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A long and (sort of) detailed list of what I have vaped since my last post

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Ok, this could be a long one, but I've sampled a lot of juice since my last blog entry.

So here goes....

I got a sample pack from Smoke Rainbow and it had eight 1 ml samples of various types of juice:

  1. Chef's Vapour - Lews Brew.
    Now I was kind of looking forward to this as I had not had a coffee flavour since the super strong Caramel Cappucino I got months ago. Well, I was very disappointed! It tasted harsh and like a really bad cup of coffee. If Lew makes coffee like that then I'll pass and opt for a cup of tea instead! The coffee is there but for me there was this acidic aftertaste lurking in there. Shame as CV do make some tasty juice.
  2. Chef's Vapour - Mint Choc Vapetto
    Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of CV's Strawberry Vapetto, so upon getting this in the mail I was looking forward. It's a very rich chocolate with a hint of mint, kind of reminded me of the Fry's cream chocolate bars rather than a mint cornetto. It's like the Strawberry Vapetto in it's dominance of biscuit but hardly any mint for me. One for the chocolate lovers methinks!
  3. TripHammer - Strawberry Champagne
    Does exactly what it says on the bottle, you can really taste the bubbles and it has more of a raspberry than a strawberry exhale. Quite impressed as there are a lot of layers to this. Not an ADV but something different and unusual.
  4. TripHammer - Fruit Pastilles
    For those of you in the UK, this juice is exactly like eating a pack of Rowntrees fruit pastilles. (Note the word pastilles not pastille). It tastes like eating a whole pack at once and not just one singular pastille. It's very sugary and sweet, so if you have a sweet tooth I think you will like.
  5. Mt Baker Vapour - Cinnamon Roll
    This is the first ever cinnamon juice I have ever tasted and it has given me 'the taste' for these types of juices. It's fresh and tastes exactly like a danish pastry. The cinnamon is not to over powering and is a nice sweet one which complements the pastry really well. There's a hint of sugar too. Really nice!
  6. Mt Baker Vapour - Moo Juice
    This is the best sample I got in the box! It's exactly like a thick strawberry milkshake that a certain burger chain serves. I could vape this all day no problem, trouble is it's from America and I cannot find anyone in europe that stocks this. The shipping charges are also insane if ordering direct.
  7. Mt Baker Vapour - Rum Tobacco
    First tobacco juice I have tried (always tried to avoid them to stop reminding me of a former nasty habit). More rum than tobacco, but nevertheless a pleasant juice and something I will bear in mind for the future when I need something different.
  8. Chef's Vapour - R-Y-Whore
    This raised my curiosity and after consulting with some forum members, I decided to add it to the list. It's a sweet caramel tobacco - that's the only way I can describe it. Really nice and again something I would consider ordering again one day.

The sample pack was fun, but at 1ml per bottle you don't get a lot and if there is something you really like then the enjoyment is quite short. However, it does give you a taste at a very cheap price of something you are curious of trying without splashing out and finding that particular juice just isn't for you.

Ok, let's have a look at what other goodies I have tried..

