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  1. A few weeks ago, I got my first order of the new G5 cartomizers. I praised them but now after haveing used them for a while, I feel that I must recant my previous statements. Maybe it was the 'new' of the G5s that had me so mezmerized. I filled the first one with my favorite juice - Tennessee Cured from Johnson Creek. It did ok for a few days but then I got a burnt taste and the juice was no longer the same hue; it had turned darker. That carto was about half full so I had to get rid of that juice. I filled a new one with the same juice and it also did well for a few days. I had expected much more from these in terms of longevity. After the second G5 was abandoned, I filled a third with the same e-liquid. As with all the other cartos, I let this filled one sit for a while so it could absorb a fair amount of liquid before vaping. After about 30 minutes, I picked the G5 up and noticed that it wasn't quite as full as it had been. And then there was a little wetness on my fingers and that's when i looked at my coffee table; juice had leaked from the carto onto my table. I quickly poured the remaining juice back into the original bottle and opened a new G5 and filled it with a lighter juice. This was Strawberry from Ms. T's Bakery and it looked yellow. This carto did fine for a couple of days so I decided to fill a different one with another flavor from Ms. T's, Coffee. This one leaked a little to; but it leaked out at night and therefore I was unable to salvage any of the liquid. Thinking that since the two cartos that leaked were filled with darker liquids, I filled another with Grape from Tasty Vapor, which was clear - almost like water but a little thicker. This one did fine. So I filled another, with a pinkish colored e-liquid, Almond from Ms. T's Bakery. This one did fine for a while so I l stood it, battery end down, on my coffee table and left for a while. Upon my return, it was standing in a pool of juice. There are still two more brand new cartos in the package from nHaler and that is where they shall stay; unused. Since then, I have started ordering Boge cartos (I know from experience that these are good) and some from Smokeless Image. I have yet to have any problems from the normal cartos. So, buyer beware of the G5 and I apologize if my previous blog lulled you into a false sense of security about the devious cartos.
  2. Just got an order of 10 of these in the mail today. Got 'em from mainly because I like how 'hard assed" that vendor is, he says he won't sell something that doesn't work well, like the G4s or the 510 G5s. I filled the first one with Johnson Creek Tennesee Cured and it leaked a tiny bit a the beginning but stopped - less than a drop of juice leaked. The first two hits where not very good but the third was BADASS. After a few hours of using that, I opened another G5 carto and filled it with some Coffee from Ms. T's (always thinking Mr. T -pitty the fool - when I type her name) Bakery and it didn't leak any. Vaped on both for a while longer and my TC was getting low so I put some more in the carto. I must've put too much in 'cuz it came out - A BUNCH. But alot stayed in and it's working fine now. So though I'm not a connosieur of cartos, I recommend the G5 clearomiser. You just have to be careful with 'em.
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