and difficult duty to perform this night. I do so not as an employee but as a friend...a friend to....yardbyrd!"

    A deafening silence has fallen upon the meadow. The crickets stop their song. The moon appears to be frozen in the sky but it's light makes the scene eerie and clearly visible. The wind has died. James suddenly takes up his scythe and runs about 100 feet out into the meadow. An owl hoots and an image of James, close up, is seen reflecting off of gossamer webs held at crazy angles by fireflies providing a viewing screen, and a clearer closer image.

    James seems to be running toward the camera angle, his skull makeup is glowing in the dark, his white contact lenses reflecting the moonlight weirdly, and he raises the scythe high and bringing it down releases an odd scream, "Scariiiiiiiiiii-eyah!" The ground sends out a ripple, like waves off a stone dropped into a pool, where the odd bluish blade strikes it. Slowly
    yardbyrd begins to ascend from the turf seated upon a plain wooden perch. The viewing angle shifts and James is standing over him looking downward and he pulls the scythe blade free, a look of near demonic intensity written on his face like a bad omen, and he raises the scythe high in a very threatening manner. The image wobbles and you can see James' figure in the distance, the moonlight reflecting off the polished flat side of his large scythe, the screen shows his face as it is so skull like, so real, so believable, then suddenly the skull makeup is gone! He is wearing his gold rimmed glasses and a diabolical look, near spell bound control, or madness, slowly transforms his old face into a horrid leering grin. The unimaginable thought of him slicing yardbyrd in two is now tangible. He is lost in the throes of something ancient and unknown, something bigger than himself, bigger than yardbyrd; bigger than Vapeland itself. The scythe begins its descent and you can almost feel James scream, "Scariiiiiiiiiii-eyah!", it is much louder and the blade is headed toward yardbyrd's head and he involuntarily twitches, and the blade misses the top of his head by scant millimeters.

    Yardbyrd twitches again, his chest and stomach feathers reflexively rising by their quills, and they create an odd pattern on his body for an instant, as James raises the glistening metal tool again, his strength surprising,and disconcerting. On the close up view screen yardbyrd is fidgeting and jerking, his head shaking, his wings stutter-flapping, his odd legs are buckling on his normally webbed feet are growing paler and whiter. A line of white is drawing upward on yardbyrd,starting at the end of his toes and rising slowly erasing his color, and traveling on until, he is washed out of all color, white, even his beak.

    The odd viewing screen shows James' face and it is gone covered by a smooth blackness no likeness there at all! Suddenly he shrieks again, "Scariiiiiiiii-eyah!", the sound is like a fingernail scratching a chalkboard, and this time the scythe falls so fast it almost blurs, it strikes low and at the last instant
    yardbyrd pulls up his feet as the cold blade takes a wood shaving off the top of yardbyrd's perch, just nicking his white tail feathers. Yardbyrd falls back on the post and there is a thunderclap and the moon is obscured. A cloud of things is obscuring it and as James draws up his tool, again, the sight transfixes him, as he looks up, to see a huge cloud of ghosts, goblins, unicorns, Angels, devils, giants and little people, witches on their brooms, warlocks floating downward, their lower-halves misty and gas-like, and just behind the pack is a huge Roc. Forked lightning -an odd purplish-blue-streaks across the sky stuttering like a strobe light and the threatening slicer falls once again.

    "Scariiiiiiiii-eyah!", blasts James' voice not sounding old or weak at all. The blade starts to slide on its shaft as it gets lower and lower toward its target; the fog of unearthly and phantom-like creatures is almost on James! The blade is slipping, when, a huge Green dragon bursts from the phantom masses, with a gigantic white haired warrior on its back! His green eyes shine brightly and sparkles from their light reflect off the blade. He suddenly draws a huge scimitar, the scythe is almost there when James jumps reflexively and the blade shoots up a scant inch or's headed right at
    yardbyrd's neck! The barbaric warrior swings his scimitar and as it strikes James it goes right through him without leaving a scratch. James bows his head, his arms at his sides and fades slowly away, while the scythe remains, inches from yardbyrd's throat when the spirit scimitar strikes it and it drops, cutting the perch off at its bottom spilling yardbyrd to the ground.

  13. 10/26/12 7:28 PM
    IKAG:Let's turn up the competition! I summon yardbyrd

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

    10/26/12 7:51 PM
    1. Originally Posted by iKN0WaGH0ST
    Let's turn up the competition! I summon yardbyrd

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2

    IKAG is standing next to the tea table in the clearing in the middle of Vapeland. He's just finished a delicious amaretto almond flavored cookie and downed his cup of tea. As he places the teacup on the table he is thinking...I summon yardbyrd.

    All at once the sunny day starts to grow dim; the light reduces as if an aperture was closing slowly, gingerly, almost not at all. IKAG is suddenly thinking, in a rather nervous way, "I know a ghost, I know a ghost, I know a ghost" over and over like some odd mantra.

