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AGA T2, Silica Wicks, Best Vape ever!!!

Published by anuci in the blog anuci's blog. Views: 374

Bought an AGA T2 3 weeks ago, which I must say was a bit daunting at first (bit fiddly to set up). Watched tons of videos to get the right ss wick and coil etc. I am definitely a perfectionist lol, and so fiddled and fiddled and fiddled...and now after 3 weeks... well, I did like the vape from the ss wick, but found it wasn't consistent. I tried many methods (cotton wool, silica tube, paper etc), just couldn't get it to stay consistent. After experimenting with various types of silica wick I have now found my vape sweet spot with the aga t2, which is for me the best vape I have ever had. I am using 4x1mm silica wicks ( I tried a single 3mm wick and it just didn't wick enough liquid for the coil) and a coil of 5 turns of .20mm Kanthal wire. No more 'hot spots', no more fiddling with the coil. I use a menthol liquid 80/20 VG/PG, and it is vaping like a champ, great flavour, TH and loads of vapour at 3.9v (using on Innokin iTaste MVP, though even on a tiny EGO battery it's vaping great).
If you have an AGA don't rule out silica wick for a great vape and taste, it can be just as good as SS mesh, and more consistent.

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