(4) A Good Starter's Setup for a Beginning Vapor

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2 Batteries, 1 Charger, and a USB/Wall Adaptor
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Vision eGo Spinner or Joyetech eGo Twist variable voltage batteries. Need two.
A battery's expected time of use between charges is rated in "mAh". 100 mAh = 1 hour. A 650 mAh battery can be expected to work for 6.5 hours, a 1000 mAh battery expected to last 10 hours between charges. Thus you'll need more than a single battery to be able to vape all day.
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Appropriate eGo battery charger and a USB/wall unit.

Juice Delivery Devices:
I recommend getting a couple of top or bottom fill clearomizers. These are easy for beginners to fill and use. These have a replacement wick/coil head assembly which may need to be replaced every 10 - 20 days. Coil heads are not intercompatible between different models or brands.

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The Innokin iClear 16, Aspire CE5, Kanger T3S or Evod, or a Mini Vivi Nova made by Aspire or Vision are commonly recommended clearomizers. Get two; use the second one for a backup or to use with a second flavor. You might consider getting a couple of replacement coil heads at this time of the particular clearomizer model that you choose.

Innokin iClear fill & wick replacement tutorial
Aspire CE5 and Vivi Nova tutorial

*All the above can be found at most online e-cigarette retailers. You can buy these individually or in a starter kit. The e-liquid will need to be purchased separately.

Juice, or e-liquid:

For e-liquid, a typical 1 pack-per-day smoker likely will need 12-18 mg nicotine in the juice.

Figure on consuming 2 - 3 ml of liquid daily.
Tips for Novices Seeking Tobacco/Cigarette Flavors


I created a picture dictionary of the more common​ juice delivery attachments. To gain knowledge of how these devices look and differ from one another click on the link below:
Proper Terminology: Is It a Carto? A Tank? Or What? A Primer on Common Juice Delivery Attachments

Beginner Guide to Vaping

The following Tutorial applies to either the Spinner or Twist eGo batteries:

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