    The trees grow spindly long and turn black. The sky begins to cover with dark black clouds as bright white lightning splits the sky, forked and large, hanging for a few seconds and leaving an after trace as it fades. THe wind rises from the forest and rain begins to fall in waves, then tirades, and when the lightning flashes a thunderclap accompanies it and when it strikes the ground
    appears on his plain wooden perch.

    "Hail, salutations, greetings, and lauds Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Vivia La Vita Vapeland! Looking over at the soaking wet, and apparently surprise IKAG,
    yardbyrd, scratches on his perch, once, twice, and on the third scratch, the sky is clear, the rain is gone, the wind has died; James has appeared, wearing a trim three piece chalk-white striped, black suit. His new glasses make him appear clearer some how. Placing one arm across his waist he bows low, his ruby cufflink reflecting the sunbeam like a demented disco mirroed ball, and when he rises yardbyrd
    vanishes, but James remains.

    IKAG is completely dry and a beam of golden sunshine is breaking through the dissipating clouds, and falling upon his face, his nervousness vanishes.

    "Ahh...uh...", James stumbles in his speech momentarily, looking around slightly disoriented, then he seems to have a realization. "Greetings and lauds Vapelandians, Aliceandrians, Hatterites, Rabbitites, catterpillerians, and others; Viva Vapeland!

    My employer was extremely busy in the third to the fourth powered sphere of the realm of...uhh..with his current duties but took the time to send me on his behalf. I don't believe that competition in regard to art is always a healthy thing. Art should grow from its own tiny mustard seed-like state into it's own massive Arborarium, unfettered, unconstrained, free, and clear. It is only luck that you happened to catch his attention and bring him, and me in turn to you.

    I see Vapelandians still continue in their excellent and stirring exchange of ideas, arts, crafts, technologies and fond regards for each other.

    So I will be here with you all for a short time to interact and talk, think and exchange, care and inspire, talk and enjoy jovial good cheer. My boss's energy is not unlimited, as much as it may seem so, and the bulk of it is currently needed elsewhere. So Iknowaghost...exactly which spirit from which realm are you familiar with...if you'll excuse my pun"

    A sound like air letting out of a balloon is almost comedic and as it ends yardbyrd appears:

    "Hail! Greetings and salutations Vapelandians! Just a quick flyby to attempt to bolster those in harms way. I am so happy to hear that those among us in the path of Sandy are unharmed. James must leave for work soon so my time is very limited. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I agree to keep a sober image of those who lost everything....worst of all their lives. It seems our little community has been blessed to be spared such a fate!

    Blessings, concern, positive thoughts and energies to you all...maybe when he gets off at work at 0600 he'll post a few pictures of the storm damage he suffered a couple years back.

    Be well everyone. Thank you, everyone, for just being here and the support and pleasant posts; they are in themselves an invaluable asset, not only to those of us who read them those who post them.

    Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    A surf like sound of gentle waves washing a sandy beach can be heard and
    yardbyrd is suddenly gone.

    A sound like air letting out of a balloon is almost comedic and as it ends yardbyrd appears:

    "Hail! Greetings and salutations Vapelandians! Just a quick flyby to attempt to bolster those in harms way. I am so happy to hear that those among us in the path of Sandy are unharmed. James must leave for work soon so my time is very limited. You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I agree to keep a sober image of those who lost everything....worst of all their lives. It seems our little community has been blessed to be spared such a fate!

    Blessings, concern, positive thoughts and energies to you all...maybe when he gets off at work at 0600 he'll post a few pictures of the storm damage he suffered a couple years back.

    Be well everyone. Thank you, everyone, for just being here and the support and pleasant posts; they are in themselves an invaluable asset, not only to those of us who read them those who post them.

    Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    A surf like sound of gentle waves washing a sandy beach can be heard and
    yardbyrd is suddenly gone.

  14. 10/25/12
    The Pear Ship, immaculate from stem to stern, suddenly zooms across the sky; it seems to be chasing a glowing white ball of light. They fly far, and as they draw near, you can see the white light is silvery flying saucer!

    Suddenly the Pear Ship shoots straight up vertcially going out of sight and the alien, odd, otherworldy saucer touches down as an unearthly whining of foreign engines slowly subsides. It lands in the meadow between the High Rise/Brownstone area and the
    clearing in the center of Vapeland where the tea party's teapots steeping, it's cookies and teacakes still oven fresh and alluring.

    Slowly, two black, vertical lines appear in the front of the space ship and draw upward revealing a jet black portal and releasing an exit ramp. A light orange glow can be seen growing larger, brighter, and closer then you see it! It is the Blob! It's color is more purplish-red now and it holds strange and oddly colored odds and ends of things, halfway digested, some still squirming, as it begins to slowly ooze out toward the ground of Vapeland.

