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IBTanked is a vendor that offers affordable high quality pyrex glass tanks that have become extremely popular in the vaping community. I have over a dozen of these tanks and highly recommend them.

Vendor and Website
This is a family run operation. OCD is the glass expert and handles all the material aspects of the business. The Offspring is his daughter and the actual owner of the business, and the artist for the custom paint applications. Both her and the Mrs. also handle orders and the business end.

The website is user friendly and guides customers step-by-step to order their pyrex tube of choice and choice of either stainless steel or anodized aluminum end caps. The website has a wide variety of drip tips and pre-punched cartomizers in a variety of resistance and carto lengths. A combination drip tip / tank accessory tool is offered in black or silver. The website also is loaded with high quality images of all of their products.

IBTanked offers a complete tank setup using a drop down menu, including choices of the tube and caps, the correct pre-punched cartomizer, a matching drip tip, a drip tip / tank filling tool, extra o-rings, and a Thingy. More about that later. ;)

[​IMG] 15mm halfling "tiny tank" on Smoktech Gripper

Ordering Process
When ready to order, choose which of four diameters of tanks you wish to buy.

Which size of tank do you need?

Make your choice of slim or wide tank based on the diameter of your PV.

The 15mm is best suited for an eGo size battery. (new "tiny tank")

The 19mm is best suited for slim PV's like a Provari.

The 22mm is a middle of the road size perfect for the Vamo or Provari with Pro Ring.

The 25mm is best suited for larger PV's like a Silver Bullet or Bolt.

Slim tubes are the nominal price of only $4; the wider tubes are $7. Optional custom hand-painted designs raise the price upwards to $10 or more - these are quite beautiful and unique.
Which cartomizer will you use in your tank?
Then choose the length of your tank. This is based on the length of cartomizer you plan to use in the tank.

Halfling tank = this uses a shorty carto available through IBTanked. (new)

Standard tank = 35mm cartos such as Boge std and Ikenvape std.

XL tank = 45mm cartos such as Smoktech replacement cartos used in DCT tanks, Boge XL, and Ikenvape Mega.

Juice Capacity
15mm tank capacity: halfling 0.4 ml, standard 0.8 ml, XL 1.0 ml
19mm tank capacity: halfling 0.7 ml, standard 1.5 ml, XL 2.0 ml
22mm tank capacity: halfling 1.2 ml, standard 3.0 ml, XL 4.5 ml
25mm tank capacity: halfling 2.0 ml, standard 5.0 ml, XL 8.0 ml

Two Materials Available for the End Caps

After ordering your tube, next choose from a selection of either anodized aluminum or stainless steel endcaps.

Price for stainless steel caps are $17.50 (19mm) to $19.00 (22mm), to $20.50 (25mm).

The prices for the anodized aluminum are $16 - $19, and available for the 15, 19, & 22mm tanks. They are available in 10 colors of your choice.

The Tank Review
I currently have over a dozen of these tanks. The fine quality of these tanks are amazing considering how inexpensive they are. The caps are low profile, so the glass and the juice within them become the focus of attention. These are beautiful tanks.

The glass appears to be high quality with professionally finished edges. The glass has proven be quite durable in my experience. My tanks have rolled off a locker room bench onto a hard tile floor without breakage, unlike a couple of tanks from another vendor whose glass shattered.

I have a bad habit of resting my PV's on my lap while driving, and then forgetting about them when getting out of my car. A couple of times my PV has hit the parking lot asphault, yet the tank suffered no damage. Despite this, remember that this is glass, so don't take any more chances than necessary.

The metal end caps that I have on my tanks are well-machined and polished, with thick o-rings. Cartomizers and tube fit the the end caps snuggly, no slippy-slidey.

IBTANKED! SHOW THEM OFF <-- See other owners' tanks in this thread.

So...just what is this Thingy?

Your brand new tank will come shipped inside of a Thingy. This is a clear specially-made plastic bottle and cap that can be used to prime your carto. Just place your filled tank with an empty cartomizer into the bottle, then open and close the cap several times. Keep an eye on the hole in the carto - a tiny air bubble will appear and release into the e-liquid. Do this several times. It really works well to prime your carto. :oops: Do You Fiddle with Your Thingy?


What else is there to say? These are high quality pyrex tanks that are extremely affordable with a wild variety of tubes and end caps to choose from. They are very durable and come in 3 lengths and 4 widths to fit any device you own.

Customer service and delivery is nice and fast. The staff take great pride in providing their customers with superior service and products. You can easily get two of these tanks for the price of a Phiniac tank. I highly recommend these tanks for beginner and experienced tank users.

Website Link:

IBTanked - Get Tanked With Us!

EDIT: As IBTanked makes changes in their merchandise, I edit this review where appropriate to update those changes to be current. -- Baditude 10/2013

"OCD" Harry Gibson

[​IMG] 22mm halfling tanks on Provari's

upload_2015-9-3_16-9-7.jpeg 25mm XL tank on Silver Bullet

[​IMG] 19mm XL and 25mm standard on MVP's

[​IMG] Nemesis Style Mechanical Mod with halfling tank
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