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Alice in Vapeland #2

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Mixed 3/8 (review written 4/6)
**As stated in the previous review, all of the flavors from this vendor IMO greatly improve with steeping. they are very subtle as it is but even moreso initially**

Call Me Vanilla- subtle vanilla ice cream flavor with a "fresh" sensation (feels like koolada which is a cooling agent/effect with no flavor, similar to menthol but no flavor) (vanilla reminds me of the vanilla cones from McDonalds) good flavor but bland.

Lavender Ever After- tastes like lavender tea. bland.

(I have found that these two flavors actually are best when mixed together. When I purchased Lavender, I wanted a lavender ice cream flavor and mixing the Vanilla made it just that, thank you ECF member!)

Merclipse- this will sound weird but what I get from this is a mixture of spiced wine and Ambesol.... Yeah, that numbing agent you use in your mouth for cankar sores. Strange, I know but I actually like that stuff. This one is ok but not a repurchase.

Cheshire Catnip- got this as a bonus/sample and I'm glad because I was eying it up. this one is ok without steeping but after a week or 2 gets a little better. it's a very unique flavor that's hard to describe. it tastes the way I would imagine catnip tea to be because it tastes the way it smells. slightly minty with a slight earthiness that's not off-putting. I vape this when I want something refreshing or a change up from "normal" flavors.

~~Overall I really like Alice In Vapeland's creative approach and customer appreciation. (I can't say customer service because I've never had an issue that needed to be addressed. However they seem to genuinely care and take time to please their consumers, which is very important to me) I also feel that they present a unique product and presentation if nothing more. After I get a few other vendors out of the way and/or I obtain more funds, I will be trying a couple other flavors that I've been curious about. Specifically the Twas Brilig and perhaps either Lemon loves Cake, Afternoon tea, Berry lil Cheesecake. At that time I probably will be getting the full size 15 foot falls because I did enjoy it. (it's gone, legitimately... i didn't spill it. LoL) ~~
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