    Suddenly there is a clap of thunder and James, yardyrd's assistant appears. He has new glasses! The old horned rimmmed ones are replaced with more contemporary gold rimmed trifocals. He is wearing a flat, creased, white paper hat, and pink shirt with a white bowtie. A white apron is covering them and there is a ruby stripe running up the outside of the legs.

    Hunkering down he waves his hands wildly in the air and utters some Lovecraftian like phrase and a giant taffy pulling machine appears. He hurls his right hand outward and you notice he is wearing his signature Ruby cufflinks and the largest roller on the machine jumps
    out and intwines the Blob! The gooey mass is ensnared and begins to pull and stretch, flatten, and ooze around the taffy puller. The machine speeds up and going faster and faster the blob gradually reduces to a small amorphous mass that pops loose and it is

    James, the flying saucer, and the taffy pulling machine dissapear with the sound of a laser sword being waved.
    leaps up and when he settles a plain wooden perch lifts, magically, from the ground below him; his magicked YB medallion is glowing royal blue. You can hear that smooth, almost latin accented, deep male voice issuing from him:

    "Hail, greetings, and lauds Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!

    An honorable, friendly, greeting of well wishes and comarderie to our new visitors and citzens, but especially garbagefairy1967, StereoDreamer, RiverSong andyman97, and yuttynutt.

    Woe is me! I miss a few days posting in this phantastic realm and almost cannot keep up with the communiques, stories, wishes, helpful advice, and kind words that I have amassed!" He breathes in deeply, hisblue chest expanding as he exhales a satisfying sigh.
    "Ahhh..just to breathe this cool, clean, refreshing,and envigorating air is it's own reward!

    My meagre and redundant apolgies, once again for such a lengthy post but having missed much I have much I wish to respond

    .kmh: Congratulations on your contest win! (a crystal ball appears from out of nowhere and
    is wearing a ridiculous looking white byrd turban) He gazes intently into the orb. "I see another win coming for you but much greater as is your art!" (the orb and turban disappear)

    KTK8: Congratulations, and lauds, on such a wonderful contest and your sharing of delectable e-liquids; heal fast young, dexterous, female in the guild of crafts!

    Hill Giant: You share your technical expertise so freely and have helped so quote William Golden's "The Princess Bride", tonight when you retire, "...sleep well my friend and dream of LARGE women!"

    IKAG: It is your season and your holiday to get to know more spirits! Let not any apparation cause you to

    lettucehead: Thou shall not wilt warrior woman!

    morri: Yes! I have a time set aside, with James, to take his photo and send it to you. He is not pleased since he hates having his picture taken...something about his soul leeching away? I'll try to get him to smile but I might lose a day doing so. Anyway....your encouraging loving, and kind posts keep the flora, fauna, and citizens of Vapeland fresh, new, and growing.

    wonderland: You always have insightful posts!

    Alas! I wonder, frequently, how our mother to be Seraphina fares; what ho Vapelandians! No news to report? I believe one day wokkerk will return to us and hope and pray he is well. snakeskin appears periodically but I wonder about him and so many others....

    rev67: I miss a few days posting and you are already a temporary expatriate! Even if you read this later this one is for you:

    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    May the rains fall soft upon your fields,
    And, until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the hollow of His hand."

    An Irish Blessing
    ~(A Blessing from St. Patrick)

    Yardbyrd flaps his wings and his perch vanishes and a beautiful rainbow appears, it's base where his perch was, glowing and reflecting it's myriad colors. Yardyrd lights on the ground next to it and you can see the edge of a pot of gold. Then a small, skinnyish, human like man comes from around the pot from inside the rainbow. His odd hat is akilter and his long tailed jacket hangs around his calf length pants, that reveal long horizontally striped stocking; his shoes are pointed and pointing upward and he is dressed entirely in green and holds his fists up toward yardbyrd
    in challenge, his sailor like pipe, upside down in his mouth, surrounded by experly trimmed black mustach and goatee, this orafice is held in a slanted, threatening cut!

    looks mildly at the Leprachuan and nods his head to the right in invitation. The mysctial man drops his threatening stance and
    immediately takes
    's wing gently and escorts him around the pot behind the rainbow and they start to fade away. Suddenly a skinny hand reaches out and elvish laughter, joyous, mischievious, and warming, can be heard as he pulls in the pot of gold and they

    The sound of the Leprachuan's laughter slowly echoes away into that vibrant mist, that sea of life, that atmosphere of the magickal and technical, that fairie air of Vapeland.
  15. 10/21/12
    1. Originally Posted by DIstrict Concept
    My Blue are truly the winged wonder who whistles whimsically, wonderingly wandering, worry-free where weathered weary warriors who warred....waned.

