(4) A Good Starter's Setup for a Beginning Vapor

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  • 2 Batteries
  • 1 Charger
  • USB/Wall Adaptor
  • Juice Delivery Device (tank)
  • bottled E-Liquid

Vision eGo Spinner, Joyetech eGo Twist, or Kanger Evod variable voltage batteries. Need two.

A battery's expected time of use between charges is rated in "mAh". 100 mAh = 1 hour. A 650 mAh battery can be expected to work for 6.5 hours, a 1000 mAh battery expected to last 10 hours between charges. Thus you'll need more than a single battery to be able to vape all day.

The number one rule in vaping is to have "Backups for Your Backups". You can't vape if your only battery stops working, your only tank breaks, your only coil dies, or you run out of juice. Don't give yourself the excuse to buy a pack of cigarettes when your vape stops.

[​IMG]USB wall adaptor and eGo battery charger

Juice Delivery Devices:
I recommend getting at least a couple of clearomizers. These are easy tanks for beginners to fill and use. Some are considered disposable, while most have a replacement wick/coil head assembly which can be replaced every 10 - 20 day to extend the life of the tank. These replacement coil heads are not intercompatible between different models or brands, so be sure to order the right replacement heads for your tank.

Lower Ohm Coils Will:
  • Heat The Coil Faster
  • Produce More Vapor
  • Drain The Battery Faster
  • Use E-Juice Faster
  • Produce A Warmer Tasting Vape
Higher Ohm Coils Will:
  • Heat The Coil Slower, Which Will Produce “Less” Vapor
  • Provide A “Cooler” Tasting Vape
  • Use Less E-Juice
  • Prolong Battery Life

Kanger Evod clearomizers

The Innokin iClear 16; Aspire CE5; Kanger Evod, T3S or Protank; or a Mini Vivi Nova made by Aspire or Vision are commonly recommended clearomizers for beginners. You may wish to upgrade to the better (and more expensive) Aspire Nautilus Mini clearo tank.

Whichever you choose, get two; use the second one for a backup or to use with a second flavor. You should also consider getting some replacement coil heads at this time of the particular clearomizer model that you choose (replacement coil heads are usually proprietary for the particular tank you choose).

Evod, Mini Protank, and T3S by Kanger
Iclear 16 by Aspire
CE5 and Mini Nova by Aspire
Nautilus and Mini Nautilus by Aspire

*All the above can be found at most online e-cigarette retailers (ie AltSmoke, Discount Vapers, My Vapor Store, et al). You can buy these individually or in a starter kit. The e-liquid will need to be purchased separately.

Juice, or e-liquid:

For e-liquid, the typical nicotine recommendations are as follows:

1/2 pack per day or less = 6 mg nicotine
1 ppd = 12 mg
1 1/2 ppd = 18 mg
2 ppd = 24 mg​

Figure on consuming at least 2 - 3 ml of liquid daily. Bottles are usually 10 or 30 ml volume.
E-liquid generally has concentrated nicotine, propylene glycol (Pg), vegetable glycerin (Vg) and flavoring extracts. The ratio of Pg and Vg is known as the pg/vg ratio, and a 50/50 blend is common.


I created a picture dictionary of the more common juice delivery attachments. To gain knowledge of how these devices look and differ from one another click on the links below:

Proper Terminology: Is It a Carto? A Tank? Or What? A Primer on Common Juice Delivery Attachments

Beginner Guide to Vaping

How E-cigarettes Work

The following Tutorial applies to either the Spinner or Twist eGo batteries:

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