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A torrid love afair breaks up!

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It was torrid, passionate, rewarding, and then it was over! When I saw you I couldn't resist. You were so appealing and made my blood boil. Even though you weren't the real deal I couldn't help myself. I lusted for your companionship with Shipwreck and Jungle Juice. I even teased you with my very own "Elvis" cause you told me you loved the King. I filled you to the brim with my long plastic tips. You were divine.

And then it was over! In an instant you rebuffed my affection and TLC. You refused to accept my long plastic tips and would no longer accept my 4ML of kindness. I tore you apart. I cleaned you. I found things inside of you that very few have ever seen. I tried every trick in the book but you continued to fail me. I wanted so much for us to remain together. I even resorted to a fill from the top and you still leaked your rejection all over me. It got worse and finally I decided it was over. Finished! Finito! It was painful but what choice did I have. None. You refused everything. So I "sealed" you shut! You're still around with your paltry 2.5 ML but you are no longer my love and sit in the back row.

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Hcigar Kayfun 3.1 clone!
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