    Nicole and Jah wave together as we bid a goodnight to our big blue dot in the sky...

    you are the best story teller ever! I dont know how you do it
    YardByrd, You're Great!

    There is a sizzling sound like a grilling steak that grows louder until a large ZAP is heard and yardbyrd appears, already on his perch, next to the tea table in the middle of Vapeland. His medallion is swinging lightly forward from his blue breast and you hear its translation:

    "Hail Vapelandians! Viva Vapeland!

    Your post has made me think that this poem, posted previously in a different thread, seems so apprapro to your thoughts. I offer it to everyone as a reflection on those who sacrifice everything so we can enjoy our freedom."

    The Dark Hills

    "Dark hills at evening in the west,
    Where sunset hovers like a sound
    Of golden horns that sang to rest
    Old bones of warriors under ground,
    Far now from all the bannered ways
    Where flash the legions of the sun,
    You fade--as if the last of days
    Were fading, and all wars were done. "

    E.A. Robinson

    Looking slowly down,
    yardbyrd's gaze goes down his perch to the green grass it sits on. Suddenly he levitates up in the air and his perch grows an appendage, vertical and straight and it has become a cross. With the flip of his right wing a dove appears and begins slowly flying a circle around yardbyrd and his perch. The loop grows ever tighter until yardbyrd, his perch, and finally, the dove fade away leaving the golden bathed Earth, that elven soil, that magicked sod of Vapeland. Etched in the sod are the words "Viva Vapeland".

    1. Originally Posted by KTK8
    Good morning Vapeland!!!

    Charmed sweetie I really hope you feel better soon, I woke up under the weather today, so I'm most likely going to be napping on and off as well. Maybe we can meet for a dream tea party?

    , what do you use to vape with? Cartto tanks? Vivi novas? RBA's?

    Giant, firstly how do you not know about the dunkin!!!! Secondly your photos brought a smile to my face, thankyou sweetie

    Chilly wind blows brown and yellowed fallen leaves across the meadow between the Penthouse/Brownstone and tea-table grassy area of Vapeland. A small shadow has formed -in mid air- above the meadow and grows larger until it can be clearly seen; it is a raven! Onyx eyes dart forward and back eyeing the denizens of Vapeland eerily and it's cracked and demented cawing is hoarse and spooky evoking misty images of vapor-like spirits rising toward a full moon... It's scaly talons are open and at the ready and his eyes turn a deep scarlet
    and odd blue...then white...and he morphs into
    . The byrd's neckwear is pulsing orange and black, almost like tiger stripes, and his translated voice is clear:

    Hail, lauds, and greetings Vapelandians...and...BOO!
    I hope you liked the preview of my Halloween guise; I would have brought my most scariest friend, but, alas, the Cat Demon is busy tending to serious matters in another parallel realm!

    KTK8: Unfortunately I am not as technologically advanced as most Vapelandians regarding my hardware. My first purchase: a 510. I use it with cartos but mainly 306 attys that I drip to. I also use Clearmoizers for the 510. I was given a KR808 and won an RN4081 in a contest. I use Echomizers for my SS autochrome KR808 and Clearomizers. I have been toying with buying some kind of RBA.

    I've looked at various tanks, own two, and have never really gotten either one to work well. I have been faithfully saving my pennies
    so that one day I can buy a GGTS. I was sorely tempted, lately, to buy a Provari, as my hardware fund was closer in amount to the price of a Provari but I couldn't give up my original dream to own a GGTS. I am interested in VV but it will probably be some time
    before I look into it as I am still saving, and waiting, until my funds are correct, and loaded to a disposable credit card, and availabilty and timing are right to buy a GGTS.

    I thought some kind of RBA, now, would be a good training vehicle for owning a GGTS. Sorry to go on but the answer to your question, for me, is long! I'm also orry I missed out on the e-liquids you offered, but I'm more sorry for your seemingly allergic reaction to vaping. I'm off (not mentally! ) ) to search for a scary image to send your way and maybe I'll be lucky enough to win some hardware. You are very kind!"

    Yardyrd suddenly leaps up and his beak elongates into a viscious looking pin like spike as his feathers grow darker and refelective, sharpened, and dangerous looking...he opens his beak and shark like teeth snap shut as small puffs of smoke come out of his nostrils
    and he cackles wickedly and POOF he is back to yardybrd form in an instant.......

    "Just kidding! Viva Vapeland! Viva La Vapeland! Viva La Vita Vapeland!"

    He begins to smoke as if acid had been poured over him and as his blue feathers molt and fall away his eyes melt slowly, and wax-like, dripping off the end of his beak until only a byrd skeleton remains. It's bony beak opens and you hear a spooky, screachy, female
    voice, witch-like and harsh:

    "Quoth the

    A yellowish-white bolt of lightning comes crashing down and striking the bony apparation evaporates it instantly.
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