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A Soda or an E cig?

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Lately we have heard rumors and accusations against the sale and marketing of electronic cigarettes. In some countries, like Spain for example, have been even tried to criminalize their sale and use, arguing that scientific studies are not approved by official organizations regarding the safety of these disposable smokeless cigarettes. But if investigations carried out by several scientists and private institutions have determined that electronic cigarettes are an effective tool, which have very positive results in terms of success rate when used to quit smoking, why still not relevant agencies have been dedicated to certify responsibly its use? What has been the interest behind such silence? Especially being e cigs as an alternative to one of the greatest enemies of public health in the last two centuries: cigarette.

Just in these recent months, after several years on the market and due to the pressure of a growing consumer market of electronic cigarettes, the FDA began to conduct studies on the regulation of its use. But those of us which use them, we know perfectly what their "consequences" are, and many of us can witness how the e cigs have helped us to change our lifestyle, and have finally made to waive the tobacco and how the changes have a positive effect on our health by quitting smoking and inhaling all toxic and carcinogenic elements in smoke of tobacco.

Many of us cannot understand, how one wants marginalize vapers when, for example, a can of soda pop contains a highly lethal and harmful composition for our body, compared with the present and contained in e liquids, whom have ingredients known by FDA as innocuous. The high intake of these drinks may result (proven by FDA and other organisms), health problems of different kinds. They have a high content of sugars, cholesterol, chemical and colorants, flavors, stabilizers and even caffeine and other substances that can be highly addictive and harmful to health. Yet its sales and marketing is permitted in parks and schools, without any restrictions. So, how many soda cans allow parents to take their children on our continent for a week or a day?

Not to say that the sale and marketing of cigarettes have no major restrictions, is ridiculous in fact that for example in some countries of Latin America e cigs marketing it is prohibited but you are still allowed to sell cigarettes to underage. And all this happens by misinformation and worse, distortion of the truth. Electronic cigarettes are not products of /with tobacco, so must not have the same restrictions as these, much less greater restrictions.

Hopefully then we wait that finally address the issue at the official level in an honest way, because for quite some time, consumers know more than an obvious truth. We do not expect or want the debauchery and use of e cigs is encouraged, but if we need to be regulated in a responsible and honest form, and hope that true and reliable information will be provided. Until now have been traders and online stores the responsible for providing information about these products that enjoy a high popularity and increasing usage rate, representing a business with a good chance to reach even displace the global cancer industry of tobacco, so powerful and influential.

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