  1. TripHammer - Raspberry Ripple
    I like this, I like this a lot! Just like your favourite raspberry ripple ice cream. Smooth, creamy and lots of raspberry. A god alternative to Strawberry Vapetto if the biscuit flavour is not for you!
  2. Nicoticket - Grandma's Cinnamon Roll
    This was the first juice i ordered (along with Custards Last Stand) from Spiritus Vapes. All I can say is WOW! You can see why this is always out of stock. For me this edges the Mt Baker Vapour cinnamon. It's punchy and strong with a sweet exhale. Great throat hit if you like that kind of thing. A morning vape that is great with your coffee/tea.
  3. Nicoticket - Custards Last Stand
    First proper custard I have tried and I loved it! This for me personally is the standard in custards (more about custards later). There seems to be a divide between this and the mythical Grants Vanilla Custard. There are plenty of fans in both camps but I have to say this is a great, sweet vanilla custard. Not at all eggy!
  4. Nicoticket - Strawnilla
    Boy was I disappointed with this juice! I can hardly taste any of the strawberry and it appears to be mainly a thick vanilla custard which doesn't resemble the custard recipe used in CLS. Used this on a fresh dual coil in a Kanger MOW on a Vision Spinner, then tried it on my iTaste 134 with a Nautilus on top - same result!
  5. Nicoticket - Creme Brulee
    This is kind of similar to CLS but with a twist - burnt caramel. I like it but it's not as good as CLS for me, although a lot of people do like this stuff a lot.
  6. Nicoticket - Snickerdoodle
    Being from the UK, I had no idea what a snickerdoodle was. Well, for me this tastes like a cookie with cinnamon. It's I guess a bit of a 'marmite' juice as some days I like it, some days I don't. It is unusual for those who have never tasted this confectionary before.
  7. Epic Juice - Main Squeeze
    Remember sherbert lemons as a child? This is exactly like them. Sharp and sweet with a good TH. Got this from Spiritus and on reliance of reviews, I decided to order it. Doesn't need a steep, you can toot this right out of the bottle.
  8. Epic Juice - Airheadz
    This is a strange one. I am getting a watery melon like taste rather then the candy I was hoping for. It's very very light and gives a lot of vapour but as it's 6mg nicotine, hardly any TH. Refreshing and something I would toot after a very spicy meal.
  9. Grizzly Vapes - Front Porch
    Another unusual juice, the smell reminded me of coconut and fresh cotton, but on vaping it I got peaches and apricots, maybe a teeny hint of tangerine too. You could easily vape this all day and discover new notes. It is supposed to be a southern lemonade flavour, but i am hardly getting any of that. It's a peachy juice.
  10. Suicide Bunny - Derailed
    I've been curious and excited to get this in my hands and I wasn't disappointed! It's a very sweet banana juice that tastes exactly like a banana (not synthetic). It has a hint of cinnamon but not too much, also a little cookie/custard undertone. It smells gorgeous and the bottles have some nice artwork done by the chef herself. No droppers supplied with these bottles though, so make sure you have a dropper/pipette handy.
  11. Suicide Bunny- Mothers Milk
    This is the most popular of SB's juice range. Spiritus have been out of stock for a while of this so I managed to find some in stock at Red Juice. I have to say I was not disappointed! Going easy on this juice as it is one to savour. It tastes like a strawberry nestle milkshake. Lots of vapour with a decent TH. This and Moo Juice are probably in my top 3 juices.
  12. Digby's - Apple and Cinnamon
    Anyone notice that I have a soft spot for cinammon? This is great value at £4.99 for a 10ml bottle of premium tasting juice. Fast delivery too! If you like apple strudel then you will love this. It smells divine and tastes just as good. It's a baked apple with a lovely sweet cinnamon, you can almost taste the sugar on top too! As I said, this is a great value juice and up there with the big boys.
  13. Mrs Lord - Victoria Sandwich
    Being a huge huge fan of my often repeated order of Seville Marmalade from Mrs Lord, I took the plunge and ordered something different. This is a jam victoria sponge and the smell is exactly as you would think. Sweet, cakey with a jam filling - you get all of this in the vape - strawberry jam inhale with a light sponge exhale. The reviews are spot on and this is yet another top class juice from Mrs Lord.

Finally, I got a Chef's Vapour pic 'n mix which is five 10ml bottles for £18:99

  1. Strawberry Vapetto
    See previous blog post
  2. Red Hot Pear
    I wasn't expecting much from this as the smell was very spicy and I was a little hesitant. But the vaoe on this is very addictive! It is very very sugary, strong punchy and spicy cinnamon with a nice pear after taste. I found myself going through this pretty fast!
  3. Spotted D
    This is a Mrs Lord recipe given to CV and I really did not like it! It has a lot of current/raisin flavour and a thick custard which seemed a little eggy. Very disappointed and even after a steep it didn't taste any better.
    *Note I had to call it Spotted D as the 'D' has the same word as the shortened version of the name Richard and is also regarded as a rude word which would not get posted on here :)
  4. ABC
    Shortened to "Another bloody custard' - another I didn't like. Tasted synthetic and eggy - I prefer a vanilla custard myself. Put this back in the vape box and hasn't been opened since.
  5. Confusion
    Yes I am confused to what this actually is! I think it is trying to be a vanilla custard/tobacco. I nearly threw up after tooting on this. Awful!
I think that is just about it! If anyone wants to swap/exchange the Spotted D, ABC or Confusion and you live in the UK, then PM me. I have around 8-9ml in each bottle.
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