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FeelM Pod System
  1. Misty
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    Welcome to FeelM's Brand Page on!

    Introducing the FeelM Pod System by Smoore - a smoking alternative with innovative heating technology. FEELM revolutionary technology, combining a Metal Film with a Ceramic Coil in the Pod System, represents a new frontier in the vaping atomization industry.

    Smoore was founded in 2006, based in Shenzhen, Baoan, Smoore is one of the pioneers in the E-cig manufacturing industry.

    Listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) since December 2015. In order to help prioritize innovation, Smoore created the Institute of Fundamental Technology in 2013 to help the company focus on fundamental technological developments to the vaping industry.

    Free of wick and cotton, FEELM is a revolutionary technology which combines a Metal Film with a Ceramic Conductor. Breakthrough in the material & structure sciences, 1000 degrees Celsius sintering process, amount of engineering experiments and strict tests forge the reliable metal film heating coil.

    Driven by an extraordinary broad surface area of the Heating Film, Feelm vaporizes every drop of E-liquid and produces rich vapor instantly; Meanwhile, the advanced vape coil delivers the nicotine at max efficient, making the vape most similar to traditional cigarette or cigar.

    What's more, Feelm makes the gurgling noises and liquid spitting issues things of the past, and and brings great throat hits from the first puff to the last.

    The special sintering process creates the 0.1mm diameter cellular pinhole of the ceramic coil, and the film can heat and vaporize the E-liquid uniformly and sufficiently, making sure each puff is soft and smooth.

    Our team of friendly FeelM ECF representatives are happy to hear from you and help answer any questions.

    Feelm Tech

    We are very happy to hear your feedback on what we can do to improve our products and customer service. Please feel free to contact us in our ECF forum FeelM or by PM, and say Hi anytime!

    We appreciate being a part of the ECF community and thank you for your support!

    Misty · Nov 8, 2018 · Updated Nov 9, 2018

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