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I'm a Supplier - what's my place in the ECF community?

Suppliers are an integral part of the E-Cigarette Community, and it's fair to say that ECF has been the platform for a great many successful businesses to develop.

Over the years we have developed an excellent balance that allows suppliers to engage on ECF, but places certain limitations so that the community is not overrun with commercial interests.

We are very strict about enforcing these limitations, so it's important to understand them before you start posting.

What does “ECF registered advertiser” mean?

All suppliers who are registered on ECF or who purchase advertising through our site go through a simple process in which their business is looked at by our full-time suppliers’ administrator.

Obviously there are limits to what we can insist on, but we believe it’s our responsibility to our visitors to insist on certain elements - mainly that excessive health claims are not being made.

This process is a great expense to us, and we’ve done it consistently for nearly seven years, examining thousands of businesses that have applied to register on our site. In fact, we consider the process to be of benefit to suppliers, as it has helped many remove content that might have had them fall foul of existing regulations (although, obviously, we don’t give legal advice!!).

If you are a supplier and wish to be registered on ECF, or to advertise with us, please click here to get in touch with the suppliers administrator - it’s a very straightforward process, and most businesses are up and running in very short order.